tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur First Cab Ride

Our First Cab Ride


Well, since my husband got me started fucking others, I told him about the fantasy that I had of fucking in the backseat of a taxi while driving through the city. We started the event by going out to dinner and having a few too many glasses of wine to get into the proper mood.

As soon as we go into the taxi, I started rubbing my husband's crotch through his pants, and him responding nicely. I had told him not to wear underpants that day. I hadn't said why, but we'd fucked so many times in so many places that I'm sure he knew that at some point this night, I was going to pull on his pecker.

Anyway, I unzipped his pants and freed his cock, and it immediately swelled to life. He is almost nine inches in length. He is not the biggest cock that has fucked me by no means, but it's just the right size to fill me up just right. So there we were, in the backseat of a cab, his dick in my hand and my pussy getting sopping wet, (I wasn't wearing underwear either), so I bent down and slid my mouth around the head of his cock, sucking lightly and flicking the tip with my tongue, while my hands stroked his shaft and played with his balls. He started to moan, and when I looked up at him his eyes were closed.

Then I noticed that the cab driver was watching us in his mirror. I stopped sucking for a moment and told him that if he wanted to watch us he should at least pull over to the curb, so we wouldn't have an accident. He did so instantly.

I smiled at the cabbie, who was a pretty good-looking black guy, and he smiled back. Then I turned back to Hubby's cock and resumed sucking it and flicking my tongue around the tip. By now I had one hand between my legs, finger fucking myself and playing with my clit, and I was very wet and warm. Not only was I living out my fantasy, but also had a spectator watching. I rubbed the tip of my finger in little circles around my clit, and every so often I would plunge two fingers deep in my pussy. All the while, I continued to work on hubby's cock, only now I was taking him deeper and deeper sucking harder and harder.

Suddenly I heard a noise, and I looked up to see the cabbie climbing over the front seat and into the back. He had already stripped naked, and his big black cock was bouncing back and forth as he climbed. I reached out and put my hand on it, and damn, now that I think about it, the cabbie had an even larger cock.

The cabbie got behind me and pulled down by blouse. He laughed when he saw that I wasn't wearing any panties, and as far as I was concerned he could've just started fucking me right there and then. But he pulled my skirt down, and I picked up each knee as he slid if off my legs. At the same time, hubby pulled my top off, and now I was kneeling there completely naked, in the back seat of a cab, in broad daylight, with a naked black stranger behind me and a half naked husband in front of me, who I was now sucking harder and harder.

Hubby passed a condom to the cabbie and told him to enjoy. The cabbie put his hands on my hips and pushed his pelvis up against my ass, and his black cock immediately found my wet pussy lips. I arched my back a little bit to give him the angle, and he plunged his whole cock right into my cunt without a problem. I felt it go into me as far as it could, and then he slowly started sliding that cock in and out of my pussy, pulling it almost all the way out and then fucking me deep again. After a while he reached around with one hand and started frigging my clit. His other hand joining my husband's squeezing my tits tweaking my nipples, and then moving to the other tit. Both going back and forth.

I could tell that I was about to come, so I told him to slow down a bit, because I wanted us all to come together if possible. Then hubby said he was about to shoot his load, so I told the cabbie to do it hard again, and he did. As my orgasm got closer and closer I sucked MY husband harder, and then I felt his cock start to throb and pulsate.

He was moaning louder and louder, and then I felt him stiffen, Grab the back of my head by the hair, push his cock deep into my mouth, and the first spurt of his come hit the roof of my mouth. The next spurt hit the back of my tongue, and then the rest of his jism filled my mouth.

At that point, the cabbies cock in my pussy and his fingers on my clit drove me over the edge, and I screamed as best I could with a mouthful of come and cock, my body shaking all over as I came and came.

As the intensity of my climax subsided, I sucked hubby's cock dry, getting all the come out of it and swallowing it all. The cabbie was still fucking me good and hard, so I continued to suck until he got hard again, which only took a minute or so. At that point, I asked the cabbie if he wanted to shoot his load in my mouth or in my pussy, and all he could say was that he was almost there. I felt him pick up his pace, and then his pelvis was smacking my ass with each down stroke, and both his hands were squeezing and holding onto my tits and pulling at my nipples hard. That just made me, have another huge orgasm for the night. I knew he was close to cumming, so I encouraged him saying things like, "Fuck me, cabbie, fuck my hot pussy with your big black cock! I want your come deep inside me!"

My husband told me to be quiet, because I couldn't suck him while I was talking, and he didn't want me to stop.

Finally I felt the cabbies cock get rock hard. It started to pulse, and then he yelled and I felt his first spurt of jism explode into the condom. During the second spurt, I felt it all wet inside my twat. I knew that the condom had broken. He shot so much spunk that it felt as if he just emptied his entire body inside my cunt. I reached around to grab his softening cock as it was sliding out of me, rubbing his sticky dick along my pussy lips and against my clit. Some of his come ran out of my cunt and into my hand, and I rubbed it all over my belly and tits.

I then turned around and trust my ass in husband's direction. He took the hint, grabbing my hips and sticking his cock right in where the cabbies spunk was leaking out. He started fucking me really hard, and I grabbed the cabbies cock and took it in my mouth, sucking it for all I was worth, wanting that black cock to explode in my mouth too.

After about five minutes of serious deep throating his dick began to throb again, and without warning, he shot another load of jism into my mouth this time. I swallowed what I could, but some of it leaked out the side of my mouth just like it leaked out of my cunt the first time.

Shortly thereafter, hubby started banging himself fast and furiously against my ass, and then he let out a yell and I felt his second load of come fill my pussy. Before long his spent dick fell out of my soaping wet cunt. I continued to lick and suck the cabbies cock for a little while, but then he said he had to get back to work, so he climber into the front, got dressed and started up the engine.

I laughingly said, "I hate it when they just fuck and run!"

Both of the guys had a good laugh with that.

Hubby got dressed also, but I just lay there for a little while as we drove along completely naked in the back seat of the cab in broad daylight with two loads of come running out of my pussy and another load on my face and tits. I played with my clit and pussy for a while, rubbing the still dripping cum all around my pussy lips. I put two fingers into my twat and slid them in and out, rubbing circles around my clit with my other hand.

When I knew I was about to come, I threw my feet up on the back of the front seat, with my legs wide apart, so the cabbie could get a good look in his mirror, and then I frigged myself as hard as I could until I screamed out in pleasure. Wave after wave of intensity pulsed through me, and I came for what seemed like two minutes with no letup.

When it was over I collapsed back against the seat and tried to catch my breath. Then I heard a round of howling. There had been a group of teenagers in a car beside ours that witnessed the whole thing.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the hotel that we had rented for the night, and when hubby tried to pay the fare, the cabbie said it was on the house.

This event happened a good fifteen years ago, and since then we have repeated this event in various ways many, many times. The first thou, was our most chariest.

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