tagLoving WivesOur First Time Sharing in Cabo

Our First Time Sharing in Cabo


This is my first try at writing. I'd appreciate constructive comments. Unfortunately, none of this is true. While I've had these fantasies about my wife, I've only hinted that I might like for her to do something like this.

We're just a normal every day couple. We've never talked about sharing or swapping or swinging or any of that stuff. In fact, I've had some fantasies, but my wife, Marti, is an evangelical Christian who I assumed was staunchly opposed to such thoughts. We've had some tough moments in our marriage, but we've resolved most of them. For much of our marriage, we had a pretty lack luster sex life. There were some years when things were so bad that we probably only had sex a couple of times in a year. Now that things are better our sex life is pretty good. Intimacy is a lot better. So, we have regular sex. It's not wild or crazy, but it's regular and intimate.

We're in our fifties, so that has made things a little more difficult for me. I perform pretty well in the bedroom. I'd guess probably better than average for a guy my age. I'm in good physical shape. I can still have four or five orgasms in a day, but I often need a fair amount of rest in between. Not that I get that kind of opportunity all of the time, but sometimes when we get away for a weekend, it does test my endurance. I'm Don and I'm 57 years old. I'm very fit. I've always been athletic, but the past year I've really made an effort to get in great shape. I'm 5'9" and run around 165 pounds. I'm at 12% body fat and bench press (not impressive for you young guys, but for a 57 year old it's pretty good) 245 pounds. I am very close to my goal of being able to do a set of 20 pull ups. My goal is to always be able to do a set of pushups equal or greater than my age and I've never missed it. This past year I did a set of 71 on my 57th birthday. Most people think I look at least ten years younger than I am, but I do show a few wrinkles and my hair is completely white, but I know guys who had that happen in their early thirties.

Marti is 5'8" and relatively fit. She exercises, but she gained a few extra pounds with kids and having to be off of her foot for over a year due do some foot issues. She's taken a few of those off, but it still probably fifteen or so pounds over her goal weight. She is hot though. She has nice 36C breasts and everyone thinks she is around 40 years old even though she just turned 55. She has brown hair with just a few strands of gray. Oh, and she still has a killer ass.

Our kids are all out of the house now with our twins going to college this past fall. So, it has left us more freedom to spend time together.

Because of starting our own businesses, we hadn't really taken a vacation in quite some time. Now that the kids are out of the house, we decided to take a full week off. We knew we might have to work a little bit, but we scheduled a week in Cabo San Lucas over Christmas break. Many of our clients took that week off and it would be nice to get away from the Colorado winter for a week. We knew it might be busy, but it was the best time for us.

As the day approached, I told Marti to make sure to pack her bikini so that she could make all of the women on the beach jealous. She wasn't completely comfortable with her body, so she shrugged it off as a joke. She hadn't worn a bikini since she was in her late twenties, even then, she almost always wore a one piece. If she wore a two piece, it was as full coverage as can be.

"I'm serious," I said. "You're sexy."

"Yeah," she answered. "Like anyone wants to see an overweight old lady in a bikini."

"You look great. I'll bet you make lots of those women smack their husbands for staring."

She just laughed me off and we went about our packing and planning.

We left on the 23rd of December, all went well getting to the airport and through security. We were a little tired. We had some wild sex the night before in anticipation of our trip and then finally finished packing a little after midnight. We both planned to sleep on the plane for our late afternoon arrival.

I woke to find Marti talking with the guy in the window seat. His name was Pete and he was about our age. He looked to be taller than I am, perhaps even six feet tall. He was generally a good-looking guy and well-groomed for sure. They seemed to be getting along well. When I woke they were both saying that neither had ever been to Cabo and were looking forward to it. They were asking each other what they liked best. Pete's wife had passed away last year and this was her dream vacation that they never got to take. Pete mentioned something odd about he and his wife's sex life and how much he missed that. I thought it was odd for a conversation with a married woman who he had just met.

To my surprise, my conservative wife didn't shy away from the topic. She mentioned that we had revived our sex life over the past year or so and that it had become pretty good and that she'd miss it too if I were gone.

Pete said, "Yeah, my wife and I did everything."

Marti said something to the effect that we did everything too.

"Really?" Pete asked.

It became apparent to me that Pete's everything was probably far more than our everything.

Pete put his hand on Marti's thigh. "Well, I might want to hear more about that."

Marti realized she may have overstepped her boundaries and didn't say anything else about sex. We found out that we were all staying at the same resort. It was the nicest value of what we could find. Pete was a small business owner too. While none of us were poor, we were not independently wealthy, so budget was still a bit of an issue in making that decision. Still we all agreed that from what we had read and heard, this should be a really nice place.

"Yes, and being in the same place might mean that we can do some things together," said Pete.

From the look in his eyes and the wink that he gave Marti and the fact that his hand went to her thigh again, I suspected he had some specific things in mind. I also realized that Marti did not flinch when his hand went to her thigh the second time. In fact, it seemed that she might be flirting with him too. I recalled at least a few times that her hand went to his shoulder or on top of Pete's hand. Perhaps it was my imagination, but the last time his hand touched her thigh, it seemed to linger and perhaps even rub a bit just below her crotch. Because we were leaving out of Denver, Marti had on jeans, but still, it was very forward. A real signal that Marti was getting turned on is when she turned to me and rubbed my crotch quickly, I could see that she was slightly flushed. I also found that I was getting excited because as soon as she touched my crotch, I felt movement in my groin.

We got off the plane and went to the carousel to get our luggage. We got ours and Marti wanted to say good bye to Pete, even though we'd likely be seeing him at the resort. Pete gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then Marti kissed Pete on the cheek. Then Pete kissed her on the lips and Marti didn't pull back, but kissed him back-no tongue or anything, but still unusual for my wife.

On the ride to the resort, Marti mentioned how nice Pete was and didn't I think so too. I had to admit that he seemed like a very nice guy. I mentioned how affectionate he was toward Marti, and she acknowledged it, but said she was just being polite. I didn't mention his hand near her pussy. I had mixed feelings. I had a little jealousy, but I also wondered if one of my fantasies might happen. I also wondered if that was a fantasy that I wanted to happen. Here I was going from not thinking it could ever happen to thinking that it was happening already and what would I do about it.

We checked into a beautiful room. It was even larger than I had expected with a huge king bed. It had a large picture window facing the pool and the ocean. We were on the first floor on the corner room, so all we had to do was walk out our door and we were essentially in the pool area. It was a huge pool with a transparent wall facing the ocean. The hot tub was on the right as we faced the ocean. It overlooked the ocean, but was partially hidden from view of the rooms by about a three-foot-high wall with a raised garden of plants that extended at least another two to three feet above the concrete walking area.

Before the bell boy had even left the room, my hot wife was removing her clothes. He didn't seem to be disturbed, perhaps he'd seen this behavior before, but by the time he was out the door Marti was completely nude (another real shocker from my wife who is normally very modest). She threw me on the bed and practically ripped my clothes off. This was going to be a wonderful vacation, I could tell already. Marti hadn't done anything like this since the first year we were married 33 years ago. She jumped on top of me and began kissing me with deep French kisses and lots of messy tongue. She kissed down my neck, my chest, nibbled on my nipples and then went straight for my now almost erect penis. She sucked up and down and licked underneath my head. She rubbed my balls as she gave me a furious blow job. I realized that the curtains were wide open, but didn't want to disturb Marti. This was too amazing to stop. Being on the first floor next to the pool people were passing by and looking in. We were sideways on the bed with my feet toward the picture window and Marti's beautiful ass and pussy facing the window for all to see. No one had the guts to stop and stare, but I noticed one woman hitting her husband as he stared in and walked slower than normal by the window. Marti suddenly popped my cock from her mouth and straddled me and slid my cock into her pussy with that only slightly trimmed brown bush on it. I watched her wonderfully large breasts bounce up and down. She squeezed my dick with her pussy muscles and she had me cumming in no time. I tried to slow her down, but she was like a woman possessed. She was still on my cock facing away from the window when I noticed Pete walk by and look in. He did stare for a few minutes and gave me a thumbs up and a wink. I gave him the thumbs up back. Marti was still wiggling her ass on my softening member. She hadn't had an orgasm. Then new event number three happened. She got off my cock and scooted her way over my chest and put her pussy right on my face. I'd never licked my own cum before, but this was so hot, I wasn't about to complain now. I licked my own cum while also stimulating her clit. I wanted her to have an incredible orgasm after the treatment she gave me. She rode my face and wiggled her pussy into my mouth. She was in heaven. Soon she came to orgasm as well. A couple of others had walked by during all of this. Marti suggested we take a shower and clean up before dinner.

Marti led me by the hand to the shower. While the water was heating, she hugged me and kissed me. "This is going to be a wonderful vacation," she said.

"It is already," I responded.

She kissed me again and led me into the walk in shower. We soaped each other up. I massaged her breasts and washed her ass and pussy. She paid special attention to my dick. I got hard again and turned her to face the wall in the shower and I slid my dick into her pussy from behind. I lasted longer this time and I reached around her body to massage her clit. I waited until I felt her orgasm release to let go of my load so we could cum together. After a few minutes of holding her there with the warm water falling on us, she separated and turned to face me smiling. No words, just bright eyes and a big smile. She embraced me and we held each other under the streams of water with our naked chests rubbing against each other. Silently, she walked out of the shower to dry off. I followed, completely satisfied and admiring my wife's beautiful body, amazed by the last hour of sex. She had changed already. I attributed it to the relaxing atmosphere.

We got dressed and went off to dinner. We weren't sure of the attire for dinner, so we definitely overdressed. We weren't formal or anything, but Marti wore a dress and I wore some nicer slacks and a button up long sleeve shirt, which was too warm for the weather and humidity.

We bumped into Pete on our way into the restaurant area. Pete shook my hand, then gave Marti a hug. He then gave her a kiss, which Marti reciprocated. Again, it wasn't a deep or passionate kiss, but it was definitely a real kiss and Marti seemed to like it. We let Pete join us at our table. We talked away about Colorado and the differences between Colorado Springs, where we lived, and Boulder, where Pete lived. We had a friendly argument about which one was better. Pete brought up the fact that Boulder is freer than Colorado Springs.

I asked what that meant, and Pete began talking about different ways that Boulder was more open to different lifestyles and that Colorado Springs was so conservative. That's when it came out.

"For example, sharing is just easier in Boulder."

Marti was oblivious. She said, "But Colorado Springs is a very generous community."

Pete was a bit surprised and realized that Marti had no idea what he was talking about. "This may seem a bit strange, but I meant sharing partners."

Marti was taken aback at first, but then seemed interested. "You mean like wife swapping?" She asked.

"Yes," Pete said. "That's exactly what I mean. My wife and I were not heavily into it, but we did try it a few times."

"How can you do that?" asked Marti. "I mean, you love each other. You are married to each other."

"That's exactly why," answered Pete. "Because we love each other, we wanted to be free and to experience what we wanted. Of course, if she didn't want to or I didn't want to, we wouldn't. It's not something we forced on each other."

Marti was still perplexed. It made no sense to her, but the conversation went on for a while. Then we switched subjects to Cabo and our plans for the week.

Toward the end of dinner, I excused myself to go to the restroom. On my way back to the table, I noticed Pete and Marti in deep thought and conversation. It appeared to be very serious. They hadn't seen me so I paused for a moment. Marti's demeanor changed. She looked pensive, then she smiled. Then she said something and Pete smiled. He leaned over and put his hand on her shoulder as he kissed her as she leaned back into him and kissed him too. I couldn't tell exactly where their other hands were, but they were clearly below the table and at least on each other's thighs. Pete's face brightened even more as they kissed again, and I gathered that Marti might have squeezed his cock.

I returned to the table before they saw me, and they straightened up and laughed. Marti looked embarrassed. They finished dinner with ordinary conversation. Pete went back to his room. Marti and I were still at the table finishing our last glasses of wine when she got a sheepish look on her face. She said, "Don. I don't want you to be angry, but Pete asked me if I would come back to his room for a few hours."

"What did you tell him?" I asked. I wasn't sure if I was happy or upset, but I was nervous.

"I told him..." she hesitated. "I told him that I'd ask you." She looked down into her lap as if she were guilty of something.

"So, you want to?" I asked.

"Yes. I think I do."

"Really. That's surprising. I wouldn't think that you would even consider it."

"I know. A couple of hours ago, I wouldn't have. It seemed repulsive. I think I would have gotten sick if you had suggested it. I would probably have just about killed you. So, I feel awful asking, but I know you've thought of it. You've had to. I know you look at porn and that's a theme right. It's a common fantasy. We haven't talked about it, but I'm sure you have and when you were gone Pete explained more about how he and his wife did it and how much it sealed their relationship rather than broke it. I also have to admit that I find him attractive and he wants me and it's nice to be wanted."

"I want you too." I said.

"Yes, I know you do. That's why all of a sudden I feel secure in this. Maybe it's the vacation. Maybe it's the fact that we just had great sex. I'm not sure why, but I want to try this, but I also feel guilty about it."

I thought for a minute. "OK. It has been a fantasy of mine, but I'm also nervous about it. I'm both turned on and worried, but if you really want to, this is probably the only or at least best chance that we'll have to try. Can I watch?"

"No. Pete thought you might ask that and he's OK with it, but I think I'd be too nervous this first time. I don't think I'd really enjoy it."

"OK, but will you at least use our room. That way I at least feel like you have more control if you change your mind. And if I change my mind, I could come back in and stop it, OK?"

"OK." She said. "Yes. I think if either one of us changes our mind, then we should be able to stop it."

We walked back to our room and I was still a bit nervous. I grabbed a couple of changes of clothes. I wasn't sure what I was going to do while I was out, maybe just a long walk along the beach or a few drinks in the bar. The agreement was that I would give them two hours together. I didn't want them sleeping together the first night and I definitely didn't want to sleep alone the first night on this beautiful vacation. As I left the room, someone closed the curtains, but then I noticed that whoever closed them then moved them open just a few inches. I went to look in and Marti already had Pete's cock in her mouth. Wow. It was happening. I didn't want to look like a peeping Tom so I walked away to figure out what to do.

I headed off for the bar. It was relatively crowded and I was sitting having a nice smooth porter reflecting on being by myself for a couple of hours while my wife was fucking another man for the first time (truly another man as she had been a virgin when we were married) when a young tiny woman sat next to me. She ordered a glass of imperial stout. She commented on my choice of dark beer and I said that she must really like a strong beer. She said she did. She tried every imperial stout that she could find.

She asked if I was alone and I said that my wife had wanted some time alone so I came out to the bar for a drink to give her some space. I wasn't completely lying as my wife is an introvert. I guess she wasn't actually alone though.

The woman's name was Cheryl and she was 22 years old and just graduated from college in June. I noticed she was incredibly fit. She couldn't have been more than about 5'3" and was built like a marathon runner with almost no breasts, but she was super cute. We talked training and athletics. She was more of a cyclist than a runner. I told her that I don't like running and only occasionally got on my bicycle anymore. I preferred soccer, volleyball and lifting. I did a couple of Spartan races, so I just ran enough to allow me to finish. She was a marketing major and just started her first job. They got in late and her husband was tired so he went to bed after they had a quickie. (HMMM. Not sure why she was telling me about the quickie, but OK). They live in Fort Worth. I told her my in-laws lived there so we talked Fort Worth for a while. Her husband wasn't into fitness the way she was, but she got him to workout enough that he didn't get fat. She laughed. She had a really pretty laugh and smile. She had brown hair cut short just above her shoulders. She had on a really tight dress that accentuated her slim athletic figure. I could almost see her six pack in her dress.

We had finished our second beer when I asked if she wanted to go work out. She said she was too tired, but that if I wanted to, I could join her back in her room for another drink or some cuddling.

"Cuddling?" I asked to make sure I heard her correctly.

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