tagLesbian SexOur First Meeting

Our First Meeting


I see you as you enter Henrietta Hudson. You walk slowly clutching your purse as you take a few steps to sit at the bar. I look at you. You are a few seats away from me but yet you have captured my heart. Something comes over me watching your every move. I see you whisper in the bartender's ear. He returns with a very dirty apple martini. As you raise the glass to your lips, you smile as if one of your best memories has crossed your mind. I distract myself and look around the room. I think to myself I can't do this, so I pick up my drink and move to the empty seat next to you.

You glance at me, looking at me from head to toe. Our eyes meet and I smile at you. I ask you your name and you whisper Shelly. I ask you if you are on vacation, I can't place your accent. You let me know that you are visiting some friends for a few days. You never volunteer any other information. You turn your head and look at the bartender. I notice that your martini is almost finished and I ask if I can buy you another. You nod and I order one for you and a Miller Lite for myself. As you get your new drink you smile at me and tell me thanks. I sit in amazement as I watch you polish off this drink as well. I can't hold my tongue anymore. My hand touches your lap and I ask you if you would like to accompany me to the dance floor. Without hesitation, you take my hand and I lead you to the dance floor.

Our bodies meet and II place my hands around your waist. You move seductively against me making my body react in ways it shouldn't. My face is close to yours and even though the lights are dimmed, I see the smirk on your face. You move your hands and your fingers meet mine. I gaze into your eyes and your eyes are speaking to me. I distract myself and look around the room. Everyone is staring at our bodies moving as one, almost as if we are making love on the dance floor. I take your hand and lead you back to the bar. I ask you if you would like to come to my apartment. You nod and I pay the bill.

We enter the cab and we are sitting far from each other, but our eyes are locked. I lead you to my place; it's on the 12th floor. I enter the apartment and as you find your way to the couch, I fix us both a glass of wine. I sit beside you and gently touch your lap. Touching you has sent shivers down my spine. We never talk, just gaze at each other. We both finish our wine and I place the glasses on the table.

Our lips meet with fiery passion. My hands move to the back of your neck, pulling you closer to me. You have your hands on my back moving it up and down. I move my lips to your neck and this drives you crazy. Your soft moans are making me more excited. I tug at your top and you raise your arms and I slide it off your body. I unclasp your bra and start nibbling at your breast, first the left then the right. I use my teeth and realize this excites you. Your hands are behind my neck pulling me harder on your breasts. I move my lips down your body, tasting every inch of you. I tug at your jeans and pull it down your legs, tasting your legs as the jeans leave your body. There is hunger in my eyes. I look up at you and our eyes meet again. I stand up and take off my own shirt and jeans. Our lips meet again and I can't get enough of you. Our tongues start their dance as they touch. Our bodies, lips, tongue all move as one. I lie on top of you and even with our underwear on; we feel each other's cunts. We move rhythmically together, very slow, enjoying each motion, wave after wave. You roll me over on the couch, you're now on top.

You kiss me passionately again; your hands are exploring my body. You devour my body with your lips as they move to my already wet cunt. There is no hesitation in taking off my underwear. You part my legs and you gently lick my clit. I moan with pleasure. You start teasing me. Your tongue starts licking a little faster and every now and then I feel your teeth rub gently on my clit. This sends me wild. I start bucking my hips toward you while holding the back of your neck in place hoping you would suck a little harder. You take this as an invitation and trail your tongue to my opening. I feel your moan vibrate against my cunt and I feel as if I am about to climax, but I don't want to right now. I want to cum at the same time with you. Your finger finds my opening and with one swift move, slides right in. Oh the pleasure! I start moving my hips back and forth hoping that your finger goes deeper. As if you sensed it, your finger starts dipping deeper and deeper finding my G spot. I bite on my lower lip and try not to scream out. The feelings, the waves of passion that overcome me are uncontrollable.

I want to taste you. I can't wait any longer. I pull you to kiss me and I taste my wetness. You sit on the couch and I spread your legs apart. I kneel before you and slide your underwear off. I start with your toes, licking and sucking each one. I slowly move my way up to your calves and then over your knees. I trail my tongue over your thighs and now to your inner thighs. I part you lips and I stick my tongue out. You moan at the first contact of tongue and clit. I am holding your lips apart and treating your clit as if it were nectar from the Gods. I adore your cunt. I taste your wetness and I spread your juices over your clit. I start sucking on it until you start moving your hips. You hold my head to your clit and your head rocks backward on the couch.

I take this as an invitation to lick my way up over your tummy, to your breasts and then finally to your neck. Your hands are behind my neck caressing me as I move my tongue over your jaw and into your mouth. I straddle you and your finger enters me. I arch my body back, giving you easy access to enter me. We start fingering each other slowly and then quickly. Never once did our eyes avert. We continue fucking each other until I feel myself breathing faster and faster. I feel your heart beat and it's racing as well. I start calling your name, over and over again as I cum on your fingers. At the same time, you are screaming God's name, over and over again. I feel your insides contract and I know you are cuming. You hold me against you as if never wanting to let me go. I slide my finger out of you and put it toward your lips. You taste it and I move my head to suck on it as well. I move my finger and we are now kissing passionately.

We fall to the couch and exhaustion has now kicked in. I am on top of you and your hands are on my back holding me against you. Our eyes close and we sleep. In the morning, I look at you while you are sleeping. You sensed that I was awake and open your eyes. Your lips curl and with a mischievous smile say to me "Good morning baby, love of my life, what role should we play tonight?" I smile and kiss your hand that has my ring on it.

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