tagLoving WivesOur First Time Swinging

Our First Time Swinging


(If there is one thing I enjoy more than writing, it is experiencing my subject first hand. In this story, you will read about the first time I experienced "swinging" with the woman I am currently (and hopefully permanently) partnered with. All names have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved.)


Anna and I have been together for over 7 years. We have known of each other since high school but didn't actually meet until 7 years ago. When we finally got in the same room together, our eyes locked, and I knew from that moment, that we were destined to be together.

One night, we were out driving around and talked about things we'd always wanted to do sexually. For her, it was sex with another couple, a gangbang, see two men together and she wanted to be with a black man.(all of this would happen within the first year of our life together except the gangbang)

We met Lynn and Joe on the internet. They were a similar couple to ourselves in the fact that both women had similar fantasies and the guys were willing to sit back enjoy the show. We talked online and on the phone for a little while before our first meeting in person.

Lynn introduced herself as a 36yr old bi-sexual with 36-C breasts, brown hair and blue eyes and shaved. Joe was a bigger guy, 5'8" 300+lbs, brown hair and blue eyes with a 7" cock. Now mind you, I'm no slouch, I am 5'8" 280lbs brown hair and blue eyes and I'm 7 ½". Anna is a 42-D, blonde hair, blue eyes and shaved (I do the shaving myself).

When we'd finally gotten the four of us together, it was like we'd known one another forever. We gathered around the patio and the usual pleasantries were exchanged .The guys talking about cars and computers and the ladies about work and men. Lynn and Anna disappeared to "change into something more comfortable" when Joe turned on the hot tub. Sitting there on the patio, I couldn't help but zone out and wonder what lie ahead of us, and believe me, my most vivid dream couldn't compare.

When the girls reemerged, they were each dressed in a simple sarong and nothing else, and we're talking half an hour later. (I would later find out they did 'touch-ups' on one another) Joe and I shed our clothes in record time, and the girls dropped the sarongs to reveal to us their individual beauties. Lynn was everything I'd imagined she'd be, and Anna was a visual delight for Joe. As the girls joined us, Lynn came and sat by me and Anna over by Joe.

As we sat there talking, and there wasn't as much of that going on as there was fondling underwater, and after a few brews from the fridge on the patio, I had a great deal of difficulty staying focused on the subject at hand, which was Lynn underwater giving me a blowjob. Anna, not to be out done, was sucking on Joe's cock as well. Finally, around 9:30 or so, Lynn got up and pulled Joe and Anna out of the hot tub and started walking toward bed, I looked first at Anna and then straight at Joe and then at Lynn and asked, "Y'all sure about this?" with a smirk on my face.

We looked at each other and answered in unison, "Yes." Anna picked up our drinks as we all headed for the bedroom. One by one we filed in and found their California king size bed was going to be more then big enough for the four of us.

Lynn pushed me down on my back and picked up where she left off. She began running her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, cupping my balls with one hand and holding my cock steady with the other. As I looked over, Joe and Anna were doing a 69 with Anna on top. The women were both moaning and it sounded like music to my ears.

Although the light was dim, I could clearly see her large breasts, with the dark areolas and very hard, erect nipples as they were about to poke me in the chest. This was what I had secretly desired to see since meeting her. Yet, my eyes were drawn from the objects of my desire to lock with hers.

So, with one swift movement, I spun Lynn around while my cock was still in her mouth, and planted her on my face. Man, I'm telling you I was in heaven. Her thighs were smooth as silk, and that leads me to her own slice of heaven, again smooth as silk. She slowly lowered her freshly shaved slit down onto my face, and it wasn't long before I found her clit, because when I did, she let out a gasp like someone being hit in the stomach.

I looked over for a brief second before Lynn sat on my face to see Joe three fingers deep in Anna, and her arching her back and bucking like she was riding a prize bull. The sounds coming out of her were very familiar and the smile on Joe's face was like a kid in a penny candy store with a ten dollar bill in his hand. As Lynn realized I wasn't going to let go of her clit, she began to grind her delicious pussy into my face and begin to make noises of her own that sounded somewhere between demonic possession and orgasmic.

It was right about then that a bright idea of mine popped into my head, next chance we got, we will re-position ourselves on the bed so that the two girls could make out when they aren't sucking our cocks. Joe of course gave me thumbs up as a sign he liked the idea and the girls just giggled. (Little did I know, they were already doing just that)In the brief moment that I was able to steal a breath of fresh air, I whispered, "Boy have I been waiting for this."

Lynn took my cock deep throat which caused an immediate throbbing in my member, which in all truthfulness had been erect most of the sexual charged night already. As she did this, my hands came up, catching a full breast in each hand and feeling hard nipples pressing against each palm. Fingers and hands kneaded and caressed with the full extension of my arms, I could feel her hips moving faster on my chest. Faster and faster she bucked and before I knew it, I was swimming in a pool of her sweet juices. All over my face, in my hair, up my nose, she flooded me, and she continued to buck, but her pace slowed down until she collapsed on top of me.

Looking over a Joe and Anna, she was already sitting straight up and bouncing up and down on his tongue, one that would make Gene Simmons jealous. Up and down, she went, and back and forth his tongue swayed with the flow. Before she realized it and could say anything, her own flow of juices hit him square in the face and cascaded down each side.

To be honest I don't know if I could have acted differently anyway, so I did as she was demanding. Her pussy was already very wet, so I got up behind her and began to fuck her doggie style, as did Joe with Anna. While I was fucking her from behind, I slowly inserted a finger into her welcoming brown eye. Slowly with the first one, then I went to two, and tried for three but she let out a sound I'd never heard in my life so I retreated back to two.

The two women were facing one another on the bed, and locked in a tongue battle. It was the hottest scene I'd ever experienced without watching porn. Anna and Lynn were in a heated battle to see who was going to cum first, as for Joe and I, we were trying to see how many times we could make the other's wife get off. Half an hour went by and the count was 3 all, I could feel the pressure beginning to build as my seed was rising from my balls and by the look on Joe's face, he wasn't far behind me.

I announced to the room that I was about to cum and Lynn turned around and opened her inviting mouth to receive every drop of my seed. Joe, on the other hand was still pumping away into Anna and explained that he kind of did us dirty by not telling us that he can prolong his ejaculation and was taking his time.

Lynn looked at me with her inviting eyes and her tongue sticking out waiting for me to shoot the ribbons of love into her mouth. She reached up and began to play with my balls as I knelt there stroking my cock, and just as she hit my soft spot, I blew my load into the deep recesses of her throat. Her mouth quickly encased my cock so she didn't lose a drop, and ever so diligently, she sucked me off until I had spent every last bit of my jizm.

It was right about then that Joe started pumping Anna furiously and a few minutes later was shooting his own load all across Anna's face, neck and chest. As the four of us lie there together on the big bed, Joe and I looked at one another and said at the same time, "It really couldn't get any better than this".....Or so we thought ( to be continued).

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