Our Little Secret Ch. 10


"Are you with the OSI?" Joel asked, not recognizing the insignias on his uniform.

"Yes, Sir. OSI detachment out of Hanscom Air Force Base."

"Do you know my involvement with the OSI?" Joel asked, wondering who needs to know.

"No, Sir."

"Okay, Lieutenant, I'm just about done here." He went to the bathroom to pick up his toiletry bag. He did a final check through the suitcase.

"Will I be able to make cell calls from your vehicle?"

"No sir," Hutchins informed him. "Cellular systems are disabled."

"Okay, I need to make a call now, then." He called Sylvie, and said he was going out of town for a few days. No, a different out of town, he explained when she said she knew he was going to California. He would be out of touch, but let her know when he was back.

Before he left the apartment, Joel remembered his cell charger, and then he locked up and let Hutchins lead the way. "Stairs are fine for me," he said as Hutchins went for the elevator. They took the stairs down, Joel carrying his suitcase. A black, nondescript sedan was waiting for them. The trunk popped open as they approached, and Joel put the suitcase in the back. Lieutenant Hutchins held the right rear passenger door open for Joel, and closed it, and then joined Joel on the left bench seat.

"The driver looked like a sergeant -- Joel wasn't sure from the back. He radioed he was RTB with package ETA 45. Joel assumed he was the package. He understood ETA, but didn't know what RTB meant.

An hour later, Joel and Lieutenant Hutchins boarded a C130 Hercules four engine turboprop military tactical transport aircraft. As soon as Joel and Lieutenant Hutchins were seated, the airmen closed the doors, and the aircraft taxied and lifted off from Hascom Air Force Base and winged northward. The seats were blue bench seats along the side of the fuselage with cargo rollers down the middle of the floor. Hutchins told Joel he got the nice aircraft -- most of the times Hutchins flew C130s with orange folding jump seats down the side with a nylon mesh for a seat back. There were four other uniformed servicemen onboard, plus the cockpit crew. Definitely no stewardesses on this flight, but there was a self-serve cooler with coke and stale pre-wrapped sandwiches, another upgrade for Joel's benefit. They touched down at Turner field in Quantico two hours later, just past seven o'clock.

Joel and Lieutenant Hutchins were driven to the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation headquarters, where they checked in. Joel had to surrender his cell phone, which was still turned off. He also surrendered his suitcase at the front desk. Lieutenant Hutchins led Joel up a flight of stairs, down a long hallway. They turned left at the end, and the short connecting hallway terminated at a set of double doors. Lieutenant Hutchins picked up a phone on the wall next to the doors, and announced himself. The door opened, and major opened the door. His name tag was THOMASSON. Lieutenant Hutchins saluted him, and the major saluted back. The major ushered Joel in. "You're not joining us?" Joel asked Lieutenant Hutchins.

"No Sir," Lieutenant Hutchins replied flatly. "I don't have clearance for that room."

"Lieutenant Hutchins, I know you were just doing your job, but you did it professionally and with respect. Thank you," Joel shook his hand, making sure the major heard every word.

"Thank you Sir," and Hutchins looked at the major and saluted.

"This way, please Sir," Major Thomasson gestured, closing the door behind them. Joel figured everyone in the military called civilians 'Sir', and he shouldn't let it go to his head. Major Thomasson led Joel to what looked like an empty news production room, full of large flat panel TV screens and control boards. "Please wait here," Major Thomasson asked, and he exited through a distant door, leaving Joel alone in the control room. Two minutes later Colonel Greene and Major Thomasson returned through the same door.

"Mister Winkman thanks for coming on such short notice," Colonel Greene extended his hand, and Joel shook it. "This is Major Thomasson, who've you've met," he gestured. "We have three or more people joining us in a moment." Colonel Greene turned to Major Thomasson. "Are we all teed up?"

"Yes, Sir," Major Thomasson nodded.

"Joel, as you know, in the Albuquerque orgy, the women reported four video recorders in that room. We found them," Colonel Greene pointed at the screens in the control room. "We wanted you to watch them with us. Only you can provide a perspective from the puppet master's view."

Just then the far door opened, and three majors and a captain entered. One of the majors was a woman. The majors each took a seat at the back of the control room, and the captain sat in a chair at the control console. "Have you watched these tapes before?" Joel asked.

"No," Colonel Greene said. "I wanted all of us to get the same first look together."

"Sir," Joel said to Colonel Greene, "may I speak with you privately?"

Colonel Greene gesturing to the door Joel came in from, "let's step out here."

When the door was closed, Joel said, "as you know, I don't know what is on those tapes, but you and I both have a pretty good guess. It's not the sexual activity that worries me -- it is the debasement of humanity that will come through on these tapes. Colonel, that is what PTSD is made of. And not just for the woman in the room viewing it. You need to instruct that any of these people can leave the room at any time, and under no circumstances will that reflect on their performance evaluation."

"I'm glad you're here, Joel," Colonel Greene nodded. "Anything else?"

"Brace yourself," Joel warned. "Blood and guts battle won't prepare you for what you are about to see."

Colonel Greene opened the door, and re-entered the room with Joel and closed the door behind them. "Lady and gentlemen, on our civilian advisor's advice, and in addition to the briefing you have already received, I am giving you all a direct order. If you feel uncomfortable to the point where you cannot watch this video, you are ordered to leave the room. This applies to both male and female viewers. I guarantee you will not be reprimanded or considered anything less than a complete professional for leaving the room. I also order that, if one of you leaves the room, another goes with that person, and stays with them. If we need to, we will pause and resume later. Mr. Winkman tells us to brace ourselves -- that blood and guts battle experience will not prepare us for what we are about to witness. Does anyone have any questions?" No one spoke. "Okay, so let's get going."

The captain at the controls explained, "We haven't previewed the tapes, but I ran just the beginning of each tape, and I synchronized the time codes, so we can watch all four tapes at the same time, all of them will be in sync. So the audio you hear is the collective audio of all four tapes." He looked at Colonel Greene. "Ready when you are, Sir."

"Any last words, Mr. Winkman?"

"The four screens might be too intense and information overload. We may want to pause it from time to time."

"My finger is on the button," the captain assured them. Colonel Greene nodded to the captain.

Four of the six large screens flashed to life, and the four images showed different angles of the dining room with the large round ring table. The women were already seated with their legs wide open, and the men on either side of them were in various stages of eating and pawing at the women. "Captain, pause it there," Colonel called out, and the four screens froze. "Mr. Winkman, brief us on what has happened up to now."

"Some things have already happened before the cameras started rolling," Joel explained to the group. "There are twelve men and twelve women. The women attended what they thought was a fundraising dinner with no suspicion of its real purpose. We know from the interviews with the women they are seated male, female, as you can see, and the man who brought the woman to the dinner sits across from her -- on the far side of the table. So each woman is surrounded by strangers."

"You can see in the video already," Joel went on, "the women's legs are wide open. The configuration of the table lets men look up the skirts and dresses of women on the far side. The women have been commanded to leave their legs wide open -- they are not capable of closing them. They have also been commanded to keep their hands above the table surface, so they cannot defend themselves from any ... ah, incursion below their waist." Joel was wondering if that was the right word. "They have also been commanded to let any man do anything he wants to them."

Joel stopped for a second, and spoke to everyone in the room. "Hands up if you saw the Insight interview last night?" They all put their hands up. "Okay, it's real. I saw the same interview. Everything 'Jim' said was accurate, and you'll see that reflected in the tapes here."

"Captain, roll forward please," Joel said, and then quickly said "I'm sorry Colonel, I didn't mean to overstep your authority" Joel remembered Colonel Greene ordered the pause of the tape, and it was presumptuous of Joel to think he could order its resumption.

"You take over from here," Colonel Greene nodded. Joel nodded to the captain, and the four screens resumed action. "If you look carefully at the women's eyes," Joel said, "you can see that they are in fact aware of what is going on. They are not in a mindless trance. It's more like their body is being controlled, but their awareness and consciousness are still fully functioning."

Four screens were generally panning across the room. Nothing of special interest was happening, except men were groping women everywhere, and women were not doing anything to prevent it. Now a man picked up a steak knife, and lowered it toward a woman's crotch. The woman major watching sucked in a harsh breath and covered her mouth, but then breathed out a sigh of relief when she realized his intent was to cut off her panties, and not mutilate her. Soon most of the women's underpants were cut off, and one camera sequentially zoomed in on each girl's freshly naked pussy while the other three documented the men's fondling and grabbing, and now probing women's body parts with their fingers.

Serving staff were wandering around the table, serving wine and water, and they were constantly being grabbed and groped as they did. "It is almost certain the staff were also under control," Joel commentated as he watched it for the first time. Another female staff was at the side of the room carving beef off a roast, and serving it onto plates ferried back and forth by the other staff.

They could hear the dinner conversation. "What do you think about that one's cunt," one man pointed across the table?

"What, the blonde?"

"No, the one beside her, with the lips hanging out."

"She must be quite a flap in the breeze," the laughed. "Shove her ass out the car window and listen to the flapping," he laughed again.

The right screen showed a man saying "hey sweetheart, don't forget your vegetables," and he positioned a carrot between her legs and shoved it up her pussy. "There, now you can see better," he laughed at his own stupid joke.

Men everywhere were fingering women, or putting their hands down women's tops while talking about other women's body parts. It went on this way for nearly thirty minutes, until the staff cleared the plates. Men continued pawing and fingering women beside them while they waited for the next course. When the serving staff returned, they were all topless, and were serving dessert, but only to the men. The men took an instant liking to the new serving fashion, and they started groping the topless servers. Twice the desserts fell to the floor, and the servers simply returned with new plates.

A voice appears off camera, and the cameras do not turn toward it. Presumably the camera operators have been told not to capture the man behind the voice on video. "All women, stand up, take off your tops. If you are wearing a dress, take it off. If you are wearing a bra, take it off. You will take everything off above you belly button, and sit down completely topless. When you sit down, open your legs as wide as you can, and keep your hands to your sides, and stay that way. You will let any man do anything he wants to you. You will not speak unless spoken to by a man."

In addition to the dessert plates, the servers left large bowls of whipping cream around the round table, and men started smearing whipping cream all over women's bodies and licking it off. One man slathered whipping cream all over the girl's tits beside him, and then smacked her tits hard with his hand, splashing whipping cream all over the place. Other girls had whipping cream shoved up their pussies, or smeared over their faces.

After dessert, the topless serving staff took five minutes to clear the round ring table while men groped and pawed at them. Then they all crawled under the table, and grouped inside the ring table. One by one, the off-camera voice ordered them to hop up on the table and parade around the ring while men bid on her. In their excitement, men were grabbing and pinching their neighboring girls. "Faith can be yours all night," the off camera voice promised. "She will do everything, and when I say everything, gentlemen, I really mean it. Who wants to start the bidding at two thousand dollars?"

Six girls were auctioned off: Faith, Nina, Maddison, Kennedy, Haley, and Cameron. Joel had never met these girls -- they were not included in the girls he interviewed in Albuquerque. Each auctioned off girl was then commanded to obey their master until noon the next day. Each girl was taken back to the table while the men waited for the next activity to begin. Girls were paired off against guys who pulled their names out of a box, and commanded to obey them until a bell rang.

The cameras roamed the room now, and serious action began. One camera held an overview of the room. Most girls were lying on the table in various positions. Two cameras followed specific girls, and one camera roamed. One camera followed Faith, the first auctioned off girl. She was lying on her back across the round ring table, her head hung over the outside edge, her butt was above the inside edge of the table. Her new owner commanded her to open her mouth, and he shoved his cock in deep. She pulled away, and he ordered her to stay still with her mouth open, and not fight him.

Faith did as she was told, and her owner started fucking her open mouth, increasingly holding his cock tight against the back of her throat for longer and longer periods. Each time he did, she couldn't breathe, and she sucked in louder and louder breaths in between deep thrusts. Faith started crying, but he ignored her, and finally he pressed his cock deep in and held it there. The camera zoomed in on her face -- her eyes were wild with panic. After a minute her face turned pale as her lips were starting to go blue. The veins on her forehead began protruding, and her eyes began to flutter, but his cock still stayed deep in her throat, and she did nothing to stop him. After two full minutes of his cock deep in her mouth, her eyes closed and her arms fell limp to her side. She had passed out.

The owner of the unconscious Faith pulled his cock out of her slack mouth, allowing her to finally breathe again. He crawled over the table, stood on the other side, lifted her floppy legs up, and started fucking her lifeless body. Within a minute she regained consciousness while he continued fucking her. She started resisting, trying to get up, and he pressed his hand into her chest, forcing her back down while he continued fucking her. "Stay there and don't move", he said, and she lay flat, letting him fuck her. "Keep your hands at your side," he ordered her.

"Is she under control or just exhausted at this point?" one of the majors from the back of the control room asked.

"I don't know," Joel answered. "I suspect we'll find out." He continued fucking her harder and harder, holding her legs up upright into his chest as he pounded her pussy. The camera was on the outside of the table, and he was standing on the inside of the table. The camera focused on his face, and his impending eruption became obvious. The camera zoomed out, and all at once be bellowed out a loud growl and thrust his whole body forward, leading with his hips, and he let go of her legs. His savage thrust forward flung her body clear off the table and she plunged headfirst onto the floor. With her arms still at her side, Faith was unable to protect herself against the fall, and her neck bent completely sideways on impact with the hardwood floor.

The woman major stood up and left the room. In one fluid motion, Colonel Greene snapped his fingers and pointed his index finger at the major who was sitting beside her, and without a word, he followed her out the room to offer support.

"Let's pause, Captain," Joel said, "and blank the screens."

"I think this is a good time as any for a break," Colonel Greene offered. Everyone left except Joel and Colonel Greene. "I want these people to be angry. I want them to know how sick some of these people can be, and what a threat they pose to our security."

"I'd say it's working," Joel nodded with his own stomach feeling slightly queasy. "I need a bathroom break myself." Colonel Greene escorted him through the far door, where everyone else retreated, and led him to the bathroom, where one other major was finishing up at the urinal.

"Sir, we have this guy in custody?" he asked Colonel Greene, washing and drying his hands.

"Thanks to Mr. Winkman, here, we do," Colonel Greene said.

"Thank you, Sir," the major said directly to Joel, and extended his hand.

"Please call me Joel," he shook the major's hand.

"Steve," he answered.

Joel and Colonel Greene used the urinals as Steve left.

"Joel," Colonel Greene said, as he started washing his hands, "we see three possibilities. One, your flight was a one-of-a-kind -- a fluke, never to be repeated. Two, we are going to have some more, and we need to deal with it. Or three ..."

"It's the beginning of an invasion," Joel said.

"Something like that," Colonel Greene said.

"Of course, if everyone is affected, then it's not a problem, since catnap men can't control catnap women."

"Even if that's true," Colonel Greene ventured, "it's going to be a bloody transition." He paused. "Joel, we want you to come on our team. We need your insight. You would be the only civilian member."

"Until a uniformed person becomes a puppet master, then I'm out to pasture," Joel pointed out.

"I think we can arrange a more graceful transition than that."

"You still haven't come through with your end of the promise -- the impossible," Joel complained.

"Have faith, Joel," Colonel Greene promised, and then winced, remembering Faith was the name of one of the auctioned girls in the video. Joel didn't seem to notice. "It's coming. The impossible doesn't happen overnight."

"And if I join your team, do I have to relocate here?" Joel was thinking about Jenny. "I mean what's the point of accomplishing the impossible ..."

"First, we're not sure how to bring you in. We haven't decided if we want you to continue with your investment business as a cover, or pull you all the way inside."

"I think the investment business is bust after the Insight documentary," Joel speculated. "I might be toxic to the business community. You couldn't reach me because I turned my cell phone off after too many calls from reporters. They swamped my office, too."

"That media coverage can cut both ways," Colonel Greene nodded. "But to answer your question, I don't see why you have to permanently station here. But you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time here, there, and everywhere." Joel thought of Green Eggs and Ham.

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