tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Friend Gets an Eyeful

Our Friend Gets an Eyeful


This story reads perfectly well on its own, but if you want some background color, read 'Nude Hikes at the Beach' first. Both stories are true and part of my series of memoires about Gina and I. This all happened pretty much as I have written, but who can remember every word and detail. Please enjoy this little peak into our past. As always, many thanks to barefootgirl69 for her thoughtful edit of this story.


Ron was the kind of guy that most people liked, but Gina and I really loved him. He was an acquired taste for some, because he was a little manic and off the wall but, just the same, he was a good person to call a friend. I always described him as a hippie that never escaped the sixties, forever trapped in his pot-induced daze. He was a philosopher and dreamer but, most of all, he was a fanatic about music and good sound. His collection of vinyl and DVDs was vast, and his audio system was beyond compare.

We had known Ron for more than nine years when the events of this story took place. A frequent visitor to our home, the two of us were enormously fond of him. He was like a brother and confidant to both of us. There were few who knew more about us, individually, or as a couple.

One day, he and I were sitting on the couch in the living room and Gina came over to offer some snacks. She was wearing high-cut shorts and a loose fitting top. She bent over to offer us the food and, as she did, her top fell open. We couldn't see everything but we did get a revealing view of her full 'C' cup tits.

"Oh, I'm liking this view," I said to Ron. "How about you, buddy?"

"Mighty fine," he agreed, "never seen better."

Gina didn't click at first but then she checked herself out. "Oops, oh what the hell, you're like family," she said.

"Wow, thanks," Ron chuckled, "what else does this family get to see?"

"Yeah," I agreed. "What else have you got for us in there?"

"Well, if YOU don't know by now, I guess there's no hope. Maybe I do need a new admirer? Just the same, I'm sure Ron had lots of opportunity to see me over the years."

"Like when?" he asked, "I'd sure like to remember that."

"Here, have some more food then," she offered, leaning over more deeply and offering a better view.

This time we could see the nipple on her right breast as well. She stayed motionless, letting us both enjoy the image. When she straightened up, she gave us both a sexy wink then sat in a chair facing us. She crossed her long sexy legs and my cock strained against my jeans, as I'm sure Ron's did.

"Boy, you're sure feeling frisky today. What's got into you?" I asked.

"Nothing," she said, "the two of you peeking down my top, got me feeling kind of sexy, I liked it. Judging by the bulges in your jeans, I think you liked it too."

"Well, I sure did," I said. "Show us some more. I'm sure Ron's curious to see some more as well. Right, Ron?"

"Whoa, man, what? Are you guys serious here? What's going on?" Ron said.

"Nothing, hon, we're just having some fun with you is all. Why would you want to see an old married lady like me, anyway?" Gina replied.

"OK, fun or not, let's get one thing straight. You're anything but some old married woman. Shit, you're the sexiest women I've ever known. Man, if you're offering, hell yeah, show me more."

We all laughed and then Gina got up and marched over to him.

"A complement like that deserves a reward, Ron."

She bent over once again, this time holding her top open with both hands. Ron and I got the full top view of both tits. With a Cheshire cat grin, she made her tits sway from side to side. She probably leaned in front of us for a solid minute.

"Holy fuck, they're amazing," he said. "You're driving me crazy, Gina."

"You know, I'll admit it, I always wondered what you looked like, who wouldn't? But shit, I never thought I'd get to see something like this. Thanks!"

"Why don't we go out back to the pool and enjoy the sun?" Gina suggested. "Did you bring your swimsuit Ron?"

"Sure, it's out in the car, I'll go get it. I'll meet you guys around back."

Meanwhile, we went to our room to change.

"What are you up to?" I asked her as we undressed.

"Nothing, really. Like you said, I'm just feeling frisky. Our nude walks on the beach have really opened up a new world for me. I love being looked at now but it's not as if I can do it with everyone. I love Ron and feel safe with him. These new sensations I'm feeling, the freedom and the thrill of exposing myself, they're both kind of intoxicating."

"Well, no complaints here. If anyone deserves a peak, it would have to be Ron. Are you aware he's always had a crush on you?"

"No! Really? Oh, you shouldn't have told me that."

"Well, you can show off all you want, but no sex please. I'm not sure I could handle that, at least not today."

"Are you crazy? Of course not, but I am going to show him a lot more now," she said. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."

I put on my trunks and sat back to enjoy the view of Gina putting on a sexy one-piece bathing suit. It was yellow and complemented her bronze skin and long blonde hair beautifully. The neckline plunged deep, showing off a lot of cleavage. The bottom was cut high above her hips, creating a long slender 'V' pointing to the treasure between her legs. It made her long slender legs look even longer, if that were possible. The material was whisper thin and very stretchy. My mouth watered as it formed around her labia, creating a luscious camel toe.

Our back deck was raised to meet the height of our above-ground pool. When we came out, Ron was down beside the deck changing into his swim trunks. Gina saw her chance and quickly skipped over to the edge for a look. He was just pulling down his underwear.

"Ooo, what's this," Gina laughed, "a little show for me now? Oh, you shouldn't have."

Ron was stunned, as he remained bent over looking up at her.

"Oh, come on, now," she said, "straighten up and let me see. Maybe I'll give you another show in return."

Ron finished removing his jockeys and stood up to face her. His expression was strained and he was clearly unsure of what was happening. He wasn't a big man at five foot, seven, with a lean and sinewy build. But he had a nice thick uncut cock, and as he stood naked before her, it hardened to a full erection. The head peeked out from under its little hood and his cock had to measure a good seven inches.

"OH, YEAH, that's it. That's what I wanted to see," Gina squealed wide-eyed. "Very nice, Ron, very nice indeed,"

"Can I put my trunks on now?"

"Sure, if you really want to," Gina toyed with him.

He fumbled nervously with his trunks as Gina continued to watch. Then he grabbed his clothes anxiously, climbed the stairs onto the deck and sat down beside me.

"I'm so sorry, hon," Gina said to Ron, "I hope you're not angry with me? All that stuff inside got me feeling uninhibited and maybe a little too turned on as well."

"No problem," he said, "I know what you mean. I got excited in front of you too, but you saw that. It was all in fun."

Our back yard was roomy with a number of fruit trees around the perimeter. It was very private and I always took skinny dips in those days. We often went naked to take in the sun or just lounge around. Our neighbours couldn't see us except for one, an old widower that Gina delighted in showing off to.

Gina laid out a towel on the deck. It crossed the front of our chairs, not too far from our feet. She stood at the right end facing away from us and stared out over the yard. Her fingers crept into the neckline of her suit and she pealed the top part down like an outer skin.

Turning halfway toward us, she got down on her knees. We watched her magnificent breasts in profile as they fell forward and hung as she lay down on her towel. Her tits pressed out from under her, bulging from her sides as she brought her arms up to cushion her head.

"That's going to be a funny looking tan," I told her, "You should have worn one of your string bikinis."

"You're right," she said, "what was I thinking. Would you peel the rest off for me please?"

"Really? You'll be naked." I said.

"You'd see just as much if I were wearing a thong." She said in a sleepy sexy tone. "Go ahead, take the rest off please. I'm sure Ron won't mind seeing my ass. Will you Ron?"

"Shit no, are you kidding? The more the better, as long as Rick's OK that is."

"Well, it's her body, isn't it? But I am the one doing the unveiling here, so I guess I'm fine with it," I said.

I straddled her at the knees and she raised her hips for me. I tucked my fingers under the material and tugged at her suit. Slowly I lowered it down, over her round, heart-shaped ass, then further down her legs and then off altogether. She was now utterly naked on the towel. I took hold of her ankles as I winked at Ron. I motioned for him to look in front of me as I raised her ankles and parted her legs.

"Rick, you're being very mischievous now," Gina complained. "Ron, I hope you can't see too much down there," subtly giving him permission to look.

Ron's eyes popped as we both got a clear view of her pussy from behind.

"Well, I think 'too much' is kind of relative, don't you. Too much for you might be awesome for me."

Nicely put, "You just keep racking up the points with me today, don't you? I think you like the way I reward you." Gina said.

The sexual tension was thick in the air now and what little conversation we had was brief and strained. I decided to take on the elephant in the room.

"What do you think about Gina, now?" I asked Ron as he jumped to look at me, like someone caught doing something wrong. "I mean, now that you can see everything, what do you think?"

"Oh, come on, Rick, that's not a fair question," Gina said, as she slowly rolled up onto her side facing us. "NOW, he can see everything."

Her breasts were in full view with their hard nipples and dark pink areolas. She slowly bent up one leg, resting the foot on the side of the other. Her clean-shaven pussy was displayed to perfection and her swollen lips were spread open. Ron was slack-jawed, as he glared at her naked figure from top to bottom. Over and over again he stared her up and down until, suddenly, he stopped and looked me.

"Go ahead and check her out," I said. "She obviously wants you to. I don't mind it either, she's magnificent and I'm proud of my beautiful wife."

"Oh, thank you, hon, I love you, too," Gina purred. "He's right, Ron, I am fine with you looking at me. In fact, I want you to, it makes me feel happy and sexy, as well."

I was so turned on, my heart was thumping in my chest. I truly loved watching Ron devour my wife's naked body.

"Damn, I don't know what to say," he said. "Is this something you've just gotten into? I mean, you've never done anything like this before, not with me anyway."

"Well, to tell the truth," she admitted, "we have been doing something different. We've being going to the nude beach around here and it turns out, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist," she giggled. "I just love exposing myself. Does that shock you?"

"I'm surprised, but if looking at you this way makes you happy, shit, I'm your happy guy, any time you want," Ron said.

Her head was propped up with one hand and the other was slowly working its way down the thigh of her bent leg, toward her pussy. We watched speechless as she shivered when her fingers made contact with her engorged pussy lips.

She rolled onto her back, bending both legs and spreading them wide, almost flat up against the deck. She began pleasuring herself with both hands, rubbing and smearing her juices everywhere. She raised a hand and tasted herself, as she seemed to float away, adrift on a sea of unrestrained desire. What started as a gift to Ron had become something altogether different, and she reveled in the deep, erotic nature of it.

I could smell her scent and I could hear the sound of her fingers roughly massaging juices around her pussy. Her breasts heaved as she breathed heavily, moaning and rolling from side to side. Her legs would jerk up uncontrollably, closing then reopening as multiple small orgasms shot through her body.

Ron's swimsuit had a big wet spot in the front, as he rubbed his cock from the outside.

"Fuck it," he said, and stood to drop his suit. He sat back down and grabbed hold of his cock as he stroked himself roughly. He kept his eyes glued to the forbidden show at his feet, devouring her form with his eyes. A moment later, I did the same as him, freeing my shaft and caressing it to a badly needed orgasm.

Gina was building to a huge orgasm of her own, and it hit her with a furious intensity. She bucked and rocked around at our feet, moaning and crying as she tried to contain the noise level. When it was over, she pushed herself up slowly to a sitting position and then watched Ron masturbate. His hand pumped at his cock so fast, it was almost a blur. He groaned as he spurt his seed all over his chest in thick, white, creamy discharges. Gina's eyes widened like an amazed child and she smiled from ear to ear.

We must have looked an odd site with Gina sitting naked on the towel and the two of us with our swim-trunks down below our knees. Both Ron and I were streaked with cum on our hands, chests and groins.

"Geez, that was insane," Gina smiled. "You know, I love your cock, Ron, you don't see nice, uncut ones that often. At least, I don't."

"Thanks Gina," he said, "I'm sorry, but I don't have words to describe how amazing you are to me. I still can't believe what I'm seeing."

"Those words will do just fine," she smiled warmly. "Why don't we all take a skinny dip and rinse off."

The water was cool and refreshing and it brought us all back to our senses. Isn't it funny how you'll do almost anything in the throes of passion but, afterward, those thoughts of 'what the fuck did I just do' kind of kick in.

"Well, that was pretty different," I said, "I don't know what to say, Ron, I don't think any of us intended for it to go that far. I'm sorry if we embarrassed you or made you feel awkward. I hope it won't affect our friendship."

"Fuck no! Are you crazy? You two are the best friends I've ever had. I love you two, and that was the most intense thing that's ever happened to me. I don't know why it happened, but I'll never regret it. Gina, you're the sexiest woman on the planet and I'll think of you every time I masturbate."

"Ooo, those are pretty good words, too, that's so nice of you, hon. One thing though, I hope you understand that this is as far as we will ever go? Even that was a little beyond, I think. Anything, more would be crossing a big line," Gina said.

"Oh, OK," Ron said. "Yeah... sure."

"Don't fret," Gina added, "this won't be the only time you see me naked, trust me. I love to be watched and I especially love the way YOU look at me." Then, she looked over at me. "And how do you feel about all this, Rick?"

"Like I told you before, if anyone deserves a good look at you, it's this guy. I was so super turned-on watching him rape you with his eyes. It was insanely erotic."

We swam a while longer and then got out and put our suits back on. I think none of us wanted to push things too far. We made supper on the BBQ and just sat and talked as we listened to some of Ron's rare, selected recordings. There was no discomfort between us, just close friends enjoying an evening together.

Ron was still in his swimsuit and sandals when he got up to leave that night.

"Just a minute," Gina said, "I've got something for you to take home." She ran down the hall to our room as Ron and I continued to talk.

A minute later she walked back up to us stark naked. "I thought you might like a fresh memory to use in bed tonight. That, and a nice big naked hug."

He was overjoyed and jumped at the opportunity, pressing her tits hard up against his shirtless chest. Then, realizing what he'd done, he kissed her on the cheek.

"I still can't believe this," He shook his head and smiled at both of us, then he left.

That night in bed, Gina and I relived every detail of the afternoon as we talked and watched each other masturbate.

"So, what happens now?" I asked her, running my hand slowly up and down my shaft.

"I don't know. I love what happened and I definitely want to repeat it, but it's a little frightening," she said. "We're baring so much emotion and desire with him. I can't help feeling this could be dangerous, and that maybe we're taking advantage of him."

"I see what you mean. Things could easily get out of control. He does have real affection for you. But as for taking advantage of him, there's no way he's getting into your pussy. Maybe if you gave him a hand job or something?"

"MMmm, I'd like that, but that starts us a slippery slope," she said. "Naked show today, hand-job tomorrow, then a blowjob..."

"OK, OK, I get it. Maybe we talk to him then, see what he thinks?

"Yeah, that's the only real way to figure this out. Boy, that sure was a mood killer."

I let go of my cock and cupped her breast. We kissed deeply as she felt for my cock and wrapped her fingers around the shaft.

"That's better. Now get down between my legs and make yourself useful," she ordered. "I want to feel that talented mouth make me cum."

I did as I was told and delivered a solid 'Richter 9' climax. Then I pounded her velvety pussy, late into the night.

The following weekend Ron was due to drop by again for dinner. Gina and I hadn't talked much more over the week, so neither of us really knew what might happen next.

Shortly after noon, Ron pulled into our driveway then pulled a box out of his car. Normally, be brought treats and selected recordings that he grudgingly played on my sub-standard system. Today, there were a few other things in the box as well, one of them being a Polaroid camera.

"What's this for?" Gina asked.

"Well... I was kind of hoping to take some shots of you later. You know, to help me at home... when I'm alone?"

She looked further into the box and was flabbergasted. There were also a few sex toys in there, dildos, vibrators and butt plugs.

"RICK!!" she called out to me.

"What's up?" I said entering the room.

"Remember our conversation last week? Well, I think we got it all wrong. It may be the other way around," she said.

"What do you mean, were you talking about me? Have I done something wrong? Ron began to jabber.

I looked in the box and had to smile. "Are you serious man? I mean, look at all this shit. Were you seriously expecting to take pictures of Gina using this? You know, I've never seen her do stuff like that, and you sure as hell aren't beating me to it!"

Ron became all flustered and upset. "Hey, man, please, let me explain, it's not like that. Well... maybe a little... but let me explain."

Now you need to understand that this was RON. Remember, the perpetually stoned hippie from the sixties? He started explaining from the beginning.

"Last week I was home and, man, I was still so turned on from what we did together. I started to think, wow, what if I had a few snaps of Gina, now that would make jerking off a lot more fun, wouldn't it? But then I thought, shit, you can't get pictures like that developed. Then I remembered my buddy, Jack, he's got the best Polaroid camera they make, so I slipped him a few bucks and he lent it to me."

"So you WERE planning on taking pictures of Gina," I butted in.

"Well... yeah, I guess, but let me finish. So I'm at home stroking myself and I start to think. Fuck, imagine if she were playing with toys. And the more I thought, the more I believed she would do it. So I went to a sex shop and bought all this stuff. It was only when I got back home that I realized how stupid and fucked up I was. There was no way it was going to happen, I was just in some kind of horny trance."

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