tagBDSMOur First Meeting

Our First Meeting


Waking with the thought that today, tonight, I will be changed. Perhaps forever. I will finally be given permission to explore my needs, my secret cravings. Knowing that my limits will be purposely pushed, to a painful extreme. Physically, and emotionally. Knowing that he was going to make decisions for me. But I groaned softly to myself thinking how slow the day was going to go. I slid my legs over the edge of the bed, getting up to thoughts that would make a whore blush.

I go about my tasks and chores for the day, trying to ignore that my wet pussy that has a mind of its own. I feel the wetness begin to drip as my mind wandered to the things that might take place tonight. Wondering what he will do to me. At the pleasure I will receive. And the pain I will endure. Wondering if I will be able to accept everything that he will offer me. Knowing that I have a safe word gave me comfort. But I also feared using it. Because of my desires to make tonight perfect. And using that safe word would only spoil the mood of the evening. But more importantly it would dissapoint him. And I wanted to please him more than anything.

I could now feel the juices flow down my leg as the fresh air invaded my privates. I was wearing the skirt he wanted along with his demands of no panties. I wanted to relieve the pressure that was building up inside me. I tried to ignore it, as much as I could. But deep down I knew that I would follow the explict instructions he gave me. I wasn't to touch myself in a sexual way at all.

The day seemed to drag on and on. My thoughts kept returing to him. Time and time again he entertained my imagination. It took so much will power to restrain myself. But I made sure I followed his rules perfectly. I wanted him to be proud of me.

My shower was thorough. Taking my time in washing my body and hair. Using his favorite soap and shampoo he requested me to use. Making sure I got a close shave in all the right places. Being extra careful to avoid nicks. I only hoped my efforts would be worth it.

Getting out of the shower, clean, smooth and fresh but feeling hot from the inside out. I start to get ready for you. For your impending arrival. But not knowing how to prepare for my own metamorphosis.

I took one last look in the bathroom mirror. I smile at the whore looking back at me. The make-up that I wore told the story without saying a word. I took my towel off letting it slide to the floor as I walked in the living room. Having already darkened it, I lit the candles placed around the room. Watching the flickers of light on the walls as I made sure the front door was unlocked as requested.

Putting my back to the front door, I slowly drop to my knees. Making sure my knees were spread wide apart so that my pussy was opened up just for you. I place my head on the floor and lace my hands behind my head. Keeping my back straight and eyes closed. I begin to wait for your arrival.

My ears are aware of every sound. Waiting for any sound that I recognize as you, my heart starting to beat faster. Taking a deep breath, I feel like I'm being watched. That thought immediately makes me wetter, my nipples harden, I break out in goose bumps from excitement.

I hear the soft click of the front door being opened. And the quiet footsteps of someone entering the room. I sense that you are standing in front of me. I wait nervously for you to speak to me.

I feel your hand under my chin, tilting my head up to you. Yet I keep my eyes closed. I can feel you staring at my face, your gaze almost burning me. I can feel your breath on my cheeks, I can smell your cologne. Still I don't open my eyes.

Already I'm wondering if I can go through with this. If I'm strong enough to give myself over to you completely. If I'm strong enough to submit completely. Not knowing how far you will take me. If I will be able to reach the level of submission you are use to.

I hear you ask me, "This is what you want. Is it not?" Even though you asked me the question, I don't answer with words. I nod my head. I hear you laugh softly, again your breath tickles my face. I feel your hand moving slowly to the back of my head. You run your fingers through my hair, settling your hand at the nape of my neck. You tighten your grip just a little and tilt my head up further.

I breathe faster, the fear of the known entering my mind. My imagination runs away with my mind. Thinking of the different things that could or would happen. Unsure if I was ready for this with you. The muscles tighten in my body, my fingers clenched behind my head.

He spoke delebretly and slowly in the deep voice I've grown to love over the phone. "Very smart to just nod, as I have yet given you permission to speak. That beauty of this. We are learning to trust each other. If you follow directions, I will be soft with you. If you can't do that, I will hurt you. But either way, I promise we both will like it. Do you understand?" I could hear the slight laughter tones in his voice.

As I start to nod my understanding, he spoke sharply. "I want to hear you say that you understand. Speak!"

Running my tongue out over my dry lips, I take a breath in and say, "Yes Sir. I understand what you said. I understand very well. I will follow all your directions."

I feel him tighten his grip in my hair, pulling my head far back, "Time will tell, just how good you are at following my directions." he tells me in a soft voice whispered in my ear.

I moan softly, as juices start to flow out of my wet pussy. Thinking over and over again, that this is what I want. What I need so fucking bad. This is what I need. And I sigh softly.

"Stand Squaw!" is your next sharp command. I stiffen slightly as I know it's going to begin now. I follow your simple command. I get off the foor as graceful as possible. Still keeping my eyes closed. I stand with my hands at my side.

Your hand traces my jawline, moving slowly down my neck. Trailing down to my full breasts. My breathe starting to come a little faster, I feel fingers pulling each of my nipples. Rolling them between finger tips, gently pinching them. You begin to pull and pinch them harder, my back starting to arch towards your hands. Already I'm clenching the muscles within me as I feel my self get close to coming.

Once again I hear the sharp tones in your voice. "You are not to come yet! I want you to wait until you have permission to cum. Do you understand?"

I nod my head with understanding as my eyes squeezed shut. You're still pulling and pinching hard on my nipples. Purposely bringing me close. Knowing how hard it is for me to hold off. Fighting the orgams that bubbling within me. I moan softly. I tighten the muscles deep inside my already dripping wet pussy. Fighting it because that is what I'm told to do. But wanting to plead with you for permission to cum. Yet knowing it won't make a difference. Knowing that my struggle to please you is amusing you.

Your hands pull on my nipples hard, pinching them and holding them like that. Twisting harder and harder while you watch my face. "Open your eyes and come for me! Look in my eyes and come now!" You command of me.

My eyes fly open, and I let go, hot juices pour out of me, my teeth grind together. As we watch each other. I am vagely aware of the little smile that tugs on your lips. Little spasms race through me. They climb up my spine, tingling every part of my body. My toes curl into the thick carpet. Then they going numb from the lack of circulation. As the orgam continues to rakes through my body. I want the feeling to last forever.

Slowly I spiral down. I try to take control of my breathing. I try and relax the muscles in my body. I'm surprised at the power you have over my body.

"Now for my pleasure." You bring my hands to your waist, placing them at the front of your jeans. Your still looking you in the eyes and without a word I understand your needs. Slowly I unbutton, and unzip your jeans. Quickly sliding them down to your ankles. Without words, somehow I know my place and I know what to do. I lowering my eyes. I return my hands behind my back. Restraining my own needs. The need to touch you. But I wanted to do this your way. With the contact of teeth, lips, tongue, and heart.

Slowly I drop to my knees, and somehow I find you as I slide you into my mouth, past my lips. My teeth barely scraping over your head, cradling you with my tongue, as I slowly push my head down your hard length. I taste you, feel you, delight in the learning of your cock.

I hear you moan, a noise that sounds as if it's coming from the back of your throat, low and deep. I feel hands go to my head, running your fingers through my hair, pushing it out of my face, so you can watch. Each slide, each withdrawal, takes me away from you as person. Taking me deeper into fucking you, worshiping your cock with my mouth.

Pulling you deeper into my eager mouth, loving how hard you feel against my tongue. Slowly sliding you deep, deep into the back of my throat. I instinctively gag, and try to bring my head back, but with your hands in my hair, you push your cock back deep into my throat. As you pump into my mouth. Shoving your cock into my throat, making my eyes water, making it hard to breath. Yet I know it is your pleasure. And this is what pleases you.

The moaning from my throat is tickling your cock, and I suck you harder, feeling with my tongue underneath your shaft how close you are to coming. Your hands, fingers curl tight into my hair, gripping my head, you pull me hard against you. You explode into my throat, still I'm sucking your cock, feeling every pulse with my mouth, my tongue. Drinking in your pleasure in great gulps, hungry for more, swallowing every pulse. not spilling a drop.

The sweet taste of you flooding my senses, making me hungry for more. I look up at you, a small secret smile playing across my lips.

Your gaze at me, into me, makes me blush throughout my body, a warmth spreading through me like a shot of whiskey on a cold night. I can't take how intently you're staring at me, how you're seeing me, seeing into me. I lower my eyes, as if you expected this from me.

You make me look back up at you, "Look at me," you tell me softly, but sternly, "Look at me now. The time for bashfulness has come and gone. I don't want your eyes to leave mine first. Do you understand me?" Even though the words have a harshness to them, your eyes are warm.

Without lowering my gaze, my eyes looking into yours, I say that I do understand. Part of me still wanting to hide from your intense, almost heat seeking gaze. You miss nothing, you wait, a small smile playing at the corner of your lips. Keeping your eyes locked with mine, your hands still cradling my face, you bend down almost as if to kiss me. Your lips touching my ear, your warm breath on my neck, "Very good. Now, shall we begin?"

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