tagLoving WivesOur First Time at Wife-Sharing

Our First Time at Wife-Sharing


This is my first contribution to Erotic Literature, and being an avid visitor to this site I thought I make a contribution. My story is 100% true and details how we first 'opened up' the door of our marriage. We married in 1979 and we were both then in our early twenties. One of my fantasies was to see her with another man and over the years I introduced her to this idea, and although a feature to our lovemaking, it remained very much a thought in our minds.

I'll fast forward things to 1996 and when my wife and now a mother of two boys in their teens was then aged 37 and bordering on maturity. She still looked, tasted and felt every inch the beautiful woman I'd married several years ago.

It was near Christmas at a neighbor's party that together with another lady neighbor both women did a slow strip-tease to music as the evening drew to a close. It certainly raised the roof as quite a few men were absolutely transfixed as both women stripped down to just their bras, panties and hose. On the surface it seemed an innocent bit of fun, but later on in bed that night as we made love my wife commented on how much it must have turned me on as I was as hard as rock inside her pussy. I certainly had one the most powerful climax in years.

In the audience that night was our trusted old neighbor Tom. He was a really lovely guy whose wife had died five years previously leaving him on his own at 60 years old. Tom retired from teaching early and was a real example of how to keep fit and healthy. He was a frequent visitor to our house and took Sunday lunch with us many times. He helped my boys out with their studies and was a real star, even once when I crashed me car and he let me borrow his to get about.

I had never suspected any sexual chemistry existed between my wife and Tom until we went over to his house after Christmas to enjoy a meal he'd prepared as a thank you for looking after his property whilst he was away over the holiday period. The kids were staying over with some friends so we could both enjoy a drink without the need to worry about any parental responsibilities or driving home too.

Both before and during the meal we all drank a few glasses of red wine, and I could see my wife as getting merrier after each sip. Afterwards, we all sat down in Tom's lounge and that's when it happened.!

Without any warning my wife told Tom to put on some music [I think it was Frank Sinatra] and there in the middle of his lounge she started unzipping her dress and wriggling out of it whilst Tom looked on intently. It was an incredible surreal moment watching her slowly and in a very provocative style sway her hips around in just her petticoat slip and underwear. Facing Tom she lifted up the hem of her slip and exposed her nylon stockings and suspenders. The poor guy must have nearly had heart failure. If I thought it was going to end there I was wrong.

After a few more sexy slow motions of her hips and hands now over boobs she slipped off the shoulder straps and was now about to take off her bra and panties leaving her in just her lacy black and red suspender belt and stockings.

There was absolutely no eye contact between her and I, and I felt that my presence was just ignored but I didn't care.

I still get horny now thinking about what happened next, but she sat down on the arm of his armchair and slowly kissed his lips letting her breasts dangle freely as he reached up and cupped them in his hands. After a few minutes of prolonged French style kissing his hand had now wandered down towards the region of her thighs and inch by inch he worked himself up in-between her thighs.

Only guys who have experienced this first hand may understand, but I felt completely powerless, distant yet only 8 feet away, and very very aroused but yet totally shocked and confused.

I could tell that she was starting to get horny very quickly and after whispering in his ear, they both got up and walked over towards his bedroom on the ground floor. They left the door ajar as they disappeared holding each other's hands. My legs like lead I endeavored to walk over to the door. Looking inside like some trespasser, my wife had now taken up position on his bed on her back with her stocking thighs spread wide and open under the gaze of Tom who was quickly relieving himself of his clothes. Tom was a sturdy guy, short in height [smaller than my wife], but very muscular owing to his sporting prowess's.

There was a bedside lamp on and I could see clearly as Tom released his underpants his penis was like a spear jutting hard and up towards the ceiling as he climbed on the bed. He was circumcised too and the helmet of his cock looked huge. [My wife later admitted it was very arousing as it was pushed inside her] In total silence, he sought his position on top of her in missionary and after a bit more fidgeting about he slid his length up inside her as she let out cry of appreciation. Then in slow rhythm he started to thrust himself into her as she held him tightly with her heels firmly around the lower regions of his back. It was all so unbelievable watching my lovely wife of then 37 after so many years together being fucked by another man in my full view!

Time stood still I suspect, but I could hear Tom's hoarse grunting voice growing stronger as he started thrusting faster and I sensed he was close to releasing his seed inside her pussy. Then it just happened. Both of them lost in total abandonment of anything or anyone around them as I heard my wife crying out in joy as he finished himself off deep inside her.

They lay together for a while as I took my leave and returned to the lounge taking another drink and standing around in shock. A few minutes later my wife surfaced, collected her clothing off the floor and disappeared into the toilet. Tom followed out in his dressing down and we just looked at each other. It was weird stuff. He walked over towards me and shaking my hand and thanking me so much for being such a 'great sport'.

Then my wife now restored in her clothes emerged from the bathroom. Kissing him goodbye we left and walked out into the cool midnight air.

Slowly, as we walked the relatively short distance home and too the sound of her wife's high heels scrapping against the pavement, I shall never forget those immortal words she said. 'You know what', she said, 'I never had to fake it with him, he was as hard as iron up inside me, and at his age too'. I was so glad she was still on the pill.

Needless to say that no sooner had the door of our front door opened my wife took a second helping of cock within the space of 30 minutes as I fucked her so hard on the stairs, my knees were burnt from the carpet afterwards!.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC09/08/18

My neighbors

My neighbors, Donna and Harry Reed, are 18 years old. Sorry, I don't have amy stupid fantasies or lies to share. Nothing at all,.Just like this story.

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by Anonymous08/03/18

Old landlord

Wifey and I were 1st married, we rented this old house in pretty bad shape. Roof didn't leak, about it. The 60 year old landlord was cheap, didn't want to spend a dime, but one day I got home from workmore...

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by Anonymous03/04/18

Great story,

But no one commented on her remark that she never had to fake it with him. Humm.

So, she had been fucking the neighbor for a while?


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