tagInterracial LoveOur Massage Parlor Ch. 02

Our Massage Parlor Ch. 02


His Story

I had another wet dream about her.

I was in the library where we first met. She looked the same as she had that day as she walked in, her left arm in a pink cast and a bloody knee. Despite the dozens of people walking in and out of the library, my eyes saw only her, and her gaze penetrated me. She limped delicately to the front desk, and, with an adorable, slight lisp, asked me, "Do you have a bandaid?"

My heart fluttered. With a dry throat I answered her, bending down to grab the box we kept below the desk for situations just like this. When I brought my head back up, a layer of her clothes had vanished. Gone were the denim shorts that had hugged her hips so happily. Gone was the tight, blue t-shirt, too thin to prevent her nipples, hardened by the cool night air, from revealing themselves to me. She stood in front of me in only a scarlet, lacey thong and a crimson bra that pushed her already beautiful breasts up and together, creating a beautiful valley I could joyously spend all my life lost within.

I handed her the bandaid, rewarded by her broad, white smile. She got down on one knee to affix it, offering me a perfect view down her bra. The cups were small despite the massive bounty they held, and I swore I could see the tips of her areolae peeking out from the edge of the red fabric.

"I'm Monica," she said, startling me out of paradise and back to the world of the living. "Nice to meet you." Our eyes met. She smiled impishly, and I knew she had caught me ogling her unabashedly.

I blushed and took her hand. "John. Are you OK?"

"It still hurts a bit. I tripped and fell outside on the bricks. Could you kiss it better for me?" she requested, her large, brown, almond eyes looking helplessly into mine, begging me for succor.

"Of course." I couldn't have said otherwise. I walked around the desk to her, still on her knees.

Her lips were even with the rapidly growing bulge in my jeans. Her thick, ruby red lips parted and she whispered, "Be gentle."

I got down on one knee, breathless, and leaned in closely. I closed my eyes and gently pressed my lips against her wounded flesh. I opened my eyes, and she was naked before me, wearing only a smile and her cast. "Thank you," she said. From beneath fluttering eyelashes she looked into my eyes. "Would you help me find a book? I can't find it in the stacks."

I stood up and helped her to her feet, my eyes caressing her exquisite curves as she stood. Without letting go of her hand, I led her into the stacks of the library alone. I knew exactly where to go, making my way to the deepest corner of the library, where we could be alone. I could still hear the susurrus of the students we had left behind. I was intimately aware of our lack of privacy, of the fact that it would be the simplest thing for someone searching for a book on Scandinavian literature to find us here, but I didn't care. I was controlled by forces stronger than I had any hope of resisting.

"What are you looking for?" I asked her innocently, unable to tear my eyes away from her smooth, exposed pussy, its soft tenderness inviting me to enter.

She pushed me against the bookshelf, grinding her wet desire against my hard cock, using her cast to pin me, while her one good hand dug eagerly into my jeans, gripping my shaft tightly. "I think I already found it," she breathed into my ear, biting my earlobe as I groaned.

We kissed deeply, passionately, while she fumbled with my zipper, clumsily tugging my jeans down from my waist, before wrapping her fingers tightly around me, stroking me teasingly. I gripped her bare, toned ass, pressing her firm, massive breasts against me. I ripped my shirt off over my head, desperate to feel her flesh against mine, knocking books down to the floor. Her breasts were as soft as silk and the color of fresh peaches on a hot summer's day. Her cocoa brown nipples, as hard as pebbles, grazed against my chest as she kissed my neck and earlobe. Her long, wavy, midnight-black hair fell across her eyes, changing her angelic face to that of a lustful seductress. My breath caught in my throat at the sudden transformation.

She pulled away from my lips, panting, before looking down hungrily at my crotch. Our eyes met, and understanding passed between our gaze. She got down onto her knees and pulled my desperate cock from my black boxers. She gasped in awe as my full length was revealed before smiling wickedly. "Wow." She stroked my shaft with one hand, looking into my eyes, licking her lips sensually. I could hear students only a few yards away, searching for books, but I didn't care. I begged her to give me relief.

She parted her lips and took me between them with unbearable, tectonic slowness. Inch after inch of my thick hardness entered her hot, moist mouth. Her deft tongue caressed and massaged my swollen head, licking my shaft, suckling my cock, while all the while she kept her eyes locked on mine. I tenderly caressed her cheek, smiling weakly, savoring this stolen moment amongst the bookshelves, just her and me.

My pleasure grew more and more intense as she worked her magic. It felt amazing. I could feel my throbbing cock coming closer to orgasm with each passing second. I was torn between slowing her down to draw out my ecstasy, and letting her finish so I could reach heaven. Her lingual caresses were too much for me to resist. I surrendered to her.

My cock spasmed, releasing my hot, sticky cum inside her mouth as she thirstily, greedily swallowed every last drop. As my cock contentedly wilted between her lips, she pulled it out, milking it gently for the last few drops which she lapped up like a kitten. She smiled at me, and the world vanished.

I woke up in my dark bedroom, alone. A red "6:35AM" shone in the dawn. A sticky warmth was already dripping down my thighs. I sighed contentedly. Not much could beat Mei's mindblowing expertise on the massage bed, but nevertheless, I always held a special fondness for wet dreams. There was that touch of nonconsent, the feeling that your orgasm was taken from you, not given to you. I loved that loss of control. I relished the fantasy of being brought to orgasm almost, but not entirely, against my will, perhaps in a crowded movie theater, or in front of an audience of our friends. Ah, today was going to be a long, hard day after a dream like that. And of course it was on one of the days I had class with Monica...

We had indeed met at the library when she had asked for bandaids, but sadly the rest of my dream was nothing more than a dream. But I had been delighted to discover that we were taking The Asian Mystique together, a class about Western perceptions of Asians, especially Asian females. Aside from my personal interest in Asian women, I was taking the class to try to understand by own feelings and the perceptions I felt society showed me.

I knew I was attracted to Asian women, (How could I not be?) but was a fetishist?

The question worried me. I didn't want to think of them as objects, but as women, beautiful, loving women. I feared I would descend into Yellow Fever. I fretted over where the border was, and on which side of it I was.

The second week of class, I had noticed that the girl from the library was my classmate. Ever since then, I hadn't been able to stop noticing her. I saw her in class, on the quad, in the dining hall, at the library. Every time I saw her, I wanted to ask her to get some coffee with me, or see a movie at the campus cinema, but I just couldn't bring myself to go out there. I barely knew her. I had checked out a few library books for her (while checking out the rest of her), and we talked sometimes in section, but that was it. I was sure that if I asked her out she'd just ask me who I was and think I was creepy.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could just get her out of my head, but it was impossible. Every time I saw her my heart fluttered. Every time I thought about her, my boxers tightened. Every time she checked out a book from the library, I took every spare moment to stare down her cleavage that I could. I was sure she had caught me once or twice... Whether I was awake or asleep, she was in my fantasies. Her big, brown, beautiful eyes, gazing at me from across the room... Her broad, white smile that brightened my day... Her ruby red lips that I couldn't help but imagine wrapped around my hard cock...

I thought back to the time I had seen her slowly eating a banana from across the dining hall. I had sat there, slackjawed, as I watched her lips and tongue take more and more of the fortunate fruit into her mouth. I hadn't been back in my room five minutes before I was already masturbating to the thought of it, to the thought of her using her mouth on me, taking me in, bit by bit, sucking and licking me...

I thought back to the time I made an insightful comment during our class section. She had noticed, and I had been rewarded with her attentive stare for the rest of class. I had come so close to asking her out that day, I really was going to... She had been wearing the sexiest little blouse, the buttons straining against the fabric from the force of her chest struggling to be free... I had spent all class daydreaming about what lay beneath, and then, just when I had the courage to make a move, she had had a question for the TA. I tried to wait outside the classroom, but she ended up talking to him for too long...

Even before I got to class, I knew I would have to pay a visit to Mei soon. Mei...Mei was my own personal goddess. She was an extraordinarily talented masseuse over at Paradise Massage. My friend Katelyn had introduced me to the place when she was doing a research project on it, and I had quickly become addicted.

Mei's manual ministrations solved any problem, it seemed. If I were depressed or stressed or just unbearably horny, I took a visit to Mei, and in an hour, she had solved all my problems. Her strong hands kneaded away all my knots and worries, and her talented tongue handled any stress left over. Was it any wonder that I went as often as I could? I only wish my grad student budget were a bit larger, but I managed. If her boss was gone, Mei sometimes slipped me a free massage. I wasn't sure what to call us. We were more than just a john and a prostitute, but we definitely weren't boyfriend and girlfriend. Customer-with-benefits? Ah well, it didn't matter what I was called, I only cared about how she treated me.

When I was at Paradise, I felt like a sultan. A beautiful woman at my beck and call, satisfying my every whim. She was gentle, intelligent, and an excellent listener. I felt comfortable telling her anything, and I often did, and in her softly supportive way, she made my heart peaceful and took away all my worries. She was a miracle-worker.

Unfortunately, she was a miracle-worker on vacation.

"What do you mean she's not here?" I asked later that evening.

"She's visiting family in LA," the man at the front desk responded. "She'll be back next week, John." I blushed a bit at the realization that I was such a regular here that the host knew me by name, but he continued. "She did leave a note, though, let me see...ah! 'If John comes by, give him to Chuntao.'" He looked up from the note and explained: "Chuntao is our newest masseuse. Mei's been training her. Is that alright with you, sir?"

I felt a bit guilty about going to a different masseuse, but if Mei had said it was alright... "Ya, sure. Which room is she in?"

"Just go to Room 7 and I'll send her up in a few minutes. She's talking with the other masseuses right now, I believe. I'll tell her to treat you well, John, no worries," he added with a conspiratorial wink. I made a mental note to give him a tip on my way out and headed upstairs, girls waving to me as I made my way to Room 7. The door was open, so I walked in, closed the door behind me, and got ready.

I undressed patiently, folding my clothes and setting them aside, wondering what sort of girl Chuntao would be. I hoped she was as strong as Mei...no one else could get the knots out of my like her. I also hoped she was as open to making a bit of extra money in tips as Mei was... My cock was stirring just from the thought of what might be about to happen. I lay down on top of the thin white sheets, rested my head in the U-shaped pillow, and waited.

A minute or so later, the door opened, and quiet, shuffling footsteps announced the arrival of my slipper-clad masseuse. "A-Are you ready?" she asked, tentatively, with a thick accent.

She must be nervous for her first time, poor thing... I decided to make it easier for her, and kept my face buried in the pillow. Besides, I enjoyed teasing myself, delaying my pleasure. Waiting to see her face for a short while would soon surely be worth it. "I'm all set," I replied.

The door closed. Chuntao stepped towards the table, her black slippers appearing on the floor beneath me. As she introduced herself, I heard the slight thwip thwip thwip of buttons being undone, and then the velvety whisper of cloth against skin, before a muffled thwump of her top hitting the floor almost directly beneath my face. I had to force myself to keep to my earlier vow. I could only imagine how beautiful my masseuse's breasts were, aching for my touch, mere inches away. I felt my cock growing against the sheet, and was suddenly aware that I hadn't bothered to cover up with a towel.

Her hands, lightly coated in vanilla-scented oil, gingerly touched my back, as though she were afraid of being burnt. Her confidence growing, she pressed deeper, kneading my sore muscles, caressing the length of my back. She wasn't as strong as Mei, but she was no less talented. Her gentle hands played across the length of my back, her fingernails grazing up and down my body. Her touch was electric.

She was quiet, but I didn't mind. I didn't need to talk; I was enjoying just melting into the table as her skilled hands relaxed me completely...well, almost completely. Truth be told, I could do nothing to stop my overeager dick. I kept my legs pressed together, hoping to hide my embarrassing arousal from here. I didn't want to scare her off by making a move too early. Besides, soon we would have more than enough time to make up for all this exquisite teasing and temptation.

Her hand patted my back. "T-time to turn over...are you ready?"

I smiled inwardly and turned over, ready to receive my reward for all my patience.


Her Story


"J-John?! What are you doing here?!" I shrieked. "Don't you know what sort of place this is?" He averted his eyes. Mine widened. "Oh my god, you do know! What are you doing here?" I repeated.

"I just come here for a massage every once in a while," he stammered. "Plenty of guys just enjoy getting an innocent massage."

My eyes drifted downwards. Oh my. I tried to meet his eyes again, but couldn't. I didn't want to look, but oh god, I did. It was wrong, but I couldn't fight my body. Truth be told, I was a 23 year old virgin. I had never seen a man naked, and I had certainly never seen anything like the sight in front of me, except in one or two dirty pictures online. "Innocent, huh?" I asked, nodding towards it. Wow, it was enormous... Were all guys so big? How did something like that fit inside me? It had to be seven inches long, at least... I could feel my cheeks burning. Had I really caused that? Just my touching him, massaging him, I had made him that hard, that turned-on? Wow.

He tried to hide it with the sheet of the massage bed, but a massive bulge still poked through. "I can't help it," he confessed. "You're a very good masseuse..."

"Thanks..." I said, willing my eyes to stay on his.

"Hey wait, what are you doing here, if this is such a bad place?" he accused.

I squeaked. "Uh, well, I was just guessing about it being a bad place, that's just what I heard..." He kept staring at me. I looked away and explained. "I just need some cash, OK? I'm doing less than half-time and I have student loan payments, and at first I just thought this was a legitimate massage parlor, but then my boss told me all about...the other stuff, and I thought I could learn it. Mei's been training me on bananas."

I turned to look at him from the corner of my eye, but he wasn't looking at my face. I followed his gaze, and immediately covered my chest. "Don't stare at those!" I yelled, trying to hide myself. My heart was racing as I held back my heavy bosom. I could feel my heart pounding as John blushed and stammered, trying to deny his obvious crime. How had I forgotten I was topless?! Oh my god, he had seen everything... Then again, so had I...

For almost half my life I had been self-conscious of my chest, always trying to keep it hidden. I had blossomed early, and quickly, and by high school I was already the embarrassed owner of a pair of perky double-Ds. Every time a guy talked to me, he stared at my chest. It was mortifying. I glanced again at John's manhood, barely hidden by a thin, white sheet. Maybe they weren't so bad, though, if they could do that.

Just then, we heard a buzzing from John's pants in the corner. "Excuse me," he blurted as he waddled over, trying and failing to keep himself covered with the sheet. His butt was firm and tight. I had to keep myself from spanking it as he spoke to someone. "Hey Katelyn... I'm just at Paradise Massage... She's actually on vacation... It's, uh, actually someone I know... I'll ask." He looked at me and asked, "Do you want to grab some food? My friend Kate is in Chinatown right now, and she invited you if you want to come. If not, I understand, I mean..." he trailed off, with a sympathetic nod that conveyed only a fraction of the awkwardness of our meeting.

"That actually sounds pretty good...can you cover for me? I'm kind of broke..."

"Ya, sure. It's the least I can do. Consider it my tip." He turned back around and continued: "She's in... Alright, see you there in, like, fifteen? We need to get dressed... No, we didn't! Bye, Kate!" He hung up.

"What did she ask?"

"Nothing, it's not important." We stood there, looking at each other. "Um, can you close your eyes, and I'll get dressed?"

"Oh, sure!" I closed my eyes and listened as he and his clothes rustled. I peeked out of one eye and saw him pulling up his boxers, his hard dick jutting skyward, long and thick and red. I clenched my thighs, feeling my panties dampening. I had never realized how handsome he was before... His chestnut hair was tussled, and his amber eyes were deep and inviting. During our massage, I had been able to feel his muscles beneath his skin, and his skin was a handsome olive. I wondered what his manhood felt like...it looked so powerful, so virile. I almost asked him if I could touch it, but I bit my lip, willing such urges away, and I clenched my eyes shut until he told me was ready.

"I'll wait outside for you, OK?"

"That sounds great, thanks," I replied. The door closed and I got dressed. We met up outside and he led me to the restaurant, as I followed a few feet behind him, taking advantage of my position to observe his cute butt.

We stepped in, and a lithe Chinese girl at a table waved us down. We joined her at the table and ordered our food.

"Hi, I'm Katelyn," she said, introducing herself.

"I'm Monica."

"So how's work at Paradise Massage? Do you give happy endings?"

I choked on my water, and John patted my back. "What?! No. What?"

She laughed. "Don't be ashamed. So have you done it cowgirl style? That's my favorite?"

"No," I replied, blushing.




"No..." By now, John was hiding his face in his hands.

"Have you ever had sex?!" she asked in exasperation.

"Um, not really."

"OK, but you've at least given a blowjob, right?"

I shook my head.

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