tagIncest/TabooOur Family Pt. 01

Our Family Pt. 01


Alice and Gordon's story.

It was his twenty first birthday party and his parents had thrown a big party for him in the grounds of their country house in Gloucestershire. It was late, after one in the morning and the party in the huge marquee was beginning to break up. The band announced the last waltz and the lights were dimmed. They danced together. It was a slow smooch and he held her close. A little surprised, but not completely disconcerted she felt his hand slide down her back pausing briefly on her bra strap that he pinged gently and rather suggestively. She looked up at him and he smiled. She smiled back at him. They danced on and she felt his hand move further down, onto her waist, past that and onto the slight swell where her buttocks began and where the elastic waistband of her knickers went round her. It stopped there and they danced on slowly their bodies moulded together, holding hands on one side and arms round the other on the other. His hand moved further and Alice felt her heart begin to pound faster. Surely he wouldn't? He wouldn't go further, not here, not as they were dancing would he?

In reality it was only really a brushing of her pert for a forty something year old woman's bum. A momentary feel, a slight squeeze or as she knew the young called it a grope. It was not, however, the length or nature of what her son did, it was the fact that he did it at all. It was a sign, a signal, yes in some ways it was a request and in others an acceptance. An acceptance of an invitation that she had been extending for some time. Unbeknown to Gordon at first, Alice was infatuated by him.

Nothing more happened that evening, but as she lay in bed alone, she and Oscar had stopped sleeping together a few years ago, her thoughts were on her son. Being in his arms, being held by him and being against his body had felt so good. Having his hands roam across her back eventually finding her arse and squeezing it had been so exciting. It was not just excitement she felt, but also relief that maybe he did feel the way she did. Maybe he did desire her as she did him and maybe he too wanted to go further, but was scared. After all incest was illegal and certainly her, but maybe he too could be arrested and jailed.

Laying there naked her full breasts feeling so hot and heavy and with a warmth in the pit of her stomach that signalled her impending full arousal her mind went back over the past two years or so.

In that time Alice had become attracted to this beautiful young man she had born and reared. He was six feet tall and had thick, golden blonde hair, a lithe, wiry body and the looks of a film star. He was witty, charming hugely charismatic, great company to be with and liked by everyone. The attraction, though, was in a way that was dangerous for a mother for Alice was both emotionally and sexually in love with him. Truth be known she had been since he became a man at eighteen. As her slightly alcohol befuddled mind recalled the many minor and not so minor incidents that had taken place between them so her hands found those parts of her shapely body that were most sensitive and in need of satisfaction. With her son fucking her in graphic detail in her mind, Alice masturbated to a wonderful climax.

She knew that in the British society in which she moved, that level just beneath the aristocracy, incest was not that uncommon as indeed in the royal families of Europe interbreeding wasn't either. She had friends whose fathers had 'interfered' with them, she had heard of women who had slept with their brothers and she had been told of several mothers who had committed incest with their sons. As usual in the hypocritical British way of handling such things this was hushed up and not as frowned on by the upper class as it would have been had working class folks been involved.

Gordon had reached manhood at broadly the same time as Alice and her husband Oscar stopped sleeping together. Somewhat jokingly, but with a serious intent, she had told Gordon that he was now the man of the house and family. That was not really true for she was the matriarch. Nothing happened in the family, at any of their five homes or in the nearly countless number of businesses that they owned without her knowledge.

It was mainly old money. Sure the businesses that Alice's father and latterly her husband Oscar had set up added to it, but the income from them was a drop in the ocean compared to what the family had accumulated over the generations. And as with most old money the bulk of it came from property and land.

Now, though, that money and the continuation of the family were at risk. Oscar had proved to be a hopeless businessman and Gordon, though bright and well educated, but then perhaps because of that, was not interested in the businesses and had developed into a hedonist living purely for pleasure.

And that night after the party when he had held his mother in his arms and fondled her arse he masturbated once more with him fucking her uppermost in his mind.


Most of the time in both their sprawling manor house in Gloucestershire and in the three story Victorian townhouse in Highgate, north London the three of them were alone as Mel, Alice and Oscar's daughter was at boarding school and only came home during the holidays or for special occasions.

There had been numerous events that sometimes just to one of them, but mostly to both, had a strong and as he went through his nineteenth and twentieth years an increasing significance on their relationship.

Some were simple things. Lingering stares, their own little in jokes, touching when not really necessary, sitting near to each other, moving past each other very closely and just being together more than most mothers and sons are. They would sit and watch TV or a video together and sometimes he or she would rest their feet or head on the other's lap. Nothing at all outrageous or even really particularly noticeable to others, but they were building a pattern.

There were double entendres with a sexual slant and remarks that a mother or son should not really make to the other.

Then there were the more overt events. Him walking around without a shirt or Alice being braless. Gordon wearing just a towel to come down to breakfast and Alice clad in revealing robes or dresses preparing it.

There had, however, not been anything as overt as at what happened at the party That seemed to act as an ice breaker for after that things escalated rapidly. The next day she asked him whether he had enjoyed the party.

"To be truthful not that much until the last dance."

Alice had been hardly listening as she was reading the letters section of the Daily Telegraph, but that made her ears prick up. She looked at him and thought. 'Fuck he is so gorgeous.'

"You enjoyed that did you?"

"Yes but some parts more than others," he said staring deep into her eyes. Alice had come to the conclusion now that Gordon felt something more than straightforward motherly love, but she was still not convinced enough to put her cards on the table. She changed the subject.

That evening the three of them went to dinner with a married couple and their daughter and son around Gordon's age. Walking home from the local pub it was dark and in her heels she staggered once or twice and she held Oscar's and his hands. He did not let go until they reached the front door. Inside, after Oscar had bid them both goodnight and had gone to his study to make some calls to California, he said.

"Just like going on a date."

"What is?" Alice asked turning from the door and almost bumping into him for he was standing so close.

"Us, this," Gordon said the Malbac red wine at dinner giving him a courage he rarely had with his mother.

He fancied her madly, far more than he had ever fancied another woman, but unlike him he was scared to push anything with her.

"What, what do you mean?" Alice asked her heart pounding.

"Going out to dinner, walking home hand in hand and being here like this, Alice," he whispered.

"And what do you mean like this?" she asked aware that he had used her name, which was something he did now and then when he was being particularly affectionate.

It was that explanation that caused the escalation to go off the scale.

Now full of confidence he moved forward and took his mother in his arms. He pulled her to him, he crushed her full breasts against his chest and unashamedly now, he thrust his erection against the softness of her stomach.

"Oh god Gordon, what are we doing?" Alice gasped.

"Am I wrong mum, should I stop?" he asked kissing her even more fervently.

"Yes, we must, no, no, oh fuck darling."

Smiling and now feeling in control of the situation, Gordon said as he again squeezed his mother's delicious arse. "Is that what you want mum? Do you want me to fuck you?"

The words crashed into Alice's mind. The mere idea of it sent shudders of want and lust through her. It was something she had fantasised about for the past two or three years and now her son was offering it to her on a plate. He was offering to give her what she wanted, he was offering to fuck his mother.

But of course with her husband, Gordon's father in the house it was far too risky so once more they went to bed alone and fantasised about each other.


Alice was shocked at how far they had gone and for a few days she could hardly look at her son let alone talk to him. Slowly, though she came to terms with what they had done and realised that it was the culmination of a series of increasingly intimate experiences. She recognised that it was something that deep down at least she wanted and she struggled hard to put out of her mind the longer term, what might happen aftermaths. Yes, she got used to the idea that her son did want to fuck and indeed she wanted him to do just that.

A few days later they moved back to the house in Highgate a trendy and upscale area in north London.

Somehow Alice managed to keep him at arm's length for a couple of weeks, but that was largely due to him being away for a few day visiting the university he was due to join in a few months' time.

As part of Gordon's twenty first birthday celebrations they had been invited by Alice's brother to a dinner at the Ivy restaurant in Covent Garden.

"Wow," was the term that Gordon used when Alice came downstairs to join him for a drink before the cab picked them up at 7.30 for the twenty minutes or so drive to the West End.

"You look fantastic, an absolute knock out." He gushed as his eyes roamed over her making Alice feel a little uncomfortable, but at the same time pleased that she was still able to impress a young man and particularly her son! She was wearing a simple black, sheath dress. It was tight all over and the thin, silky material moulded itself to her body accentuating her curves and her figure. It was high at the neck, but low at the back showing quite obviously that she was not wearing a bra. The skirt ended a couple of inches above her knees. She was wearing black hold-ups and high heels. Her dirty blonde, streaky hair nearly reached her shoulders and having just been blow dried was nicely puffed and full. She felt good and Gordon's remarks confirmed that to her.

She needn't have worried about arriving as an older woman with a younger man for there were several couples like that in the Ivy. In fact hardly any of the pairings seemed to be of the same age for there were numerous older guys with young women as well.

They had a superb meal, with loads of expensive wine and they all enjoyed spotting the minor celebrities, a couple of soap stars and one film star and they had a thoroughly good time. As they left they had to fight their way through the paparazzi, who always guard the top restaurant in search of photos of stars, and just in case she and Gordon were famous they snapped away at them. As they did Gordon slid his arm round Alice's waist and they posed just as if they were a famous couple.

Laughing they climbed into the waiting car.

"You silly bugger," Alice said. "Posing us like that?"

"Just a laugh mummy," he replied slurring a little.

"It was fun though wasn't it?" Alice responded looking up at her son who was sitting in the middle of the seat, his leg pressed against hers thus pushing her into the corner of the car. His arm was draped along the back of the seat.

"Yes it was and the whole evening's been fabulous," he said looking right into Alice's eyes. "Have you enjoyed it Alice?"

"Yes, yes I have very much," she replied.

Their gazes were not locked but as they looked away so soon their eyes met again.

"And I was the luckiest man in there."

"What, how er um why?" she asked.

"Well I had the most beautiful and sexiest date of the lot."

Alice could feel an intimacy and closeness in the atmosphere and she felt her attraction to him rearing its head. She realised that it did feel as though they were on a date and that they really were partners. 'I mustn't think like this,' she told herself. 'It's wrong. Not only am I having such thoughts about another man and someone who isn't my husband, but it's my son for Christ's sake!

Alice hadn't noticed that he had moved his arm that was draped along the back of the seat so that his hand was dangling downward, his fingers just touching her shoulder. She hadn't really thought that much about their legs being pressed together or of his body squashing her into the corner of the seat. But as they looked at each other all of those things suddenly struck her. Their significance registered with her. To her they did not, now, look like unrelated incidents brought out by the make believe famous couple game they had played outside the restaurant. No, to her they now looked as if they were all part of a pattern that she somehow she had let happen!

Then she felt Gordon's hand on her shoulder. It was just touching it or brushing against it. Her body stiffened. She didn't know whether that was with fear or excitement, concern or pleasant anticipation. She turned and looked at him as the pressure on her shoulder pulled her round a little. His hand slid down her back and rested between her shoulder-blades right on her bra strap just as it had at the party when they had danced together. They looked at each other. They stared into each other's eyes as that hand applied more pressure to her back. It was pulling her, moving her body towards him and with it her face towards his.

She should stop this. Stop it now. She knew she should. The responsible mother told her clearly she should. But the womanly part of her fought against that. The mother said. 'No don't kiss him,' but the woman in her said. 'Yes, kiss him, kiss your son you know you want to.'

And then they were kissing. And it wasn't the kiss of a son it was a kiss of a virile young man. And her response was not that of a mother, but that of a woman. And not just any woman, but a frustrated woman whose entire body and being was crying out for love and sex.

Almost as soon as Gordon's hand had pulled her forward and his face had closed the few inches between them their mouths were open. As soon as the two pairs of open lips touched their two tongues were delving and probing. Two mouths were grinding together in a kiss of intense passion. A kiss where so many dormant emotions suddenly exploded. Alice's arms went round Gordon's neck pulling his mouth more firmly against hers. He pulled her hard against him so her breasts were squashed against his firm, youthful chest.

Both heads rolled from side to side, her fingers ran through his hair and she squirmed herself against him. She felt his hand on her breast and she pushed towards it as her hand ran up and down his neck and back.

But at last her senses returned. At last her mind overruled her body. At last the maternal responsibility kicked in and took over from the needs of the woman. She pulled away.

"No Gordon, no," she groaned moving away from him. "No we mustn't, you shouldn't have done that."

Before he could reply, though they were pulling up outside the large townhouse in the tree lined Highgate road. They got out and thanked the driver, there being no need to pay for that along with the bill at the Ivy were charged directly to one of the family businesses.

Alice saw that the lights were on in the hallway and in Oscar's study indicating that he was home so they didn't have the opportunity that evening to talk about what had happened. It was equally frustrating over the weekend for, unusually, her husband did little work and the three of them were together most of the time. It wasn't until Gordon got back from college on the Monday afternoon that they were alone together and had the chance to talk.

"Gordon," she began nervously.

Standing leaning against the large freezer in the kitchen as he sat at the table sipping a cup of tea she had made him when he got back from the betting shop after the last race had finished, they smiled at each other.

"Yes Alice," he replied looking up at her.

She was dressed in tight blue jeans, mid heel, knee-length, black leather boots, a white shirt and a blue blazer for she had just come home from shopping in Knightsbridge. He thought she looked fantastic.

"We need to talk."

"Do we? Why?"

"About Friday," she went on trying to remember the speech she had prepared and practised several times in her mind, but now she was forgetting almost every word.

He looked into her eyes and, smiling, slowly drawled. "It was great wasn't it?"

His deep blue eyes boring into hers made her feel confused and she, almost, visibly shuddered with the desire she suddenly felt for him.

"No Gordon, no it wasn't," she blurted out.

"You mean you didn't enjoy it Alice?"

"No, no, well yes, yes I did but, er, um."

"But what?"

"We mustn't ever do it again. It's so wrong."

"Why is it wrong?"

"Because, well because it is. You're my son for Christ's sake."


"Gordon for fucks sake its incest," she said firmly.

"Well I didn't expect that we were going to have children," Gordon murmured as he stood up and walked over and stood close to her.

"No Gordon," she said very sharply as she saw his hand moving towards her shoulder. "No don't, don't touch me."

He stopped his hand half way between them and with a slight smile on his face he placed it on the fridge supporting him as he leaned closer. He smiled. He looked into her eyes and whispered. "Alice look me in the eye and tell me you don't like me touching you and kissing you."

She did as he asked and stared into his eyes. Her heart was pounding. She was finding it difficult to breathe easily and she knew that she wouldn't be able to properly frame her words. 'God this is madness,' she thought as his aftershave wafted into her nostrils and his eyes bored into hers.

"Gordon, oh Gordon," she whimpered.

"I know Alice, I know," he whispered his arms going round her and pulling her to him so her head rested on his chest. He ran his hands through her blonde hair whispering. "Shush Alice, don't say a word, just be quiet."

It was a lovely feeling simply being held. It was wonderful a man being tender towards her. It had been so long since she had been like this with Oscar, it was so long since they had had sex and they no longer even shared a bed. She felt so secure and warm in his arms. So comforted and so wanted as his hands stroked her hair and pressed into her back.

But once more she managed to find the resolve to push herself away from him.

"No we can't, we mustn't."

His hand, though, remained on her shoulder and her resolve didn't extend to turning and walking away as she knew she should.

"Alice," he murmured, "I know that some may say it's wrong, but it's not. We're not thinking of having children and we love each. What harm is there if we make love? What harm can there be in two people who want each other having each other?"

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