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Our First Time


I stand in front of you wearing only my bra, panties and a smile. You smile at me when you see the look in my eyes. I am nervous, as this is my first experience with another woman. I am not sure what to do…so you guide me.

You look deep into my eyes and I see how much you want me. You take my hand and place it on your breast. I can feel your nipple start to harden under my palm. I slowly start to squeeze my hand around your breast, pushing your nipple further into my palm.

I do to you what I think you like, what I think will feel good to you…as these things feel good to me. Your eyes start to close as my hands stroke your breasts. I reach around you to unclasp your bra and remove my hand from your breast so that your bra falls to the ground in between us.

You do the same to me…reaching behind me to unclasp mine. My bra also falls to the floor between us and we are left standing in only our panties. Yours are the sexiest black lace and mine are the lightest shade of purple.

I take a breath as I look at you…you are so beautiful. You step closer to me and slowly lean into me to touch your petal soft lips to mine. My breath becomes shallow as you kiss me deeper.

You touch my breast as you step closer to me. I feel your tongue as it slides in my mouth, past my lips. Your hand on my breast nearly takes my breath away from the pleasure of your touch. You feel as my nipple hardens from your touch.

You take my hand and lead me to the bed. I lie down and look up at you. My eyes widen as you start to slide your panties down your legs. I gasp softly as I see your shining wet pussy for the first time.

You come to me and take my panties in your hands and start to slide them down my hips. I raise my hips so that you can remove them easier. I close my eyes slowly as I feel you glide your hand up my leg…moving slowly so that you can feel every silky inch of my leg. I feel you hesitate and I open my eyes to look at you and I see your smile as you look at my freshly shaved pussy. It is glistening with my juices, as you have made me want you just from kissing you and touching you.

Then I feel your lips traveling the same path up my leg that your hand just took. Softly kissing my legs as you go higher and higher…just when I think you are going to keep going…you stop and kiss the back of my knee, and I giggle a little cause it tickles, but it does feel oh so good.

Then I feel your lips start to kiss my leg again…heading straight for the place that is twitching w/ anticipation. I want to feel your lips on my hot wetness. Just when I think you are going to kiss my waiting wetness…I feel your lips slide to my other leg and kiss down that leg and back up again…slowly driving me crazy with wanting you.

“Oh please, mistress, please…I want to feel your lips on me”, I cry out. “You will have that and more sweet angel,” you reply.

I feel your hand slide under my hips to lift my pussy to your face as you lean into me. That is when I feel the most wonderful feeling I have ever had…your breath and your lips on my outer lips. Taking your tongue and sliding up one side and down the other.

Then I feel your fingers as you spread my lips apart for your viewing. I feel your tongue slide up and down my slit, as you taste my juices. Just when I think I can’t take any more, you take my hard swollen clit into your mouth. “Oh god, mistress, yes.”

You suck on my clit as I feel your tongue slide into my dripping wet pussy. And as I feel your tongue in me and your teeth on my clit, you slide a finger into my pussy to make it wet and ready for my ass. I feel your finger pull out of my pussy and spread my wetness to my asshole, feeling your finger as you rim my virgin hole.

You suck on my clit harder and stick your tongue further in my pussy as you begin to slide your finger into my ass, slowly so that I can get used to the feeling. Then you take another finger and slide that one in next to the one that is already there…then another as you now have 3 fingers in my ass…stretching it for you. All the while, tongue fucking my pussy so hard that I am starting to cum all over your face. “Yesssss mistress…I am cumminggggg.”

Just when my breathing returns to normal and I float back down from ecstasy…you kiss your way up my body to kiss my lips and you stick your tongue in my mouth so that I can taste myself on your lips and tongue.

As I kiss you back, my hands start to roam your body…touching you in all the places I have fantasized about. Touching your hair, your face, and your lips as we kiss…down your body to your beautiful breasts. Rubbing your nipples with the palm of my hand, making them harden under my touch, squeezing your flesh in my hand.

Then I slide my hands lower to touch your tummy, down further to the place of my wildest fantasies. I feel you take a sharp breath as I touch your womanhood, slightly grazing your skin w/ the tips of my nails, making you shiver slightly. I push myself up onto one elbow as I look down into your eyes. Still touching you w/ one hand. Trailing my fingers and my nails up and down your body, making goose bumps appear on your skin. “You are so beautiful to my eyes,” I whisper.

Then I lean into you and kiss you…long slow deep kisses that touch our souls. Then I start to kiss down your neck, taking little nips of your skin w/ my teeth, making you shiver a little more. Slowly I start to kiss down your body…kissing and nipping and licking.

When I reach your gorgeous breasts, I take one in my hand and the other in my mouth. Sucking your nipple into my mouth and rolling my tongue across it and around it…making it harder and harder w/ every swipe of my tongue. Then I close my teeth around it…biting gently.

Then I leave that breast and do the same things to the other one. Kissing, licking, sucking, biting…driving you to pull my head away from you. I shake my head at you, as I want more of your luscious breasts. “Please my love, let me drink from you,” I plead. You nod your head in answer to my request. “Oh, thank you m’lady.”

Then I place my mouth back on your breasts, sucking you into my mouth, rolling my tongue around and around your nipple, drinking from you. After more than a bit of this, I start to kiss my way down your body, sliding my tongue along your ribs as I make my way down.

When I reach your already wet pussy, I slide myself between your thighs and start to kiss your inner thighs, making you want to reach for me to hurry me along. “No, baby, you must wait for the right time,” I tell you. You nod your head in agreement. “That is my good lady.”

I slowly start to drive you crazy, just as you did me, making you wait as I kiss down your leg and then up again. Then down and up your other leg, making you squirm just a bit in anticipation. Just when I know you are about to scream at my teasing, I give in to your wants and needs.

I blow lightly on your clit, making your hips buck up and into my face. Slowly my tongue traces your lips and your slit, lapping your juices. Then I take your hard clit into my mouth and I hear you moan in pleasure. Biting your clit gently w/ my teeth, I slide a finger into your tight, wet pussy…then another…spreading you open for my tongue to invade you.

I slide my tongue in your wetness…mmmmmmm, you taste so sweet. Lapping your juices and sucking your lips into my mouth. Taking my fingers from your pussy, I slide them down to your ass, circling your hole, making it wet for me. I slide my tongue down your pussy and lick your ass. Then I take one finger and start to slide in your tight ass as I resume licking and sucking your pussy. Then I add another finger to your ass and another…making you start to cum as I tongue fuck your pussy and finger fuck your ass. You are grinding your pussy in my face as I lick and suck you.

“Oh, god, I am going to cum on your face, my sweet angel.” I continue to finger your ass and suck you pussy…I want you to cum for me.

With my other hand, I reach for the vibrator that I have placed near by. You hear it as I turn it on, and I hear you moan as I place the vibrator on your clit and continue to lick your wet pussy. “Yes, my love, cum for me.”

My tongue is in your hot wet pussy when I feel your orgasm start…I feel the walls of your pussy contract on my tongue. I feel your juices flowing as you cum on my tongue and on my face. I lick you up and down as you cum for me, drinking your juices.

When your breathing starts to return to normal, I kiss my way up your body and then we kiss again…long slow deep kisses. I feel your hands caressing my hair as you pull me to you and you put your arms around me and hold me to you. I start to drift off with a smile on my face as you stroke my hair and I hear you whisper, “Thank you my angel.”

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