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Our First Holiday


Linda and I had been married for 4 years and this is the very first chance we have had to get away on our yacht for a long holiday. We have been very much in love ever since we met and we didn't have a very long engagement and were soon married. My name is Brenton and I am 36 years old. I am in very good physical condition and I work out regularly in my own private gym. I am quite wealthy having been left money by my parents when they were killed 6 years ago.

Linda is just 29 but the age difference doesn't even come into our thoughts - we are very compatible and enjoy sex whenever we can. Linda is a beautiful young woman and I feel privileged to be married to her. She is tall, 5'10" in her bare feet and she has a lovely slim build with beautiful large breasts. Her breasts are definitely her best feature along with her long and shapely legs. She has fair hair and a beautiful face. She is truly a beauty having done a deal of modeling before we met - her photograph has appeared on many front pages of magazines.

We met at a party which was thrown for one of my friends and she was there with another man. Somehow we met during the evening and began talking and drinking and soon the other man was forgotten and she was with me. I made it a definite rule when I went to parties that I never allowed anyone to tell the other guests that I was wealthy because it brought forth a group of gold-diggers every time. Once I found a very attractive girl and I took her to a motel instead of my palatial home and we spent the night making love and enjoying each other. Before I drove her home next morning she said, "Well, I hope you have made me pregnant because I want to marry you and be able to spend all of your money with you!" That was the end! From then on my friends knew better than to reveal anything about me which would indicate my wealth. Fortunately that girl didn't become pregnant and I never saw her again.

Linda and I chatted for hours and forgot about being at the party and just had a good time. When it was time for her to leave I offered to drive her home. Her partner couldn't be found so I drove her to her apartment and having escorted her to the door I left her but asked for another date and was granted my wish. What I didn't know at the time I was saying goodnight to her at the door of her apartment was that the man who had brought her to the party was in fact inside waiting for her to come home - they were living together. She didn't mention anything about him to me.

We had our first real date and enjoyed a lovely meal and a stroll along the beach afterwards. Again I drove her to her apartment but didn't go inside - we kissed at her door and I left her - again setting a date for a couple of days hence. I felt like a young lover even at my age - I was starting to fall in love with Linda. It wasn't until out third date that I was invited inside her apartment and I was surprised to see evidence of a man living there. He wasn't home but when I asked her about him she told me he was leaving the very next day because she was finished with him. That was when I stepped into her life properly. True to her word the man she was living with left the next day and that was the end of him.

Linda told me from the outset she had been very sexually active and I must admit I got quite a kick out of listening to Linda telling me the things she had done with the various men in her life. There was no doubt she had been a very well fucked young lady but now she has settled down with me and she is a completely different woman.

The day on which her former lover moved out was the day I first fucked Linda! Oh how I loved making love to her and her beautiful body. She was the essence of love and could make her body entwine around me so beautifully it was an absolute pleasure to make love to her. I didn't tell her anything about my riches until we were engaged. Certainly we had fucked many times before we were engaged and we got to know each other very well but I kept all knowledge of my real life from her. I rented an apartment not too far from hers and told her that was where I lived and she had no idea I owned a palatial mansion of three stories in the very best part of the city. I really wanted to test her loyalty to me - I knew I loved her and I was sure she loved me but I wanted to make sure she loved me for what I was and not for what I owned in the way of money and assets. She proved my faith in her and she never deviated from me at all. We were in constant touch with each other and I knew she wasn't cheating on me so I asked her to marry me. When she accepted she cried because she was so much in love. She also said she thought nobody like myself would ever want to marry her because she had fucked around (her words) so much with lots of other men and nice men would probably consider her to be used goods! I didn't think that for a moment and tried my best to prove that to her.

After she had accepted my proposal for marriage I drove her to the most expensive jewelry store in the city and bought her an engagement ring which cost $40,000! You should have seen the look on her face when she selected the ring from a whole pad of rings without prices and when she had chosen hers I just nodded to the assistant, whom I knew, and we left the store. It was only later in the evening she eventually found out how much the ring cost and she almost fainted. I had previously told her I was into banks but I hadn't told her I owned five of the largest private banks in the country. I then felt obligated to show her my home and to tell her the truth about my wealth.

When she saw my mansion and my two servants she almost collapsed and I had to hold her to support her. She inspected my home and gave me a big smile and told me she knew why I hadn't told her I was rich before - she told me too that she was glad she had obviously passed the test. When she saw my garage with 6 cars in it and then I took her to see my yacht she was overwhelmed! On the spot she vowed she would always be faithful to me and never leave me nor disgrace me ever.

Of course Linda didn't have any need to work but she involved herself in charity work and was very well received by all of my friends. She is such a likeable person it would be hard to find anyone who wouldn't like her.

After our wedding Linda moved into the mansion. She quickly adapted to this style of living and proved to be a wonderful wife. Sex with Linda was absolutely wonderful - she always gave 100+% effort every time we made love. She had this wonderful way of making me feel so loved every time I was near her. When we married one of the vows which we made together at the service was that we would always love each other and would never do anything with anyone else without the express permission of the other partner! Linda had wanted to place that unusual piece in her vows because she knew I understood about her past but she wanted me to know she would never betray me ever unless it was with my permission. I had no doubts about her sincerity and told her we didn't need that vow but she insisted. So it was included.

We spent a wonderful four years together having all sorts of holidays every few months to different parts of the world and we loved every moment of these times together. I owned a private jet which conveyed us around the world on command and my pilot was always available at almost any time. We traveled to opera in other countries and we attended sport in different parts of the country and she really enjoyed the life of a rich man's wife. Linda, of course, had complete freedom to do anything she wanted. She had her own bank accounts, credit cards and access to the best stores in the land but she never abused her position and always spent money wisely.

At long last I cleared my work load for a whole 2 months and we set off on my yacht. It is a palatial yacht - just the right size for us two plus the captain and the crew of 2 - and I always wanted to be on it but pressures of work kept me away from it. Now nothing was going to keep me from enjoying this holiday. We gave instructions to the captain to cruise around the ocean and when we were near the coast of any country we would call into their ports and spend some time with the locals. The captain was a charming man who knew his job very well. He also kept the rest of the crew in shape and we had a lovely cruise. The cook prepared meals fit for a king and the only other woman on board was the cook's assistant who also doubled as a waitress for meal but otherwise did the cleaning on the yacht.

We had been at sea for about 9 days when the captain told us we were about 50 nautical miles off the coast and there was a small fishing port ahead - did we want to call in there? We had already been to a number of small towns and enjoyed the look around and the hospitality. I told him to make his way in and we might spend a couple of days here if it looked like a nice place. Every now and again I would give the crew a chance to get away from the yacht even for a couple of days so they wouldn't get tired of being at sea and looking after us. They appreciated this.

I must tell you first that Linda asked me after the first couple of days if it would be alright for her to sunbake on the forward part of the yacht. I knew what she wanted because she had often talked about an all-over tan and I also understood she would want to sunbathe naked or at least topless! Our captain, Dan, is a man of about 60 and he understood when I told him what Linda was proposing. He told me he wouldn't mind Linda being in the front of the yacht and suggested we erect a sheet across the front part of the ship so she could be in total privacy. His position on the bridge wouldn't allow him to see her if she was behind the screen. We erected the screen as suggested and Linda moved behind it and took off all of her clothes.

Linda's body is something to behold. She has this slim, tall willowy frame with these long beautifully shaped legs supporting her wonderfully proportioned body. Her breasts are quite large but very shapely and rather than being described as round they were more a pointy shape. Her nipples which were quite dark compared with the rest of her breasts stuck out even further on the ends of her breasts and this made her look very shapely indeed. She never shaves her bush and it is made up of quite dark hair shaped in a neat triangle ending just about he clit. She also has the finest of treasure trails of fine dark hairs between her navel and her bush. She looks lovely naked.

She was lying naked at the front of the yacht and I had been with her on the day Dan told us about the port ahead. I loved to just lie in the sun wearing only my trunks and watch her lying naked in front of me. I had moved away from her to get us some drinks when I heard another boat not far away. I looked over the side and saw a fishing boat passing us about 100 yards away and the three men on board were watching Linda closely. I couldn't see Linda until I moved up onto the upper deck and I saw she was standing up still naked and waving to the men. At first I felt angry but then I calmed down and realized she was just having some harmless fun. She soon resumed her place on the deck and the boat sailed past and into the harbor.

I took the drinks to Linda and told her we were going into the port for a few days if it seemed to be a nice place. She said she would like to be on dry land again and was looking forward to walking again. When I jokingly told her she was giving the men on the boat a good look at her beautiful body she just grinned at me and told me she was sure I had an erection while watching her getting ready for going ashore. She showered with me and then she started picking out clothes to wear on the land. She chose a very loose blouse which had a string which was used to pull the neck into place but the blouse was off her shoulders and she looked absolutely wonderful in it. She also chose a very short skirt and also picked out a pair of panties which were very small indeed - in fact they were almost not there! Anyway she dressed in these clothes and it wasn't until we were walking along the deck to the gangway which Dan had lowered that I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. That didn't matter because I would be with her all the time and we were here visiting the port on our holiday.

We walked around the town which wasn't very large in fact it appeared there were only about 50 houses and two small shops and a tavern. We had told Maria and James they could have the next two days off and they went off exploring the countryside. Dan was to stay with the yacht and we would wander around and do as we pleased. We saw most of the sights during the first couple of hours of our walking and then we headed for the tavern to see if we could get a meal there in the evening. We were greeted by the host - a very jovial man probably in his 60's and he told us we were lucky because his cook was in town tonight and would be happy to prepare our meal for us.

Naturally we had a couple of drinks in the tavern bar to avoid the heat which was building up outside. The host called Pedro was quite an entertainer and kept us amused with stories about the town while we enjoyed the cold drinks. When we were told our evening meal was ready we were escorted into the dining room which was adjacent to the bar area. I expected we would be the only people dining but I was surprised to see there were three men already sitting at a table close to ours. I didn't recognize the men but Linda quickly saw they were the three men who had seen her naked on our yacht today. They exchanged pleasantries with us and Linda greeted them in a very friendly manner.

Pedro asked if he might join us at our table and he continued to talk about the town and the surrounding countryside. He was quite entertaining and we enjoyed his company. The other three men were quite a pleasant group and they were talking gaily between themselves.

Suddenly Pedro asked Linda if she was happy with the way I fucked her! This stunned both of us and at first Linda was too taken aback to reply. Then she said, in a clear voice, "I am very satisfied with my husband and I don't need you to ask me such things!" I was very proud of her and loved her for the forthright way she had put the matter clearly to rest. Pedro however wasn't finished. He continued "Every beautiful woman must be allowed to try other men and see if they can perform as well or better than her husband!" I remained quiet and allowed Linda to talk to Pedro. She said, "Before I married Brenton I had many lovers and I know what other men are like and what they can do. I also know what Brenton can do for me and that is all I ever need. I will thank you to stop talking about me and my husband!"

Pedro didn't give up for a moment. He asked Linda how long the longest cock she had ever had in her cunt was! She looked over at me and decided she wouldn't answer that personal question but he insisted and again she looked over at me and when I nodded she said, in a quiet voice, "It was 8" and very thick!" Pedro chuckled and said, "Gosh that is a small one - what about your husband's cock - is that as big?" to which Linda said, with her nose in the air "That is the size of my husband's cock!" I was very proud of her. She was telling the truth - that is the size of my cock and she had previously told me she had never had a cock as big as mine - yes, a little longer perhaps but never my length with the thickness as well!

There was no way Pedro was going to give up his line of questioning and he continued, "If I could show you a cock which is both thick and 10" long would you be interested in seeing it?" Linda looked over to me again and again I nodded to her so she replied, "And where do you think you are going to find a cock which is 10" long and very thick?" Pedro obviously had that one covered when he said, "Those three men over there are my three sons. Each of them has a cock which is over 10" long and they are all very thick across - they would fill your cunt up so much you wouldn't believe it!" Linda looked over to the three men who were grinning at her. They had seen her naked and knew what a lovely body she had and it was easy to see they wanted to get to know her better.

Linda had been handling the situation very well up to now and she simply told Pedro she wasn't interested in continuing the conversation and if he persisted we would leave the tavern. He didn't say another word but rose from our table and went over to a record player which was on a table near the door. When he switched it on we had music which was obviously dance music in our ears. He immediately took Linda by the hand and pulled her over to the first of the men who rose, kissed her hand, and then began dancing with her on the part of the floor which was obviously used for dancing.

They danced around the floor for the length of the record and when that was finished Pedro started another and the first man handed Linda over to the second man who danced with her. These two men had been holding Linda very close to them as they were dancing and I could see when they had her back to me that they were playing with her ass - stroking it and squeezing it - assuming I couldn't see. I knew by the way her skirt was moving they were handling her. When that music finished she was passed on to the third man who also held her very tightly and also played with her ass. When they were on the other side of the small area I saw him kiss her on the mouth. She pulled away but he wouldn't let her go. The music was almost finished and I stood up and he let Linda go and she came over to me at the table. I hugged her and she was shaking and I sat her down and told her to relax and we would leave soon and return to the yacht.

The three men and Pedro all remained in the room watching us as we were talking. Linda told me she was very turned on by these men because they had been playing with her ass and breasts and she had felt their large cocks pressing into her body as they danced. I asked her if she wanted to leave immediately but she shook her head and told me she wanted another drink. We enjoyed this next drink and then Pedro started the music again and they took her around for another round of dances. Pedro came over and sat with me and I am sure he tried to distract me from watching Linda. I kept on watching them and saw the men were definitely pressing their bodies against her and they had played with her ass enough to lift up her skirt and play with her bare behind. She wasn't stopping them and I was a little surprised at that.

The music continued and the men kept dancing with Linda and I could see she was becoming very aroused by their actions. They were kissing her now and she wasn't pulling back so much. They had also undone the string at the back of her blouse and now it was falling down almost exposing her lovely breasts. I knew I should do something but didn't move because I was waiting for Linda to object and then I would stop this nonsense. But Linda didn't stop them and they carried on dancing and playing with her body. Every now and again I would see they had her blouse down below her breast and would be handling her tit but she didn't do anything to stop them but pulled up her blouse each time they came near me.

Pedro said to me, "I can see your lovely wife would like to be fucked by my three sons! They all have very big cocks and they will make her very happy! I will now give them a signal and they will begin with her." I told him to wait not feeling very sure what I should be doing at this stage. I walked over to Linda and the first of the men and asked her if she was alright. She replied in a very weak but very excited voice, "Yes, what do you want me to do?" I knew she was now past the point of making her own decision and she was leaving this up to me - did I want her fucked by these men or was I to grab her and take her back to the yacht immediately? I took her by the hand and pulled her away from the man and spoke quietly to her. I asked her, "Linda, you know these men want to fuck you. They have made it very clear to me and to you that this is what they want to do. Pedro has also told me that too. I want to know what you want to do. I think you would like to be fucked by these men and if that is what you really want to do then all you have to do is to ask me but you must ask me before I will give permission. You must remember our vow at our wedding - we won't do anything with anyone else without the express permission of the other partner - but if you ask me to fuck these men I will give you permission. What do you want to do, Linda?"

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