tagLoving WivesOur First Time Together

Our First Time Together


Our First Time Together

My wife and I had been fairly close friends with George and Christine for years although we were about 15 years older than them. We had been married nearly twenty years and are in our early 50's with George being about 40 and his second wife, Chris being 34.

To be perfectly honest I'd fancied Chris for years but never said or done anything about it. She was about the same height as me, around 5' 8", with shortish brunette hair framing her face. But the thing that attracted me most was her chest. I'd seen Chris in her bikini a couple of times and her tits looked absolutely fantastic. They were reasonably large, but to me seemed just the right size and looked as if they would feel just perfect, although I'd never tried to feel them, not even an accidental brush up against them.

That afternoon my wife had gone to visit her parents who lived about 100 miles away and George, Chris's husband was working in the garage in the next town where he was a mechanic.

I was self-employed and worked from home and at about 2.30 the doorbell rang.

I went to answer the door and there was Chris smiling at me.

"I'm bored." she said, "Can I come in and scrounge a cup of coffee?"

"Of course you can." I replied. She came in and I closed the front door.

It was a warm summer's day and Chris was looking great wearing a simple plain white tee shirt over a thin light green cotton skirt with flip-flops on her feet.

We went into the kitchen and I put the kettle on.

"I've got to be honest with you," said Chris "I don't really want any coffee."

"That's OK," I replied "I can make tea."

"I don't want tea or coffee." she said

"Well what do you want then?" I asked

"I want you to fuck my brains out." she blurted out and immediately looked embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry," she said "I don't know what came over me, but I've been so miserable with George these last couple of years. He hasn't touched me, and I don't want him to, but I need someone to make love to me, and well, to be honest, I've wanted you for ages and I thought it's now or never, but if you're not interested then let's just forget I said anything."

By this stage my prick had decidedly gone rigid simply from hearing Chris say she wanted me to fuck her brains out.

I walked over to her, took her hand and held it against my stiff prick.

"Does that feel like I'm not interested?" I asked

She immediately grabbed my prick through my trousers, started rubbing me up and down and lent forward to kiss me.

I kissed her right back and within two seconds we had our tongues down each others throats.

I moved my right hand up to her left boob and started caressing and squeezing.

I'd been right – her tits were magnificent.

I dropped my other hand and started rubbing between her legs through her skirt.

She then took her other hand and lifted her skirt up giving me better access to her panties which I could feel were quite small and made of lace.

Suddenly Chris let go of my prick and I thought something was wrong, but she had only let go in order to pull her tee shirt off over her head. The sight presented to me almost made me cum on the spot.

She was wearing a black see through lacy bra which was struggling to hold in two of the most magnificent tits I had ever seen. I couldn't help myself, I just had to handle them.

But before I could touch them Chris beat me to it and with her right hand pulled her left breast out of the bra lifting it up and offering her nipple to my mouth.

Her nipples were as fabulous as the rest of her breasts and I immediately started to lick and suck on it.

Meanwhile my other hand had now slipped inside her matching black lace panties and I could feel her soft pubic hair between my fingers.

I thought I was going to explode when suddenly she stopped and said

"Can we go upstairs and get comfortable? Besides, someone might see us through the window."

I don't think I've ever run up those stairs as quick as I did that day.

Chris, who knew our house well was about to go into my wife and my bedroom, but I felt sure my wife would smell something or notice something, so instead I suggested we use one of the spare rooms.

We went into the spare bedroom and as soon as we set foot inside the door Chris said

"Isn't it about time you took some clothes off?"

I quickly removed everything except my underpants which looked a trifle strained with my prick trying to burst out the front of them. Chris meanwhile had stripped down to her lacy black bra and panties.

At that moment in time I thought she was the sexiest woman on the planet.

I was about to start kissing her again when Chris suddenly dropped down in front of me and said

"You look like you could do with a little bit of attention."

With that she reached up with her left hand and pulled down my pants while grabbing my prick with her other hand. I kicked off my pants which were now down round my ankles as Chris placed small, very light kisses on the end of my prick. The sensation was incredible and just as I thought it couldn't get any better she opened her mouth and took about 3 to 4 inches of my shaft into her mouth and started sucking for all she was worth.

She kept this up for about 2 to 3 minutes and then started to work her way up my torso kissing everywhere she went. As she got to my mouth she put her tongue down my throat and I could taste my own cum.

I was desperate to taste her and so I slid down her body, past her breasts, still encased in her black lacy bra and as I reached her waist I put my hands on the elastic of her panties and slid them down her legs.

I was now facing her pussy, covered with light brown curly pubic hair.

She smelt wonderful and I put my tongue out and started to lick her pussy in smooth upward strokes.

As I licked she made small noises of pleasure and after a minute or two I pushed my tongue deep into the folds of her pussy lips and tasted her wetness.

I had my hands on her bum and decided to bring my right hand round and I inserted my index finger into her pussy, just underneath my tongue.

Chris gave a little whelp of pleasure and then said

"Screw using your bloody finger - I want to feel your cock inside me."

I didn't need inviting twice.

Chris got onto the bed whilst at the same time removing her bra and releasing those fantastic tits.

I climbed onto the bed alongside her and she reached out and took my prick in her hand.

"Please – fuck me." she said.

I rolled over on top of her and she immediately guided my prick to her pussy entrance with her hand.

Feeling her pussy hairs brushing the end of my prick I knew I was in the right place so I simply pushed gently and slid beautifully inside her.

She felt wonderfully tight and I started gently rocking in and out of her.

Chris was obviously enjoying the sensations as much as I was and wrapped her legs round me which had the effect of holding me tighter and ensuring that I could only use small strokes.

"Ooh keep fucking me." she said quietly.

It was obvious she enjoyed the use of bad language and I must admit, I found it a bit of a turn on.

"Your pussy is so tight." I said lamely, not quite knowing how to reply

I lifted myself up and leaned forward which had the effect of bending Chris's back a bit more and lifting her with me, which also had the added advantage of driving me deeper inside her – it also freed me from her legs and I immediately started pounding her faster.

"Fuck me harder." she almost whispered.

I could feel myself coming and at that moment I suddenly realised I didn't know if she was on the pill and we certainly weren't using a condom.

I stopped in midstream and it was as if she read my mind.

"Don't worry, I've been on the pill for months, just in case this ever happened." she said.

That was enough for me and I started driving as deep as I could inside her.

I shot my bolt almost immediately and the sensation of feeling my cum shooting inside her felt fantastic.

Chris was writhing about underneath me enjoying the sensation as well.

We both collapsed in a heap on the bed and simply laid there saying nothing for a minute or two.

"Was that a one off?" I asked

"I hope not." she replied "To be frank, I still want George as my husband, I just don't want sex with him anymore, but I just love sex and I'm happy to grab half an hour with you anytime we can – assuming you want to as well."

"If that was anything to go by, I can't wait for the next free half hour." I replied

We both got dressed and Chris left to walk home, which was only a couple of streets away.

She said she would ring as soon as possible to arrange another time.

I didn't realise just how soon that would be.

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