tagInterracial LoveOur First Affair - Redone

Our First Affair - Redone

byMr Thick©

I re-wrote this story because the first time, I tried it from a female's point of view, which I found out I should not have done. So, without further ado...


"Once you are here, I will have her dick in your mouth within five minutes."

There is a fine line between cocky and confident, and Jeff came across as the latter. If he did not, Sarah would not have driven the couple of hours to see if he was full of shit.

Jeff had shown her pictures on the internet, pictures of his dick and him standing there holding it, and pictures of it from different angles. He definitely was bigger than her husband was. Moreover, after the last time she had sex with her husband, he had left Sarah with a lot left to be desired...

You see, the last time Sarah and her husband had sex; it consisted of ten minutes of her blowing him, and five minutes of fucking. She needed a good pounding, and that is just what Jeff promised.

As she came around the corner to his place, Jeff waited in the driveway to lead her into his house. She parked on the street as he instructed, and followed him inside the house.

No sooner did the door close than he turned her towards him and kissed her. She was right; he had her before he kissed her. Once he did, however, Sarah knew that she would do what he wanted for her entire time there.

He was black, and over six feet tall. He stood about 8 inches over Sarah, and had long arms, which easily wrapped around her, pulling her close to Jeff. She could feel his stiff cock pressing against her stomach, and knew that she was going to be stretched, just as she wanted.

Jeff led her into the room and started taking off her shirt and bra. He then laid her on the bed, on her back, and pulled his cock out of his pants, pushing it into her mouth, not forcefully, but enough that Sarah wanted to take him deeply into her mouth.

Jeff was right; he had his dick in her mouth within the first five minutes. Sarah was glad. She wanted to see that dick up close and personally, before he filled her with it. That is getting ahead of our story.

After a moment or two of having his cock sucked, Jeff pulled it out so that the could finish getting undressed. Sarah thought it was nice, seeing that thick cock pointing straight up, looking primed to please her, as she deserved. Jeff helped slide her pants off, and stood there, looking at her naked.

Sarah was not a model type, but he made her feel gorgeous. She could not wait for him to take her and fuck her like his little white slut.

Once they were naked, Jeff gently threw her onto the bed, and positioned us into a sixty-nine. They were on their sides, with his cock in her mouth, and her sucking it, while he put one, and then two fingers into her pussy. It took no more than five strokes of his second finger to make her pussy gush. It felt so good to finally cum as she needed.

Yet, he continued. He was forcing his fingers in and out of her cunt, as she felt her juices against her ass. He was three fingers in, when she started taking his cock deep in her mouth. Sarah did not think that she would be able to take it all, but she did, and did it quite well. Sarah felt the head of his cock brushing the back of her throat. It was definitely going deeper than her husband could and she wanted more.

Sarah hungrily sucked on his cock. He spread her legs even more, as he started fingering her cunt, making her juices flow more and more. The more she came, the more Sarah wanted to make Jeff cum.

Sarah moved her hand under the shaft of his cock, and fondled his balls, as she took his cock even deeper in her mouth. She felt his cock throbbing, knew it was ready to shoot, and all Sarah could think about was that she wanted him to cum as hard as he was making her cum.

With one final thrust, Jeff pushed his cock deeper in her mouth and shot his load. Sarah hungrily drank every drop as he continued to finger her, making her pussy gush yet again. Sarah had cum harder so far than she had since she got married. Sarah still wanted more.

Jeff asked her if she brought her favorite dildo as instructed. How could Sarah refuse? He had her from the beginning, and was making her putty in his hands... or at least, on his fingers so far.

Sarah went to her purse, and got her dildo. It was quite long and thick; about eight inches long, about 2.5 inches across which was bigger than her husband was. In fact, she was shocked he let her have it because of the fact. She brought it over and handed it to him.

Jeff turned her, and bent her over the edge of the bed. He then teased her slit with it before he pushed it in. The dildo never slid in so easily before, but she was so excited that it slid in with ease.

He then sat her on the bed, near where his wife slept. It was so fucking hot. They were doing something so forbidden, both of them cheating on their spouses as Jeff fucking her where he fucks his wife. Sarah could not wait to see what else he had in store.

Jeff sat her back, and pushed the rubber dick inside of her, working it in and out. As she sat back and enjoyed, Sarah looked at the multiple wet spots on the bed. She was about to make another one, right where Jeff's wife sleeps. God was Sarah wet.

She leaned back, and took that dick, slowly fucking her. She tossed her head back and forth, as Jeff fucked her with the giant dildo. He fucked her like that for about 10 minutes, but it felt like hours. Sarah was enjoying the fucking more than she had for years. She came so hard that she knew that the smell would be in the blankets for days

What Sarah did not know was that Jeff's dick was back to its full rigidity. It looked bigger than the rubber dick she was getting now. He looked down at her with the lustful look that Sarah would never forget.

"On your knees, you little white slut." God, she did it without thinking about it. She loved hearing him talk that way, knowing that he was going to use her to satisfy his urges, completely satisfying hers in the process.

He moved her towards the edge of the bed as he stroked his cock up and down her slit. He pushed his cock inside her, and it felt deliciously wonderful. His cock stretched her even more than her rubber dick does. He slowly pumped it in and out of her cunt.

After a minute or two of slow fucking, Sarah felt something against the edge of her anus. She looked back, and saw that he was pushing the head of her dildo into her ass. Sarah pushed back instinctively, and felt her asshole being stretched as much as her cunt was getting.

"How does it feel, you little white slut? How do you like this big black cock?"

"I love your big black cock. Fuck your little white slut with that big dick!"

Jeff kept fucking her. He pounded her cunt as he fucked her ass with the dildo. Sarah felt her juices leaking down her leg, as he fucked her with his big black cock.

He then pulled his dick out followed by her rubber dick, and backed off a bit.

"On your back, slut. I want to watch you as I fuck you."

Sarah obeyed. God, she was completely his. He could fuck her almost any time he wanted, and they both knew it. He was going to fuck her every way he wanted.

Once she was on her back, he tossed the dildo to the side. He took her ankles, and put them high on his shoulder, as he started sliding his cock deep inside her.

He lowered her feet to his chest, making it so that her ass lifted off the bed with every down stroke. He pounded her cunt so hard that she felt it in every part of her body. Sarah felt his balls slapping her anus, as he spread her legs further, fucking her longer, harder, and deeper than she had in a long time.

After minutes, but what enjoyably felt like hours, his cock started twitching and throbbing inside her. Sarah knew he was about to cum again, cum deep in her pussy. She came again before he did, making it wetter than she felt she had ever been. Then he shot.

Sarah never felt such extreme raw bliss as she did when that big black cock filled her pussy with hot cum. He grunted a few times, and with each grunt, Sarah felt cum seeping inside me. She came again, forcefully, pushing that wonderful cock out of her. She looked down and watched as all the juices and cum seeped out of her, onto the bed.

He crawled onto the bed with her, and kissed her, while rubbing her clit some more. Then Sarah pushed him off, and moved down his body. His cum coated cock looked so inviting; Sarah had to take another taste of his cock. She flicked her tongue in his slit, and tasted his and her cum mixed.

A few minutes later, they took a shower. She cleaned his cock one last time, and then they finished up. As she left Jeff's place, kissing him, Sarah told him that next time, it is in her bed.

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