tagGroup SexOur Lazy Day on the River

Our Lazy Day on the River


Dave invited me to join him and some others on a rafting trip down the Delaware River. After asking some questions, I agreed to accompany him. I met Dave early Sat. morning and we drove together to the raft rental place. It turned out that we were joining a group of about 30 friends, relatives and casual acquaintances. Included in the party were two of Dave’s brothers, his best friend, and a sister. It was a warm, sunny day so before we left, I decided against bringing my backpack that contained a warm sweatshirt and long pants.

We split up between large rafts holding 6 – 10 people, canoes and truck inner tubes. The rafts also held tents, sleeping bags, clothes, food and a large number of coolers containing beer, wine and other beverages. I selected an inner tube to start and paddled out to the middle of the river. There was much laughter as we all congregated together to start the journey. Before we all hooked up, both canoes had turned over and several inner tubes had flipped, some intentional some with help. We started to float down the river. It quickly became clear that in addition to sun and water, this was a floating party. Drinks were handed out, portable stereos were powered up and music was started.

I had never done this before, so Dave stayed close to me for several minutes to make sure I was OK before moving over near one of the rafts. He cleverly hooked a foot to the raft and floated lazily down the river. Dave’s younger brother Kevin paddled over and we struck up an easy conversation. We talked about school, he was a junior in college, and I had graduated last spring. Kevin was on a lacrosse scholarship and University of Virginia and talked about lacrosse. I was born and raised in Canada and had never seen or heard about the sport.

As we talked, I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom. Not knowing how to deal with it, I just held it. As time went on, I became increasingly uncomfortable until finally I had to go. I asked Kevin how I could go pee. He laughed at the question and then told me to jump out of the tube and go in the water. He paddled over and held my tube as I jumped into the river and with a sigh of relief, took care of business. When I was done, I paddled back to the inner tube and tried unsuccessfully to climb back onto the tube. After several failed attempts, Kevin suggested we move to shallower water. He paddled over near a bank and I tried again. No success. After several more attempts, Kevin slid out of his tube and wrapped his hands around my waist and lifted me onto the tube. His strength was incredible! I thanked him and complimented him on his strength. We rejoined the party and Kevin regaled everyone with my ineptitude. I laughed along with everyone else.

We continued down the river until midday. We all pulled over to a beach and lunch was prepared on grills provided by the Forest Service. All demolished hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs and salads. I sat next to Dave’s sister and we got to know each other. As lunch was cleaned up and the rafts were reloaded, Mary told me she was going to take off her shirt and shorts and load them into her bag. She suggested I do the same. I had noticed that most people had taken off clothes as the day went on. Most guys were shirtless and most of the girls were only wearing bathing suits or suits with shorts. I decided to join Mary and took off my shirt and shorts.

We helped each other apply suntan lotion and continued our journey. As we started out, Mary another girl named Moisha and I ended up together. We chatted and basically had a great time. Periodically, one of us would paddle over to the raft and re-provision beverages. I noticed my bikini was getting a lot of attention. Moisha was also wearing a bikini and she dryly commented that we were attracting a lot of attention. I excused myself told Moisha and Mary I was going to paddle over by Dave. As I paddled over by Dave, I felt really hot and decided to take a swim. I invited Dave to join me. Dave agreed. He jumped out of the raft and swam over by me. He pushed my inner tube over onto a flat rock and then we swam around. When we were done, we climbed up on the rock and spent a few moments relaxing. The rest of the group had disappeared and we enjoyed the quiet. Dave slid over by me and began kissing my neck. His caresses quickly became more sexually oriented as his hands cupping my breasts and caressing them supplemented his kisses.

I leaned back into Dave and enjoyed his caresses. I was a little nervous that someone would come along and see us but I figured if I kept an eye open we would be OK. Dave’s fingers quickly worked their magic on my breasts and before I knew it, my hard nipples were sending shivers down to my pussy and I could feel myself getting wet. Dave’s hands were now wandering under my bikini and I sat up and removed my top. As I did that, I noticed that Dave had a very noticeable erection. I decided to see how far Dave would go. I reached toward him and pulled his penis out of his suit. I leaned forward and began to place kisses on the head of his penis. Dave began asking me to suck him. With a quick look upstream to make sure we were still alone, I slid my mouth down and wrapped my lips around his penis and began to slide my mouth up and down.

After a minute or so, I slid his suit off and really went to town. Within minutes, Dave was bucking his hips up and I knew he was going to come if I kept it up. Dave’s moans helped me decide and I continued to pump him with my hand as I worked the top of his shaft and crown with my swirling tongue. Dave’s moans became more frequent and he announced that he was going to come. I wrapped my lips around the crown of his penis and began to suck on the head while I continued to pump the shaft. Dave lost it and I felt him begin his orgasm. I swallowed greedily and made sure he was done before I let him out of my mouth. Dave thanked me for my efforts and asked me what I wanted.

By way of reply, I slid my bikini bottom down and told him I wanted him to suck on my clit until I came on his lips. With a smile, Dave moved down, parted my lips and sucked my hard clit into his mouth. With gentle pressure, his tongue circled my clit while his sucking lips caused my clit to throb with pleasure. He quickly had me humping up into his face as my orgasm neared.

With a final thrust of my hips and a very sexy moan, my orgasm began. Dave made sure he kept up the caresses until I pushed his tongue away from my clit. After a few moments of recovery, we pulled on our suits, jumped in the inner tube and began paddling to catch up. As we paddled back, Dave commented that I had that “I’ve just been laid look." I told him that it was an “I’ve just been licked look.” He laughed and said it was the same look.

Over the next half-hour we continued to catch up to the group. During that time, Dave took any opportunity to caress my breasts and pussy. By the time we caught up to the group, he had me all fired up again. With a final grope and a wink, Dave slid off the inner tube and swam back to the raft and climbed aboard. I paddled over and took a wine cooler and then moved away from the raft. As I tried to cool down, Kevin paddled over to join me. A few minutes later, Moisha joined us. Moisha made a sly comment about my disappearance and Kevin joined in. We teased each other for a while.

Moisha asked me how long I had been dating Dave and I replied that we had been seeing each other for about six months. Moisha then told me that she had dated Dave several years ago. With Kevin listening quietly, we exchanged some very flattering opinions of Dave. Near the end, Kevin splashed water on us to cool us down and this then resulted in a water war where Moisha and I soaked Kevin. Kevin retaliated by turning Moisha and I over off our inner tubes. We continued our war, splashing and laughing until all of us were exhausted.

One of our inner tubes had disappeared, so we gave Moisha one and she paddled off while Kevin helped me back into mine. Once again, I was impressed by his strength as he lifted me up onto the inner tube. I was also very impressed by the hard penis I felt against my ass as he lifted me up. Kevin wrapped his arms around the tube and navigated us out to the middle of the river. I slyly told Kevin that I had felt his hard penis when he lifted me up. Kevin replied that he found me very sexy and was really turned on. He told me if I weren’t dating his brother he would be making a pass at me. I smiled at him and told him I found him very sexy and he turned me on too.

There wasn’t really anything more to say. Kevin obviously wasn’t going to horn in on me. I decided that I would be willing to seduce Kevin if I could figure out a way to get away with it. I invited Kevin to join me up on the inner tube since it didn’t seem fair that he had to swim. He replied that he would rather stay cool in the water. I decided to join him and warned him I was going to jump off the inner tube. With fair warning, I jumped out. We paddled together until we caught up with the group that had stopped on a beach to take a break.

As we moved out of the water, I looked over and saw that Kevin still had an erection. We sat down together on the beach. Before others joined us, I wrapped my arms around Kevin’s neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for rescuing me. Mary, Moisha, Dave and a guy named Tom joined us as we took a break. I asked if we were stopping here for the day. Tom replied that we needed to go another 5 – 6 miles to a place that allowed overnight camping. We chatted about the weather and how much fun we were all having. We all laughed at my inner tube dysfunction since Dave had to ask how I lost my inner tube.

I replied that I didn’t lose my inner tube but Tom replied that it was mine since they all had numbers and it was mine they had recovered. Moisha came to my defense by telling of our water war with Kevin. I gave her a thank you smile. Tom offered Dave and I a canoe if we wanted. Dave looked at me but I told him I was happy with an inner tube. Moisha volunteered to join Dave in the canoe if he wanted. Dave agreed.

A short time later, the group headed back out. The cool water was a welcome relief from the heat. Instead of getting on the inner tube, I paddled behind it enjoying the coolness against my skin. Kevin and Mary paddled along by me. We continued laughing and telling stories as we paddled along. After a while, I decided I’d had enough water and once again tried to climb on the inner tube by myself. Several attempts later, I was still no closer to getting out of the water. I told Kevin and Mary I was going to head to shore and climb on. Kevin volunteered to wait for me. Mary paddled away laughing. I moved over to the shore and climbed into my inner tube. I then paddled back to Kevin and we resumed our trip.

We hooked our legs together and floated down the river together. Along the way, we passed Dave and Moisha who were swimming together along with several others. We were invited to join in but we had just opened drinks and decided to continue floating. I felt a developing level of sexual electricity between Kevin and I that I needed to initiate something. With that in mind, I changed my position in the inner tube so I looked down my body at Kevin. My leg was hooked into his tube while his arm was wrapped around my tube. I told him how much I was enjoying spending the day with him. He agreed. I began to rub my toes along his arm playfully.

When he looked at me quizzically, I just smiled and continued to rub his arm with my toes. I was being pretty blatant and waited for his reply. When he didn’t stop me, I decided to become even more blatant. I asked him to hold my tube so I could pee. I slid out and swam away a few feet from my tube. I then returned and wrapped my arm around his tube. I reached my inside arm under the tube and put my hand on his thigh. When he didn’t object, I slid my hand up and cupped his crotch. I looked at him directly and asked him if he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He replied that he did. With that said, I slid my hand under his suit and wrapped my hands around him.

He began to swell quickly and within moments he was fully erect. At the risk of being a total slut, Kevin was bigger than Dave, much bigger. I shivered at the thought of having this big penis inside me. Knowing that Dave was behind me and at some point would catch up presented an obstacle that required a creative solution. As I continued to pump Kevin, I told him I wanted him to fuck me. I told him I had an idea but would need his help. When I explained my idea, Kevin suggested a modification that made sense, and within minutes, Kevin was stroking his hard on along my wet slit underwater. I had his shorts and my bottoms tucked under my bikini strap and we were both resting in our inner tubes with our lower torsos joined beneath the water.

With my legs wrapped around Kevin’s waist, we were ready for action. With some limber gymnastics, I maneuvered my hips to line Kevin up and he slowly slid the head into me. It felt great. As Kevin began to slide further into me, I leaned back as his length began to fill me up. Each stroke brought him deeper inside me, filling me up and creating an incredible friction as he slid in and out of me. Our position prevented him from really pumping into me; rather we were slowly grinding our pelvises together.

We wave and smile as Dave and Moisha paddle by and I wonder what they would think if they could see my hips wrapped around Kevin’s waist with his penis buried in me. The whole thing is incredibly erotic. Kevin’s’ strokes have my clitoris sending electric jolts with each slow thrust. Sexual tension builds as I continue to slowly slide Kevin in and out of me. I look at him and find his eyes closed. I ask him if he is OK. He opens his eyes and tells me that it feels very sexy. We smile at each other. Another couple passes us and we wave to them as our hips continue to dance together. I feel an orgasm nearing and I tell Kevin that it is coming. He continues to lazily thrust his length into me. I feel my orgasm begin and my pussy begins to spasm. My breasts tighten as I come. I try not to moan but a small moan escapes my lips.

As my orgasm wanes, I look over and find Kevin smiling at me as his hips continue to thrust into me. I see stars in my eyes, and I luxuriate in the feel of his hard penis continuing to thrust into me. I ask him if he will come as we continue to fuck. He replies that it feels really good and he is not ready to come yet. My hips are sore so I ask him if we can move over by the shore and change positions. He nods his head yes. We separate from each other and paddle over by the shore. I slide out of my tube and feel Kevin move behind me. I bend over my tube as he reenters me.

My pussy is very wet from my orgasm and I shiver as he fills me up. Kevin hands me his tube and with an arm in each, his hands are now free to caress my breasts and hot clit as his strokes begin to speed up. His thrusts quicken as I feel him begin to swell inside me. His fingers are rubbing my clit as his other hand squeezes my turgid nipples. His breath begins to become ragged as he thrusts into me. I push back, returning his thrusts as my passion rekindles. His caresses on my swollen clit are pushing me towards another climax. Kevin’s thrusts speed up and with a final moan, I feel him spurt inside me.

His fingers rubbing my clit push me to another orgasm as his penis continues to spurt inside me. This climax is not as strong but the feeling of Kevin coming inside me makes it very satisfying. As we recover from our sex, we put clothing back on and with Kevin’s help I climb back on my tube. We lazily paddle back as my body luxuriates in the feelings of post orgasmic bliss. My clit continues to throb as we paddle together down the river. Neither Kevin nor I speak as we paddle. Alone with my thoughts, I revel in a blissful state of sexual satisfaction.

I spend the balance of the afternoon floating down the river with Moisha, Mary and Kevin. Other people join us for a while, and I meet a number of new people. We finally reach the camping place late in the afternoon. I help Dave, Kevin, Mary and a few others set up several tents for people to sleep in. Others begin to prepare dinner. After dinner, a large campfire is started. I ask Dave about sleeping arrangements and he tells me I can sleep where I want. I ask him where he is planning on sleeping. Dave replies that he, Kevin and Mary are going to sleep in one of the tents and invites me to join them. Moisha asks if there is room for her too. Dave replies that there will be. I tell Dave that I would like to join him in the tent. Later, Mary comes over and tells Dave that she is sleeping in a different tent. Dave teases her. While we were eating dinner we both noticed Mary making out with someone and I am happy for her. She is a nice person.

I lean over and whisper in Dave’s ear that with Mary not sleeping in our tent, there may be some interesting opportunities. I wiggle my tongue at him. I tell him that I am ready for bed and invite him to join me. Dave stands up and we go find our backpacks and sleeping sacks. We settle into our sleeping bags and cuddle together. Dave asks me if I had a good time and I reply that I did. As our hands start roaming over each other, Dave comments that I spent a lot of time with Kevin and Mary. I agree with him and tell him I enjoyed their company.

Before things can go much further, Kevin and Moisha enter the tent and prepare to bed down. I have my hands on Dave’s penis and continue to stroke him as Kevin and Moisha settle down. I am lying on my side facing Dave and we are both pretending to be asleep. As I continue to pump Dave’s hard penis, I feel Kevin’s hand casually touch my side. Shivers run down my spine. Kevin moves his hand up and inside the sleeping bag. To facilitate whatever he has in mind. I shift moving my head over by Dave’s chest and as a result sliding most of my body out of the sleeping bag and closer to Kevin. Kevin’s hands immediately move to take advantage as his fingers slide beneath my sleep shirt and begin caressing my thighs. I pull back Dave’s sleeping bag and move my head down to his penis. I take the head into my mouth and gently begin to suck it. Dave gasps in response. I playfully run my tongue around the crown of his penis as Kevin’s hands find their way to my already wet pussy.

He slides a finger along the length of my pussy and then slides a finger inside me. I begin to slide Dave’s penis into my mouth while one hand grasps the base and begins to pump his length. My mouth and hand meet in the middle of each stroke. Even though Kevin has only been caressing me for a few minutes, I have a small orgasm as I think about sucking Dave while his brother is caressing my pussy and neither of them aware of the other. I really need a hard penis in me. I move up and whisper in Dave’s ear that I am going to suck him while Kevin fucks me from behind. I tell Dave that while I was sucking him, Dave was playing with my pussy. I sit up and move over by Kevin and tell him I want him to fuck me from behind while I suck Dave.

Even though we are whispering, I have totally forgotten about Moisha being in the tent. As I move back to Dave and begin sucking his dick, Moisha tells us that she is really aroused listening to the sounds of sex and wants to join in. I tell her to come over by Dave as Kevin moves behind me and begins rubbing his big hard penis along my pussy. I hear Moisha move as Kevin begins to slide into me. I am really wet so he pushes easily into me with one stroke. I moan around Dave’s penis as I continue to suck on him. Kevin begins to withdraw as I see Moisha move over by Dave. She is naked and I notice that she is very lush with big breasts and a cute ass. She kneels down by Dave’s head and they begin to kiss. Dave’s hands quickly make their way to her breasts and I watch as he begins to caress her breasts and nipples.

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