tagGroup SexOur Family Physician Ch. 03

Our Family Physician Ch. 03


"So did you enjoy the surprise I left you?" Diane whispered to me as we lay next to each other in bed, just having turned the lights out.

"Yes! But I have to admit I am not sure how you came in possession of Susan's panties--they were hers, weren't they?" I asked.

"Yes, they were hers. And how did I get them? I took them off of her! And they were a lot wetter when I took them off than when you opened that bag," Diane whispered softly.

"Was Susan here again?" I inquired.

"No, she didn't come back here. She called me this morning..." Diane replied.

For the next few minutes, Diane outlined the day's events with Susan including the details behind my "gift."

"When I had them in my hands as we were picking up, I thought that you'd love a souvenir of my visit to Susan's and when I asked her about it, she was okay with it. I think she thought it was a little too kinky--let's be honest, I think she's a pretty straight-laced woman--but the idea of you enjoying her worn undies was a definite turn-on. I know how women's panties have always turned you on. Susan initially wanted to give me a clean pair but I said the ones I'd removed from her body, already worn and obviously reflecting the fact she'd been aroused before they came off was better for you. She even asked me what I thought you'd do with them?" Diane said quietly.

"What did you tell her?" I asked.

"That you'd use them to masturbate with if you were given the opportunity. And I'm guessing that's exactly what you did, didn't you?"

My wife clearly knew me.

"Yes, I came upstairs, saw what was in the bag, finally put 'two and two' together in terms of you and the kids being gone tonight, returning home 'promptly at 8,' all that jazz...so I stripped and played with Susan's panties as I pleasured myself. It was a tremendous surprise Diane."

Laughing softly, Diane replied, "How many times did you cum, dear?"

"Twice. I came once, was going to start to clean up and then things well, things stayed in a position that that made me decide that a second orgasm was warranted. After the second time, I showered and got dressed," I said.

"I'd have liked to have been a fly on the wall watching you Jim."

"Perhaps we can do that sometime," I responded. "But only if you will let me watch you."


I asked, without trying to seem to eager, "How did you leave things with Susan? I mean, is she okay with 'us' and two weeks ago?"

"Well I think she enjoyed herself a lot but she was really concerned about us. You know, if she had affected us adversely in any way? I told her it was nothing to worry about but I'm grateful she's so considerate."

I didn't say anything for a minute, my mind full of memories of Susan's body, seeing her naked, seeing her butt and pussy in the air as she orally pleased my wife, etc.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to experience Susan again, honey," Diane said quietly with a very heavy sarcastic tone to her voice.

Laughing, I replied sheepishly, "I'm that obvious Diane?"

"No. You weren't at all. But I know that's on your mind--and it's on mine as well. So I felt I had to reply in my 'wife voice' to my husband when we're talking about another woman!" she said with a slight chuckle.

We chatted a few more minutes before we both dozed off.

* * *

The next morning, with the kids spread throughout the house, Diane came up to me and whispered very quietly, "I have to ask: What did you do with Susan's panties? I hope they're well hidden."

I looked her in the eye and replied, "I hid them in a spot nobody will think to look for something like another woman's panties..."

She looked at me inquisitively. Clearly she had no idea what I had done with the doctor's undies.

"I hid them in your underwear drawer, Diane. They're underneath your stuff in the back left. None of the kids will go in there and if they did for some reason, they'd think they were yours."

Diane laughed and quietly replied, "That's a great idea. Strange to have another woman's dirty panties in with mine--wait a minute, you didn't make them any 'dirtier' last night, did you?"

"Oh no. I used them to stroke my cock with but I didn't cum on them, if that's what you're worried about," I whispered to her.

"Okay. I wasn't exactly sure how you'd use Susan's panties but as long as they're not a wadded cum-filled mess, I guess that's as good of a place to hide them as anywhere else."

* * *

Diane and the children returned home after one their soccer games. I'd stayed home to cut the grass and take care of some chores around the house. The kids would be ready for lunch--I was certain of that.

As they were coming into the garage, myself as sweaty and dirty as they were, I asked, "Kids-how'd you like to spend the night with grandma?"

Receiving a chorus of cheers, I told them to get cleaned up and get their pajamas together while we got lunch ready.

Diane looked at me as I was talking but didn't say anything. After the kids went in the house she came up to me and said, "Whew! You smell TERRIBLE! You need to shower as well, Jim!"

With a pause she lowered her voice and said, "What's with the kids going to Mom's?"

I looked my wife in the eyes and said, "We got a phone call right after you left and I thought that you'd be okay with a little change in plans. I called your mom, asked her if the kids would be welcome and she, as she always does, told me to get them over as soon as I could!"

"I take it the phone call wasn't from a bill collector or an offer for a free credit card?" Diane asked somewhat smartly.

Chuckling at her less-than-direct questioning, I replied to her, "No. It was medically-related actually. Seems our doctor is interested in another 'after hours' exam. I couldn't say 'no' to the doctor, now could I?"

"Susan called?"

"Yes, she seemed a little nervous and hesitant when I answered--she must have been expecting you--but we chatted for a bit before I thanked her."

"Thanked her? For what?" Diane inquired.

In a whisper, I replied, "For loaning her panties to me!"

Diane's eyes raised at that.

"What did she say?"

"Well, I wish I could have seen her face--I'm guessing it was bright red as I told her what her panties were used for last night!"

Diane looked at me and laughed.

"You really told her? Everything?"


"What did she say? I mean, well, about tonight. Not about her underwear," Diane asked.

"I told her to pack an overnight bag--including some extra panties!--and she could plan to spend the evening here. She hesitated at first--I think she feels sleeping with us overnight is a big step--but she accepted. I told her to come by anytime she'd like after 4 p.m. We can have dinner here and see where things end up."

Diane playfully slapped my upper arm and said quietly but with a big smile on her face, "Why do I think I know where things will end up?" as she glanced up towards the 2nd floor of the house.

* * *

Shortly before 5, I heard the doorbell ring and opening the door, I greeted Susan with a friendly "Hello" and looked at her as she walked in the front door.

"I left my things in the car. I didn't want any of your neighbors to see anything, well, unusual..." she said somewhat embarrassed.

"Perfect. We can get anything you need later. Come on in. Diane's in the kitchen."

Susan leaned close to me and gently-but-quickly gave me a peck on the lips. I was a little surprised by that gesture, not because it was unwanted, but rather it was unexpected.

Susan was dressed in a red and white striped sundress. While part of the dress covered her shoulders, it was rather open in the upper chest area and while I knew she was wearing a bra, the cleavage of her breasts was very evident. I couldn't help but look down at her chest as she walked past me towards the kitchen. Once past me, I looked at her butt through the pleats of the garment but it was a loose fitting dress so it wasn't letting my dirty mind gain any insight as to what might be underneath. It came down just above her knees so I looked at Susan's calves as she walked away.

As Susan disappeared around the corner, I lost sight of her. I stood still and smelled the perfume she was wearing. I then realized also that I hadn't even complimented her looks when she arrived. "Something you need to acknowledge!" I thought to myself.

I entered the kitchen and Susan and Diane were next to each other, talking quietly.

"Susan--I failed to mention a moment ago how terrific you look. I think I was so surprised by that quick kiss that you stunned me for a second. But you look great!"

Smiles arrived instantly on the faces of both gals and I walked up to Diane and gave my blonde wife a soft, sensual kiss to ensure she didn't feel left out since I didn't know how she and Susan had greeted one another. As we broke, she leaned over to Susan and they also touched lips for a few moments before they separated.

With the mood now set, we each got a drink and sat in our backyard enjoying the late afternoon. A dinner with white wine followed and Susan certainly let her guard down. She was no longer timid or shy. Forget the sexual history we'd recently experienced, she was simply a nice woman for my wife and I to hang out with. Diane and Susan talked at length about medical-related topics specific to women. I listened in while occasionally asking a question or making a contribution. Bone density, menopause, calcium requirements, etc. All things I was vaguely aware of but really knew no real details about. At one point I made the comment that we were going to get charged for a "home visit" but Susan laughed it off.

As things got more relaxed, I asked Susan about her most unusual patients--anything that she's experienced that shocked her?

"Well, obviously I can't tell you any specific details but there have been a few patients that stand out to me," she replied.

"One that surprised me greatly was when I was doing a rotation during medical school in radiology, there was a woman who came in for an abdominal procedure and when she got under the machine, I looked at her vagina and she had several piercings--the first time I'd seen a patient like that and definitely not of the age I would have imagined. I think she was 65 or something like that."

We talked generally about male versus female patients. Susan was a family practice physician so she generally saw a split of about 80/20 females-to-males. She was the only woman out of the four physicians in the small practice group so she was in demand by female patients. Diane and I had first gone to see her after moving into the area and she had, as it turns out, just recently joined the practice so it was a matter of timing and luck that we connected as patients/physician.

"I have to ask you the obvious male question Susan--have you had men get hard while you examined them?" I asked.

"Yes. I've had a few but not too many. Maybe five or six that I can remember. It's not a big deal to me. It's natural and I try to make the patient feel as comfortable as I can make him. I've never felt that the intent was anything blatantly sexual--just a man being a man. Heck, we've had a few men get erections while being examined by male physicians so as much as I'd like to flatter myself by saying, 'I caused that,' I'm well aware that sometimes things just happen."

We all sat silently for a moment before Susan spoke up again.

"While I've had a handful of males get erect in the exam room, you're the first former male patient to get erect in front me Jim," Susan said with a smile.

We all laughed at her comment and then sat there silently contemplating with our own thoughts.

Diane finally spoke up and said, "Susan...if you're interested, I'd like to suggest we head inside and see what sort of mischief we can find..."

"I'd love that. I'm quite certain that whatever mischief we find will be perfectly acceptable to me," Diane said before standing up.

As we headed indoors, I gently put my hand on each woman's butt and gently squeezed them. They both looked at me curiously, no doubt full of visions of the evening ahead.

As the two women entered the kitchen, I asked Susan if her car was unlocked so I could get her things out of it. She said it was unlocked so I went out and picked up a bag she had on the backseat. It was dark out as I stood in my driveway, looking around to see if anyone was watching me--how mischievous I felt knowing how the rest of the night would likely be spent!

I returned inside, closing things up for the night. As I entered the front door, I could tell that Diane and Susan were still in the kitchen. I decided to go upstairs with Susan's bag and as I got to the top of the step, I hesitated for a moment as I realized that I was heading to the "guest room" rather than our bedroom. I laughed at myself for a moment, thinking that Susan wasn't simply a 'guest' to us.

Putting Susan's overnight bag in our bedroom, I had just set it down when I heard Diane call my name. I went to the top of the steps and said I was upstairs, "putting Susan's bag in our bedroom." As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard the two women laugh and I realized how that must have sounded.

As I stood at the top of the steps, I saw the lights go out from the direction of the kitchen and saw the figures of my wife and our former physician walk down below me as they approached the stairs. I stood at the top and saw both women look up at me as they took the steps up, each carrying bottles of water. When Diane was near the top of the steps, I reached to her and gently kissed her. She responded with a passionate kiss back and I knew she was aroused.

Breaking from my wife, I reached to Susan and kissed her with equal zest. Susan's tongue touched mine softly and I could tell she was also prepared for the evening's fun with Diane and I.

We all entered our bedroom, the lights on low, allowing the room's ambiance to welcome us in. Diane entered first and walked to the bed, turning to Susan and I. Before she could say a word, Susan spoke first.

"Diane. I'd like you to undress first. You and your husband unwrapped me last time so this time I think it'd be nice for Jim and I to get you naked first."

"I agree..." I added to Susan's comment.

"Well...it's two against one so I suppose I lose. Let me grab some towels and then you two can gang up on me," Diane replied.

As Diane left the room, Susan put her hands on my waist and looked up to my face and said, "You really played with my panties yesterday? You masturbated with them?"

Leaning down to within inches of her face, I whispered, "Yes. Right here on this bed." And then I kissed her softly on the lips.

As we broke, Diane reentered the room with her stack of bath towels to protect the bed covers and sheets. She spread them out and I couldn't help but check out her rear as she bent over the bed.

Completing the task, she turned to Susan and I.

"I'm all yours, you two..." with enthusiasm as she extended her arms out from her sides.

"Susan?" I asked.

Susan walked to Diane and went to her back, unzipping the cotton dress down Diane's back. As she reached the waist, she reached to Diane's shoulders and pushed the dress off my wife's narrow shoulders.

Standing in front of Diane, I pulled the dress off her shoulders and down her arms, allowing her white bra to come into view. As I did this, gravity allowed the dress to fall down her torso and down her legs. As I bent down to help her step out of it, I saw she was wearing a white thong. Not a common item for her to wear, I think she felt tonight was appropriate to wear such a revealing piece of underwear.

Diane stepped out of the dress and softly but firmly instructed me, "Please put that on a hangar."

As I walked to the closet, I saw Susan's eyes focused on my wife's body.

After hanging the dress as asked, I entered the bedroom and saw that Diane's bra had been removed and Susan was gently rubbing my wife's small breast as the two women kissed one another. It was clear to me that this wasn't a gentle, friendly kiss. Diane's nipples were both quite erect and I could see Susan's right hand fingers gently squeezing the darkened flesh between them.

As the two women kissed, I walked up behind Diane and reached to her waist. I pulled on the elastic of her thong's waistband and gently pulled it down her hips and allowed it to fall down her legs to the floor. I glanced down as it hit the carpeted floor and it struck me how little there was to that piece of intimate women's underwear.

As Susan and Diane continued to kiss one another, I reached my hand to my wife's butt and then down underneath her, feeling the heat of her sex as my hand moved forward. Her pubic hair was moist and as my finger entered her pussy from behind, I instantly sense how wet she was. I gently moved my finger inside Diane, stroking her vaginal lips softly. As I did this, I sensed she bent over at the waist some to allow me easier access to her lower opening and Susan pulled away from their kiss. Susan looked down and realized what had caused Diane's physical movement and made eye contact with me.

I pulled my finger from inside of my wife, bringing it back from between her legs and hesitated for a moment before I politely extended the hand over my wife's bent back to Susan. Susan bent down and opened her mouth, allowing me to insert my sexually slickened finger into Susan's mouth. Her lips closed and her tongue licked my finger, pulling the nectar of Diane off my skin.

Diane stood up straight and looked at me. We kissed, our tongues quickly in a gentle wrestle just as hers had been with Susan moments previously.

Diane broke our oral embrace and said, "Let's get Susan naked too!"

I paused momentarily to soak in the sight of my wife, completely nude with the exception of her rings on her hand, standing next to my former family physician who was completely clothed. Such a contrast.

My wife stood naked behind Susan, unbuttoning the top of her white and red cotton dress, then unzipping it in the same fashion that had been done to her only moments previously. I saw the white shoulder straps of Susan's bra on her skin as the dress came off her shoulders. As Diane unzipped the garment, I pulled it gently forward and the short shoulder sleeves came down the doctor's arms. Encased in a white bra with lace covering each breast, I was able to see the areolas of her breasts through the tiny openings in the material. I noticed the sheer whiteness of the bra and it entered my mind that Susan must have recently purchased this rather sexy looking bra, no doubt for my enjoyment!

As the dress slipped down her body, aided by my gentle tug, her torso came into view along with the entrance of her white panties. Like the bra, they had a lace front to them and as she bent slightly to allow her dress to slide down her legs, I looked at the lace front of her panties and could see her familiar dark pubic hair peeking through the openings of the white lace.

Susan stepped out of the dress and I carefully laid it out on my wife's dresser to keep it in as good of shape as possible. As I was doing so, Susan commented not to worry about it as she wasn't planning to wear it home.

Turning back towards Susan, I saw my beautiful-and-totally-nude wife rubbing Susan's shoulders from behind her. I suggested that Diane unhook Susan's bra while I took care of her panties. As Diane reached to free Susan's breasts, I paused and watched as the straps loosened and fell softly down her arms. She allowed her bra to fall silently upon our carpet and I looked at her dark red nipples, erect in form, imagining my tongue and lips enjoying them.

I saw Diane's hands reach around Susan's arms and gently massage the doctor's larger bosom. I saw Diane squeeze Susan's breasts softly, tweaking the nipples between her index and middle fingers. I realized as I watched my wife enjoy the softness of Susan's breasts, Susan was simply staring at me as I watched the scene in front of me.

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