Our Little Secret


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Authors Note: This story is a work of fiction. It contains incestuous acts between siblings. One of the siblings is transgender. If either of these subjects is distasteful to the readers out there, please accept this as fair warning to read no further. With that said, to those brave enough and secure enough with their own sexuality to continue, I hope you enjoy this tale. All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my story.


Derek was surprised by the beautiful young brunette standing on his porch. Her long black hair was neatly braided, ending just above her narrow waist. He noticed that her blue eyes were the same shade as his own. The spaghetti strapped sun dress she wore accentuated her lovely breasts and long toned legs. She stood eye to eye with him in her platform sandal heels with a smile that was infectious. Dropping her bag at her feet, she hugged him before he could react; at least consciously. His cock sprang to life as this beautiful woman crushed her perky breasts into his chest. She then released him and took a step back.

"You must be Derek," she said in a bubbly tone.

"Yeah...Are you Alexandra?"

"Yep, but please call me Alex," she replied, "Only my grandma calls me Alexandra; usually when she's mad at me about something."

"Alex! You made it!" his father exclaimed, taking her in his arms.

Derek could see his mother standing close at hand eager to greet his half sister for the first time. From what he'd been told, Alexandra was his father's daughter from a previous marriage that lasted barely a year. Allen (his Dad) was young and got his High School sweet heart pregnant so they decided to get married. They were both attending the same college at the time and thought they could make it work. Unfortunately it didn't last. His father worked his way through school, paying tuition and child support. He met Derek's mother Cathy during his senior year and the two fell in love. They eloped and started their post graduate life in a new state after leaving Allen's home town of Chicago. Derek was born in sunny California barely a year after they said their vows and changed Cathy's career from fashion designer to stay-at-home mom. She didn't mind. She did some freelance work for a couple different companies during and after her pregnancy but was in no hurry to work full time now that they had a son.

"Hello Alex," Cathy hugged her 'new' daughter, "It's so good to finally meet you. Allen has told me so much about you. Derek, help Alex with her bag."

"Actually, can I have him help me unpack my car," Alex suggested while turning to Derek, "Then we can all get better acquainted once I'm settled."

The way she smiled at him made Derek's heart race. He couldn't explain it but he was very attracted to his sister; half sister but she was gorgeous and he couldn't help feeling drawn to her. His cock was straining to be released from his shorts and he hoped no one would notice, especially Alex.

"That's a great idea," Allen replied, "Show Alex to her room while your mother and I work on dinner."

Derek took her bag and Alex looped her arm with his, "Lead on little brother."

At dinner there was lots of catching up to do. Derek wasn't aware he had a sister until a few months before he graduated High School. Now that it was mid-June, Derek and Alex would be around each other a lot until their respective college semesters started. His parents were unsure how he'd take the news of a sibling but it didn't appear to bother him as they sat around the table talking and laughing. He was quick to tell Alex of his hobbies and his plans for college and she was genuinely interested in what he had to say. Both felt an immediate bond that first night together.


It was now August and Derek was enjoying his summer. He had the hottest sister amongst his group of friends and they were always over at his house trying to impress her. It was funny to watch a handful of computer nerds making fools of themselves. He was tall and lanky while most of his buddies were short and portly. He was also the only one that didn't wear some kind of corrective lenses and he was able to hold his own with Alex when it came to video games. Another exclusivity Derek could claim was that he dated a girl during High School and was the only one no longer a virgin. Admittedly his first and only sexual experience was awkward and not as pleasurable as he'd hoped but at least he wasn't a virgin. Derek had no idea about his sister's sex life though, he was afraid to ask. She went out with a couple of friends she'd met since moving in but it didn't appear Alex had a steady boyfriend. He didn't know why that made him feel better but it did.

Alex enjoyed the attention from her brother's friends but she really loved how Derek would go out of his way to best them for her attention. He was always looking at her with the strangest expression which he hides the moment he realizes she's looking at him. His bashfulness was cute and in some ways arousing to her. She liked to make him blush.

He was lying on his bed one evening, stroking his cock while fantasizing about Alex when Derek heard the front door close. His parents had gone to a company party hosted by his dad's boss an hour earlier so it was unlikely to be them. And Alex had gone out on a 'date' one of her friends had arranged but apparently she must have come home early for some reason. He could hear her footsteps coming up the stairs then passing his room on her way to hers. Derek pulled on some shorts and straightened his t-shirt before opening his door. The door to Alex's room was open a crack so he tiptoed quietly down the hall. He peered through the opening and could see his sister standing in front of her open closet with her back to him.

She removed her blouse and hung it up then unclasped her bra and tossed it on the bed. Derek was doing his best to will her to turn around but she continued to remove her outfit with her back to the door. Alex unzipped her tartan skirt and let it fall to the floor. When she bent to pick it up, Derek got a quick glimpse of her left breast. His dick was hard as steel at this point. Folding her skirt, she placed it on a shelf in her closet. She was now left standing there in her patent leather pumps and black, nearly opaque tights. Alex sat on the bed and removed her shoes before standing and putting them in their place on her shoe rack. He watched her sigh deeply then removed one of their father's old dress shirts from its hanger and put it on. The sleeves were already rolled up and she took her time buttoning all the buttons except the top two.

Alex walked around her bed and put on her Ugg boots. She looked sad, Derek noted. He felt the need to cheer her up but not sure how to do it. He also wanted to hang around her especially how she was currently dress. The shirt covered enough to hide her ass but 'it could easily ride up depending on how she was sitting,' he imagined. Derek knocked lightly on her door before opening it. He stuck his head in and noticed the startled look on Alex's face.

"Are you alright?" he asked, keeping his tented shorts behind the door.

"I didn't realize you're home," she replied, then hung her head, "Yeah...I'm fine."

"Bad date?"

She sighed again, "He was a jerk. I should've known."

"I was thinking of ordering a pizza, you wanna join me?"

A smile spread across her lips as she stood, "That sounds great!"

"What do you like on your pizza?"

"Surprise me."

Derek ran to his room and ordered the pizza from his computer. He quickly changed into some sweats to help conceal his rampant cock. Alex was down stairs in the kitchen when he emerged from his room. His t-shirt was left un-tucked to add more camouflage for his condition. Upon entering the kitchen, Derek watched Alex grating some fresh parmesan cheese for the pizza.

"Can you get us out some plates?" she asked then added, "And grab us a couple beers."

Derek froze plates in hand, while standing in front of the open cupboard. He was staring at Alex as she continued grating. He couldn't believe his ears. Had she really told him to get them both BEERS? Derek had drunk beer on several occasions in the past, both alone and with some of his trusted buddies but never in front of his family members. At eighteen, he didn't want to get into trouble if his parents found out. Alex looked over her shoulder when she finished what she was doing only to see her brother staring at her, dumbfounded.

"What's the matter? Don't you like beer?"

"I...Ugh...Yeah but what if mom and dad find out?"

"I'm not gonna tell'em and I suggest you don't either," she replied, placing the small bowl of parmesan cheese on the table.

It took Derek a moment to realize just how cool his sister was. He did as she asked and put the plates on the table and went to retrieve the beer. Alex was putting away the remainder of the cheese after rinsing the grater. Derek felt awkward at that moment around his awesome and sexy sister. He couldn't explain why he felt uncomfortable but when he gets nervous, he tends to talk a lot or ask unnecessary questions to help relieve his tension.

"Why are you wearing one of Dad's shirts?"

"Is there a problem, don't you like my outfit?" she asked coyly.

"Well...yeah...it's just...Why?" he stammered.

Alex got a determined look on her face then closed the distance between them. Standing extremely close to her brother, her demeanor softened and her voice took on a low sultry tone.

"I love to wear a man's dress shirt," she purred, "I find it incredibly sexy when a woman wears one, don't you? Dad was getting rid of this one so I kept it." Her hand moved over Derek's chest and he shuddered. Her sparkling blue eyes burned into him as time stood still. He wanted to kiss her and it appeared she wanted to kiss him. He closed his eyes...

(Ding Dong)

"Pizza's here!" Alex announced, once again in her bubbly tone. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek then strutted to the front door. Derek was left standing there breathless, feeling like a fool.

Alex opened the door to a stunned delivery boy who was barely able to speak as she paid for the pizza. She handed him a generous tip then closed the door on the bewildered youth. She returned to the kitchen, inhaling the delicious aroma coming from the box in her hands. Derek was still standing where she'd left him. She put the box down and opened it, putting two slices on her plate.

"Do you want two to start?" she asked.

Derek nodded. She put two slices on his plate then closed the box. He was still looking at her funny when she picked up one of the beers.


He shook his head and picked up his food, heading for the family room.

"WHAT!" she asked again, following him.

He sat down on the couch and put his beer on the end table. Alex sat on the opposite side of the couch still eyeing her brother with a quizzically.

"You probably didn't have to tip him ya know?"

"Why's that?"

He looked at Alex and noticed that a third button was undone. 'When had she done that?' he wondered. She was sitting there next to him with her plate in her lap, waiting for his answer.

"Look at you...You're fucking hot! It's lucky that guy didn't pass out from all the blood rushing south to..." he responded without thinking and regretted it the moment he did. He suddenly felt very embarrassed for admitting something about his sister that might come back to bite him in the end.

Alex chuckled. She knew exactly what she was doing when she answered the door. She knew she was attractive and liked the attention men and some women gave her but hearing Derek acknowledge it made her day. It looked as though he was having a significant amount of his blood migrating south as well. That turned her on. She knew it shouldn't but she couldn't help it.

"Thank you for the compliment," she finally replied, "So what are we watching tonight?" The question was meant to help ease the tension for both of them.

"I've got 'The Force Awakens' on the DVR."

"Awesome! That's my favorite Star Wars movie." They chatted briefly as the movie began, discussing details from the previous six movies. Derek was happy to find out Alex was a Star Wars geek like himself.

Alex finished her pizza, setting her plate on the coffee table. She sat back to drink her beer and get comfortable. When Derek finished, he did the same. Just past the midpoint of the movie, Alex kicked off her Ugg boots and tucked her legs to the side on the couch pointed toward her brother. Derek took clear notice of that. She was propped up on the arm of the couch focused on the movie. The dress shirt had ridden up her thighs but still concealed her ass from his view. He would steal glances when she wasn't looking which was making it difficult to concentrate on the TV.

Soon, however, Alex shifted again. She put her head on the armrest and stretched out more. The couch isn't enormous so her legs were bent and her feet were now touching Derek's right hip. She had adjusted the shirt to maintain some modesty but it had inched higher. His eyes were glued to the hem.

"My feet aren't bothering you are they?" she asked wiggling her toes.

Derek met her gaze and shook his head, embarrassed she caught him staring. Alex smiled and returned her attention to the movie. Derek on the other hand was doing everything in his power not to have an accident in his sweat pants. His sister had no idea what she was doing to him. She had amazing legs and encased in those tights, they were even better in his mind. Derek had a fetish for women in pantyhose from as far back as he could remember and now here he was with his scantily clad sister displaying her gorgeous nylon covered legs to him. He was sweating, his dick was so hard it hurt and every time she wriggled her toes he thought he was going to lose his mind. Derek downed the rest of the beer he'd been drinking.

"I'm empty too; could you get us another round?" Alex asked without looking at him.

Apprehension washed over him as he prepared to stand. He was hoping she wouldn't see his tented pants. The moment he stood, Derek turned his back to Alex. She took the opportunity of his vacant seat to stretch her legs out which caught Derek's attention. Alex pointed her feet and fanned her toes; his heart was hammering in his chest. He could see her turquoise polish through the tightly stretched nylon as he started for the kitchen, nearly tripping on the way.

Derek returned with the beers and handed one to Alex. She propped herself up on her elbow before taking it from him. Mysteriously a fourth button was now loose and he could see her unrestrained breast jiggling as she moved. He almost dropped his drink. She thanked him, took a sip and set the bottle on the coffee table in front of her. Alex returned her head to the arm of the couch and drew her legs up, allowing her brother to take his seat. No sooner was he down; her warm silky soles were pressed to his thigh. Derek took a long draw on his bottle.

Alex could now tell she was driving her brother crazy. She knew he was hiding his hard cock from her by the way he angled his body away from her. Knowing he was hard just fueled her arousal but she had to be careful because she wasn't sure if Derek was ready for a leap into taboo territory. Alex had felt an attraction to Derek the day she arrived and it had only grown stronger. She believed that he was having the same feelings toward her. 'Why can't I feel this way about someone who ISN'T my brother?' she wondered. Alex took a big gulp from her beer and tried to put the idea of having sex with Derek out of her mind but the thoughts just wouldn't leave. Every time she saw him peeking at her legs or feet it was like gasoline on a fire. The buzz she was feeling from the alcohol was what drove her to continue teasing her brother. At least that's what she told herself.

"Ooh! I've got a cramp," Alex complained stretching her left leg over Derek's lap. She rolled her ankle while flexing her toes. He was captivated by her flopping foot and was thankful her leg wasn't in his lap or she'd feel how excited he was. "Can I just keep my leg straight for a few minutes until it goes away?" Before Derek could answer Alex dropped her leg across his thighs.

He was stunned and scared to move. He didn't know what to do with his hands now that Alex's leg was on his lap. Derek felt trapped but at the same time didn't want to escape the situation he was in. He finally rested his left arm on the arm of the couch but his right was the problem. The back was too high to comfortably put it there and putting his hand down on the seat cushion didn't feel right either. He was stuck holding it in the air for the moment.

"You can put your hand on my leg," Alex told him, seeing his discomfort, "It won't bite."

He tentatively lowered his hand to her calf and just as he made contact, "But I might!" He yanked his hand away, startled by her remark. Alex giggled, making him blush at his timidity. Derek rested his palm on her calf, feeling the firmness of the muscle beneath its silky covering. His hand began to tremble causing him to move it up toward her knee so she wouldn't notice it shaking. He didn't dare go further; he reversed direction. The velvety material felt amazing and it was compounding his arousal problem. His hand reached Alex's foot and he reversed direction again. He was startled by Alex's moan.

"Mmmmm...Don't they feel good?" she cooed, running her hand along her thigh, "This brand makes the softest hosiery I've ever worn."

Her dazed brother just nodded. She shifted her leg and 'accidentally' brushed his throbbing cock making him jump. She could feel it twitch in his sweats and it was all Alex could do to keep from pouncing on her horny brother. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence between them while both considered their next move.

Alex nervously bit her lower lip as she sat up. She wanted him bad but there was more than just the issue of having sex with her eighteen year old half brother that concerned her. Issues she'd been forced to deal with a good portion of her life. She also didn't want Derek to be traumatized. Derek on the other hand, seeing Alex with such an indecisive look on her face had him both confused and aroused. Confused because he didn't picture her as the type to be indecisive about sex and aroused at the thought she may be considering having sex with him. It was Alex who finally broke the silence.

"I want to kiss you," she stated in a shaky voice.

"Okay," Derek replied in an equally shaky voice.

She nervously ran the tip of her tongue around her plump lips, "I mean I want to make out with you." She was frightened he would reject her for suggesting they make out and terrified he'd freak out and tell their parents or possibly call the police.

"Okay," he repeated.

She shifted onto her knees next to him, never breaking eye contact. Alex caressed his cheeks with her hands as she leaned in. The apprehension in his eyes was accompanied by excitement but she didn't see fear and that made Alex happy. She closed her eyes, tilting her head and she pressed her full lips to his. Her hands remained on his face while their kiss lingered. Derek moved his right hand to Alex's lower back causing her to lean in more. Her tongue grazed his lips and to her joy his mouth opened. His tongue met hers in a frantic duel as their passion grew. After several minutes Alex pulled away panting. She was flushed with desire and so was Derek. She needed a moment; time to think. She sat back and held his gaze.

"You're a damn good kisser," she breathed.

"Thank you...so are you..."

"Was your girlfriend a good kisser?"

"I thought she was until I kissed you," his reply melted her heart.

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