tagLoving WivesOur Maid Ch. 1

Our Maid Ch. 1


Mark and I have been married 8 wonderful years now. We are mid 30's, he is well hung 9" tight six pack abs, black hair, brown eyes. I am 38d, athletic built, sandy blond hair, hazel eyes. We have a very high sexual drive. We are totally honest with each other and try to please each other anyway possible.

About 3 years ago, Mark and I went out for an evening on the town. As we were driving to the restaurant, I decided to provoke him sexually by leaning over and feeling his crotch. I slowly unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I stroked it slowly. He looks at me and asks "what are you doing?" I replied, "just having some fun!" He then said, "I can get into an accident like this!" as I go down and start licking the pre-cum off. I looked up at him and replied, "And, what's your point?" with a smile. I continued ravishing his cock until I felt the swelling. He moaned, and I got up and replied, "yes, dear..... I believe that your right we just might get into an accident". He said, "Your such a cock teasing bitch!" Oh, really? I replied. Ok, how bout this as I turned to him, resting back on the door, spreading my legs wide so he could see my pussy staring back at him.

We got to the restaurant and he said, I will get you for this. I said, oh baby, I just can't wait. Sitting there having dinner I again gave him the pleasure he loved so much. I said, the table cloth goes down to the ground, how bout if I just slide under it and unzip you and start sucking your cock here. He turned red in the face as he looked at me. I licked my lips with my tongue. He looked around the room to see if anyone was watching us. I said whats the matter, embarrassed. He chuckled and replied Hell No! But I do take it that you are done with your dinner. I said No, I want my dessert. He asked what would you like for dessert. I said, cock topped with whip cream. But, if there is no whip cream, I will settle for cum cream. He then said, lets go. As we walked out of the restaurant, grabbing my ass and raising the skirt alittle, he said, I am going to fuck this real good.

We got in the van, he unzipped his pants took out his cock and ordered that I suck him off right there. I complied with his request. It didn't take more than 5 minutes before he started shooting cum on the window in front of him. He straightened himself out and opened the glove compartment. He pulled out a mini-vibrator and a thong panty of mine. He told me to put the vibrator in and put the thong on. He told me I had to were the vibrator until he said to remove it.

Our next stop was to a night club. He ordered us a couple of Long Islands, we sat back and just relaxed. He asked, "are you wet?" I said, yes. He said "good!" We drank some, danced some, drank more, danced more. He asked if I was ready to leave, I said yes. As we were leaving there was a guy who was hitting on his girlfriend in the parking lot. And, of course, Mark was the first to assist a damsel in distress. The guy told him to mind his own business. Mark said leave and cool off. In the meantime, she told me she wanted him out of her life, and to help her. The police came and she told them about the abuse, they arrested the guy. I asked her if she had anywhere to go. Crying and shaking she said no, that she lived with him and she just couldn't go back there. The poor lady didn't even have a job. Mark offered her the guesthouse for the night. I was shocked that she gladly accepted it. She got in the car and thanked us repeatedly for helping her out back there. We got home it was 2am. We showed her the guesthouse and told her when she got up in the morning to come to the house to see what she can do to resolve her problem.

Mark and I went back to the house. He didn't wait till we got in, he started stripping me feeling my pussy. Asking me if I was ready to explode, I said yes, he turned me around facing the counter, pulled my thong aside and start pounding at my ass. I guess that the vibrator was getting to him. He blurted out I can feel the vibrator on my cock. Damn, bitch your a damn good fuck. As he pumped a load of cum up my ass. Then he took my hand and led me to the livingroom. He bent me over and took another mini vibrator and put it up my ass and told me to sit as he went over to the vcr and put in a tape. He said stay here while I take a shower. The tape was with 10 guys and 1 girl all getting their cocks in each of her wholes. Just taking turns. A few minutes later, Mark came back in and asked me if I would like that done to me. I said "thats a womans dream to have more than one at the same time." He said maybe that will happen to you one day. He walked over in front of me and asked how were his pals doing, I said fine. He put his cock in my mouth and said suck on this. I complied again. This time I went a step further and placed a hand on my pussy getting it wet. As I continued to suck I took my wet finger and started playing with his ass. I gradually stuck the finger in finding the prostate and continued to milk him. I noticed that he was still hard. I got up and sat him on the edge of the couch. I removed the thong and put it on him, took the mini vibrator from my pussy and stuck it in his ass. Covered it with the thong. I mounted over his cock and started fucking him. Until I came again. After that we cleaned up and went to bed.

The next morning. Becky came knocking on the door. He had to go to his parents and run some errands for them. Becky and I sat down, I offered her food. She sat there and ate it. She told me what had been going on for the past year with her boyfriend. To make a long story short, he was a controller. I told her that I had an idea. She said that she was opened for suggestions. I said that I needed a maid around the house. She would have her own separate room in the basement. I would pay her $100 per week along with the room and food. I also explained that Mark and I have a lot of parties. I would pay her an additional $75 per party. I showed her the room downstairs, which had her own bathroom, vcr, tv, DVD and stereo and a separate entrance. She accepted the offer. I also requested that after 8:30pm she would give us our privacy. She had no problem to that at all. Mark came home a couple of hours later to find we had a permanent housekeeper. He didn't say very much about it. I told him that the house was just to big for me to do the work by myself. He chuckled and said "I hope she gives good head!" I chuckled and smacked him.

2 weeks later Mark came home and said he had to go out of town on business, and would be gone for about a week. I drove him to the airport, came back home. All the lights were out in the house, so I figured Becky went to bed. I grabbed a load of laundry and went to the basement. As I was loading the laundry in the washer, I heard the t.v. on loud. The sounds were familiar and I looked over at her door it was opened a crack. The sounds were from one of Marks porns. I walked over to the room and saw that she was on the bed masturbating to 2 women on the flick. I removed my clothes and started masturbating, I opened the door a little more and saw that she had a bottle in her hand. Watching her made me cum fast. I left my cloths right on the floor and walked back upstairs.

The next morning I was up and in the kitchen, naked with a strap on on. She walked in as usual with her skimpy pj's, with my cloths in her hands. She said stammering I...I'm so..rry for walking in on you. I looked at her and asked her if she would rather have something that resembled a cock or would she prefer the bottle. She turned red, and again apologized. I told her that it was ok. And that if she was interested in having sex with another woman to lets do it. I then said that she needed to return the tape back to Marks collection. I walked over to her and said that he would get extremely upset, if he found out. I reached down and touched her pussy and it was wet as hell. I took off her pj;s and said I wouldnt mind if she walked around naked. A sigh of releif came to her face. She knew that I was cool with the idea of her being a bi-sexual. I then told her that if it was ok with her, I know, my husband wouldn't mind fucking her either. She then said I wouldnt mind it at all. She started kissing me all over and I caressed her back. I sat her on the counter and started eating her pussy. She was so wet. She got down off the counter, I took her out to the couch where she knelt on her knees, her ass in the air. I stuck my cock in her and fucked her brains out. We both came at the same time. This is the way we spent the rest of the week while Mark was out of town. Naked and fucking every chance we got.

Mark came home a day earlier than expected and boy did he get a shock of his life........

to be continued

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