tagGroup SexOur Neighbor Learns to Play

Our Neighbor Learns to Play


Just in case you don't know, all of my stories I post here are true. Some names have been changed to protect the identity of some of our partners. I hope you enjoy reading about our erotic adventures, please feel free to e-mail me with any private comments.

Tom and I have been married now for eighteen years and we have no children. I have had a problem with my ovaries from birth that has prevented me from becoming pregnant. Being that as it may I have grown to love the natural feel of a man's cock pumping away inside of me and to feel his cum shooting deep into me… plainly speaking, I love to fuck and I hate condoms!

By the time Tom and I finished our last year of college we were already married and veteran swingers. Tom landed a great job right out of school but I kelp working nights part time as a waitress at the topless club I spoke about in my first story (My First Black Cock). When you have a set of 36DD breast like mine, the tips are hard to pass up and it is a huge turn on having guys begging me to fuck them.

We wanted to move out of the tiny apartment we were in so we found a cute two bedroom house for rent in the suburbs. It was the next to last house on a dead-end street and the neighbors on one side were a old couple that traveled a lot and was usually never home and the neighbors on the other side, at the end of the street was a couple that was just a few years older than us.

After about a week, Karen, the wife of the couple at the end of the street came over one afternoon. She is about six foot, C cup breast, and dirty blonde hair about shoulder length and has the most perfect ass… I would love to have an ass like hers! She was sexy as hell and I remember thinking that I bet Tom would love to fuck her… shit, I wanted to fuck her!

We chatted and got to know each other for a while and she asked me if I worked in a factory at night because she noticed I would leave in the late afternoon and not come home till 2 or 3 AM. I kind of laughed and told her no, I worked as a topless waitress in a gentlemen's club down town. Her mouth kind of dropped open for a minute and she smiled and said she wished her husband would let her do something like that. I figured then, what the hell… I might as well tell her everything about us.

So I told her all about me and Tom being swingers, me being bisexual and she was really in awe about all of it. I could tell the idea of it all made her a little horny by the way she would move around in her seat and was questioning me about all the different size cocks I had been with and I even told her about Tom's nine inches that I adore having inside of me. She apologized for asking me all the sexual questions but she said she was very intrigued about the idea of having sex with different people and having multiple partners including other women at the same time.

She then opened up to me and told me her whole story about how she was not happy in her marriage at all and was pretty sure she was going to ask her husband for a divorce very soon.

She was a virgin when she met her husband and they married right out of high school and she had never been with anyone else. She continued to tell me her husband only has a five inch very thin cock when he is fully hard and he will only fuck her twice a month and will only do it in the missionary position.

She also told me she had not had an orgasm during sex with him in almost a year, she waits until during the day while he is at work and watches porn movies with well hung guys and uses an eight inch dildo that he doesn't know about to get off with. I told her then if she ever wanted a big, thick, hard cock to ride she was more than welcome to ride Tom's. She smiled really big and said she just might take me up on that offer one day.

I kind of knew what she was talking about because a few months before Tom and I had met another couple at a swingers club we go to a lot. They were both in their mid fifties and very fit very nice outgoing couple.

They were both straight and just wanted to swap partners so we went back to their house and had a few drinks and then paired off into separate rooms. I was very anxious to get a good hard fucking because of having my breast fondled and caressed through my sweater by Tom and the other gentleman all night so I was out of all my cloths almost as soon as the door was closed.

I got onto the bed, but he only stripped down to his boxers and I was curious as to why but we started kissing and he started fingering my pussy and sucking and kissing my breast and nipples and worked his way down to my pussy, he licked me very expertly, bringing me to the brink of cumming and then backing off. I was totally hot… I wanted his hard cock inside me bad by now.

I told him I wanted to suck his cock for him and pulled his underwear down and that's when I saw he had a really small cock… it had to be a good 3 inches fully hard. I knew then why they were swingers… so his wife could get some bigger cocks! He quickly apologized for his size and told me if I wanted to stop now there would be no hard feelings.

I smiled and kissed him deeply and told him I had never turned a guy down I was about to have sex with because of the size of his cock and for him to just relax and let's have some fun. It is true really that if a guy with a small cock knows how to use it then it can be just as enjoyable.

I started sucking and licking his cock and telling him how good his precum tasted for about ten minutes and then I asked him to lick my pussy again and let me cum on his tongue figuring maybe I could get a good orgasm before he fucks me but he told me he just wanted to get his cock right into me. Well, I got on my hands and knees and he fucked me as hard as he could doggy style but it just kind of felt like I was being finger fucked and I didn't want him to think I wasn't enjoying it so I faked an orgasm so he wouldn't feel bad and shortly after he grunted and came inside of me.

I was hotter than hell… if I wanted to cum… I was going to have to work for it so I spun around and started sucking his cock as hard as I could. It wasn't long before he was hard again and started fucking my mouth so I pulled away and I laid back onto the bed and spread my legs and started fingering my soaking wet cunt and asking him to fuck me.

He got between my legs and I guided his cock between my lips and he was inside of me with his balls against my ass in nothing flat. As he was pumping his cock into me I was rubbing my clit and saying, "Yes baby, fuck my cunt, fuck me good baby! Fuck me like a slut baby yes!" He was watching my tits sway back and forth as I was looking into his eyes… he was very much enjoying himself and what he was doing to my pussy. Then, finally it happened… I had a really good soaking orgasm!

I locked my legs around his waist and started telling him to fill me with his cum as he started shooting it inside of me. Afterwards we laid naked together on the bed talking about different things and he thanked me for staying and having some great sex as he put it with him.

Anyway, back to my new neighbor and friend Karen. A couple of weeks after our talk her husband got switched in his job where he would have to go out of town every week. We got to be very good friends and she got to know Tom as well. We would all play cards in the evenings and she, Tom and I would have long chats that usually always turned to a sexual nature with her being very inquisitive about swinging. I would always tell her, "Shit babe, I have got to get you laid!" and we would laugh.

Wednesday nights were always a slow night at the club so I took off early this particular Wednesday night and when I got home I noticed Barry's car was there. Barry is a good friend of ours we play with often with a nice eight inch cock so I perked up thinking I was about to get a good double penetration fuck from him and Tom.

I walked into the living room and I could hear muffled moans coming from my bedroom. I slowly eased the door open and saw Karen lying naked on her back and Tom was sliding his beautiful hard cock in and out of her cunt. I then saw Barry and another friend of ours Jeff, a very good looking black guy with an extremely nice cock I figured to be about eight and a half inches and very thick and always tells me I am his favorite fuck. They were over her head taking turns feeding their cocks into Karen's mouth.

I found out later that the three of them were out side working on Barry's car when Karen came out and Tom invited her over to play cards with them and drink a few beers. They ended up talking her into a game of strip poker and then they talked her into letting them gang bang her.

The sight of the three of them using my neighbor as a fuck toy was so fucking erotic my pussy was instantly soaked.

Tom was the first to notice my presents and looked at me and smiled and said "Hey baby! Come join the fun!"

"Hey gorgeous!" was Barry's reply as he pumped into Karen's mouth.

"FUCKING A… Janet's here!" said Jeff as he pulled his thick black cock from Karen's hand and walked over to me hugging me.

Before I left the club I had took off my mini skirt and my thong panties and only put on a long sweater that hung to my knees. Jeff broke his hug with me and I started pulling it up and over my head with the help of Jeff.

I was instantly nude and Jeff hugged me again with one arm while cupping my breast with the other hand and whispered in my ear, "You're so fucking sexy baby… I have been thinking about you and your hot pussy for days."

I reached down and grasp his ridged cock and I whispered back, "Baby, you can pump that big cock of yours into me all you want!"

Holding his cock in my hand I pulled him over to the love seat and had him sit down, I got down in front of him and started licking his cock from his balls to the tip, slowly, then sucking his head into my mouth and swirling my tongue over the tip. I was soon into a good rhythm of sucking his hard black cock and I became aware of someone behind me, I didn't care who it was, they were playing with my pussy.

It was however Barry, he got down and was lying on his back and was licking my pussy. Fuck it felt good! Behind us I could hear Karen was on the verge of screaming now as Tom was pounding her, giving her all nine of his inches.

After a few minutes Barry stopped and got up and told Jeff that all of us should get on the bed. Jeff agreed but had to pry my mouth off his cock. Barry took my hand and led me to the bed and lay down next to Karen and told me to suck his cock. Hell, it was in my mouth before he finished telling me.

I then heard Tom say, "Fuck her from behind Jeff… Fuck the shit out of her while she has his cock in her mouth!"

Jeff moved in behind me and I felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my dripping cunt. Slowly he pushed into me until he was all the way inside. He got a good steady motion going and I felt my first orgasm building… I was about to explode all over his cock.

Barry pulled his cock out of my mouth and started jerking it in my face and asking me, "Do you like that big black cock in your cunt… fucking you?"

I had just started cumming on Jeff's cock and I replied, "Yes! I love his big black cock fucking my cunt…. OH SHIT YES… FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK JEFF… FUCK ME… FUCK ME… FUCK ME! Barry then unloaded a huge shot of cum onto my face and into my mouth.

This got Jeff started hammering his cock into me super hard. I then heard Karen exclaim that she was cumming and I heard Tom say he was filling her cunt with his cum. Jeff slowed his pace a little to keep from cumming so he could make our fuck last longer.

Tom had pulled out of Karen and told her to get under me and lick my clit while I was being fucked. Without question she did as she was told. To return the favor I buried my face into her cum filled pussy. I could tell from the amount of cum in her that all three of them had already came in her and I began licking up all of the cream I could get from her hot, wet cunt.

"OH FUCK! Here it is baby… gonna fill you full!" Jeff exclaimed as his cock shot what felt like a gallon of cum into me.

After he had drained his cock into me he slowly pulled out and when he did… all of his cum and my juices poured out into Karen's face and mouth. She hungrily licked it all up and went back to work licking my clit and flicking her tongue into my hole. Karen and I continued our sixty-nine for some time while the guys stroked their cocks back to life and watched us.

The guys took turns fucking us several more times during the night and each time usually ended up with Karen and I cleaning the cum from each others cunt.

The next morning I awoke and Tom and Barry had gone to work but Jeff called in sick and stayed behind. Karen and I took turns riding his big black cock well into the afternoon. Jeff even got something that day he had been asking me for ever sense I first met him… my ass. I let him fuck and cum deep in my ass while I licked my sexy neighbors' hot pussy.

I hope you liked this little adventure… let me know what you think! Hugs and Licks to all!

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Just wondering

Did any of the guys lick the cum filled pussies???

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Can't help but wonder?

As much as you love to fuck I can't help to wonder what kind of a naughty mother you would have been and wonder if you have ever had mother son fantasies. I would be exciting to know of any such filthymore...

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