Our Friend Sam


"Have you seen Sam lately?" I asked Beth, my wife. We were getting ready for bed and chatting, as I crawled in pulling the covers over me.

"You know," Beth came out of the bathroom and slipping off her robe moved in beside me. "Now that you mention it I haven't seen him out walking his dog for the past few days."

Sam is a widower that lives about half way down the block from us. Other families on the block seem to come and go but we all are the longest residents. Sam and his wife had lived here for better than twenty years before we moved in and we have been here for almost thirty years. They had never had children, and as Beth and my parents lived a couple states away Sam and Martha had become the kids 'adopted' grandparents. Needless to say we considered them family too, and were shocked and saddened by Martha's death, so for the past year we had kept an eye on the old guy.

"Hmm, we've both been so busy the past few weeks I haven't taken the time to stop and see him either."

"I think I'll bake something tomorrow afternoon and take it down to him and maybe invite him for dinner sometime during the week. Is that ok?" Beth snuggled in beside me.

"That sounds like a good idea. My work schedule next week doesn't look to bad." I cradled Beth in my arm. "I know tomorrow is Saturday but I have to go into the office and put the finishing touches on that project. Hope you don't mind going down to Sam's by yourself."

"No that's fine," Beth paused. "I wonder if old people fuck? You know like did Sam give Martha a good lay before she died?"

"What?" Now there is a mental image!" Martha was what you would call 'large boned', but still she was an attractive lady, it was just the clothes she wore! She always wore black shoes and white socks; dresses that came down below her calves; gray/black hair braided up in a bun with a hair net; and her breasts reminded me of Dolly Parton. Sam on the other hand, was a good-looking gentleman about the same height as Martha, five-six or seven, and from those pictures had gained weight, as he grew older. The difference was he golfed a lot and never used a cart. Instead he walked the 18 holes two or three times a week, more in the last year following Martha's passing, so he stayed fairly trim.

I awoke to an empty bed and noticed it was almost ten o'clock! I hopped into the shower and got dressed, as I had wanted to get to the office early and get that project wrapped up. As I headed downstairs there was a mixture of smells coming from the kitchen and when I walked in I could see the reason, Beth had the slow cooker going and it smelled like a cake in the oven. She was wearing one of those halter type sundresses, you know the ones that tie around the neck then go into a dress. Over the top of that was an apron with leftovers of cooking ingredients.

I laughed, "Now if you don't look like Betty Crocker." I walked up behind her and gave her a quick kiss on the neck, while at the same time slipping my hands into the sides of the halter-top and caressing her braless breasts. "Hmmm, you don't feel like Betty Crocker. Better be careful you'll give old Sam a heart attack!"

Playfully she pushed me away. "Oh stop! It's hot here in the kitchen and besides he's seen me in this before. Now get out of here and get your project done."

Giving her a quick kiss I headed out to my truck.


Beth finished up and threw her apron over the chair, glancing in the mirror she noticed that the halter-top had loosened up and started to retie it. She took a moment to drop it and look at her naked breasts. 'Not bad for an old lady,' she thought to herself, 'Not as firm as they used to be but still a nice 'C' cup.' She stood for a few moments looking at herself and her mind went back to years previous. She and Jon had been married for five or six years and they had made friends with the young couple across the street. One thing had led to another and they had ended up having memorable times playing some 'adult games'. Looking at her reflection in the mirror the thought went through her mind that Jon might like to find a 'friendly' couple and enjoy some of those times again now that the kids were grown and gone. Her hand slipped down inside her dress and under the panties until she felt her wetness. Slowly she began to rub over her clit, thinking of the fun they had had. Shaking her head, she came back from her daydream, she'd get off later but right now she had to get these things down to Sam.

She retied the top and turned back and forth, making sure her breasts were snug in the top. Taking the crock-pot and cake she baked in hand she headed down the street. As she walked up Sam's driveway towards the backdoor she happened to glance in the window as she passed. Stopping short she backed up so she couldn't be seen from inside the house. Sam was sitting on his couch watching something on the TV, he was naked and holding his cock in his hand was stroking it. Beth glanced around to see if any of the other neighbors were watching her, and seeing no one she peered back in the window. Sam was engrossed in whatever was on the TV and she had to admire his body. Although he had a slight paunch he looked quite fit for a man in his seventies. The thick curly hair of his chest was snow white just as on his head. From what she could tell his cock wasn't much over six maybe seven inches but it was so thick! Her first thought was it looked as big around as her rolling pin, but that she knew was an exaggeration, but damn it was thick!

Not wanting to be noticed she moved up the driveway, then hesitated and wondered what she should do. Did she go in or just go back home and stop later? Finally she decided to go in quietly and put the things on the table then go back home and call in about half an hour. Slipping in the back door she set it all down on his kitchen table and forcing herself not to look in the window as she passed hurried back home.

When she got back she sat down at her kitchen table, with what she had just seen going through her mind. She could feel the wetness in her panties and pulling her dress up and opening her legs she pulled her panties to the side and ran the fingers of her other hand around the hardness of her small clit. Slowly her finger began circling it as she envisioned Sam's fist jacking his cock. 'Jon isn't going to believe this,' she thought to herself. Pushing two fingers into her pussy she continued to rub her clit feeling her juices begin to flow and her nipples stiffen. She felt her climax building as pictures of Sam's fist and cock went through her mind.

There was a knock on the back door. "Anybody home? Beth are you here?"

The knock and voice startled Beth and she jumped up. She recognized the voice as Sam's. "Y-Yes...yes...right here Sam!" Glancing quickly in the mirror she could see the flush on her face.

The door slammed on the backporch and Sam stepped into the kitchen doorway. "Hey young lady, I found the food on the table and saw you heading down the driveway."

"Hi Sam." She smiled. "We hadn't seen you for a few days and just wanted to make sure you were ok." She was still trying to calm her mind. "I didn't see you in your workshop and the house was quiet so I thought maybe you were out walking your dog, and I just left it on your kitchen table. I was just getting ready to call you..."

Sam smiled and sat down at the table. Beth noticed that she could see a slight bulge in his shorts and there was a small telltale wet spot. "No, I was in the livingroom and saw you going down the driveway..." He paused. "I didn't realize that I had left the curtains open."

"I didn't know...I mean...I didn't think," Beth stammered. The bulge! The wet spot! Her pussy was dripping! Her clit ached for relief! She had seen him jacking off! All these thoughts flew through her mind...She didn't know what to say!

Sam smiled up at her. "You got a couple beers in the fridge?"

"Ah, yes I...we do..." Beth grabbed two beers and slid one to Sam while sitting down in the chair across from him and popping the top took a long swallow. She knew her nipples were still pressing against her dress like two high beams and tried her best to position her arms to block his view.

Sam took a long pull of the Genny Light, set it down and quietly studied the bottle as he turned it round and round. Without looking up he spoke quietly. "Beth, I saw you when you came up the driveway...and...well...heard you come in the kitchen." He took another long swallow and continued, "Geez, this is kind of embarrassing..." Again he hesitated. "I really miss Martha, and I haven't been with anyone else for sixteen months now..." The words tumbled out of his mouth.

The sadness and anxiety showed in his eyes and tugged at Beth's heart. She wanted so much to go to him and give him a hug and tell him everything was all right, but she couldn't move. Instead she turned and opening the fridge grabbed another beer for him since she could see the first was empty.

"Thanks." Sam continued to stare at the bottle. "I just...I just..." Again the words tumbled out of him, "I love you folks...you're like family...and for you to see...to see."

Beth reached over and touched his hand softly while moving into the chair closer to him. "Sam, I'm sorry...I...I...didn't mean to...interrupt anything..." She could feel his hand tremble. "Jon and I love you too! Nothing is going to change that." She reached up and placing her fingers under his chin lifted his face so he was looking at her. "Everybody has needs...no matter what their age..."

"But...I...what...you saw...me...I mean..." Sam stammered and tried to look down, away from her eyes.

Beth stared straight into his eyes, not believing what was going through her mind. "Sam. Sam!" She lifted his head forcing him to look at her again. "It's OK! Honest!" He was looking at her. "Did you finish?" She couldn't believe she had said that! But her own needs were overtaking her better judgment.

Sam's eyes got wide and she could see tears forming in the corners, but did manage to shake his head no. Beth smiled and gently caressed his cheek. Carefully she laid her other hand between his thighs, finding the zipper slowly pulled it down, her eyes never leaving his. Reaching in she found his semi-erect cock and took it gently in her fingers.

His eyes were riveted to hers. She dropped her hand and found the snap of his shorts. Releasing his now hardening member he lifted his hips as she slid his shorts and boxers down over his knees. "Please don't think bad of me Sam, but I want to do this." Their eyes never leaving the others she stood and untying the halter-top let it fall, then reaching behind her she pulled the zipper down of the dress, and it fell at her feet.

Sam stared at her as she undressed. "I don't...I don't think bad of you..." It came out in a whisper. His eyes fell to her breasts. The areoles were pulled tight around the nipples forcing them to an almost painful hardness. He watched as she cupped them and gently ran her fingertips over the nipples.

Reaching forward she unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it back off his shoulders. She took in his naked body. Thick gray hair covered his chest and then trailed lightly down his belly and then thickened again at his thighs. His cock stood rigid among the white hair surrounding it. As Beth stood Sam lifted his hands and gently cradled her breasts, his touch was light as his thumbs brushed over her nipples. His eyes followed her hands as she hooked her fingers into her panties and pushed them down to join her crumpled dress that lay on the floor. "Sam, I want you to know that I did look through the window as I came up the driveway." Looking down at his hard cock a drop of precum glistened on the upright tip.

"I know, I wanted to stop but was emabarrassed. After you left I knew I had to talk to you... but I didn't think I would see this." Sam was staring at her naked slit that was just below his eye level. She took great care in keeping it trimmed, and Jon loved it. Light brown in color and not to thick, she trimmed just along the sides, above the slit, and then it tapered down between her thighs to where she kept it completely shaved. She parted her legs slightly and knew that Sam could see the moistness of her lips and that the outer lips would part exposing the inner pinkness. ""Oh how beautiful." Sam spoke in barely a whisper.

Beth moved closer and straddled Sam's legs. Reaching down she took his hard cock in her hand and lowered herself onto him. "Oh gawd! It's...it's so thick-k-k!" She stopped to become accustomed to the size. Jon was almost eight inches, which was probably at least an inch longer than Sam's, she thought to herself, but even as big around as Jon was it didn't compare to this! "Ohhh damn it fills me..."

"Beth it's been so long. It feels so good." His hands still gently caressing her breasts and sides. "We shouldn't be doing this though." He looked up into her eyes. "You know, Jon and everything..." Even with his doubts Beth could feel his pulse through his cock that she had now buried completely in her cunt.

"No, it's ok." She caressed his cheek softly. "A situation like this occurred years ago and Jon loved it. It never happened since, but he and I have dreamed about it. I'm sure he'll be quite excited when he finds out." She smiled and slowly rose off his cock and slid back down.

"Really? You're sure?" Beth nodded. Sam's eyes got big and his face got flush. "I'm sorry...I can't hold...It's been so long!"

"Go ahead, fill me." She felt his body tighten and his cock unleash its load. Continuing her slow movement she felt spurt after spurt of his thick cum filling her. There was no screaming climax just a type of calm release that Beth found exciting. "It's ok Sam, empty your balls and give me all your cum." Reaching down between her thighs she felt his cum leaking out and onto his still spasming balls. She brought her cum soaked fingers to her lips and licked them clean as he watched.

Sam watched her lick them clean. "Ugghh..." Gripping her hips he pulled her down tight against his thighs and she felt the last of his load squirt into her. Slowly his body relaxed and as Beth felt his cock soften she slid off his lap. "Oh my! Damn!"

Beth slipped to her knees and opening his thighs took his flaccid member in her mouth and licked his cock clean. Sam's hands fell to his side as she worked cleaning his balls and shaft. Taking the foreskin, of what she now saw uncircumcised cock, pulled it back and cleaned around the head. Slowly she licked tasting not only his cum but her juices also. Taking his flaccid prick fully in her mouth one last time she stood and gave Sam a quick kiss on the lips.

"I'll be right back." Hurrying to her bedroom she pulled on a pair of panties and threw on one of Jon's old t-shirts. Smiling to herself she thought of how surprised, and excited he would be when she told him of her afternoon. Quickly she brushed her hair and walked back to the kitchen.

Sam had pulled his clothes back on and was sitting sipping his beer. He looked over at her as she sat down and studied her quietly.

Beth became nervous under his steady gaze and began to wonder if she had overstepped her boundaries. "Sam, I'm sorry we shouldn't have done that. But when I looked through your window...and saw you...I'm sorry it was just so exciting. Then I came back and couldn't get it out of my mind, and was so excited." Beth stopped before she said anymore and put her hand on his. "I didn't mean to ruin our friendship. That's the one thing that Jon wouldn't forgive me for doing."

"Last things first Beth. No you haven't ruined our friendship, although I will look at you and Jon in a different way now. I apologize for ejaculating so quickly but it has been a long time and you are a beautiful woman..." Sam smiled for the first time, and Beth felt the relief flow through her. She nodded and Sam knew there would be other times. "I have a couple questions for you but first I feel I should tell you a few things about me," he paused, "and Martha."

"No Sam it isn't necessary..." Beth started but Sam quieted her by putting his fingers to her lips.

"Back about thirty-five, maybe forty years ago. It was in the mid to late 60's anyway. Martha was in a car accident and was laid up for six months. I was still working then and couldn't stay at home to care for her all the time. Her older sister, who never married, came and stayed at the house and cared for Martha."

"That would have been Marilyn, right?" I remembered many times of Martha speaking of an older sister, and although I had never met her I had seen pictures of her.

"Yes, you're correct. Today I worried at first about what was happening and what Jon would say, but when you mentioned that had done something of this type before it really helped to put my mind at ease..."

Beth didn't know where this conversation was going, but she felt comfortable and unthreatened here with Sam so she quickly decided to share with him. "It was quite by accident that we started sharing with another couple. You should remember Barry and Jean that lived across the street. It's been years since they moved..."

She could see Sam searching his memory. "Oh yes! He stood about 6'4" and looked like a linebacker...and she was so petite, only stood about five foot if I remember right."

"Yes," Beth giggled at his comparisons. "For the six months before they moved we got together quite regularly, matter of fact some of those weekends you and Martha babysat for us..."

Sam chuckled, "Martha and I always wondered. She always would say after you picked up the children that you looked as though you had gotten your eyeballs screwed out."

Beth laughed with him and found she was enjoying this conversation. Getting a couple more beers from the fridge she sat back down as Sam continued.

"Knowing this I want to tell you a little story." Sam leaned forward and gently put his hand on Beth's thigh. "Marilyn had been with us for a few weeks, caring for Martha, then one day I happened to come home early and got the shock of my life." Sam paused and with the thoughts of what he might say and his gentle touch on her thighs was making her lower belly begin to knot up. "There wasn't anyone downstairs so I headed up to our bedroom figuring Martha was resting. The door was part way open and what I saw before I walked in stopped me in my tracks. Martha was naked except for the cast on her arm and her leg and Marilyn was sitting between her thighs also naked. Marilyn was using two fingers on Martha's clit and asking if she was close to getting off..."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! "Oh my-y-y..." With Sam's soft continuous caress of my thigh my clit was erect and I had pushed my own fingers into the cleft of my thighs and was rubbing myself.

Sam couldn't help but notice and smiled. "I thought you would like my story, and I was hoping you would want to masturbate. I'm no good for the rest of today, but I would really love to see you have an orgasm." Lifting my hips I hiked my dress up and opening my thighs pulled my panties to the side and began playing with my clit and along my slit. His eyes never left my moving fingers as he continued. "Marilyn had her other hand between her own thighs and from the angle I was at I could see her pussy and her fingers pulling and caressing her clit. Martha's eyes were tightly closed and she nodded her head that she was close. I watched her sister bend over and close her mouth over Martha's clit.

"Umm...umm...umm..." My fingers were getting me close. Between the mental picture of Martha and her sister and seeing Sam watch me masturbate I was rapidly approaching my climax. It didn't help when every time I ran my fingers along my slit I felt his semen leaking from my still filled pussy. "Ohhhdamn..."

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