tagNon-EroticOur First Meeting

Our First Meeting


"We are approaching landing at this time. If you would please be seated and fasten your seatbelts we will be on the ground in 5 minutes. And thank you for flying Delta Airlines."

As I fastened my seatbelt, my heart starts to pound. It has taken six months for this moment to happen and finally I will be able to see you for the first time. The anticipation has effected my breathing where my breaths come short and fast, my hands are shaking uncontrollably and not from the lack of a cigarette.

Then the plane starts to touchdown and dock. I fight the urge to jump up and race out the door just to see you. Staying seated until I am told to rise, I grab my backpack and slowly make my way to the door walking at the speed that the old man in front of me will allow.

Getting off the dock I look around and I don't see you anywhere. Holding my breath I make my way slowly to collect my suitcase looking at everyone waiting to see you. After going through all of the checks I get my suit case and slowly make my way towards the front doors. Maybe you didn't make it. Maybe your plane was late or you got delayed in traffic. Or there was a traffic accident. My pulse races at the thought that maybe I would never see you or something horrible had happened. I feel the tears well up inside of me as I carry my suit case and backpack towards the doors with the feeling of dread weighing heavy on me.

Then I see a red rose sitting on top of a box right before I exit out the front doors and my breath catches. The red rose was to be the sign you were there that is what we had decided on. But it was sitting by itself with no one around it. Picking the flower up I look around for any sign of you. Barely breathing I wait for anything to suggest that you were there. Maybe I had picked up someone else's rose, maybe I was imagining things and you weren't there and I was making a big deal out of a single rose.

Turning around slowly I walk out the doors feeling so empty. What had happened to you? I quietly prayed that you were okay and that I would find you soon. As I look at the crowd of people with so much luggage hurry towards the cabs needing a ride to their homes or hotels they were to stay at, I see a little girl walking towards me. She is smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen with her hands behind her back. Stopping in front of me, she hands me a pink rose from behind her back. Still smiling she whispers, "This is for love." Not saying another word she walks away leaving me speechless with a red and pink rose.

Once I recover myself I look around again hoping and praying you are there around the corner waiting for me with that beautiful smile I know you have. Clenching the roses I walk slowly through the crowd up one side and down the other but there is no sign of you. Could this be a cruel joke? Have I come here for nothing? The tears start brimming in my eyes. The hurt is almost to much to handle.

As the first tear slowly starts to fall down my face and I feel myself wanting to crumble to the ground, an older gentleman catches me and stands me upright. Not saying a word, he hands me a handkerchief and leads me to a waiting cab. Picking up my suitcase he slides it into the cab and the helps me into it. Kissing me on the forehead he whispers, "All will be well, he loves you."

Sitting in the cab in stunned silence from the burst of emotion and the kindness of the old man, I barely notice him shutting the door and whispering something to the cabby. I sit there not noticing much of anything as we pull away from the airport and make our way into the center of the city. When I finally get a hold of myself I realize I haven't told the man driving me where I need to go he is just driving. "Sir, I need to go..."

He just smiles and states, "I know exactly where you need to go, my dear. I have specific orders to take good care of you." And with that he went quiet again, leaving me to wonder. What were his specific instructions? Where was he taking me? Who told him where to take me? So many questions were running through my mind but I just didn't have the strength to ask any of them. Not seeing you when I got off the plane, or when I got my bags, or when I left the airport had left me upset and aching inside.

I barely noticed the city as we drove through it, but I did notice as we left the city driving down the most beautiful road with so many wildflowers and trees. It was amazing, especially with the sun setting in the west adding a golden glow to the surroundings. And the sky streaking all colors through the clouds. And just as I was beginning to enjoy my surroundings, the cab pulled over on the side of the road next to a little trail.

"Here is where you belong, my dear," he said smiling as if he had done himself proud. Reaching into my backpack I went to pay him. "No, my dear, this ride was for you." And with that he parted the middle window and handed me a yellow rose.

Shaking I took it not asking a single word. This was beginning to be the strangest day of my life. Opening my door, grabbing my suitcase and backpack I stepped out of the cab. Nodding at the cab drive, he smiled and pointed to the trail, then slowly pulled a u-turn and drove out of site.

Waiting till the cab was out of site I slowly made my way down the worn path through a small forest of trees. Still shaking my head I was trying to sort out the days events. What was all this about? Why did I even get out of the cab? Why didn't I just go to the hotel and wait for you? What was I doing dragging my suitcase, carrying my backpack and clenching the three roses in my hands? Today had started out as an adventure and an adventure was what I was getting.

Coming to a fork in the path, I looked for a clue on which way I was to go. I looked for another rose or maybe a sign but there was nothing that I could see. Then I noticed a note on one of the trees. It was a small white piece of paper not big at all being held up with a little pin. Setting my things down I went to it and plucked it off the tree. Opening it, it read with typed print, "The road to love is often the less traveled path". Sitting on my suitcase I thought for a minute. Then I looked at the paths, one was very worn and looked like a popular path, the other was still rocky and looked like it hadn't been traveled much.

Picking up my things I began to walk down the rocky path, clenching the roses close to my heart. Then when it seemed like forever there sitting in the middle of the path was a small light. A candle sitting on a simple silver tray with a note laying on it. Picking up the tray I saw my name scrolled on it in simple handwriting. Setting my things down once again, I picked up the note with shaky hands, and this is what it read. "Red is the color of passion, so I give you the red rose that you ask for, but I need more. When you accepted the pink rose, you excepted the love that I give you. And the last rose was the yellow rose, and with that you excepted my friendship that I will always offer you. With these three roses you have excepted the passion, love and friendship that we shall share. Now if you would turn around I will be waiting for you."

Raising my head, I feel the tears that the note has caused rolling down my face. My heart is pounding so that I believe that it wishes to come right out of my chest. Looking up at the sky I see there is still a lot of light streaming through the trees. Looking back at the candle and note I gently take the note and slip it into my pant pocket and blow the candle out. Setting the tray back down on the path I stand up. Taking a deep breath I slowly turn around praying that this moment is true.

There as if you had been behind me the whole time stood you. Your blue eyes searching my tear-stained face. And in your hands clenching three single white daisies. The look of uncertainty crosses your face and almost makes it look to sad to bare. Stepping over my suitcases and tearfully walk to you wrapping my arms around your waist and burying my head into your chest. And I know that I will be forever changed as you wrap your arms around me and kiss the top of my head. At that moment I know that I am here for all the right reasons. As I look up at you, I move my lips to kiss you and whisper your name, "Cameron".

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