Our First Swap


Later we had dinner and were so tired we all went to sleep in our bed. Peter and Julia asked if we wanted them to teach us some new things the next day. We readily agreed and decided to get up early and go to the beach and share some fun there.

In the morning, we went to beach and began to play in the water. We were naked and kissing and fondling each other when some other couples also came to the beach. Not wanting them to be uncomfortable, we decided it best to go back to the room.

Peter and Julia asked us whether we were ready to learn new things. We said yes. They asked if we would agree to do anything they say. We said anything reasonable could be done and asked what they had in mind. Julia said she wanted to have sex with me me and Peter wanted to do things with Raman. Raman was shocked. He was unsure of what he would be expected to do with Peter. I was fine with the idea of having sex with Julia. I had some limited experience during my college days with my close friend though we did not do a lot. Julia said they did not want to press Raman to do anything that made him uncomfortable but asked if it was ok for Peter to play with Raman. Raman was hesitant but did not exactly say no.

Julia and I hugged each other and started kissing. She laid me on the bed and and straight away attacked my pussy. She spread my legs and started licking me, slowly at first then faster. I was very excited. I had never experienced such pleasure with a woman. She asked Raman and Peter so suck my nipples for added effect. The pleasure was almost unbearable and I had a series of intense orgasms, one after the other. Then Julia and I changed places and I started licking her pussy. I was unsure what to do. But, I soon learned what excited Julia. She really liked it when I started sucking on her clit. Raman was sucking her nipples. She also came and came.

Raman and Peter were excited by our orgasms and wanted to fuck us. Raman put his cock in Julia's overflowing pussy and Peter in me. After some time, Julia asked Raman to take his cock which was now soaked in her juices out of her pussy and asked Peter to suck him. Before Raman could say anything, Peter began sucking him and had cleaned off Julie's juices in no time. Raman and I were shocked. But, we found that Peter was enjoying sucking Raman. This new act had us both so excited we were ready to climax. So, I asked Peter to stop sucking Raman and to come and fuck me. I pulled him on top of me and we started fucking while Raman slipped his hard his cock into Julia's wet pussy. Though Raman I and were were a bit shocked at what Peter had just done and a bit confused, we found were were also very excited. It did not take long until we all had huge orgasms.

Later Peter and Julia asked how we felt. Julia doing me was no issue but Peter sucking Raman was a shocker. Raman said that he wouldn't suck Peter no matter what. Peter and Julia said they wont force the issue if it made Raman uncomfortable. We went on enjoying the day and playing with each other's spouses.

Next day we got up very early went to beach. Fortunately no one was there so we got to play a bit. We had scheduled sight seeing for that day. In the evening we came back and decided to have a group bath. That led to another round of fucking. It was the last night of our visit and we were all feeling a bit sad that such a enjoyable time was ending. Raman took Julia and I took Peter. We walked around the beach holding hands, hugging and kissing each other. It was a very nice way to wind down our time together. Later, the four of us sat and talked. We thanked them for all their help and for all the pleasure we shared. We complimented them on how understanding and warm they had been and for never forcing anything on us. After dinner, Peter and Julia asked if they could watch Raman make love to me. We agree and were surprised at how sentimental and emotional if felt when we did. After having watched each other have sex with other people, doing it with each other as they watched was even a stronger bond for Raman and me. Watching us made Peter and Julia excited, and it was not long before they started making love to each other and we got to watch. The four of us went to bed and fell into a satisfied and contented sleep.

The next morning I got up early, rolled over and woke Peter up by sucking his cock. He moved me around so he could lick my pussy. Our activity awakened our spouses. Not be left out, they too began a 69. So, we began our final morning with orgasms all around, pussy juices flowing freely and two mouths full of cum. Never could Raman and I have ever imagined that as a way to start a day.

After breakfast we bid each other a tearful and emotional farewell. Our holiday was so much better than we had even dreamed it could be. It had made Raman and I into completely different people. They said if we ever get a chance to help another newbie couple, we should help them like they did us. Thus ended our wonderful holiday

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