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Our Massage Parlor


"Let's go to Chinatown."

"Why?" I asked, cradling the phone between my head and shoulder as I finished stirring some guacamole.

"I need to do some research for my ethnography class. We're supposed to interview someplace every week for the entire quarter and then write a paper on it. It's boring by myself. Come on, go with me. All the really cool kids are doing it..."

I did a mental checklist: my readings were done, I had started my paper due next week... "Sure, I'm free. Want me to meet you at the Blue Line, Kate?"

"That sounds good. I'll see ya there, John."

I hung up and took the bus to the Blue Line subway station. Katelyn was already waiting for me and waved wildly as I got off the bus. I gave her a quick hug and we made our way to the platform. I had to bat her long, violet scarf out of my face a few times as the wind blew it around chaotically.

"So where are you doing your research?" I asked as the train jerked to life, taking us towards Chinatown.

"At this massage parlor: Paradise Massage. At first I was thinking of doing a restaurant, but the employees don't really have time to just sit and talk with me, but there, they're stuck with me anyway, so I can talk to them all I like."

"Do they know you're researching them?"

"No, I'm worried they won't be as open if they know. It's easy to get them to open up, though. From what I can tell, they don't really have many female clients, and since we're all Chinese, I think they're just happy to have someone to share their stories with."

"Ya, I doubt many of the people who go there really care much about their life-stories." I paused and bit my lip. "So, um, is this is 'happy ending' kind of massage parlor, or?"

She laughed. "Jonathan! Do you only think with your dick? I haven't really asked. I don't want them thinking I'm a cop or anything, and it's not as though I can benefit from it, anyway. Maybe I'll talk to some of the guys there one day, ask them about it. I'm sure they'd love to brag about their exploits to a cute, curious Asian girl."

"Well if you want, I'll go undercover and try to find some stuff out for you," I offered.

She lit up. "Really?! You don't mind?"

"No, I've never had a real massage before. It'll be a nice experience. Would you want to come in and observe, or should I just tell you after?"

"Hmm...how about I observe one, and then you do another alone?"

"Won't they be suspicious if you're watching me?"

"I'll just say you're nervous going in alone. They know me there, anyway. I don't think it'll be a problem. Or I can pose as your translator. A lot of the masseuses don't speak good English."

"Sounds like a plan." I checked my watch: 12:00. "Want to grab a meal first?"

"Sure, it's on me. Thanks for being my undercover agent, John."

"It's quite a sacrifice to be massaged by beautiful women, but for you, I'm just willing to do it."

She punched my shoulder and laughed. "Jerk. You better do it. It'll help my paper, and I won't have to talk to any sketchy guys hanging out at the parlor."

"Alright, alright, for you."

We found a nice restaurant in Chinatown and ate. After we finished, she led me to Paradise Massage

"Alright, this is the place."

I examined it. The windows showed medical charts in Chinese, presumably extolling the health benefits of massage. The building was nondescript. Just a plain, two-story, brick building on a fairly busy street. I followed Katelyn inside.

There was a stairwell to one side, and a desk as soon as we entered the door. A middle-aged Chinese man sat behind the desk. He was clean-shaven and his hair was graying at the temples. Katelyn and he began speaking in Mandarin, and since I couldn't follow a word, I just took in the décor. It was simple, but nice. The walls were warm, with bamboo designs. The downstairs area looked more like a barbershop, with a number of cushy chairs connected to washing basins. I grabbed a paper menu and looked at what they offered. Swedish massage, Thai massage, table shower, foot massage, scalp massage, that must be what the basins were for, hot stone massage, interesting stuff. I wondered what made a Thai massage Thai and a Swedish massage Swedish. Was one hot and spicy and the other cool and serious? And what was a table shower? Why would you want your table to have a shower? Maybe whoever translated the term did a bad job...


"Huh, ya?"

"He says it's OK for me to go in with you. He told us to head upstairs and ask for Mei. Oh, and take your shoes off here," she said, pointing to a wall of cubbies, several of which had shoes in them. "They're not allowed upstairs."

I slipped out of my sneakers and followed Katelyn upstairs. It consisted of a central room, connected to two long hallways. In the central room were chairs and couches, oriented towards a large TV. Right now a few girls were sitting there, ranging from their 20s to their 40s, chatting away in Chinese, taking a break between massages. We were there on a Thursday afternoon, so I wasn't really surprised by the lack of other clients.

Katelyn asked for Mei, and a petite girl stood up from her couch and came over to us. She was wearing gray sweat pants, a low-cut white shirt, and bright pink flip flops. She was youngish, with a pair of red glasses, and a mildly entertained smile. She was about a head shorter than me and thin, although her arms were wiry from her work. She spoke to Katelyn and brought us to an empty room, gestured us in, and shut the door.

The room was bare: a wooden floor, a covered massage table, a small shelf full of oils and towels, a chair, and a stereo in one corner playing quiet oriental music designed to relax. "What now?" I asked Katelyn.

She pointed to a row of hooks near the door. "She said you should get undressed and get on the table. By the way, when I told the guy at the desk I wanted to go with you, he asked if I was your girlfriend, and I said yes." She shrugged, "It seemed easiest to just go with the story they gave me. Hope you don't mind."

"No, no problem," I said, taking off my shirt. "How much do I have to take off?"

"Everything," she smiled.

"Do you mind?"

"No, not at all," she said, watching me take off my socks.

"You know what I mean, Kate," I countered, averting my eyes from her mischievous smile.

"Oh fine, such a buzzkill," she complained, turning around to face the wall. "Is this better?"

"Yes, thank you." I hurriedly took off my pants and boxers and got onto the table, covering myself with a far-too-skimpy-to-be-practical white towel. God, it barely covered my butt. "You can turn around now."

She giggled. "It's a good look on you," she commented, sitting down. There was a knock on the door, and Mei peeked her head in. Seeing that we were ready, she came in. I turned my head to get another look at her as she prepared, rubbing a fragrant, flowery oil onto her hands, rubbing it into her skin. She was dressed for comfort, not sexiness, yet her tanned, glowing skin, large brown eyes, and sleek, long, raven hair made for a stunning figure before me. Her cheeks were rouged and she had a slight bit of turquoise eye shadow on. And she was going to be massaging my naked body, our forms separated by only a thin, skimpy, white towel... I adjusted myself on the table, trying to keep myself from getting hard immediately.

She turned around, and I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Her shirt was distorted by two hard, dark points, poking eagerly through her almost translucent t-shirt. I buried my head in the face pillow, trying to keep naughty thoughts out of my head and failing.

Mei began caressing my body, light moving her hands across the length of my back, coating me in oil as she talked with Katelyn. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting myself be drawn into the massage. She began to press down on my shoulders and back with more force than I would have guessed she could muster. I felt like I was melting into the table. She stroked up and down my back, and with each downstroke, I could feel my towel being pushed further and further down, an inch at a time.

"Does it feel good? Is it too hard?" asked Katelyn on Mei's behalf.

"It's perfect," I replied, ready to fall asleep, I was so relaxed.

After a while, she stopped her pretenses and began to rub my ass, kneading its muscles, running her hands along my inner thighs. I parted my legs instinctively, letting her work her magic. I was blushing, I was sure of it. I didn't dare raise my head out from its pillow. I didn't want to see Katelyn's face right now. I was sure she'd be grinning maniacally. She was the most sexual person I knew who didn't seem interested in actually having it. She just loved nudity and sex and being openly brash around anyone who was the least bit prudish, yet I had never seen her actually make a move on anyone. Was it possible to be an asexual pervert?

Mei starting rubbing her strong hands along my thighs, her fingertips brushing torturously close to my manhood. I was certain she was doing it on purpose. She was only a hair's breadth away, over and over and over again.

"Oops!" Mei giggled, as I shuddered from the electric touch of her fingertips against my cock and balls.

"Um, it's OK," I said, my heart pounding, embarrassed warmth spreading through my body. She gave it a gentle, apologetic pat and kept working. She and Katelyn exchanged some more Mandarin and the both of them giggled girlishly. Great, I bet they're trading stories...

After finishing rubbing my legs, Mei patted me on the butt. I looked up, confused. "She wants you to turn over," explained Katelyn.

"Oh, thanks." I awkwardly reached behind me, pulling the towel back up to where it could do some good, and slowly turned over, trying not to expose myself any more than necessary. I prayed the towel would be heavy enough to keep myself from embarrassing myself any further.

Mei leaned over my head and pressed down on my upper chest, placing her breasts mere centimeters from my face. Her cocoa-brown nipples were easily visible, stiff and hard as they drilled through her delicate top. I was mesmerized by her petite breasts. She leaned down more, reaching her hands to my abdomen, lowering her chest even further. Her shirt hung against my face for a moment before she pulled herself back up and moved to my side to continue her massage. God, I hope this place is a happy ending massage. Either that or they better have an ice cold shower.

She resting one hand on my hip while her other pressed down on my stomach and abs. I could feel her fingers crawling, inching towards my crotch. Our eyes met and she tried to contain her smile. I could only imagine what she'd be like if Katelyn weren't here.

Another giggling staccato of Chinese from Mei, another schoolgirlish response from Katelyn, god I wish I knew Chinese... I craned my neck and saw Mei making a fist towards Katelyn, with only her index finger out, jutting skyward. I looked down at myself and cursed.

It hadn't been a problem while I was on my stomach, but now that I was on my back, my cock was free and there was now a giant tent in my towel. I tried to pretend I couldn't hear or see them, and attempted to will my hard-on away.

Mei moved her hand, wrapped around an invisible cock, up and down questioningly at Kate, but she just giggled and replied, "Bu, bu," shaking her hand. Mei shrugged and moved to my legs. Her shirt was too large for her and when she bent down to rub my thighs, I had a view clear down her top. Her breasts were small, almost immature. She probably couldn't have filled an A cup completely, but her nipples poked out like dark little pills.

Again, she played her teasing game, bringing her hands as close as she could to me without actually touching my aching cock. Her hands would vanish under my white towel, then retreat without giving me any relief. It went on for endless hours of torture, before she patted my leg and said something to Katelyn.

"Your hour's up, John," she relayed. She held up her hand, shielding her eyes, and turned slightly. "Put the towel back on, she says there's a shower for you to use."

I got up and wrapped the towel around myself as best I could. It was barely long enough for a miniskirt, and with my raging stiffie, the front was raised up as my hard, swollen head and part of my shaft peeked out the bottom. Mei led me out the door with a smile as I tried to pull down my towel far enough to escape a public indecency charge. We had to walk past the common room, where I heard masseuses snickering in our wake. Luckily, we soon reached the shower, and she led me inside.

As soon as the door closed, the pulled my towel off of me and patted me on the butt. "You are a good boy, John. Come back again and ask for me," she said, walking out the door with my towel, leaving a clean one on the hook by the door. All that time she could speak English? Ah well, I was glad I hadn't been able to understand her, anyway. Would have made it even more embarrassing.

The shower was a large stall, each of its walls made of clear glass, except for the rear. A ring of chrome was directly above me, and when I turned on the shower, water poured down, hot and strong. I had to get one like this for home. The water was heavenly, and soon the room filled with steam.

That damn masseuse had been such a cocktease. My balls were sore and my cock wouldn't go down. Well, I was alone in here, right? I grabbed some soap and lathered myself up, pumping away, my eyes closed, images of Mei and her delicious, flat chest in my mind. Her tan skin was gorgeous and her smile so inviting... I wished Katelyn hadn't been there. What would have happened had we been alone?

I was so caught up in my fantasies, I didn't hear the door quietly click open as someone entered the room and walked up to the transparent glass.

"Wow," said Katelyn, "she wasn't kidding when she said you were getting over-excited."

Jerked out of my daydream, I struggled to cover myself, clapping both hands over my dick. "Katelyn! Showers are private..."

"I need to interview you before you forget anything," she protested.

"I'll remember, trust me. Get out, get out, I need to shower," I said, turning away from the glass and continuing to wash up.

There was silence behind me. Good, she was leaving. And then the door to the shower opened. I turned around, wide-eyed, and got an eyeful of Katelyn, stepping daintily into the shower, wearing only a mischievous grin.

"Kate!" I screamed, trying to keep my eyes off of her peach-yellow, round breasts, much larger than I had imagined they would be. Her sleek, wet hair was now resting gently against the swell of her breasts, almost hiding her nipples, but they resolutely poked out, eager to be seen.

She turned me around and pressed her firm chest against my back. I could feel their insistent pressure, her hard peaks grazing against me... I felt her bald pussy pressed against my butt, as she wrapped her arms around me and began to rub my chest. "So how did you feel during the massage," she asked, her fingers playing along my front.

I gulped deeply. "Um, well, it was very relaxing. I sort of felt like modeling clay, like she was molding me, or like dough?"

"Interesting...and why did you get this?"

I gasped. "The masseuse had her breasts in my face, and she kept teasing me. She was rubbing my thighs, getting closer and closer to my dick, 'accidentally' brushing up against it, over and over, I felt like I was going to burst..."

She softly handled it, leaning into my ear and huskily whispered, "She offered to take care of it for you, you know."

"I saw her making the motion...why'd you say no?"

"I'm supposed to be your girlfriend. It'd be strange if I let her do that right in front of me, don't you think?"

"Well that's true... Did she say anything about it?"

"What, like, 'Wow, it's so huge!'?"

"Well that'd be nice to hear."

"Hmm...she said a few things about it, but I don't think I can quite remember..." She hmmed, thinking, while she slowly stroked my manhood. I was helpless in her hands. I could feel the end coming. Her hand was just barely moving, tightly gripping my just below the head, pumping back and forth until the pleasure was too much to bear.

"Um, Katelyn, you should probably stop because it'sfeelingreallygoodsoyoushould-" I moaned. Pleasure overwhelmed me. My knees buckled. My cock spasmed as thick jets of cum splashed against the glass, dribbling slowly down. Katelyn sighed happily as she milked my cock dry, gently rubbing the upper shaft to get out every last drop.

I was embarrassed. I had cum in front of her, and so quickly... She had barely been rubbing for half a minute before I finished.

"Wow, you had a lot of pressure built up, huh?" I weakly nodded, watching as she slid her finger up the glass, collecting some of my cum on her finger. As I watched, amazed, blushing furiously, she stuck it between her lips and suckled her finger clean. "Hmm, pretty tasty. I'll be sure to tell Mei." She washed her hands in the shower and got out, drying herself off with her towel. "I'll see you in the main room, John. Don't be late."

I watched her get dressed and walk out. I washed myself clean, dried off, grabbed my towel, and went back to the room.

Kate was talking to the girls as I passed. I got dressed in the room and went out to find her standing and saying goodbye. She led me downstairs, I put my shoes on, and we left. We went into a bubble tea place, grabbed some drinks, and talked for almost an hour as she interviewed me about the massage.

"Would you be willing to get another one alone?" she asked, as we walked towards the subway to go home.

I thought back to Mei's teasing, and her offer for me to return. "Sure. Anyway I can help."

"Well you do owe me after I helped you out in the shower..." she giggled.

The next week, I went back to Chinatown and Paradise Massage. I was alone this time. Katelyn would meet me to get bubble tea again in an hour so she could debrief me, but I was going to be on my own in the parlor. I took a deep breath and stepped in. The same man was at the desk, but Mei was downstairs, scrubbing someone's scalp. She looked up, saw me, and smiled.

"You came back..." she cooed in slight-accented English, before saying something quick to the man at the desk.

"She recommends a table shower with a Swedish massage to follow. Is that alright with you, sir?" he asked.

"Uh, sure. I'm sure she knows her stuff."

"Perfect. Go upstairs to room 5 and she'll be with you shortly," he instructed me. I paid, took off my shoes, and went upstairs. I found room 5 after a bit of searching and went inside, where I stripped and got onto the table. I decided not to bother covering up this time, instead just waiting bare and towelless.

I wondered what would happen today. Was I just a customer? Was she flattered that I had gotten hard with her last time? Scared? Did she think I was a pervert, or just an easy mark for some big tips< What was a table shower? Well at least I'd find that one soon enough; the guy at the desk said that's how we were starting today.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and Mei walked in. I turned and greeted her. Her long hair was in a ponytail today, and she was wearing a think, pink shirt. She smiled at the sight of me and gave me a gentle pat on the butt. "Put your towel on, Jonathan. It's time for your table shower."

I sat up and wrapped the towel around myself. "What is a table shower?"

"You'll see," she teased, leading me out of the room. She took me to a door marked "Table Showers" and led me inside. The walls and floors were all tiled in blues and greens. There was a large drain in the center, towards which the floor was slightly slanted. Above it was a large massage bed, surrounded by a gutter that emptied onto the floor, and on the wall near it was a large, detachable shower head. Near the door was a shelf filled with soaps and other mysterious jars and bottles.

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