tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur First Meeting In The Forest

Our First Meeting In The Forest


We had agreed to meet “by accident” … at a place and time that could have happened by chance. That left you with a perfect excuse … in the extremely unlikely event that anyone saw us that knew you … you could simply tell your partner that it had been unplanned … just something that had happened. We had talked about meeting somewhere by the sea or in the forest … but had decided that meeting at a forest pub that first time would be both discreet and safest for you.

The pub was near … but not too near your home … and it was lunchtime. I arrived early and was taking some pictures of a group of forest ponies that were grazing close by. You had just arrived … looking wonderful in a short dark skirt, skimpy white blouse, black stockings and heels … and had also come over to see the ponies. You were standing quite close … I took another picture of a mare and foal with you standing close by. I moved around for a different angle … and you crouched down and held out your hand towards the foal. It was too timid to move … but you had captured it’s attention … and you crouching down had captured mine … your skirt had ridden up your legs a little … I could see one of your stocking tops … enough to confirm they were stockings! It made a great picture! I was hard already. You turned towards another group of ponies and I again took a picture of you with them … this time showing your cleavage as you bent forward.

I said “Thank You for making my picture look so good!” and asked if you would like to join me for lunch … as a small token of my appreciation. You hesitated briefly and then said that would be good … you had expected to eat alone. We walked into the lounge bar and ordered drinks and a light lunch. We chatted a lot … I told you that I was taking photographs of the forest and would love to have a Lady like you to be the focus … you said that you’d like that too. You seemed quite relaxed … I think you had realised that this accidental meeting gave you a perfect excuse to have your own adventure.

We drove out into the forest in our cars … I headed for a car park near a lake … a few people around but not many. We parked next to each other. We walked around the lake … and I suggested that you sit on a bench for a few pictures. You duly obliged … I took a couple from a few yards away … the sort of pictures that any couple might take. Two or three couples were walking in view but nobody really close or paying us much attention. Then I moved closer and you bent forward … showing your lovely cleavage off … more pictures … and then you hitched your skirt up a little … showing more of your legs and your stocking tops … a great picture … my trousers were bulging already. Then I moved around directly in front of you … and you pulled your knees up with arms around them … leaving a view up your skirt … another great picture … then you opened your legs … so that I could see your stockings, the tops of your thighs and tiny panties … more pictures as you moved slightly from one sexy pose to another.

I wanted to fuck you urgently! A couple were only about 20 yards away now … walking slowly around the lake … but appeared oblivious to our activities. You closed your legs slightly as they walked past … and then you reached up your skirt and removed your panties … I took some more very sexy pictures of you in the act of taking them off. And then you opened your legs again … and I took some more looking up your skirt … every man’s erotic dream … a beautiful woman with wonderful long legs, stockings and no panties … and I could see that your cunt was already moist. You looked like you were really enjoying yourself too. And then you undid one blouse button and leant forward … showing your cleavage and your cunt in the same shot … more great pictures … even though some other people were now sitting on the grass having a picnic only a short distance away.

We then walked along a path between the lake and some woodland until we found a section of wood that was fenced off. You perched on the middle bar of the 3-bar fence and stretched your legs out … another very sensual pose … then you stretched one leg out along the middle bar and put your foot on the middle bar too … the other leg still on the ground … making your skirt open wide and riding up high on your thighs … exposing your stockings and thighs … and your lovely mound and cunt … a beautiful woman posing as the perfect slut! I took several more pictures from various angles … including some very erotic close-ups. I glanced around to make sure nobody was too close … and reached out … I wanted to put my finger into your exposed cunt … the first time I would really touch your body … you just smiled and opened your legs a little wider … my finger slid slowly in … and I could feel your cunt muscles tightening around it. I could see that you were getting very aroused too … and my cock was very hard and very erect. I wanted to fuck you there and then … bending you over that middle bar of the fence and having you from behind … but this spot wasn’t quiet enough for that … not even for a “quickie” … and I knew that a quickie wasn’t what I wanted anyway … I wanted to fuck you slowly … enjoying your wonderful body to the fullest extent possible.

We decided to walk a little further … a path winding down into the woods … I knew it would be quiet … but that we would see a few people walking. We set off down the path … I was aware that it was a beautiful day … the scenery was wonderful … but the view of the sexy and sensual woman next to me had all my attention … I wondered what our next stop would bring. We passed a few other people and then found a clearing just off the path. We chose one large tree for a few more pictures … you leaning against the tree provocatively … then looking off into the distance … then sitting on a fallen tree … more very sensual pictures of your lovely legs, stockings, mound and cunt.

I wanted to take some pictures of your tits … we move around behind the tree … still only 15 yards or so from the path where people are walking by … but mostly out of sight … at least from people on the path. You unbutton your blouse and glance around … and take it off … then you undo your bra and slip it off too … exposing your beautiful tits to me for the first time … you put your blouse back on … leaving the buttons undone. I take several pictures … with you holding your blouse in various positions … slightly open with your erect nipples showing through the thin material … then wider, just showing the nipples … then fully open … each picture sensual and highly erotic. My cock gets even harder … I need to fuck you … now!

I reach out and feel your lovely firm tits … enjoying the contrast of soft flesh and hard nipples. You take another look around … we keep hearing people walking by … and then you kneel down in front of me and unzip my trousers … you pull my shorts down inside my trousers and release my hard cock … the tip already wet with my pre-cum juices. I was expecting you to suck me … but you put my cock between your tits and started to massage it … it felt fabulous! I looked around … I could see some people on the path … but they weren’t even looking our way. I looked down to see you just starting to take my cock into your mouth … teasing me by moving ever so slowly … then licking the shaft … then running your tongue around the head … then licking my juices from the tip … then sucking the head a few times … then plunging my bulging cock deep into your mouth … and starting all over again.

I could hear some more people approaching … calling their dog … if they come just a few yards this way, they will see us … but you weren’t distracted … your head kept bobbing up and down as your lovely soft mouth kept sucking, licking and kissing my cock. You kept licking my pre-cum juices away … then sucking the head again … then taking me deep into your mouth … I knew that I would cum soon. If those people came this way now … I held your head tightly … I told you I was starting to cum … your eyes glanced up but your just kept sucking and licking … my hard cock plunging deep into your mouth … I tell you that I’m cumming … I plunge my cock deep into your mouth again as my balls tighten and the first hot spurt shoots into you … I can feel you swallowing … then I pull back … and you pull your head back too … the next spurt splashes around your mouth and nose … and then another … then several more … some of my cum running down your face onto your chin. I keep spurting … a little more into your mouth for you to swallow … more around your mouth … some running slowly down the outside of your throat and down between your tits. I can still hear people walking by just a few yards away … as you start licking my cock softly … licking each new drop of cum away … trying to lick it clean. I then hold my cock and draw the tip slowly over your left cheek … leaving a thin strand of cum. I do the same with the right cheek … another thin strand of warm cum across your face. I’m “marking my territory”! You look very excited … I know that you’ll want fucking soon! You go back to working gently on my cock … your mouth is so soft and gentle now … the urgency has gone …it feels wonderful as you lick my cock completely clean! And my cum starts to dry on your face and tits.

It’s time for more pictures … I take several of you kneeling there … your mouth, nose, cheeks and chin smeared with my cum … your tongue licking my cum from around your lips … and a trail of cum down between your tits … you hold your blouse open again for another sensual and erotic picture. I can hear voices again … another group walking by.

I told you that I wanted to show you off … you were my slut now … for others to play with. I reminded you that we still hadn’t kissed … but that I would reward you with a real kiss if you behaved like a true slut … with me or with other men of my choosing. I would expect you to do almost anything “straight” for me … your body would always be available for my pleasure. You would always wear stockings and a skirt or dress when with me. You would dress like a Lady when I wanted that … and like a slut when I wanted that. Your cunt and mouth would always be available for my pleasure. You would pose for me dressed, half-dressed, naked or when fingering yourself or playing with a dildo or vibrator. I would also expect you to allow men of my choosing to feel and grope you … your tits, your arse or your cunt … but I expect you to save your mouth for my pleasure. I’d want you to let men touch you … undress you … squeeze your tits and nipples … finger your cunt … and make you cum … but only when I told you to do so. You would never suck or kiss one of these men. You listened intently … and you looked excited. I knew you were ready to agree.

I told you that I would give you a little test now … I wanted you to finger yourself to orgasm … here and now … whilst I took pictures of your pleasure. You leaned against the tree and spread your legs … and hitched your skirt up on your hips. And then you started to play with your fingers … your eyes starting to close as you became more excited … your body starting to squirm in response. I watched intently as your fingers played with your clit … then dipped into your cunt … then spreading your juices on your clit … over and over again … as you got more excited your breathing became heavier and you started squeezing your legs together. My cock was getting hard again … whilst your fingers still worked on your lovely wet cunt. I took some more pictures … not easy when you had so much of my attention.

You were making quite a lot of noise now … moaning as your fingers worked on your dripping wet cunt … that was when two men came “fast-walking” down the path … they heard your moans … and called over to ask if everything was OK. I waved them over … “Come and look … it’s just my slut finger-fucking herself … you can help her if you want to”. They looked around the tree … obviously surprised to see you standing there … your blouse undone … nipples hard and erect clearly showing … your skirt hitched up … and your fingers working on your clit and your cunt … your cunt juices were starting to run down your legs. They looked startled at first … then they started to watch you. I invited them to help you again … “Why don’t one of you feel her tits? I’m sure she’d like that! And the other one can finger her dripping cunt!”

I told you to put your hands behind your head. They stepped forward hesitantly … and looked at you … you nodded … they both reached out … one slipping both his hands inside your blouse … taking one tit into each one … he didn’t need much encouragement! The other one knelt down in front of you and started feeling your thighs as he admired your stockings and mound. He then slipped his middle finger into your dripping wet cunt … then put another in too … and started finger-fucking you again. I could see that he was getting aroused too … and you were making even more noises as you started to cum … it looked like the first guy was twisting your nipples … I took some more pictures as you finally released … pushing hard down on the fingers inside you ... shuddering and shaking as your orgasm rolled through your body.

You kept moaning and squirming … pushing your self down hard on those fingers inside you … the pleasure clearly visible on your face. Our new friends were obviously impressed … but I wanted you alone now … I thanked them both on your behalf and told them to look out for us again … you might need their help another day! They went away looking as though they were in a dream! I took a few more pictures … a beautiful woman … relaxed now … looking totally slutty with her fingers back in her cunt … why aren’t more women like this? The world would be a much better place!

And that was only the start of our afternoon … there was much more to come … including playing with your dildo in your car. And later, you’d drive home feeling very satisfied with your little adventure … and knowing that you had the perfect excuse … “It wasn’t planned … it just happened” in the extremely unlikely event that anybody that knew you had seen us together.

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