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Our New Business


Some of this is true, though a bunch of facts have been changed to avoid revealing too much to our family and friends. It took place within the past 7 years, though the effects continue through today.

After working as an executive in the corporate world for 25 years, I was ready to do something with a much lower stress level. I had accumulated several hundred thousand dollars in addition to a healthy retirement account and felt I could retire -- despite being only 47 years old.

I didn't really want to retire; I just wanted to do something that wouldn't involve the daily grind of meeting unrealistically high expectations and having to play corporate politics everyday. Maybe I could put my business skills to work and enjoy the fruits of my labor by owning a small business and making enough profit to keep us going until I was really ready to retire.

I had been talking with my wife Debbie about the situation for several years and she was supportive, but concerned about the risk of me stepping away from a lucrative income and lifestyle while exposing us to the uncertainties of having a new, small business. She was several years younger than me and had been a full-time mother until we became empty-nesters last spring. Retirement wasn't on her mind for the immediate future either. Her concerns delayed my actions for several years until I heard of the perfect business situation.

About 2 hours drive south of us, on the northwest side of Chicago beyond O'Hare Airport, is an area that has had a very strong level of business growth. There were several small franchise hotels that had sprung up over the past 10 years to serve the many business travelers these growing businesses attract. I knew a bit more about this particular area because Jim, an old business acquaintance of mine, had left our company to buy into the franchise about 5 years ago.

Jim is about 10 years older than me and had told me that he had been feeling much the same about wanting to escape the corporate rat race at the time this opportunity presented itself. He took the risk and jumped on the chance to get into business for himself. He told me that he was very happy with the result and that both the lower stress and higher income suited him fine.

However, now Jim was at the stage when he was finally ready to retire and he was talking to me about what his plans were for heading to the warmer climate of Florida. I asked him when the sale of his hotel would be completed but he said he had not yet put it on the market. Well, whether this was just Jim's way of smoothly marketing the business, or it was a great bit of timing for me, I was hooked. I asked him how much he was thinking of selling it for and found that it was in our range -- assuming a bank would agree to lend us about 60% of the sale price.

I raised the idea with Debbie and she was again concerned about me leaving the security of a solid corporate job for the uncertainties of owning a business. I showed her the steady growth of the financial statements, the reasonable price being asked and the likely income we could expect from the deal. She was somewhat reassured, but also expressed concern that she would be pulled-into the business and made to work there. I said that I couldn't rule out the possibility, but that it wasn't my plan for that to happen.

Our relationship was strong enough that she accepted my plan and said she would pitch-in, if necessary. I guess I should share a little bit more about my wife and our sex life. Debbie is 5'6" tall, a natural blonde (top & bottom), with long hair, blue eyes, very perky B/C-cup breasts, a narrow waist and, what I think is called "junk in the trunk" or an above-average sized butt. I still find her very attractive and I think other guys do too, though she doesn't think so. I'm rather short at 5'5" and have an average sized 4.5" erect penis. My wife jokingly says my best feature is my tongue, especially when it's probing her.

Our sex life started hot, but had cooled significantly over the past 10 years or so. Debbie still has a little bit of adventure in her, especially on vacation. For example, she went nude underneath her coat during a vacation trip and took the coat off for about half the trip. We were in a mini-van with big windows and many guys got great views of her along the way. I played with her a bit in the van and we literally jumped on each other when we got to the resort condo.

She has done some surprising things during sex with me on vacation. She has slipped her finger into my butt during foreplay, taken off her bikini bottoms on a dare while in a hot tub full of guys (they weren't aware of it until she got out), enjoyed the occasional spanking, and moved into a "69" with me shortly after we had sex and I had cum inside her. All of these activities fed my sexual appetite and fantasies. We have also shared some pretty erotic fantasy stories with each other, many of which are similar to those found on Literotica and involve her being with other guys with big cocks and cuckolding me. While all this is fun, during "regular" times, our sex life is fairly routine and happens about 3 times each month.

OK, back to the story . . .

In the end, I decided to make the leap into business ownership and approached the bank for the loan. With the pledge of all our worldly goods as collateral, they agreed to provide the loan and it was a done-deal. I notified my employer of my departure and our adventure began.

The current state of occupancy, staff and facilities was stable. We already provided free wireless Internet service, free continental breakfast and clean, comfortable rooms. However, to generate the income we desired to maintain our lifestyle, we needed to come up with some ways to generate some additional revenue.

We added a small convenience store to supply basic food, toiletries, books and magazines, and tourist gifts. Debbie set-up the store and was involved in selecting all of the items to stock. I expressed a bit of shock to her when I saw the hard-core selection of magazines, but she said that the mostly male customers traveling alone might like them. She was right, of course.

The store helped a little and the inventory costs weren't too high. However, we were brainstorming about how to increase our earnings and came up with the idea of adding an evening bar and limited food menu. We noticed that most of the businessmen who stayed here were gone all day and returned between 6 and 8 p.m. A nice lounge atmosphere with some live music and possibly dancing might add something to their experience and to our cash flow.

It took a couple of months and several evening meetings with local officials to get our liquor license and my bartender permit, but once we got it, we set our plans in-motion. Finding space for the lounge wasn't difficult because the breakfast area was unused the rest of the day. We did a little remodeling to make it acceptable for its dual use. The bar had room for 8 barstools, there was 5 booths and 5 more tables. In all, there was seating for about 48 customers, which seemed about right to me. Until we saw what the level of business was going to be, I was going to work as the bartender and my wife agreed to help with waitressing. We hired a cook and another waitress to help us. If necessary, the front desk manager could help me bartend.

The bar was more popular than the food service and my wife often ended up sitting on a bar stool at the end of the bar talking to me. In that situation, guys assumed she was available despite her wedding rings and she got asked to dance frequently and many guys flirted with and bought drinks for her each evening.

My wife liked to dance and she seemed to attract more business to the bar. She asked me if I felt jealous seeing her in the arms of these men, and I had to admit to her that while it did make me feel a little bit jealous, it also turned me on. She seemed surprised by this and smirked at me, calling me a pervert. I suggested that she wear an ankle bracelet to let the guys know she was available.

She then asked if I had been noticing how bold some of the guys were with their hands.

I admitted that I saw several put their hands on her ass.

She said that it had gone much farther than that numerous times with guys feeling her boobs and a few even trying to caress her pussy. She wanted to know how I felt about that. However, she the noticed the growing bulge in my pants and said "Never mind. I can see the answer clearly."

Nothing much more was said about it for several weeks, but my fantasies began to run wild. All these men. All these bedrooms. My wife. Hmmm.

Then one day, my wife came rushing up to me at reception looking quite flushed. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she had just been helping with housekeeping and walked in on a guy jerking off his really big, beautiful cock. She said she was stunned by it and actually stood staring at it for about 10 seconds before the guy asked her to help him finish. She said that she was really tempted but knew it would be wrong cheating on me like that. But she also said that she couldn't stop staring and suddenly the guy tensed up and began shooting ropes of cum up to his nose and all over his chin, neck, chest and belly. She said it was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen, but left soon after the big event.

She asked if I was mad, while noticing my hard-on in my pants.

I said "Of course I'm mad. Why didn't you help the poor guy? You should always be ready to serve our guests and you had several ways you could have helped him, and enjoyed it yourself too." She seemed shocked by my answer and asked if I was serious.

I told her that I was joking about being mad, but that I wouldn't have considered it cheating if she had just stroked the guy.

I said that in fact, it turned me on to hear about her with other men.

She said that my fantasies were OK but she didn't want to risk our relationship with her slutty behavior. She also said that she had been reading about some similar husband cuckold fantasies in Cosmo that we had seen on Literotica and that some of them seemed pretty extreme.

I assured her that from what I had read, just about every married man who has been married for more than 15 years actually wishes that his wife was a slut and fantasizes about seeing her with other men and finding evidence of her sluttiness when she returns to him.

She asked "do you mean finding evidence like other guys' cum on her or inside her like the fantasy stories?"

And I told her "definitely." She then admitted to having some fantasies of having sex with the guys in the hotel, especially after dancing.

Debbie then began to tease me by whispering in my ear. "Do you have some of those extreme fantasies? What would you do if I came to you with another guy's semen dripping from me? Would you want to hear all about how it got there? Would you touch it to see if it's real? Would you have the guts to go down on me and use that special tongue of yours to clean me?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes" was my answer and I was rock hard at the thought. Debbie grabbed my cock through my pants and took me into the office for a quicky blow job.

She came up and deep kissed me, passing some of my cum back to me and asked "are you sure you would lick other men's cum off of my body and from my pussy? It would be such a turn-on for me, even though it's pretty kinky and maybe pretty humiliating and a little bit gay for you."

I agreed it would be very humiliating for me to be cuckolded and have to eat the cum of her lovers, but it's strangely exciting for me too.

If you're really OK with this, I can start being your slut as early as today. I'm really horny from seeing that guy's big cock and from giving you head and pushing a sperm snowball into your mouth. Would you mind if I started spreading open my mouth and my legs for other men during dancing tonight? That means you may be starting your cuckold diet tonight, my dear little perverted cumsucker. Is that what you want? OK?"

I was thinking with my small, hard head when I said "yes" and started myself down the path of the cuckold husband.

I watched my wife dance, and get felt up by 6 different guys that night. After dancing with a tall guy in a flannel shirt and jeans, she turned and winked at me while walking hand in hand with him out of the bar and down the hall. I still had 5 other customers to tend to, so I couldn't go after her and I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

There was some shame, humiliation and jealousy, but I was also turned on. I thought about my wife stripping for him; showing him her perky tits and blonde pubic hair; feeling his cock; taking his cock in her mouth and looking up at him with her pretty face and blue eyes. I imagined the scene of the big man mounting my wife with her legs spread wide, claiming her as his, at least for a while.

Then I thought about the other part. Was my wife really going to want me to drink his cum from her? How weird would it be to serve him drinks knowing that he fucked my wife and that his sperm was down my throat and in my belly? Hell, I'd probably still be tasting his cum in my mouth. Oh god, I think he knows she's my wife! It's going to be so humiliating to face him. Why is my cock so hard?

After about 45 minutes my wife returned to the bar smiling at me. She came up to me and whispered that she needed to show me something in the supply room.

No one was asking for a drink at that moment, so I put the "Be Right Back" sign on the bar and followed her. I was literally shaking thinking what was about to happen. Was my sexy wife full of the brawny man's cum? Would my belly soon be full of it too?

I didn't have to wait long to find out. When we reached the storeroom, my wife embraced me with a deep passionate kiss. Once again, she was turning me on. She whispered in my ear that she had done her part to satisfy my fantasy and wanted to know if I wanted to go through with my part.

She looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my shoulders, applying light pressure. I was feeling woozy at the thought of what she was silently asking me to do. She told me that she fulfilled my fantasy.

This could only mean that she had actually had sex with the big man she left with. Did I really want to see the results? Taste the results?

She encouraged me to follow through on my fantasy. "Make it a reality honey. I know you're turned on. Take a look and see if it's all that you hoped for."

Slowly I got down on my knees in front of her. My stomach was tight and nervous, but my cock was very hard. I lifted-up her skirt and the first thing I noticed was the familiar bleachy scent of semen. Her blonde pubic hair was matted with a combination of dried cum and slick, wet spots. Her pussy lips were puffy, a little separated and obviously wet. I couldn't see perfectly because of the lighting, but I thought I could detect a little bit of whiteness to the shine between her pussy lips.

The moment of truth had arrived. I was very intent on the sight only inches in front of my face. My wife's lovely pussy . . . with another man's cum all over it. I had never been so conflicted in my life. It was so alluring, but licking it would change me and us forever.

I couldn't resist any longer. I grasped my wife's ass and pulled her to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and began licking all around her pussy. She threw her head back and began to moan deeply. I alternated between sliding my tongue into her pussy and moving up to her clit and dancing my tongue over it. My wife had her hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her.

She said "Ohhh yeah! Eat meeee! Eat his cuummmm!" and exploded in an orgasm. I had to help hold her up as she was shaking and her knees buckled onto my shoulders. I stopped licking but she held my face tight to her pussy while she was in the throes of her intense orgasm. Finally she released me saying "Oh my god, that was incredible!"

I stood up in front of her and she grabbed my head giving me a very passionate, deep French kiss. She had a wild look on her face that I hadn't seen before. This scenario had really sparked something special for her.

She reached her hand down to my crotch and rubbed my rock hard cock and began kissing me again. She said that she wanted to have me in her right now and laid back across some boxes revealing once again her very sexy, very wet, blonde pussy.

I unzipped and dropped my pants and quickly moved into position to slide into her. She grabbed my cock and said "Oh yeah! Right now!" and pulled me to her. I slid right in with virtually no resistance.

The situation was very hot, but I must admit, she wasn't very tight at all. However, I only lasted a few minutes because she had me so worked-up. I probably would have cum with just the touch of a feather anyway.

After a few minutes of embracing, I realized that I had to get back to the bar. I was hoping that the customers wouldn't be too upset at my absence and I thought about seeing the brawny man and couldn't quite figure out how I would handle it.

My wife and I put ourselves back together and I went out to the bar first. Luckily, our front desk receptionist had stepped-in to handle the bar while I was away. He wasn't licensed to serve, but could handle basic requests for beer and such. I was wondering if he could hear my wife moaning from the supply room.

After closing the bar that night and returning to our home, my wife and I had a chance to talk through the day's events. She said that she found it all very exciting, but was worried about where this may lead. She also said that she can't remember ever having such an intense orgasm as she did in the supply room with me. She wanted to know how I felt about her and about us now that the heat of passion was past.

I told her that I also found it very exciting and that I was OK with all that happened. I shared with her my conflicted feelings of jealousy and excitement about seeing her going down the hall with the other guy and about how turned-on I was when I lifted her skirt in the supply room and smelled and saw the semen all over and in her pussy.

She asked if it was OK when I tasted his cum in her.

I said that it was one of the most exciting parts.

She wanted to know if I felt kind of gay by eating another man's cum.

I told her that I had absolutely no desire or thoughts about having sex with a man or being romantic with a man. I said that it was really a completely different thing. It was more like a submissive and humiliating thing rather than a gay thing. I felt that she and he had, in a way, dominated me.

She asked if I was OK with these feelings or should we put a stop to this kind of activity.

I said that if we both enjoyed it, I couldn't see why we should stop, but that we should always let each other know what's going on and maybe we should set some guidelines about the activity to avoid misunderstandings and hurt.

She agreed that we should try to set these guidelines but wondered how to do it.

I suggested that we do some research to see how to proceed.

She asked about what to do in the meantime. Is it OK if she has sex with other men? Does she always need to let me know beforehand or is it OK if she tells me about it afterward?

I told her that she can continue with other men and that I just need to know what happened.

She asked if I would be willing to repeat the supply room treatment I gave her because she really liked it.

I said that I loved to see her enjoy herself so much and that I'd do just about anything to keep giving her that much pleasure. We had a nice warm kiss and went to bed after that.

I didn't see the brawny man until he checked-out the next day. Fortunately, he didn't act any different than any other customer, but did say that he enjoyed all aspects of his visit and hoped to repeat the experience soon and often. I don't know if he was giving me a little bit of taunting or was just expressing his gratitude.

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