tagErotic CouplingsOur First Meeting

Our First Meeting


Would we sit quietly and talk endlessly about our lives, hopes, dreams, fantasies? Would we be shy and share glances and small touches across the dinner table? Would we be so unaware of our surroundings that we devour one another totally, emotionally, physically, mentally?

I think that our first meeting would go like this...

I would drive to the airport to pick you up from your early morning flight. Meeting you at the gate, hoping that I would recognize you from your picture right away. There you are, handsome, more so than the picture. You smile, as our eyes meet, my heart leaps into my throat, feeling as though it is trying to pound it's way out of my body.

There you are within arms reach, I say, "Hi, welcome to Kansas." Your smile could light up a room as you reply, "thanks, I'm glad to be here." We hug, and exchange smiles as we pack your bags into my car. The drive home wouldn't be a long one, but I was hoping we would have enough conversation to fill up the time.

Our comfort level is coming down slowly, you stretch back in the passenger seat and rest your hand on the head rest of my seat, the music playing softly in the background, you start humming to the song, how cute, I think and smile to myself. You slide your hand down the headrest and play with a lock of my hair, you say, "your hair is beautiful." I reply "thanks," as a shy smile crosses my face, I catch a glimpse of you in the rear view mirror, your eyes are captivating. I make one last turn and here we are home sweet home. We get the car unloaded and make it inside to your room. "Here is your room, the bathroom is second door on the right, down the hallway."

"What is the first door?" you ask, "my room..." I reply, then quickly change the subject, "Well I will let you get settled, if you need anything I will be in the kitchen." You smile at me and politely say, "Thanks, I won't be long." I pull the door partially closed behind me, you start to unpack.

Standing in the kitchen slicing strawberries for dessert, you walk up and steal a slice of fruit," how did you know that strawberries were my favorite?" I smile, "lucky guess, I suppose" Our eyes meet and like reading from a cue card we both lean in and our lips brush together, your hand caresses my arm, pulling me in closer to you, as our kiss intensifies. You taste of the stolen fruit, sweet, exhilarating, wonderful, your tongue gently slides into my partially open lips, exploring my mouth, your hands explore my body, your touch so soft, so gentle, my body responds to your touch, my nipples erect, my heart pounding, my womanhood increasingly wet as we kiss more intensely , afraid of moving too fast I pull away, "I should really get dinner on the table, you are probably starved."

I know I blushed, your smile so captivating your eyes held my attention as I tried to focus on our salad, the main course was beckoning with aroma to be let out of the oven. As we sat to eat, more small talk, and sometimes small touches of our hands, our eyes would make immediate contact when we looked at one another. After our meal we go to the living room, the noon sun shining in the front picture window, you placed yourself right on the floor where the sunbeams sparkled in your hair, I sat in the chair beside you. You looked at me my heart resting in my throat, unable to speak as you slowly pull me on the floor with you, you ask me " why are you nervous?"

I couldn't reply, my voice wouldn't come.

"Come on lover talk to me, tell me what you've been thinking about all day."

I sigh heavily, hoping that my voice would no longer play hide and seek. Softly I say, "you, that is all I've thought about for days, your touch your kisses, your smile, your smell, all of you, now here you are within arms reach, and I'm like a child facing Santa for the first time, nervous and excited all at once." Your smile spreads farther across your face, you whisper to me, "don't be nervous, I've been waiting for today too."

Your arms embrace me, your kiss planted on my neck as your hand reaches up to undo my hair tie and my black hari falls across my shoulders, you send me into my own world as you kiss me, slowly undressing me one piece of clothing at a time, your hands move like they've done this before. There I lay on my living room floor just as bare as I was when I came into this world. You there beside me, your eyes never leaving my body, one of your hands touching me at all times. You lay beside me fully clothed, you start to telling me how you've waited with anticipation to see me, how the plane ride seemed so slow, while you were coming to see me, you spoke softly of what you wanted to teach me. The way you imagined our time together. "Lay very still, I want to teach you some things, I want our lessons to start now, your first lesson is in trust, do you trust me so far?"

"Yes I do, completely "

"good, please lay still and listen to my voice, close your eyes, just focus on my voice." I felt safe with you, you left me laying there on the floor for what seemed forever, you came back with a blindfold and a feather. "Ok lover, I want to blindfold you, your trust is my reward and your reward is full bodied pleasure for me."

"ok sweetie, I give you my full trust." I quietly respond. There is that sweet captivating smile, capturing me, it fades as you put the blindfold over my eyes.

Your voice reading to me, excerpts from Gone With The Wind, I want to ask a question, but I'm trusting you, the feather runs over my body when you read Scarlett's lines, it tickles. I can feel your eyes watching me as my body responds to the touch, my nipples erect, they almost hurt, the feather moving up and down my body, my heart pounding, I know you can see it beating out of my chest. Your words, float above me, swirling in my head, but running together, fading in and out as my body gives into you, your lips touch my shoulders, I lay perfectly still, I feel your body up against mine, you've undressed, you roll me over to my tummy, your body covers mine, your chest pressing against my shoulder blades, your hard cock rubbing against my ass, my hips start to grind against you, "no baby, lay still" you instruct.

I can't help myself it feels so good, I want to, you tell me one more time to lay still, I listen this time. Your breathing is the only noise I hear, your thigh spreads my legs apart, your cock slides between my pussy lips, and slides deep inside me, your throbbing cock fits tightly inside me, your breathing becomes ragged on my neck, your cock moving faster and smoother inside me, "ok you can move baby!" Sweet relief, my body moves in motion with yours, my hips grinding against you, my orgasm comes quickly, squeezing your hard cock inside my pussy, begging to cum again and again, I feel you explode inside me, your male animalistic groans give me intense pleasure, you kiss me over and over again, removing my blindfold, you roll me over to my back, you kiss my lip, "Thank you for trusting me." you say almost breathlessly.

"Thank you for allowing me to trust you" I say. We lay there in each others arms for a short cat nap, then head off to the shower, where an entirely new fantasy begins.

THE END... or is it just the beginning?!

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