tagLoving WivesOur First MFM

Our First MFM


Over a period of a year or so, we had several discussions about inviting someone else to join us for sex. It all started due to the reading of Forum in Penthouse Magazine. Reading the many stories made the wife and I extremely "HORNY". The stories that we both enjoyed most were those involving two women and one man as well as two men and one women. The trouble was that we were unsure of how or where to go about locating a third person to join us for sex. I was still on active duty in the Navy and we lived in Virginia Beach, VA. This is right next door to the largest Naval Base in the world. After a lot of thought we decided that it would probably be a lot easier to find a "Horny Sailor" than anyone else; since there were so many of them stationed in the local area. So, after more talk we decided to go out looking for a third to help us fulfill our fantasy.

The night this was to happen; we accidentally met up with a shipmate and friend of mine. Bob insisted on having a couple drinks with us. We could not say no so we agreed to meet him at a nearby bar for a couple of drinks. He started buying rounds and before we realized it; the time was after ten o'clock in the evening. Bob excused himself and went to the Men's room. While he was gone, I ask my wife, Ruth, if she knew how we could get rid of him so that we could start looking for the lucky man that would share her pussy with me. She studied me for a couple seconds and said, "Why don't we just invite him to join us for a threesome?" I ask if she was serious and she assured me that she was very serious. I should have realized this as I could see she was somewhat attracted to him from the time we met. So, the decision was made and I suggested she go to the Ladies room and remove her panties. She left and was back before Bob. We continued sipping our drinks and discussing how to confront him with our proposal. I had placed my hand on her thigh very close to her pussy since the skirt she was wearing was very short and was well beyond the mid thigh area of her legs while sitting.

Upon his return he informed us that he had ordered another round of drinks. I placed my had on Ruth's bare pussy and started slowly playing with it. She was extremely wet at the first touch. Probably due to thinking about finally having sex with two men at the same time. We made small talk with my hand and fingers doing their work on her pussy for several more minutes. I quietly said,"Bob, we have decided to open our marriage sexually and would like to have you enjoy sex with us tonight. Ruth has decided that she would like to fuck two men at the same time. She has told me that she wants to experience the enjoyment of two men pleasing her." Just as I finished saying this, Ruth had one hell of an orgasm. Her cum was all over the seat, her legs and my hand.

At first, Bob was shocked but when I said, "Well?"....he immediately said. "YES; I would love to!" I then suggested that we first obtain a motel room, park his vehicle and then continue on with a little drinking and partying in our pick up truck.

After getting a room we all three climbed into my truck with Ruth in the middle. Naturally we both played with her pussy while I drove through town. We went to a Topless Bar where we put Ruth between us and we took turns playing with her pussy while watching the beautiful dancers perform before the enthusiastic crowd. At the second bar; with her extremely wet and very excited by two of us playing with her, we decided to buy her a "Private Dance". We both checked out the dancers and picked a beautiful redhead. I approached her and made the request adding that we would also tip her very well a if she did an extra good job.

She invited Bob and I come with them and watch as long as we agreed to the no touch rule.

We all four went to the back of the bar where she and Ruth were at one table and we were at another. During the course of three songs, the dancer really put on a good show for us. She rubbed her body all over Ruth. Breast to breasts as well as having her thighs rub against Ruth's pussy. We could see that this was really getting to Ruth because she was breathing heavy and her nipples were about to burst through the tight fitting blouse she was wearing. When the private dance was over, Ruth had achieved several more orgasms. She then whispered to me that it was time for us to take her back to the motel room and fuck her. We paid the dancer with a nice fifty dollar tip and left for the awaited pleasures.

Upon our arrival to the room, Ruth was so wet and hot that she was ready for anyone to have sex with her. Bob started eating her pussy while I just watched and played with my cock for a few minutes. Then when she started cumming again, I put my cock inside her mouth. She was Cumming so hard that she could not even suck on my cock. After a little rest, we both started playing with her again. She stated that she wanted a cock in her pussy and one in her ass. Bob got his cock wet with her cum and I then entered her pussy. He slowly slid his cock into her ass until she was used to it and started moaning for us to fuck her. It was a great feeling. Even though she was super wet, her pussy was tight and I could feel Bob's cock through the thin flesh that separated us. This was entirely too much for me and I shot my cum deep into her pussy. After Bob climaxed; he began licking her cum that was mixed with mine and was seeping slowly out of Ruth's pussy. This sent her into even more orgasms. A little later we all drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up; Bob was in the shower. I looked at my beautiful wife and told her that I loved her. She kissed me deeply and ask me to fuck her again. We fucked like we had never fucked. That was almost twenty five years ago and we still enjoy having sex with other people that we are sexually attracted to.

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