tagNon-EroticOur First Date

Our First Date


How many times had she been in this exact spot? More than Samantha could count. It seemed like every time a guy gave her their phone number, she chickened out and did not call them. She did not know why but she never could get up the courage to make the phone call. Maybe she was just afraid to get hurt again so her subconscious had decided just not to even give anyone a chance. Samantha did not know. The only thing she did know was that if she did not give a guy a chance soon she would be alone for the rest of her life.

Now Samantha stood slowly turning the little piece of paper over and over again in her hand. Should she call Tim he had seemed like a really sweet guy when they had talked? Maybe she should give herself a chance to care again I mean it had been two and a half years since she had been involved with anyone surely that was enough time to heal. What the heck she thought to herself a phone call could not hurt. Her fingers trembled as she dialed the phone. It rang a few times before he picked up. "Hello."

"Hi Tim, it's Samantha."

"Hey, it great to hear from you.How have you been?"

"I'm good. How are you doing?"

" Doing good. I've been really busy with work. It don't seem to have a spare moment to myself lately."

"I know what you mean. It seems like I am at work more than I am at home lately."

"This may sound forward but I was wondering if you would want to hang out maybe tomorrow if you have no other plans?" Tim asked.

"It is not forward at all and I do not have any plans tomorrow. I would definitely like to hand out with . Only trouble is that I do not drive."

"That is no trouble at all. Just give me your address and I'll come and pick you up."

"I live at 196 Leonard Avenue. Do you need directions?"

"No I have GPS. I'll plug it in."

"Well I guess I will see you tomorrow."

" Does six o'clock sound okay with you?"

"Sounds great. I get home from work at five so it gives me a chance to shower and change out of my work clothes."

"I'll see you tomorrow at six then."

" Have a great night!"

" You too." Samantha hung up the phone . I can not believe that I'm actually doing this she thought to herself. Had she lost her mind? Was she really ready to put herself out there again? Well she could not back out now.

All day at work Wednesday, Samantha could not stop thinking about her date that night. She was so nervous yet she was so incredibly excited. After getting off work, Samantha rushed home to get ready. While waiting for Tim to pick her up, Samantha's heart felt like it could beat right out of her chest.

When Tim got to Samantha's door, he hesitated. He had waited so long to finally get up the courage to ask her out. Now it was finally happening. It sounded strange coming from a guy but there were butterflies in Tim's stomach. Finally he knocked on the door. Samantha answered. "Hi are you ready to go?"

"Just let me grab my purse and lock the door," Samantha said . She grabbed her purse and keys and locked the door behind her. "So where do you want to go?"

" I was thinking we could get some pizza. What do you think?

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I'm a bit hungry myself."

"Then let's get going," Tim said. He walked over and opened the car door for her. Then he walked around the other side and got in. They drive to Gemenelli's and Tim parked the car. He got out and rushed around to open Samantha's door.

"Thank you." Samantha got out of the car. They headed inside the restaurant.

"We'll have an extra cheese pie," Tim ordered.

"The pie will be ready in about 15 minutes," the clerk behind the counter said.

" Why don't we sit down until it's ready?" Tim suggested . He led her over to a table in the back then pulled out the chair for her.

"Thanks," Samantha said. When the pizza was ready, Tim went and got it. "This pizza looks really good."

"What do you want to drink?" Tim asked.

"I'll take a root beer." Tim came back with two root beers and placed them on the table. "Thanks." For a few moments, they sat in complete silence just enjoying the pizza. "How is work going?" Samantha asked.

"Work is going pretty good. Shifts are kind of long but I get through it. How is work going for you?"

"Going good," Samantha said. She sat fidgeting with her shirt.

"You seem a little nervous. Are you?"

"Yeah I kind of am.It's been so long since I've been out with anyone I guess my stomach has a few butterflies."

Tim reached over and took one of her hands in his. "You don't have to be nervous around me if I start to anything and you don't like it just tell me to stop and I will . I just want us to have a good time."

"Okay," Samantha said. They finished up their pizza and then walked back to Tim's car. He opened the passenger side door and she slid in. "Thanks for the pizza this has been a wonderful night."

Tim drove her back to her house and walked her up to her front door. " I really hope that I can see you again soon."

" I would really like to. Thanks again for a wonderful night I had a great time." Just before Samantha opened her door, Tim leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Call me next week and we can figure out when we can go out again."

"Have a great night," Tim said as Samantha ducked into the house.

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