tagGroup SexOur First Time at Their Place

Our First Time at Their Place


So picture this...the scene: we're at the neighbours for a bbq at their place as they invited us over. We bring lots of beer for the afternoon and also daiquiri ingredients for the night time.

They are really cool people - funny and both look great. We are dressed in bikinis and you guys have just your shorts on...I can't stop looking at her tits that are showing thru her bikini...and neither can you! They are a very sexy couple but down to earth and easy going - much like us.

Anyway, its dark now and a bit chilly - they say why don't we start up the spa? So he does that while you make another round of daiquiris.. we've had two jugs between us and feeling great! When you come back from the kitchen you see me and her sitting pretty close with our heads together whispering and giggling about something...you say something which makes us sit up a bit and pretend we weren't doing anything naughty. The other guy comes back and says the spa is ready...so we all hop in (the guy goes in naked 'cause he doesn't care - so you do the same) We keep our bikinis on however... So daiquiris in the spa all round and then you ask what we were talking about before. I look at her and she looks at me and he says - oh probably discussing the correct technique for sucking cock and who can do it for the longest. Am I right? So she says, yeah and we all know that I would win. And so I say, no I don't think so I am sure I can do it better cos my man says I'm the best.

So now we have an issue that needs resolving. You guys reckon we are both so good but you won't know till you try us. So you both stand up with huge boners and she says well you suck him and I'll suck L and we'll see who says who is the best then!

So I look at you and laugh and you look at me and then at her coming towards you - oh my god it's for real! They really mean it! Ok - so with a mouthful of daiquiri I take his cock in my mouth and swirl it around. I see she is going for glory on you and you look at me and smile and watch me lick around his head and play with his balls...he likes the sensation of ice on his cock and then my warm mouth...after a while and with lots of praise from the guys I feel a tug on my bikini top and it comes undone and falls off...so I stop and look down and there are small woman hands on my tits! Her guy says oh yeah and you come closer to see her kissing my neck and fondling my breasts...I turn around and face her and then she kisses me and I can see you wanking and getting excited and...

I close my eyes enjoying the sensation of a woman's mouth on mine...it feels like a hungry kiss but soft. Suddenly from behind I feel hands on my waist moving down towards my inner thighs. I open my eyes, startled, and see both him and her (he is taking off her bikini top saying it's not fair that you should have all the fun) so I know it's your hands stroking my legs and delving between them to press on my pussy through my bikini. I can feel your hard cock against my back. I involuntary whimper with the sensation and can feel desire making me all weak. She stops kissing me and says I've been wanting to kiss you all night in a husky voice. I open my eyes again and he is behind her too and is cupping her tits in his hands and pulling her to him. He says I think we should carry this on inside and get out of the pool cos that's the rule...no mess in the pool!

So we all hop out and I'm trying to cover myself up with my arms (although she doesn't bother) and she says to me come on, I'll show you where the bathroom is so you can have a shower and get dry. I glance at you and you say I'll follow you later.

She leads me into a huge bathroom with plenty of white towels and shows me where everything is. She then looks at me and says I don't know why you hide your body - it's beautiful , and she pulls my arm down exposing my breast which she then starts to lick and suck on. I gasp and throw my head back not believing what is happening. She starts to kneel down and is kissing my tits and my tummy and starts to explore further south. Oh my god I gasp this feels fantastic. She murmurs something but isn't going to stop. I soon feel her mouth on my smooth pussy ad she is licking all around my lips and teasing my clit by getting close but not touching it. I open my eyes as I hear the door creak and I see you standing in the door with your hand on your rigid cock slowly wanking at the sight. I smile shakily as its getting too much and she is pushing my legs wider open now. Her hands are touching me, her fingers are starting to open me up and her tongue is now licking my clit full on! I sink to the floor - my legs are too weak to stay standing...she pushes me onto some towels that are on the floor and I lie back looking up at you as she sees you and says what a sight huh? You say yeah are you going to let her taste you too? When she hears you say that she swings around so she is over my face and is now in a 69 with her legs spread in front of me. I can't believe it...I'm looking up and seeing her cute shaved pussy glistening in front of my eyes. I can see she is turned on by what she is doing to me and I groan and run my hands up her thighs to her ass and start to pull her down to my mouth. You are kneeling in front of her ass, in front of my head as you watch my lick and suck her cunt and then I feel the head of your gorgeous cock starting to rub against my cheek - letting me know you are there and wanting some action too. I stop sucking for a moment and use my fingers to probe her and rub her and then I take your cock and give it a little suck before I bring it closer to her cunt,. I start to rub your cock along her clit and up towards her cunt and it runs over it teasing both you and her. You can't hold back for much longer as your hips are starting to thrust at her so I put you in and you slide in so good from me eating her and you let out a moan that sends shivers down my spine. She feels you and grunts into my pussy and she likes it. I'm watching you from underneath glide in and out faster and faster and she is doing the same with me - god this is erotic I whisper - you suddenly pull out and start wanking on my face and I know you are going to come and I want you in my mouth and you want the same and before I know it you have the head of your cock on my lips and have started to shoot your hot cum down my throat...

I swallow you cum and you sit back and watch me go back to licking her pussy - she loves it and stops licking me to push down harder on my face. I am spreading her cheeks wider and have licked tentatively towards her ass which she says oh yeah do it do it. With that encouragement I start to concentrate more on her little asshole, rubbing in circles with my wet fingers from her pussy. She moans for me to go in so I start to lick her more, rimming her hole with my hard tongue. This sends her into a frenzy and she starts to really sit on my face. I stop and gasp for breath and use my fingers instead. I can see you sitting back, starting to get hard again and slowly stroking you cock. Then I see him walk in the bathroom and he says what, you started without me? And he has a hard on at the sight of me playing with her pussy and ass. Her ass is so wet now and she has it in the air.. wanting to be fucked.

He comes closer and I realise he is going to fuck her in the ass! I don't know what to do or where to go as I'm pinned underneath so I lie there as he takes over and plunges a finger deep in her ass. I start to lick her pussy again as he move closer and I can see his cock getting nearer. You have moved to the other end and are now kneeling in front of her. watching her ravish my pussy. She looks up and sees you and moans that she wants your cock in her mouth at the same time. You say ok and feed it to her while she stills plays with my pussy with her free hand. He has now pushed his cock into her ass and is slowly starting to get speed up. I can see his balls and I touch them, squeezing them gently, rolling them around in my hand. He says to her, suck him babe while I fuck your ass. You are staring at her and feeling her hot mouth suck at your cock urgently as he is thrusting into her from behind. She takes you so deep cos he is pushing her onto your cock. He says I'm gonna cum babe, I'm gonna cum all over you! And he pulls out and starts to pump his cum on her back. She jerks a bit and clamps her mouth on your cock as she suddenly explodes too and I feel a whole lot of wetness on my face as she cums as well. Exhausted she lets you go and slides to the side to rest. You see me and still with a hard on you lean over and kiss me.

Exhausted she lets you go and slides to the side to rest. You see me and still with a hard on you lean over and kiss me on the mouth, tasting her pussy juice on my lips.

I put my arms around your neck and kiss you more passionately not letting you go. My legs are still wide open and so wet from her mouth and from what has just happened. I can feel your hard cock on my tummy and I arch my back up so it's pushes into your cock and rubs it a little.

You are kissing me hungrily, licking my chin where she came, tasting everything. I'm kissing you back - can't get enough of you and I wrap my legs around your back and pull you closer to my aching dripping pussy. I feel your cock sliding down past my clit which feels electric at your touch. You tease me by rubbing your cock up and down over my clit making me groan in anticipation. Then you suddenly push your cock in and thrust deep inside me - I can't believe how deep that is! it almost feels like you are in my ass. I'm thrusting my hips up to meet your cock as you plunge into me, again and again and again. You feel incredible inside me, filling me up - everything is tingling but so hot and wet and swollen I can feel everything...I don't want this to stop , I'm loving it so much. Then I feel your hot wet mouth on my nipple, sucking and biting gently on the erect bud, sending me over into the black abyss of ecstasy that has no end as you continue to fuck me. I'm groaning so loud now wanting you to fuck me hard wanting you to bite me wanting you to do anything and everything to me. You knead my breasts and squeeze both my nipples between your fingertips and I'm gasping yeah oh yeah fuck me babe fuck me I want your cum! But you aren't finished with me yet...

Ahhhhh...But you aren't finished with me yet...

As you fuck me you start to use your thumb on my clit...rubbing gently to start with in small circles and as I cry out for more to go harder and I have my hips up and rigid for you to do it. You press your thumb down and rub my clit in bigger circles making me so horny and bringing me even closer to the end. I tell you not to stop keep going oh my god fuck me I can feel you on my g...then there's a big intense rush inside me as I feel the brink and I tumble over it, falling. You can feel me get even wetter if that's possible and start to spasm around your thrusting hard cock as I orgasm again and again - each spasm feeling as good as the first and I can't take your thumb any longer - too sensitive. The feeling of me coming around your cock gets too much and you pull out and with a few wanks you have unloaded onto my smooth cum-slippery pussy, doubling over with the intensity of the orgasm, pumping every little last bit out, breathless as you sit back. It s not till then that we notice the other two have been watching the whole thing and she has her mouth on his cock giving him a blowjob while we fucked.

He says that was so hot to watch guys, our turn now to give you a show...she gets up winks at us and wipes her mouth. She is standing above his hard cock and begins to kneel down. Her pussy is still swollen and red and gives us a good view of her sitting on his cock. She leans over and kisses him and starts to ride him, slow to start with then faster. Wait wait she says - can I do my favourite position for them? He nods eagerly as he like it too. She then swivels around on his cock so she is facing us and while you hold me in your arms she looks at us and opens her mouth to moan as this is pressing on her gspot. She closes her eyes as her hands are on her tits, pushing them together and digging her fingers into the warm soft flesh. She's holding them, massaging them as she rocks on his cock, squeezing each nipple separately and moaning for him to fuck her. His hands are on her hips helping her to rise and fall on his hard cock Her hand grabs at her pussy and her engorged clit protruding as she is spread wide and he is moving faster and harder with her. Her fingers are now on her clit, rubbing, stroking moving faster with the motion of him fucking her. I can feel your breath on my neck as we watch fascinated...I want to suck on those gorgeous tits and hold them and kiss them as they bounce wildly with their lovemaking, but don't want to interrupt.

She gasps yes yes oh fuck me I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum again and she rubs her clit and pants for breath as her body quivers with orgasmic motions and he is gasping too as he sits up and pushes her forward so he can take her from behind - hard and fast. She is on all fours panting, dripping with sweat and looks at us mesmerized at them fucking. She grins and blows us both a kiss and looks down past her tits and we can see his balls slapping against her cheeks as he thumps into her and says oh god I'm fucking you hard and I'm going to cum too ahhh. Are you watching can you see he says to no one in particular as we are watching avidly and she has turned her head so she can see him cum. He pulls out and cums on her ass and on her back, shoots his load everywhere. She says wow baby was that good? He grins and says the best babes...

Well guys you say that was an incredible time...might have a shower now though! She says good idea since that's why we are in the bathroom anyway...why don't we all jump in?

So we all stand in the spacious shower cubicle that has two shower heads on it and we are at one head and they have the other. We soap each other and wash away all the fun we just had, but not the memories...

Wrapped up in warm fluffy towels we head to their lounge and she makes coffees and nibbles and we sit around chatting and talking about what just happened and saying that we must do this again sometime but maybe around at ours...?

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