tagBDSMOur First Meeting

Our First Meeting


JoJo pressed the elevator button to G.

Here she was to meet the man that had changed her life and would take her on a journey that she had longed to go for a long time.

She stood looking up watching the lights signal each floor.

Her throat became dry and it seemed like an eternity before the lift finally reached the ground floor.

Then with a sudden bump, she was there.

She waited for the doors to open knowing that in a few minutes she would be face to face with the answer to her innermost needs and the realization of her darkest desires.

Composing herself nervously she straightened her skirt and checked her lipstick before the door opened into her new world.

She arranged to meet Him in the hotel restaurant on the canal side, she had already been there for coffee a few hours before, just to familiarise herself with the surroundings.

She wanted to find a table near the window; creating a small diversion, a discussion of the water and small boats on the canal should she become nervous. Yes it would provide a nice distraction should she need it, she booked the table and told the waiter she would return at twelve noon precisely.

To most people JoJo was a vivacious, loving and caring girl, brought up by a Christian Mother and well respected in her sphere of influence.

She worked as a writer and had a comfortable standard of living, everyone that knew her imagined her as having a 'perfect' life.

However deep within she was screaming out for something, or someone that would fill her deepest yearnings.

She was different to all her friends, their conversations bored her and their endless chatter about this and that boyfriend caused her to drink herself into numb consciousness.

She certainly never lacked anything, clothes, money, and dates, anything she wanted she could have, except one thing.

Although JoJo was a strong personality she was also somewhat impish, which endeared her to many around her, resulting in her being utterly loved, sheltered and nurtured; she never really had to stand alone in her life as there was always someone there to look out for her, she was a fine girl.

Nevertheless hidden under that outer exterior was a lioness seeking a Lion.

She desperately craved for a King of the Jungle.

She wanted and deeply desired to be subdued and taken, she desperately needed to surrender to a greater power, to be dominated and to serve, to yield to Him and be used for His lusts and pleasure.

This was her dark secret, one so dark that she dare not share.

She went to her table hoping she had arrived before him; she needed to gain her composure and look somewhat like she was in charge of herself, her eyes swept the room looking for that familiar face, they had shared photographs and each had an idea of who to expect.

He had not arrived so she breathed a sigh of relief and ordered a double vodka with a splash of soda.

A bit of Dutch courage never hurt anyone she mused to herself, sipping it slowly and feeling it was already helping her to relax while she waited.

Within moments, He appeared, He was taller than she first imagined, His face was strong and familiar.

Handsome she thought, as she watched the maitre de usher Him to her table. Here he was, the man that filled her, completed her, One who knew her like none other.

The one she had confided in and laid bare her life to complete with all its twists and turns.

She shared with Him about her lovers, her dreams and her deepest darkest fantasises; yes, there was very little she hid from Him.

They shared their souls together.

He had whispered stories filled with forbidden images that ignited her body until He took her past arousal into the fullness of lust.

Then when He deemed it time, He would give permission for her body to ride the waves of passion to completion; He controlled her ecstasy and with a simple yes He would allow her to release her body into her pleasure, but also with a NO, he could forbid it,

He was able to take possession of her mind. Now they were seconds away from touching, their eyes met, she caught her breath, smiled and kissed Him.

Now they were to share their bodies.

She wanted more than vanilla, her palette never to be satisfied again with white/ pure thoughts of the righteous; she needed more.

She needed to be owned and to be living a life of obedience and submission.

Now the time had come for them to discover each other in honest reality.

He looked at her and relished the start of her training,

He was her first Master and through the time they shared she had built up a special trust in Him, she knew she could yield to whatever He had in store for her.

"JoJo," He said looking at her lovingly. "Are you ready for me to use you?"

She shuddered, not out of fear, but from excitement.

"Yes Sir," she answered, blushing slightly.

He picked up the room key from the table, took her by the hand and led her out.

All the way up the elevator she kept her legs pressed firmly together as she knew her pussy was dripping, her body now electric with the thought of the pain and pleasure it was about to receive.

He opened the room door, walked straight to the wardrobe and opened it as if He were searching for something lost.

"'Ah, Good." Was all He said and she knew what He had been looking for.

She went to the bathroom, mostly to hide the tell tail signs of her anticipation. He looked up at her and smiled for He knew how wet she would be and He happily allowed her this moment to gather herself.

Noting in His mind that it would be the last time, she would get away with such a thing.

Anyway He thought, it will give me a moment prepare for her.

He retrieved his bag that He had the concierge bring to the room and put at the back of the wardrobe.

He opened the bag and smiled to Himself.

It was filled with His tools of pleasure.

He would leave them in her room continually displayed.

His crop, leather strap, cane, hairbrush and paddle.

He smiled as He placed them out in a row knowing that she would get to feel each one on her begging flesh in due season.

"JOJO!" He called loudly. Conscious that the time was slipping away,

He had a lot planed for their first session and knowing JoJo, she would be trying her best to defer the moment.

"Yes Sir, I won't be long." She called to Him.

He sat in the big chair nearest the window and smiled, Oh how well He knew her.

"That's Five," He said. "And for every minute I wait, it will be five more."

True to form, she bounded out within seconds.

"Good girl," He said, knowing He had won another one.

Her face turned pale as she saw His implements, she had expected them but for some reason they still surprised her.

Her heart stopped momentarily with fear when she actually saw them lined up in row on the bench.

For months now, she had longed for the sting of them, now her head was spinning with mixed feelings.

Sensing this, He spoke firmly.

"JoJo, strip and present."

Her heart froze again. Omg she thought, this is all for real now.

He looked at His watch and she knew He was not taking no for an answer.

It was all about to begin.

"Yes Sir," she responded and moved to the centre of the room trying not to look at Him as she began to undress. She removed her skirt and then the pleated white blouse, leaving her then with just her panties and bra. Her bra was white and frilly, one she had bought and chosen for this moment. Her now hardened nipples now showing through the silky cloth, she hesitated and looked up at Him.

"Please Sir, I can't." Begging Him to take control and make it easier for her.

He lifted His eyebrows at her, "shall I add another Five?" He asked knowing what her response would be.

She whimpered, and began to protest, but realised immediately the futility of pursuing that direction.

Unclipping her bra, her breasts slipped out.

For a moment, she held her bra in her hand as if she was in half a mind to put it back on.

Then realising the time she was taking she quickly dropped it. Looking up at Him she then placed her thumbs in the band of her panties she lowered them from her hips, slowly taking them down her thighs bending just enough for Him so see her breast sway gently and lusciously, teasing Him with their fullness.

He was delighted by the fact that she was nervous, and for a brief moment He saw her lips tremble.

He felt His cock harden in pleasure as she began to yield to His authority.

Standing now in front of Him naked she felt vulnerable, she wanted to get under the covers and hide.

She was shy as she had never stood naked in front of her lovers before, and now to make things even worse she had to present before Him.

"Come here!" He said, almost commanding her, noting to Himself that He was now aroused and realizing that His hardened cock was pushing hard against His fly. He coughed slightly to regulate His voice before speaking to her again.

She stood right in front of Him with her hands on her head and keeping her legs close together, hoping that He would put her over His knee.

She was almost in tears now as her nerves were letting her down.

Noting that she was struggling in her submission to Him He pushed open her legs with His feet.

"Open." He said. "NOW!"

Instantly she felt her juices run down her legs.

"Please Sir." She begged Him.

"Please Sir... What?" He queried.

Her desire for Him had increased so much her heart was pounding, she wanted to scream at Him, please Sir take me now! She hung her head and simply answered.

"Nothing Sir."

"Good girl." He looked at the slight pathway of hair that she grew especially for Him.

Tracing it's line with His finger, smiling now at her He asked jovially.

"Now where does this lead too?"

Not waiting for an answer but sliding His fingers into her slit, touching her moistened lips, feeling her hardened clit and pushing them up into her hungry pussy.

His other hand circling her titties and squeezing her nipple.

She almost collapsed as He continued to tease her; she had never wanted to be fucked so badly in her whole life.

She moaned in pleasure and he toyed with her like a cat with a mouse.

Knowing that He was running out of time before He had to leave her, He gently pulled her over His knee, positioning her so He was able to deliver a good spanking to her nicely rounded bottom.

He lifted His hand and brought it down with at slap!

"Ouch." She jumped so high she almost fell from His lap.

Steadying her with His left hand in the small of her back, holding her firmly He administered the promised five smacks she had earned for her bathroom antics.

"What do you say?" He said firmly.

"Thank you Sir." She whispered.

He proceeded to spank her, nice hard smacks and in between each one He stopped and massaged her reddened bottom, causing a rush of mixed feelings to spin around in her mind.

It was like eating sweet and sour she thought.

It stung so bad and when she thought she would cry, he would rub it causing sensations to run right through to her pussy that she was now rubbing against His lap.

He moved her off and led her over to the corner. She would kneel here for a few minutes with her nose pushed to the wall, learning submission and obedience and wait for further instructions.

He phoned room service and ordered a light sandwich and tea.

When she heard the young waiter ring, she had hoped He would release her to wait in the bathroom, but inwardly knew He would not.

He opened the door and had the boy come in and set the tray down near the window,

He signed the bill as the boy stood wide-eyed gaping at His implements and trying hard not to look at her kneeling in the corner.

When He was satisfied that the boy had seen enough He dismissed him and nodded for Him to leave.

He smiled to Himself as He watched her wiggle, as He knew the pleasure He was giving her.

After what seemed like an eternity, He called her to Him and sat with her on the bed. He played with her nipples kissing them as they stood out proudly.

This time she did not have to be told to open her legs they opened to Him involuntarily and she ached to have Him touch her again.

He stood looking at her as she sat, her face was reddened with passion, her eyes were glazed over and her lips trembled.

She was His little slut girl and she would learn to completely surrender to His will.

He slipped His belt through the loops of His pants. The very sight of His belt cause a wave of excitement to flood her body, she was delirious for Him and He knew it.

He put the belt next to her on the bed and then placed 3 pillows in the middle of the bed. He then came back stood in front of her and unzipped His pants.

"Suck it." He ordered.

She slipped down to her knees and took His hard cock into her mouth, she adored Him and now she was about to show Him just how much.

She felt owned by Him as she was on her knees like this before him; he played with her nipples squeezing them tightly as she worked her mouth around his cock. She delighted in the feel of his hard cock twitching in her mouth as she took him in deeper guiding it slowly past her gag line into the depths of her throat.

He pushed his hips forward and grabbed her head pushing it hard into Him, she could hardly breath and He knew this.

He intended to use her roughly, to fuck her hard so there was not any misunderstanding of her position with Him, she would be His and He would own her completely.

She moaned loudly as He forced Himself deep into her throat, He would cum inside of her mouth and she would taste His cum, and then lick him dry, as a perfect slut should do.

"Oh yeah, that's my good little slut,"

Soon she heard him moan passionately and felt his hot wet cum shoot deep into her mouth.

"Oh You're such a good little slut." He said as He pulled out of her mouth and waited for her to lick Him dry.

She opened her eyes to look at him.

He was smiling brightly at her and she smiled back,

She loved Him and loved Him using her.

He put His cock away and looked at the pillows on the bed.

"Up you get, you know what is about to happen now."

She whimpered in resistance and once again saw the look on His face and thought the better of it.

"Yes Sir." She said, as she climbed onto the pillows, her arms above her head, her legs open wide and her bottom pointing to the ceiling.

"Good Girl," He said as He picked up His belt and ran it over her body.

She felt his buckle move down her back, tracing her curves, around her hips, sliding it between her half moons down her crack and into the crevice of her pussy,

He then pushed His fingers into her cunt, she was dripping wet.

This pleased Him so much; He loved the way she responded to Him.

Moaning as He teased her.

He leaned over and whispered for her to prepare for the belting she had always craved.

He reminded her of how much she wanted it and now He would satisfy that craving.

He stood back lifted and lifted His belt.

She waited, clenching her teeth and closing her eyes tightly.

"Tell Me," He said firmly,

"What do you want?" He teased. "Tell your Master now?"

She whimpered again and began to cry, more out of nervousness than fear.

"Tell Me Now!" He said in a firmer tone.

"Please, Master!!," she cried not knowing how hard He would hit her or whether she would be able to take it.

"Please...what?" He asked again, still with the belt lifted high.

"Please Sir; please spank my bottom with your belt."

With that, He brought it down on her bottom hard, the sound of it could be heard through the corridors of the Hotel.

She stifled a scream into her pillow and obediently thanked Him.

"Thank you Sir." She sobbed.

He knew that He had to be harder on her today, than He would be in the future. Today was her day of surrender; She needed to submit to Him and to make Him her Master.

He knew she would always make mistakes and would sometimes be a handful, but if this was what she wanted then it was to be by His rules.

He needed to make sure she wanted this real time or whether it was merely a fantasy, she needed fulfilling.

He lifted up His belt again and brought it down on her stinging bottom.


The belt struck her bottom hard and she rose up off the bed.

"Keep still," He said, as He watched the red welt quickly form across both cheeks, "Good girl."

Again, not so hard but still across both cheeks,


She cried out this time not trying to mask her pain. She rubbed her bottom fiercely and wanted to get up but dared not.

He pushed her back into place and gently caressed her pussy lips, causing her pain to subside into pleasure.

"Good girl," he said as He finger fucked her cunt and rubbed her clit.

She leaned back into His fingers wanting them to invade her, her bottom thrust up into the air, her legs spread,

He had complete access to her pleasure.

She began to rock on His hand, He sensed she was about to cum so He with drew.

"Not without permission." He scolded.

"Please Sir," she begged Him.

"Please what? Lilone." he asked gently.

"Please let me cum," She whimpered.

He stood back again, lifted His belt and brought it down on her again.


Another blow, but this time hitting her pussy lips, causing her to scream in pain. She looked at Him in shock; she had never felt such pain.

He pushed her head into the pillows.

She knew He had not finished.


She almost collapsed, but this time she stayed still, she would not fight anymore.

He had broken through, and was quite surprised it did not take Him half as long as He had imagined.

"Two more." He said lovingly.


She stiffened as the pain shot through her body, then after a few minutes settled again and waited for the last one.


She sobbed into the pillow, it was now soaking wet from her tears, she felt she could not take any more.

She sobbed out another. "Thank You Sir."

He stopped, put down the belt and gently gathered her up into His arms.

"Good girl," he said.

He then gently massaged her bottom, now laced with a crisscross of red welts. Holding her, kissing her mouth and rubbing away her tears.

"Who do you love and need?" He asked.

She looked up so innocently and answered. "You Sir, I love and need You."

She whimpered at his gentle knowing touch.

He pulled back the blankets and put her into bed, and He lay beside her.

She cuddled down into Him and felt His strength fortify her whole being.

Looking up at Him she said, "I love you so much."

"Shhhhhhh," He said, "rest now." I am here with you its all ok.

She wanted to cum, leaned over and kissed Him.

He looked at her lovingly, slipped His hand beneath the covers and began rolling her clit between His finger.

"Please Sir Fuck me," she begged as her whole body moved in pleasure,

"Fuck me please Sir, I need you."

He felt her body tighten and knew she was about to explode, He pushed two fingers deep into her cunt and whispered.

"Cum now lilone, fuck daddy's fingers."

He pushed them in and out of her hard, and within a moment, He felt the gush of her juices.

She screamed in pleasure as wave after wave engulfed her, then when she had cum, He gently rubbed her clit until she drifted back into consciousness again.

She looked up at Him and kissed Him, smiling at Him with eyes of Love.

"Thank you Sir" she said. "You do spoil me."

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