tagLoving WivesOur Guest Makes Three

Our Guest Makes Three


My wife and I had been enjoying a quiet evening at home together when we received a phone call from the son of one of our old friends. He had just arrived in town and needed a place to stay for a few days. All we can offer is a comfy couch I explained and he thanked me energetically and said he would be here in about an hour.

It was over 10 years since we had seen him. He was only a boy then but it would be interesting to hear the stories of his travels.

My wife answered the door to greet our guest and it was obvious from the expression on her face what she truly thought of this now very handsome young man in front of her. She was having difficulty trying to conceal her lust but it did not appear to be seen by Roger who was still thanking us profusely for giving him a place to stay. He explained he had been travelling for 3 years on a budget and it was great to have such a warm welcome.

When he came out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist my wife's jaw dropped as she took in the sight as he entered the lounge room where we were sitting discussing the events of the day.

As it was getting late, she asked if he was tired and wanted to retire. He apologised that he may be intruding and she explained we were about to go to bed and wished him a good night's sleep as she motioned to me to move to the bedroom.

We lay in bed caressing and I was looking forward to making love with her but her thoughts seemed to be elsewhere and she gave the feeble excuse that Roger might hear us. I offered to close the door to our bedroom but she asked me not to because she said it made the room stuffy.

After a little while she got up quietly and crept to the doorway and peeked around towards the lounge room where Roger would be sleeping. Did she hear something? It was a full moon and there was plenty of light in the house to see objects easily.

I watched her face to gather some indication of what she was up to. Her mouth opened in astonishment and eyes widened. I had to see what she was looking at so I quietly joined her at the doorway.

From the vantage point I could only see the back of the couch so I could not understand what she saw that caused her reaction. Then she pointed at the large mirror over the fireplace.

In the reflection was Roger laying naked in the moonlight streaming in from the bay windows. He had a terrific body and looked fantastic, but it was his hand stoking up and down his massive erection that obviously got my wife's attention.

While her gaze was firmly fixed on the large cock on our couch, I moved my hand from her waist and slipped it into her pyjamas to find a dripping pussy. For someone who wasn't interested in sex a few minutes ago she sure got aroused real quick. I hadn't seen her this hot in years.

She reached behind her and started massaging my cock which was now ready for some of her expert attention. She turned and kissed me and we hurried back to our bed, stripped off and attacked each other like a pair of newlyweds.

Obviously her concerns about Roger hearing us had disappeared because she was like an animal. She was moaning and groaning like there was no tomorrow. I pushed her back on the bed and entered her easily in one motion. She arched her back and after only a few stokes of my rock hard cock was screaming like a banshee. She screamed that she was coming and I followed her into climax as we noisily hit the heights of our passion.

I rolled off her and looked up into the night basking in the afterglow. That was definitely the best fuck I have had in years. I was surprised that she was so turned on by seeing Roger naked stroking his cock and wondered if I should be jealous, but decided that whatever produces fucks like that is ok with me.

After a few minutes she got out of bed again but this time stopped at the end of the bed then bent down to the floor. I could not see what she was doing so I was curious when she return to bed.

"Roger was standing at the doorway watching us fucking" she whispered to me.

"Did you see him?" I asked.

"No, but there is a puddle of cum on the floor in the doorway." she effused wide eyed.

"How do you know its cum?" I challenged with a hint of disbelief.

She then kissed me long and hard pushing her tongue into my mouth. It then hit me that the unique but familiar taste of cum was all over her lips and tongue. I was in shock and didn't respond immediately, trying to work out how I should feel about her licking his cum off the floor or that she chose to share it with me to prove her point. Should I be upset or aroused by the fact he had been watching us fuck? She broke my thoughts when her mouth wrapped around my very hard cock. Why was it hard? I had just had a massive orgasm and now I'm hard again. My head was spinning. She then slips off the bed again then jumps back up and gave me another cum-filled kiss as her hand grabbed my cock and continued stroking it. I almost came right then.

She climbed on top of me and placed her dribbling pussy over my lips. As if I hadn't tasted enough cum already that night. Her hot mouth on my cock encouraged me to lick her to another massive orgasm as I filled her mouth with my second load for the night. We shared that load in a very passionate kiss as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke thinking I must have been dreaming last night, but when my wife came out of the shower and said she was going to cook Roger and I a hot breakfast, I knew at least some of it was true. After a quiet breakfast without a mention of last night my wife left for work and I did the same soon after. Roger had already accepted my wife's offer of a home-cooked dinner at 6.

I was aroused all day thinking of what transpired last night and very happy with how creative and sensual my wife had been. If I ever imagined it would be so easy to get her off with such force, then I would have hired a young gardener or house boy years ago.

I wrapped up my work early to make sure I would be home well before 6. I was not ready for what I saw when I entered the lounge room though. Roger was standing naked with my wife on her knees sucking on his cock. I must have had a look of shock on my face.

"Don't just stand there gawking, get your clothes off and give me another cock to suck." she commanded. Roger was standing there proud with a big grin on his face.

I could never resist a good cock sucking so I hurriedly stripped and stood beside Roger with my cock as hard as a rock ready for my turn. She sucked us slowly with her expert technique displayed on each of our faces.

Watching her suck his cock was very arousing for me. It was a very different sensation to be standing there with a throbbing erection while she slid his impressive penis in her mouth. It was only now that I realised how much bigger it was than mine and how beautiful it was. I had never thought I would think this of another man's cock but it really was a beauty.

This whole scene was starting to get to me and I was getting close to shooting when my wife grabbed my arm and motioned for me to lean over like she had something to say to me. I bent over and put my face close to hers and as I did she released his cock from her mouth. It jerked upwards and the tip made contact with my lips. What surprised me more was the look on her face. Her eyes widened like she had won the lotto. A loud moan escaped her now open mouth. I didn't think to move but did notice how it affected her so I just stayed there with his throbbing cock just millimetres from my mouth.

I knelt down and looked into her eyes and without a word snaked my tongue out and licked seductively around the head of his beautiful cock. She groaned again and looked like she would pass out. I wasn't thinking of this as me sucking his cock, I was engaged in teasing her with a never seen lust and depravity which had the potential to produce the best orgasm of her life.

As I licked up and down the shaft and over the head I had the opportunity to study his cock up close. This was the first time I had been so close to another man's erection let alone lick one. The head was much bigger than mine and quite pronounced compared with the slightly upward curved shaft. The veined shaft made it an impressive specimen and I could not fault my wife for wanting to get up close and personal with it.

She was moaning uncontrollably now with one hand rubbing her clit furiously as I teased her with my tongue bath of his cock.

Then she started. "That is so fucking filthy you dirty bastard. You are going to make me cum so bad." "Suck it properly and show me how much you want to see me come." she demanded.

I wasn't sure that's what I wanted but I sure wanted to see her cream herself so I opened my mouth seductively and took the head of his cock in my mouth looking her straight in the eyes as I did. I was overcome by a lust that I did not recognise. The smooth texture, the warmth, the taste, I was amazed that it was way better than I expected.

I started taking more and more into my mouth, sucking, slipping it in as far as I could then back out. I then felt Roger's hand behind my head and he starting pumping my mouth. I didn't expect this but I soon lost my attention to it when my wife increased her tirade of moans, groans and obscene commands.

"Suck his cock you dirty bastard."

"His cock looks so good fucking your mouth, you are going to make me cum you filthy cock-sucker."

I could hear her hand furiously pumping her sloppy pussy and clit and she was writhing all over the place. I had never seen anything like it.

Then she screamed so loud that she was cuming and I put all my effort into sucking Roger's cock with even more gusto to push her orgasm to the limit. Her scream was joined by that of Roger as they climaxed together. I felt a huge rush as they reached their orgasm and I truly felt their orgasms flow through me. I was so busy trying to get my wife over the edge that I forgot about what would happen when Roger orgasmed. My mouth was filled with hot sperm at a speed that I was not prepared for. She was still groaning in orgasm so I just held his head in my mouth and let it fill me with his hot cum.

I swallowed as I looked into her eyes and her eyes rolled back and she collapsed back on the carpet. My god that was so strong she fainted. As I pondered how well I had done to help produce such an orgasm for her it I realised the taste of cum in my mouth and that my lips were still firmly locked around his softening cock.

As his fabulous cock head popped from my mouth Roger could no longer stand and collapsed on the floor also.

I was spent and looked down at my untouched cock to see cum hanging from the head and a long puddle on the carpet starting from where I was kneeling. No wonder I felt their orgasm surge through me because I actually came from sucking his cock and not even touching my cock. That thought alone sent a warm glow deep from within my being and made my cock twitch and more cum ooze from the head. What a rush.

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Nothing but creamy stuff

Just like to say my wife invited me to help her as she sucked one . Finger told me to get down on it or leave! She had him cumming down my throat after only a minute or two. She loves me sucking cock!more...

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