tagBDSMOur First Meeting Ch. 02

Our First Meeting Ch. 02


A short explanation before I begin the second chapter. Miss Janna is a most beautiful woman who has the devotion of two submissive girls, brandy and michelle. Miss Janna loves to dominate them but also likes to watch one sub dominate the other. When the girls are alone they often take turns on being the dominate one. I hope this clears up some misunderstandings.

Our First Meeting : Chapter 2

I made us spaghetti to replenish our carbos and we filled ourselves up. I just kept looking at brandy and smiled when we weren't talking and she at me. We talked about my boring job and how her life as a firewoman was going. It was very real as we got to know each other better. Of course we soon came to the topic of sex. I felt this was very important because we could now let each other know what we liked for real. Not to say that I didn't like things I did with her and Mistress online, but to confirm things. She told me that she really did like pain to a certain degree and how she hoped that I would be willing to give her some. This was new ground for me since my only experience of giving was online, but it always turned me on. I told her that I really wanted to explore this weekend and gave her permission to try just about anything she wanted. There was always the safe word if things went too far. I felt so comfortable with her. Telling brandy these things just felt right, and besides they were making me hornier by the minute.

After we finished eating and cleaning up I looked into brandy's hazel eyes with my building desire. I was a little nervous about what I was going to do next, but was ready to jump into this new experience. "It's time for desert brandy." I whispered to her. Walking up behind her I reached up to gently brush the hair from her ear and brought my lips close. Slowly licking up the edge of her ear with my tongue I asked, "Do you want to be my slut now?"

"Mmmmmmmm, yesss."

I took hold of her hair in my hand and lightly pulled as I led her into the living room. This was really getting me excited as we reached the couch and I gave her a little shove. "Don't move", I said a little sternly, getting into the role of Domme. I could tell brandy was getting excited by this as she sat looking at me, waiting.

I had prepared for the weekend by purchasing some special products at the local adult store and placed them about my apartment in inconspicuous places. I got a little grin on my face remembering the look I got from the cashier as I laid the pile of toys on the counter. Going over to my sofa table I opened the drawer and removed the two pairs of hand cuffs that I had place there just the day before. Dangling them in front of brandy I instructed her to give me her hands and then snapped one set on each wrist. My sofa has little posts on the corners which I figured would be perfect for stretching out the arms of whom ever was in the submissive role at the time. "Off with the shirt", I instructed, "I've been waiting so long to hear you beg for real."

I kissed each arm from shoulder to wrist as I drew them out to attach the other end of the cuff to the posts on the couch. I had to stretch brandy pretty good to fasten her last arm. She was all stretched out with her bare breasts pointing out at me. Since my sis is a bit of a smart mouth I expected her to give me some lip but to my surprise she was a bit quiet. I put this to be that she was a bit nervous so I climbed up on top of her, straddling her tummy and looked down at her.

"I promise only to do things you like brandy, and since I know how much of a slut you are I'm sure I will like them too. Now stay still and I'll be right back." With that I gave her a long wet kiss, sucking on her lower lip as I pulled away. I then left the room to get the other things I had in mind to use on her.

"Are you horny?" I asked as I came back in holding a spreader bar and satchel of other various implements.

"Make me cum michelle."

"All in good time, but first I want to have some fun."

Putting down the bag, I reached to undo her pants and pull them off her legs. I could see a nice wet spot in her panties that matched my own. I placed the flat of my hand on her wet pussy and rubbed over her panties as I looked her in the eyes. She gave me a low moan and said "Yessss" as I pressed into her. This was followed by a whining "nooooooo" as I removed my hand.

"It's your turn to beg now brandy" I said as I reached for the spreader bar. She shook her leg as I tried to put one end on her ankle so I gave her a smart SMACK on her covered pussy.


"Be a good girl and I may let you cum, but keep that up and I'll just go fuck myself and make you watch me cum."

"I'll be good" she replied in a soft voice. Getting the bar on both ankles I began to spread her legs; opening her up to my hearts desire.

"Please, that's far enough"

"Oh, you want them wider." I returned with a grin.

"Nooo, pleeeeease." She groaned as I spread her legs a little further apart.

When I had them stretched out nicely I realized my mistake. I had forgotten to take off her panties, and her legs were much too far apart for me the slide them off even a little. Oh well, I'll just have to make due I thought. Going back to the bag I took out two vibrators and showed them to my lovely sis.

I felt like such a tease as I stood up in front of her and removed my jeans slid off my panties to expose my nearly bald pussy. I turned one of the vibes on low and slowly pushed it between my swollen lips and let out a sigh as the sensations hit me.

"Please michelle, fuck me with the other one."

"Do you want it sis" I teased as I fucked myself slowly, stoking the vibe in and out of my wet cunt. "Beg for me slut, I want to hear it."

"Fuck this slut. Make me cum like a whore. Just pleeeeeease fuck me."

Pushing the toy deep inside me I brought the other one to her and tucked it inside her panties. I then positioned it so it was resting against her clit and turned it on low. She started to move her hips with the sensation and dislodged the vibe loose. It fell away from her button and I repositioned it for her.

"You better stay still. I'm not going to fix it again for you."

"Oh god, pleeeease. Push it in, Fuck Me!"

"You are going to cum so damn hard when I let you." I then moved on the couch beside her and bent over her delicious tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks and seemed to beg to be played with. Enjoying my own fuck, I leaned over and took a nipple into my mouth, sucking and playing with the ring pierce. She was trying so hard not to move and the frustration was building in her to a feverish pitch. Not wanting to tease her too much, and knowing that payback is hell I decided to give her what she needed.

Getting up on top of her I put my legs on either side of her facing her pussy. One hand still working my vibe in and out as the other pressed brandy's vibe harder against her clit.


"You like that slut?" I asked as I bent over, bringing my mouth to her panties. "I guess I'll owe you a pair sis." I bit my teeth down hard and pulled, making a little hole. Her scent was so strong this close and I inhaled the intoxicating aroma deeply. Pulling with my teeth I ripped open a gaping hole that exposed brandy's bald pussy. I then slipped my toy out of me to bring them both to brandy's clit as I pushed back to cover her face with my cunt. She took the hint and started to lap at my wetness and swollen clit.

"MMMMMMM, such a good pussy licker you are. You know how you made me hold on in the shower?" I asked as I inserted one vibe into her and teased her clit with the other. "Well, I'm going to hold on again, but this time you can't cum until I do.

She let out a soft groan and I began to slowly fuck her wonderful pussy, speeding up the strokes as she ate me hungrily. As my own moans of pleasure mixed with hers I could tell how badly she wanted to cum. Her tongue slid in and out of my hole, flicked against my swollen clit and she hummed trying her best to make me cum. I was torn with the yearning to cum and the desire to elongate her suffering.

I sat forward, removing my pussy from her skilled mouth and tongue, and she cried out, "CHEATER". "Give me that pussy! I want to make you cum!"

"Don't you mean that you NEED to make me cum slut?" I could feel how she strained her neck to reach me but to no avail. "I think you better be less demanding if you want something so bad. Now beg for it you pussy licking whore!"

"Pleeeease michelle, let me make you cum. I can't hold on much longer."

"I don't believe you brandy. I think a slut like you can go much longer." Taking the vibrator from her clit I moved it to buzz against her sensuous rose bud.

"OHHHHHHH, noooo.

"Let's see how you like this." And I plunged the vibe deep into her ass.

"AHHHHHHHH," she shrieked. Then I sat back down on her, muffling her cry.

"Eat me you lezzy slut. Make me cum!" My hips gyrated as I ground my smoldering cunt on her mouth. She feasted on me with wild abandon and I held on. I was going to make her work as hard as I could. Then I felt her teeth on my clit and give me a little nip. "OWW," I cried, "You little slut!" In retaliation I took both vibrators in one hand and smacked her clit with the other.

Bite, Smack, Bite, Smack, each one harder than the last. I could feel my inevitable cum approaching. "Cum you bitch!" And I let go with an intensity that I felt all the way to my toes.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." And then brandy's body quaked as her orgasm hit her. I kept slapping her clit. Smack, smack, SMACK, SMACK, and fucking her holes hard and fast as she sucked my hole with renewed vigor. Our next cum hit together and our bodies thrashed together while our moans mixed in a rapturous orgy of sound.

After calming down I slipped the toys out of her holes, kissing her thighs and tummy. Then I turned around to unlock the cuffs as I kissed her face. When she was free we cuddled together and fell sound asleep in each others arms.

Continued in Chapter 3

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