tagGroup SexOur Little Duplex Ch. 03

Our Little Duplex Ch. 03


I hung up the phone after talking with my wife and sat for a moment. I wondered what she could be wearing. She had been getting more risqué, and I can only imagine what she might have chosen this week! I let my eyes wander down from her sexy dirty blond hair to her chest, here a dozen different covers appeared, my mind racing over all the things that I had bought her. 38c, I thought with the hottest nipples so small and puffy. Further down past her shapely hips and her chestnut brown pubic hair. She had so much see-through lingerie.

I worked at a fever pitch to get home. It seemed as though my work would never diminish. Finally I rushed to my car. I had probably missed an hour already and couldn't imagine what might be going on. A horny half naked woman left alone with two healthy young men! My wife had been teasing our tenants for months now. At night we would fuck like crazy and afterwards we would lay talking about how much they must want her. On some nights we would talk about them actually fucking her. We'd make up scenarios for how it would happen and almost always fucked again. The late from work scenario was one of them, and I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to act on it.

As I pulled in the driveway I could see the note on the door. I rushed to the door and grabbed the note.

-Hi Marc,

Remember all our fantasies? Well tonight I'm going for it. Please don't be mad, You are still my love and always will be, please come in and join us.

P.S. If we're not already doing it, please don't stop me from trying, I really want to.


She was doing it! My mind raced and my cock stiffened. I guess I didn't have much of a say at this point. I had helped allow it to get this far. I had fantasized about this a lot, but now it was happening. About the only thing I knew for sure...I wanted to be a part of it!

I opened the door and there on the couch was my wife on all fours. From where I was I could see her mouth stretched around Wyatt's dick. Her eyes were closed, and behind her Rob had his pelvis against her and was gyrating. Tammy was pushing back her own hips moving with him. As I walked in Tammy stopped.

"all at once." She said breathlessly, removing her mouth from Wyatt. She carefully withdrew from Rob and looked around thinking. Then she struck an idea. She lay Wyatt down and straddled him, then with Rob still standing at the end of the loveseat she wrapped her mouth around him, and settled onto Wyatt's cock. I could see Wyatt slide into her spreading her pussy open, and there above it was her asshole.

I was undressed in a matter of seconds, and quickly smeared my own pre-cum all over her anus. I hoped it would be enough as I began to push in. It was so tight! She grunted and gasped, but never stopped sucking on Rob. Being taller than her, I could see her slurping Rob's cock from above. Then when I finally bottomed out I could feel my balls resting on Wyatt's, this was a somewhat disturbing thought to me, and then I realized that through the thin wall separating her ass and pussy I could feel him grinding into her slowly. Then I realized how great it felt. Here I was in her ass, it was so tight and as though my motion wasn't enough it felt like her inner walls were moving to massage me further! I began to slowly grind.

Wyatt was continuing his tempo, and I could hear Rob softly saying 'Tammy yeah' as I watched my wife tongue and suck his cock. Then the strangest sensation yet, Wyatt came. I felt my wife move forward as he buried himself to the hilt, I felt her push back, and I buried myself and rode it out as his cock tensed over and over again I could feel it through her ass. Rob began to come just as Wyatt finished and I got a perfect view of my wife swallowing most of it. I began pumping gently again and soon lost control spraying one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had deep into my wife's behind. As I finished I felt her relax collapsing on Wyatt and I collapsed on her.

We lay for a few minutes as Rob sat on one of the chairs. I felt Wyatt slip out as he softened, my own cock growing more and more flaccid. I got up carefully pulling out of my wife's ass. Looking down, I could see Wyatt's dick covered in cum, and my wife both holes open slightly and dripping thin streams of white fluid onto Wyatt's crotch. I collapsed into the other easy chair. The room was silent for a while, finally my wife pulled herself to a standing position. She stood before us, naked, sweat glistened all over her. There was a smear of cum on her cheek, and some had dripped from her chin to her breast, she wiped it smearing it into the sweat. Between her legs her pubic hair stuck up in white caked tufts and there was cum running down her inner thigh. I began to get hard again.

"Not so fast, sailor." Tammy said. "I'm a little sore and wicked sensitive. Why don't you guys give me a half hour or so and then meet me upstairs." We all kind of nodded. With that Tammy turned and headed up on her own. The silence in the living room was super thick. Finally I took it upon myself to break it.

"I don't know if this is going to be a one time thing, or if she wants to keep doing this." I began, "But whatever we sit down and decide, I hope this won't make things fucked up, you guys have been good friends." they both kind of quietly nodded.

Upstairs the shower hadn't started, and didn't. Twenty minutes went by and we started up, me in the lead to check on Tammy. She was laying on our bed lightly touching herself. She had obviously cleaned up, and I spotted a wet facecloth on the nightstand. We approached her, again I led looking for a sign from her and we got one. Moaning and gyrating Tammy rolled onto her belly and crawled to the edge of the bed wrapping her lips around my already stiff cock. She pointed to Rob and then the bed. Rob lay down and she moved over to straddle him, taking him deep into her pussy.

Then she pointed to Wyatt and a tube of KY. Wyatt obediently coated his cock with lube and got behind her. This time I had a bird's eye view of my wife's already tender ass being spread by Wyatt's cock as she sucked me off. The thought occurred to me that I hadn't cleaned up after being in her ass, but I pushed it aside and enjoyed. For the second time tonight Tammy had three men inside her at once.

Not long after we all came, we passed out on the bed. We had been kind of laying in a tangled mess with Tammy cumsoaked on top. We had all been running our hands over her naked body. During the night I woke up to Wyatt fucking her again, Rob was still asleep and when Wyatt was done, I also fucked her. My dreams were lurid and sexual and it was noon the next time I woke up. Wyatt was gone, and my wife was sucking Rob's cock. she was on all fours and I could see the cum running out of her still stretched out pussy. I fucked her again, then got up to shower. When I got out Rob was also gone, and Tammy was asleep again. I headed downstairs for something to eat, wondering where this would lead.

-stay tuned to find out, also be sure to check other categories, because Tammy could turn up anywhere.

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