tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOur Lady's School for Girls Ch. 01

Our Lady's School for Girls Ch. 01


Hailey's knees went weak, on hearing where she would be going. She thought she had put that place behind her. Some of her victims would still be there and she was certain they wouldn't be terribly forgiving. Her thoughts went back to what had happened, what had led to this day.

Hailey's mother had been a single mother, her father had died before she was even born. She'd taken cleaning jobs at various places over the years, the last one had been at a place called Our Lady's School for Girls. They had been given a small set of rooms on the grounds of the prestigious and secretive boarding school and her mother told her time and time again that it was the best job she had ever gotten. You would expect the girls at such a school to be utter snobs, but they even treated a cleaning lady with respect.

Hailey was nineteen. She had left school early and no one was more relieved than she was to have gotten out. Hailey and school never seemed to mix. She had gotten a part time job in the nearby village library, a job that gave her plenty of time to do anything but work. With her mother holed up at the school much of the time, she could get up to whatever she wanted. Sometimes, when she would walk home with a boy and a smoke in her hands, she would catch glimpses of girls looking down at her from the windows of the school. She would always make sure to put on a good show and give the boy a kiss, she knew none of the girls in the school had any sort of a sex life. They all seemed far too involved in school activities.

That job ended abruptly, after eight months, when Hailey and her latest man...it would be best to start at the beginning.

Daniel was so handsome and cute. He had black hair and somehow managed to strike a balance between having the best clothes, but not looking like he put any effort into it. He drank, smoke, partied, did all the usual fun things. He said he had connections in the modelling industry and would get her a job as a model...but only after she did a few things for him. Fair was fair, after all.

One of those tasks was to go to the parties with him and make him look good. That was an easy job. Even a soaked cat could make him look good. Many of the parties they went to were dungy; they were in abandoned buildings and such. Daniel would often meet one or two people at the party, giving a package and getting another one in return. Hailey was smart enough not to ask about it.

The second task was to sneak him and his friends into the back rooms at the library, the ones usually reserved for study. They were sound-proofed and people who needed privacy paid money to rent them. She lost count of how often she would get distracted and stay with them, Daniel would get excited and would bang her on one of the tables.

One day, Daniel had a task of a different nature for her. She had to make sure she was hearing right. She spoke carefully, while leaning against the wall behind the library one night. "So, you want me to get my Mum's keys, so I can get into this girl's room and plant one of your packages? Why?"

"I knew her from this other place we lived in. We were a thing then. But I broke it off with her because she was fucking crazy. She must have followed me here because she suddenly appeared in the school, I've seen her there when I've walked past. I want to send the message that she's old news and I've moved on. What better way than to have my new girl do it, huh?" He flashed his smooth smile, it always turned her legs to jelly at the sight of it, "If you can do this, you'd have the guts to take whatever comes your way as a model. I'd even be able to get you an interview in a month."

That had Hailey convinced. She was sending a message and securing her place in his life. That night, when her mother had collapsed into bed to sleep, Hailey borrowed her keys and headed off into the dorms. She was looking for room 34. She didn't know who the girl was, she didn't need to ask. She hid the package in a place where even the girl wouldn't be able to find it...Hailey wasn't sure why she was doing that. She couldn't see much of the room in the dark, she could just make out shapes and she wedged the package between the wall and the shelves right next to the door. Daniel reassured her this was a multi-step plan and it would all make sense when it came together. The package was box-shaped, and she had no way of knowing what was in it.

As it turned out, Daniel had several packages he wanted Hailey to deliver. Each time, she would manage to hide them and get the keys back to her mother without anyone waking. She nearly burst into giggles sometimes, thinking of how she could so easily do this. Perhaps she should have asked more questions, but she still didn't doubt that she made the right choice to this day.

The teachers at the school had cubby holes in the staff room. It allowed them to send and receive messages without involving the students. The last package to be delivered had a note attached to it that read, "To be delivered to room 34. Do NOT let anyone see this." Hailey wasted quite a while turning the package over in her hands, reading that message several times, wondering and wondering what the point was. She placed it in the cubby hole of a random teacher and went back to return the keys to her Mum.

The following day, pandemonium had broken out in the school. Even from her mother's rooms, she could hear doors slamming, girls crying and shouting, teachers lecturing. Hailey was curious as to what was going on, was it connected to her deliveries? The school would never involve the cleaning lady's daughter in it's matters, so she had no way of knowing what was going on. Listening to the drama sure was fun though; it made the place seem lively for once.

You could imagine Hailey's surprise when she was asked to report to the headmaster's office. She was even more surprised when she saw Daniel sitting in there! Daniel murmured to her, as she sat down, to let him do all the talking. This was all part of his plan. Were it not for Daniel's confidence, she would have felt a little intimidated by the headmaster, Professor Davidson.

Professor Davidson was very much the stuffy no-nonsense person you would expect to be leading a snobby private school. He wore a three-piece tweed suit, brown with a black vest and red tie. His blonde hair was perfectly trimmed and his shoes were polished to a sheen that he could see his own reflection in. His eyes were a bluish-grey; they looked cold and demanding. His face looked like it didn't smile all that often. Hailey jokingly told Daniel afterwards that he looked like he had a permanent stick up his ass.

"Honestly, I am very surprised to have had this happen, but I felt I should give you a chance to explain yourselves, before I took action." Professor Davidson started, from behind his large desk. "Would you care to explain how my students got hold of your contraband? Vibrators, dildos, lubricants, filthy books...they don't deserve further elaboration. Having such items in their rooms is a very serious matter and we only found them all after we did a school-wide inspection."

Daniel smiled and leaned back in his chair with ease, "I'm sorry Professor, I didn't know they weren't allowed. I don't tend to ask those sorts of questions when a customer wants to buy from me. Hailey simply delivered what they asked for."

"I see." The professor started writing this down, before looking up at Daniel again, "The girls claim they had no knowledge of these items. They said they must have been planted there. Some even got very upset at being accused. What do you say about that?"

"Well Professor, would you want to confess to having contraband hidden in your room if you didn't want to be punished? The fact that they were hidden suggests the girls knew about them and were trying to keep them secret. I can give you this reassurance, however; Hailey and I will never sell to anyone in your school again. We have to make a living somehow, especially in a small village, but we have standards too."

Professor Davidson spent a couple of minutes writing this down. Hailey was starting to get nervous at how long he was taking. What would her mother think, if this guy didn't believe Daniel? But she wasn't kept in suspense very long. The professor smiled, when he finished, "Thank you for answering so willingly. I appreciate your promise and I won't take up any more of your time."

"What a gullible idiot! He bought it hook, line and sinker!" smirked Daniel. After that though, the girls knew Hailey and Daniel had been the ones who did it. The hateful glares Hailey got from the girls each day made her skin crawl. She would smile smugly at them and carry on with her day. Her smile widened even more after her mother explained the girls had severe and ongoing punishments for what had happened. Seeing as her mother didn't agree with corporal punishment, she didn't elaborate much on it. She had never struck Hailey and she didn't see how such a punishment would help the students at the school either. But what would a cleaning lady know?

A couple of weeks after that, her mother had decided to move on to another job. This meant moving again, moving away from Daniel. Daniel promised he would call her, come see her and all that. He said he was talking to his friend about the modelling and he would come get her as soon as it was ready. But as the weeks went by and she settled into her new home, she never heard from him.

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