tagLoving WivesOur First Time At The Red Rooster

Our First Time At The Red Rooster


I dialed the telephone number on a lark. I really didn't expect anything to come of my call but I was pleasantly surprised to hear the recorded message announce that "single men were very welcome" at the famous swinger's club in Las Vegas. Instantly, I decided to take advantage of the situation. After all, I reasoned, it was my last night in Vegas. I had been here by myself for three days making the final arrangements for our display booth at an industry convention that would begin next week. I had to fly back home tomorrow morning but I would return to Vegas on Sunday for six days for the convention and breaking down our display.

When I returned to Las Vegas next week I wouldn't be alone because Kim, my beautiful wife, had made arrangements so she could spend the week with me and my boss was paying her air fare.

The recorded directions to the Red Rooster were easy to follow. I thought of my imminent visit to the Red Rooster as sort of an advance scouting trip. I fervently hoped that I could persuade Kim to, at the very least, check the notorious club out with me one night before we had to leave Las Vegas and return to our predictable life— notice I didn't say boring life— in Indianapolis. However, if my wife of twenty years did go along with my idea to accompany me to the club I would be astonished. Every effort that I had made during the past three years to expand our sexual horizons and loosen up had been summarily rejected by her.


The drive from the Hotel to the Red Rooster took about twenty minutes. The recording directed me to an off-site office where I paid $40 and obtained an invitation card before getting the final directions to the nearby club.

It was 10:30 on a Thursday night when a guard shined his flashlight on my invitation card before telling me to park in the upper section. There must have been fifty cars in the gravel parking lot.

When I entered the club, a friendly very pretty lady, who may have been sixty, asked for my invitation.

"What's your name honey and where are you from?"

"Don. I'm from Indianapolis."

"Is this your first time here Don?" She asked.

"Yes, it is. I've never been to a club like this before." I volunteered.

"Well, welcome. I'm Chris. That was my husband, Mike, at the office. We're the owners. Why don't you go to the bar, get a drink and walk around. We only have soft drinks but you can bring your own bottle next time you come. I'd show you around myself but I think it's going to be a busy night so I'm stuck here. Oh, by the way Don, only couples are allowed upstairs. If you have any questions just come back and ask me. Okay hon?"

"It's a deal." I agreed.

"There's a nice crowd tonight. Have fun," she said mischievously with a twinkle in her eye.

Just off the entry was a horseshoe-shaped bar. I ordered a coke, dropped a dollar in the tip jar and began my exploration.

The Red Rooster was a large two-story house. On my right I saw a staircase leading up to the couples only area. A small wooden dance floor extended out from beneath the balcony. There were, perhaps, twenty or thirty tables scattered around the large main room, each with four chairs.

On my left was a pool table surrounded by chairs. I wandered to an area behind the pool room and entered a locker room with several doors off to each side. All but one of the doors was closed. I saw that the room with the door open was a dimly lit bedroom. I assumed that the occupied rooms were also bedrooms. An indoor swimming pool was behind the locker room and separated by a glass wall from the main room. Steam was rising from the surface of a hot tub next to the blue pool.

On the opposite side of the main room was a hall that led to several more bedrooms. Most of the doors were open, two were closed. These bedrooms were also furnished with king and queen-size beds. Each bed was covered only with bottom sheets.

Tucked into a dark corner off the main room was a sectional sofa facing a large-screen television set. I wasn't surprised to see that a pornographic video was playing. Through an archway behind the video area was a large room. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. When they did, I saw that I had entered a room with carpeted tiers on two walls covered by what I estimated were a dozen mattresses. A huge round built-in bed was centered in the room. I confess, I was very disappointed that each of the mattresses and the large round bed wasn't occupied by at least one naked, writhing couple.

The single men seemed to restless and were pacing and like me, I imagined, hoping for some action. Most of the couples seemed to be either upstairs, behind the closed bedroom doors, talking in groups or playing pool. Only a handful of couples were sitting at tables by themselves and seemed to be as out of place as I felt. The crowd ranged from very young— to me early twenties is very young— to mid-sixties. In appearance the women I saw were distributed about evenly between beautiful, not so beautiful and those in between.

I watched couples holding hands walk up the stairs. I could only guess what was going on up there. I was restless, but I wasn't alone in my anxiousness. Like I said, all of the single men seemed to be nervous too.

There wasn't any music playing and, therefore, no one was dancing. After a half hour, I decided that whatever was happening downstairs, if anything, was behind closed doors and I would never know what it was. Because things seemed to be so quiet, I also was beginning to have second thoughts about pressing Kim to visit the Red Rooster with me next week.

I saw a couple, that I noticed standing at the bar talking with two or three men when I got my drink earlier, leave the bar and begin to walk toward the television area. She had short red hair and was very pretty. She was tall and thin and wore a coral sweater, skin tight blue jeans, and high heel sandals. The man holding her hand was about fifty years old with very short grey hair. I couldn't guess at her age.

They didn't stop to watch the video but went directly into the large dark room that later I would, forevermore, think of as the orgy room.

The crowd of single men understood what was happening better than I did. I saw half a dozen follow them through the archway. By the time I entered the room and my eyes adjusted again the woman and her companion were standing next to the round bed, kissing passionately and locked in an embrace. He cupped her large breasts. The crowd was growing. I looked around the room and saw that there were now about a dozen single men and the couple.

Several of the men crowded around them. Neither the man or woman resisted when men on each side touched her shoulders, her breasts and her jean clad legs. Their caresses were welcomed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as the man backed away from her and sat down on the edge of the bed. His lips were quickly replaced and a new different set of lips that joined hers.

Her companion hurriedly undressed. He dropped his shoes, slacks and shirt to the floor then cut in on the person who was kissing her. He helped her take off her sweater revealing her large breasts capped with erect long and thick nipples. Then his hands went to the button on her jeans, her fly zipper was carefully pulled down. She had to lay down on the round bed for him to skin the tight jeans off her long legs.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had thought of something like this for years. I had read about confident, sexually carefree women. Now here I was two feet from a beautiful naked woman I had never seen before. As her nude companion joined her on the round bed two of the men began to quickly disrobe also.

He laid on top of her and resumed his hot kisses. I saw several of the spectators tentatively reach out to steal a touch of her bare skin. Because neither stopped them their touches became more aggressive. Then, he began to slide down her tight, all-over tanned body. Her thighs parted for him. Then his head was between her legs, his mouth feasted at her pussy. She bit the back of her hand and tossed her head from side to side. She was unable to avoid the orgasm which overcame her sooner than I sensed she wanted it to.

Three men, in addition to her companion, were now naked too. I noticed that each of them had two things in common: One, they were considerably overweight. Two, their cocks were bigger than average. One man was enthusiastically kissing her, another was sucking her right nipple. The third man was anxiously standing behind her companion waiting his turn stroking his thick circumcised cock.

I noticed that a couple of the men who hadn't disrobed had, nonetheless, opened their flies and were also stoking their erections.

I whispered to the man standing next to me, "who is she?"

"Damned if I know. I came in from the parking lot with them. I don't think the man with her is her husband but, from what I could tell by their conversation at the bar, they live together. Hot isn't she?"

By then her companion slipped from between her wet thighs. The man behind him quickly moved to take his place but was stopped by a single phrase. "Not without a rubber... sorry," said her companion as he shook his head.

The man who thought he would be next was disappointed because another man with a condom already sheathing his erect cock slipped between her legs. She reached between them and guided him home. As he entered her, she sighed... "Oh... ah... ummm... Oh, Oh."

Her companion moved to her head cradled her and began to whisper in her ear. I would have loved to hear what was said. Then the fucking of the two strangers intensified as she thrust up and he pounded down. Within few minutes he was finished and instantly replaced by the man who had been spurned for not being prepared. This time a thin layer of latex covered his swollen cock and would separate her warm, wet tissues from his blood-engorged shaft.

I stayed in the orgy room for an hour. I watched in fascination as she eagerly fucked six of the men. Nearly the total time that a cock was in her vagina, I noticed that one was also in her mouth and sometimes in one or both of her hands. I had never seen, or imagined, anything as erotic.

The one thought that was always in my subconscious surfaced, stimulated by the scene before me. I became aware that in my mind I wasn't looking at this pretty strange woman but my own wife, Kim. God, how I wished I could watch her in the throes of passion. Her juices covering strange cocks. Her moans and sighs that announced her climaxes. I imagined that it was Kim that was desired by and who would willingly satisfy all of these men with raging hard ons.

When they finally stopped she asked, "can someone help me find my shoes?" I assumed the night was over. I left the orgy room and sat down on the sectional sofa in front of the television to collect me thoughts. What I saw on the screen paled in comparison with what I had just witnessed. I was surprised when the couple, now fully dressed, joined me on the sofa. I introduced myself.

"He said, nice to meet you Don. I'm Tony and she's Ellen."

"That was really something in there," I said.

"She does this for me," he explained. " She knows I love to watch." He noticed my wedding band and asked, "do you and your wife swing?"

"No, this is a first for me. I confess, I'm overwhelmed."

"You should give it a try," Tony encouraged with a big smile.

"I'd really like to but Kim, that's my wife, Isn't interested at all."

Ellen spoke for the first time. "Don, for us women it's very, very hard to let ourselves go. I mean, we've been taught that reallly good girls only fuck their husbands. Only really, really bad girls fuck men to whom they're not married." She took a drag from her cigarette before continuing. "However, I don't have any doubt at all that if Kim did give it a try, she would love it... I've never known one who didn't."

"Hey, you must be a mind reader. I've been telling her that for about three years. Sometimes I think she's interested, especially when we're making love. When it's over, she says it's just a fantasy and I'll have to be satisfied with that."

Tony asked, "are you local?"

"Oh no. We live in Indianapolis. I'm out here setting up for a convention."

"Well, bring Kim out here with you someday. Take her to see a sexy show. Maybe gamble a little. Lounge around a pool and then some night persuade her to come out here with you. I'll bet you'll be surprised," Ellen said knowingly as she snuggled up against Tony.

"I'll give it a try. I think I'm going to head back to the hotel. I've got an early flight tomorrow. It was great meeting you." We shook hands and I left them sitting on the sofa in front of the large screen TV. Somehow I got the impression that it was halftime for Ellen. Tonight's game wasn't over.


The images of Ellen on the big round bed in the orgy room had been burned into my brain. On the long flight home they kept creeping into my consciousness even when I tried to push them aside and concentrate on my work.

I found myself pondering seemingly unanswerable hypothetical questions: What could I do to get Kim to go to the Red Rooster? How could I get her to do what I saw Ellen do? If she did, how would I feel about it? How would she feel? Then, I gave myself a reality check. There was about as much chance of getting Kim to go to the Red Rooster and participate as there was teaching a pig how to fly, as the saying goes.

Kim was waiting for me when I went through security. Even though we have been married for twenty years and known each other for twenty-three years, every time I see her she takes my breath away. Picture Heather Locklear with shorter hair and you have Kim. Five feet five inches, a hundred and ten pounds, dish-water blonde hair, big blue eyes. It all works together perfectly. Her figure would be great even if she hadn't given birth to three children.

I must confess, as we walked to the short-term parking garage, I loved to watch guys try to be subtle as they checked her out. They always did. I found it amusing and exciting as men walking in the same direction we were walking slowed down so as not to pass her so they could leer at her ass for a moment longer. Sometimes I thought she was oblivious to their interest in her. Other times I was certain she knew and liked it.

In the car on the drive home she asked, "so what do we have to do before we leave on Sunday?"

I sensed an opportunity. "Why don't you go shopping tomorrow? Let's really have a ball while we're out there. We deserve it. Hell, Kim, you deserve it. A week without the kids in sin city."

She seemed to be thinking about what I had said. "What, exactly, do you have in mind?"

"Oh, let's splurge. Get a new swimsuit... one that you'd never dare wear here but would fit right in at the pool at the Bellagio. And, you could go to Victoria Secret's get some sexy things... a hot new dress for dancing." I let it sink in. At least it wasn't rejected. "At night we can hit a show or two, maybe spend a few dollars at the tables— neither of us gamble— and look for some hot nightlife."

"Okay! I think you're right." She said with enthusiasm. "After all It's been a long time since we've done anything. I can't remember a vacation without the kids. It'll be fun!" She exclaimed. "I'll go shopping in the morning but I'm not going to show you what I buy until we're in Las Vegas," she teased.

Friday and Saturday sped by at warp speed. Kim did go shopping while I spent half of the day at the office. Sunday morning we took the airport shuttle to the airport.

Kim wasn't able to keep her promise of not showing me what she had bought during her shopping spree, at least not entirely. I did get to see one of the outfits she bought on Saturday, the one she was wearing. A little black top that left about an inch of skin at her midriff bare and the tops of her breasts showing. When she reached or bent over the inch of revealed skin at her waist became several inches. I loved it! I guess the white pants were hip-hugger clam-diggers or something like that. I felt like a dirty old man as I looked for her panty line and didn't see one. Her feet were as bare as could be. Two tiny straps held the white high heels to her pretty feet. The crimson toe nails were sexy. I couldn't have been more surprised. I never imagined her dressed like this in public. Several guys who saw her would have to visit their chiropractors for whip-lash neck adjustments.

She seemed to enjoy the long flight even though in the past she hadn't been very fond of flying. I loved my new bride. She acted and looked half her age.

She was as excited as a kid at Christmas as we walked through the busy airport with bright advertising and the sound of clinking slot machines. This was her first trip to Las Vegas. I was worried about her reaction but I shouldn't have been, she loved it. When she saw the hotels on the strip, her eyes were bright with excitement. She couldn't believe the incredible Bellagio. Our room on the fifth floor was beautiful and overlooked the pool. I couldn't remember when she had been so excited and having so much fun.

I spent the rest of day at the convention. While I was gone, Kim lounged at the pool and worked on her tan.

That night we ate at the Bellagio buffet. She couldn't have been more beautiful. She was wearing a little nothing of a dress that hit her at mid thigh. The material caressed her flesh that was glowing from her time at the pool. I didn't watch her dress but it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. I don't remember her ever going without one before. Another first.

As I watched her walk back to our table with her desert I couldn't help but wonder what the guys at the Red Rooster would think of her. "My God, Kim, you're giving me a hard on I whispered across the table."

"Good." While she was trying to be bold, I saw that she was blushing and still the housewife from the Midwest who was visiting sin city for the first time.

I hadn't told her but, taking Ellen's advice, I had made reservations for us to see La Femme at the MGM Grand. I had been told that it was the hottest show in town and the same show as the one at the Crazy Horse in Paris. Again, I wasn't sure what her reaction to the nude dancers would be.

At first I think she was shocked. By the end of the show she seemed more comfortable. That night, our love making set records, at least for me. I can't remember ever being hotter, even when we were first married. Everything was perfect. Our room, the food at the best buffet in the world, the sexy dancers but mostly it was her, my wife, my love. And, I confessed, what I envisioned.

The next several days were more of the same. Kim at the pool, me at the convention, nights together. Wednesday night as we held each others naked body I broached the subject, for the first time on this trip but the thousandth time since these rauchy thoughts had first entered my mind years ago.

"Kim, this has been a terrific trip for me."

"Oh, me too honey. Thanks for bringing me."

"I was thinking." Well, I thought, here goes, it's now or never. "What would you think about tomorrow doing something kind of naughty?"

"What do you call La Femme, The Tease and Jubilee?"

"What I have in mind won't come as a surprise to you. Umm... I found out that there's a swinger's club here."

"Oh no Don. Not that again. Haven't we had a great time? Don't I make you happy?" She didn't wait for, I don't think she even expected an answer from me. "I can't bear the thought of you with another woman. You know that. We've gone over this so many times. Don't spoil our trip." She desperate for me to understand her position.

I couldn't talk. I thought the new clothes, the shows, how comfortable she was in the tiny bikini that she would never have considered wearing before, might have softened her to the idea. Obviously I was wrong again.

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