tagLesbian SexOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 04

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 04


I'm Jessica, I'm a going to be a junior at one of the better colleges. I'm 5'8" brunette, brown eyes, 140 more or less. C cup boobs a nice figure and, of course, a shaved pussy.

I figured I'd get that all out at first so you don't have to guess what I look like. I live in the dorms with Brittany, my roommate. We've been roomies since we got here. She's friggin tall, 5'11" rail thin with tiny little A cups. Blonde and blue and yeah shaved too. Hey it rhymes! Okay back to the story.

Brit and I have a really close relationship, we share everything and talk about everything, or so I thought. For example during our first semester we were horny, hell we're always horny, but back then we didn't know that about each other. We were havin fun, trying to keep our grades up and party. It was funny, neither of us was interested in a random hookup, even though many were offered. I know I wanted something more, I just wasn't sure of what.

All the guys seemed shallow and driven to just notch the bedpost. When Brit and I would talk late into the night she said the same thing. However, Brit once let it slip that she had a good friend at home that helped her through her really horny times. Oh God did she blush when she told me that! The rum and cokes had broken down her fences and I could tell that slipped out. Well, no matter what I tried she gave out with no more on that topic. But boy, was I curious!

Now I had noticed something about my roommate. I didn't say anything because it wasn't important. Actually a small part of me was complimented and intrigued. Brit would always scope me out when I was naked. I noticed it right away and as the semester proceeded it became obvious. She would suggest we shower or she'd somehow be in the room when I would regularly shower. Now I suppose I facilitated this sort of behavior because I'm not real shy. I like my body and I don't mind being naked. Brit was my roommate and good friend so I didn't see a problem.

At first I was slightly concerned she might be uncomfortable but it soon became obvious that was just the opposite. This night was no different. We had talked ourselves out and it was our routine that we both would shower before bed. I got up and got out my shower caddy and towel, laying them on the bed. Brit was "reading" a magazine but I noticed no pages got turned. I don't know why but I decided to test my observation. I stood at the foot of our two beds, each against a wall and separated by about 4 feet of floor. Facing her I crossed my arms and languidly pulled my tank top off, casually tossing it in my closet. As my eyes cleared the base of my top I quickly looked. Brit was carefully watching but ducked her eyes back down when she thought I could see her. I continued my test. I never realized what a sexual person I was. I'd never been with a girl or even considered it but basically stripping for another woman was getting me hot.

Now I was facing her and I casually, but slowly, hooked my hands on the elastic of my running shorts and slowly slid them down, trying to look distracted or bored. I felt very wicked. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her. Her eyes were just over the top edge of her cosmo and I noticed that she was very subtly clenching her thighs. I spread my legs, just a little and slowly slid my shorts down, pausing, just for a second as the waistband exposed the top of my yellow thong. Then I shoved them down to my ankles, stepped out of one leg and using my foot in a very exaggerated way flipped them up in the air and caught them. Brit still wasn't turning any pages.

Now the fun was really going to begin. Damn I felt so wicked! Still facing her I reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I let it fall away and held it up pretending to examine it. Now my C cup tits are firm. I have big areolas and long nipples. This little show I was doing had gotten them hard so they stuck out nicely as I "studied" my bra. Brit was practically gaping. I'd never undressed like this before and she was clearly enjoying it.

It was time for the finale. Tossing my bra into my closet I turned around, facing our closet and its mirror, which I think Brit forgot about, hooked my fingers into the waistband of my thong and slowly slid it down over my nice round ass as I turned to face the mirror. As I did that I slowly bent over, once the waistband was below my ass the gusset was still stuck to my pussy, which I noticed had gotten a bit damp. I watched Brit in the mirror as I pulled down and the gusset fell away from my pussy. She could now see my slit and my rosebud. I was bent way over, making quite a show of getting two ounces of fabric off my body. She had forgotten about the mirror and was staring at my pussy and ass and my nice big tits hanging down. She was clenching and rubbing her thighs together, thinking I couldn't see.

Now I knew for sure. My roommate liked seeing me naked. I liked that, I wasn't sure what I'd do with that information but I knew I liked it. I wasn't done. Totally naked I turned around, facing her and started looking at my boobs. The underwire had left a mark, it was nothing but it gave me an idea. Casually I lifted my tit and examined it carefully, basically fondling myself in front of Brit. She was still pretending to read, badly. I had an idea to bring her out of Cosmo.

"Do you think these marks are permanent?"

I asked, rubbing the mark on my tit. Brit looked up as if she had been caught cheating. But she got over the shock of having her presence acknowledged and, to her credit, recovered nicely.

"What marks?"


With that I stepped over till I was about a foot away from her and showed her the small red mark.

"Oh those she said."

Her breathing was a bit deeper than normal. I am so bad, I was enjoying this. I had to see if I could really get her off balance.

"And it's raised, like a welt, feel it."

I leaned over casually. Brit began to reach, actually almost lunge, but she stopped abruptly.

"No, that's okay."

She laughed nervously.

"Jess I don't know why you ask me. I certainly don't have those issues with these."

She quickly cupped the two small mounds on her chest. I noticed that her eyes were flicking back and forth between my tits and my shaved puss. I spread my legs a little so my pussy lips would show a little more. God I was being mean! I don't know what I would have done if she made a move! I laughed at the self-deprecating joke.

"Well, girl, yours will never sag! They will always be nice and pert."

She blushed deeply. Now my pussy was soaking wet by now. I had never known this side of me. It was exciting, very exciting. What a libertine I had become! Time for one more torment.

"Oh shit, where's my razor? I have got to shave! I'm getting all stubbly."

As I said that I casually rubbed over my mound. I heard her gasp. I turned, spread my legs a little, and bent over my shower caddy which I had not so accidentally moved to the floor. Brit had a nice full view from about two feet away. I felt the cool air on my distended and wet slit. A glance in the mirror and I caught her moving her hand over her pussy and squeezing. As I stood she yanked her hand away. Caught! Ha Ha! I stood up and faced her, my towel wrapped around me now.

"Hey, you gonna shower tonight?"

She was seriously flustered.

"Ummmm maybe in a while, yeah, in a while."

That would not do. I needed to know more.

"Oh come on! Go with me, then we can be done and get to bed."

Poor Brit was trapped. She had no good excuse.

"You go on. I'll be right behind you."

I sat on my bed, my towel opened up and fell off. I left it. Just casual me, being naked and wet in front of my poor flustered roomie.

"Don't be silly, I'll wait."

Poor girl was trapped again. She climbed off her bed and moved to in front of the closet. With the mirror in front of her and me behind her I wasn't going to miss much. She shucked her top quickly and unclasped the front of her cute little bra. She tossed in her closet. I saw her nips. OMFG! Hard as steel! LMAO. I had never seen her nips so stiff.

I leaned back on my pillows, spreading just a little. She stared at me in the mirror. Looking back to her front she slid off her shorts in one quick motion. She was wearing a red thong and, in the mirror I saw it. The crotch was three shades darker. She was soaked! Oh this was soo wicked! I was seriously turned on. Brit was trying to conceal her problem but it was nearly impossible. She shoved her thong down, clumsily holding it to try and conceal the soaked gusset. I, of course, said nothing. I wasn't trying to seduce her, I was just enjoying this. Once she was naked she made fast work of wrapping herself in her towel.

Our showers were uneventful. I stopped being a tease, having enjoyed it but not wanting it to go any further. Back in our room we slipped on clean, and dry, thong and slid into bed.

I behaved myself from then on. No naughty shows. But Brit still watched me any time I was close to naked. Funny, I started looking at her too. I had never really paid attention to other women so it was interesting to note our differences. She was much taller and very thin. Her waist was thin and it accentuated the flair of her hips. I loved her tiny little a cups. The nips never got hard like that day but it was nice to see her. As a result of my little adventure we had both gotten much more casual about being naked so I got to look her over regularly. But that was it, until one night.

Now, I need to tell you, I masturbate. Yeah, big surprise. I'm sure everybody does. But it's not something I share, ya know? So, when the need was upon me I'd try to rub one out at night while Brit was asleep, usually I could get it done and I never heard her wake up. I didn't really think about what Brit was doing to ease the tension. I found out.

In the spring of our Sophomore year. I was playing lacrosse and practice had been killer. I'd gone back stripped to my thong and just crashed. Something woke me and I looked at my clock, 2 AM. I was still and listened to see what had stirred me. Then I heard it. Three feet away I heard Brit whimper into her pillow. Oh, I knew that sound! Brit was masturbating! I felt embarrassed at first but then I got excited. Listening to Brit was turning me on. I needed to move so I could see her. I was lying on my back so I turned my head slowly until I could see. The parking lot lights intruded just enough through our blinds for me to see. Brit was naked, on her tummy. The sheet was off her and I could see the gentle curve of her ass. Her face was buried in a pillow and a second one was tight between her thighs. She was rhythmically rubbing her pussy on the pillow, muffling her moans with the other. I doubt she'd ever jilled this way because it made a little noise. It was undoubtedly my fault, fallout from my little show of a few weeks ago. I had never watched anyone masturbate before. It was electrifying! My neck hurt a little from the strain of trying to watch without being discovered. I was watching my best friend in her most personal moments. She would do kind of a reverse crunch, doubling over and thrusting her pussy into the pillow. No wonder she liked those hard foam rubber ones! Her right hand was under her, no doubt rubbing her hard clit. She must have really been into it because she really had to stifle herself with that pillow. I couldn't just watch anymore.

I shifted very slowly, trying to make it seem like it was just a sleep move. I needed to get in a position to comfortably reach my pussy without stopping her and killing this delicious mood. I was dying to touch myself while I listened to my roommate hump her soaked little pussy on her pillow. I guess I wasn't too smooth because as I tried to get comfortable she suddenly stopped! There was a long silence. I said nothing, hoping she hadn't noticed. Then I heard Brit whisper,

"You do it too."


I rasped back. She went back to thrusting her pussy into her pillow. But now she didn't bother with the muffler pillow. I heard her panting with lust. She paused.

"You jill off, almost every night, I listen, are you mad?"

I thought for a second, this was new territory for me. No I wasn't mad, I was curious. WTF, right?

"No Brit, I'm not mad, did I bother you? I'm sorry if I did, I didn't know."

She was panting a little now. Fucking the pillow again, slowly.

"No, Jess, I kinda liked it. I'd wait for you to finish and fall asleep then I'd jill myself. You didn't do it tonight. I was really horny and took a chance. This is my favorite way to jill but I don't do it for fear of waking you. You seemed so exhausted, I thought it was safe."

"I was beat from practice. You really rub one out every night too?"

"Yeah, funny isn't it? Both of us doing it and hoping the other won't know."

I laughed.

"Yeah, till now."

My hand had found my soaked pussy by now and I was running a finger up and down my slit, teasing my clit on every trip. My breathing was getting deeper. I found the idea of Brit doing the same thing intoxicating. Brit was back into seriously humping her pillow.

"No point in hiding any more, Jess, let's just do it and enjoy it."

With that she began basically fucking the shit out of her pillow.

"Oh fuck! This feels good!"

She moaned.

"Come on Jess, I know you want to. Just do it girl!"

WTF, right? I tossed off my covers and moved so I was facing her and stripped my thong off dropping it on top of hers. My favorite was on all fours reaching down between my legs and slipping two fingers in my hole. I got up on my hands and knees and laid my head on the bed, turned so I could see Brit. My hand slid down and two fingers dove into my weeping hole. Oh, it felt soo good. No need to be quiet or hold back. Brit and I watched each other. She was humping her pillow hard and I was slamming two fingers in my pussy and alternating with rubbing my clit. She was getting close, her moans were deeper and her pace even faster. Then she rammed her crotch into the pillow and gave out a deep groan. I was seeing another woman cum for the first time. I was so turned on I came with her. My pussy shot out cum, like it does when I'm really turned on. Brit didn't notice, she had her face into the mattress riding her orgasm. After a few minutes we came down and just chatted about it. Nothing more.

So that's how that began. We never touched, kissed or any of that stuff. But we masturbated any time we wanted. It didn't have to be together, sometimes one of us would just be in the mood and strip and finger ourselves. It was very cool and very casual. It wasn't unusual for me to come back from class to see Brit, legs spread with the vibrator we shared buried in her soaking wet pussy as I opened the door. Neither of us ever suggested doing any more and I thought that we had broken all the barriers. HA! Boy was I wrong!

I had a prof who had to be the direct descendent of Adolf Hitler. No absences without a fucking doctor note and he NEVER missed class! What a fucking pain! It was a 9AM class too! So you could have knocked me over with a mini pad when I went to the hall one day and there was a note, no class. He had been in a traffic accident, yeah he survived, damn it, no injuries at all as a matter of fact. But still, the unbelievable had occurred! So I headed back to the dorm. Brit's mom was due for a visit; her folks didn't live that far away so she would come up maybe once a month. It was nice, she visited with Brit and then, when assholes lecture was over, we had lunch. Very normal...HA! Oh boy what I didn't know...till that day.

Our room is at the end of the hall on the far side of the stairwell, so no room is next to ours. As I got past the stair I heard familiar sounds. Hmmm, sounded like Brit was at it with her pillow again. It was making me a bit damp. I hadn't rubbed myself last night so I was thinking I'd join her when I got in the room. I quietly unlocked the door and slipped in. As I turned from letting the door silently latch I was stunned. Brit was not alone. Another women was with her, actually she was buried between Brits legs. She looked older from the little I could see. She was naked too, shaved and I could clearly see her pussy swollen and leaking profusely. Brit was in heaven. Her head was thrown back and her eyes tightly shut. I'd seen that plenty of times, she was gonna cum any second. Then I heard it. Brit was coming.

"OH FUCK don't stop, bite it yes bite it oh fuck I'm cumminng, I'm cumming.!"

She rammed her pelvis into the woman's face and grabbing her head jammed it into her pussy.

"YES! YES!Oh fuck! Lick me, oh shit taste it! Don't stop! OH Fuck MOM you are such a good pussy licker!"

I dropped my books.

Brit was quaking from her orgasm and didn't hear. The woman did. She slowly picked her head up and turned and yup, it was Brit's mom, her face shiny with Brit's juices. Her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass. She's built like Brit; tall thin with long blonde hair. We locked eyes; I was only about six feet away. Brit was still moaning. She spoke.

"Brit darling we're not alone."

Brit was coming down but she was confused.


She opened her eyes and saw me. Her eyes went wide then she started yelling.

"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! You weren't supposed to be here, oh shit, damn!"

She buried her head in the pillows and just kept crying. Her mother, on the other hand was quite calm.

Turning and leaning back against the bed, still on the floor her legs still spread wide she just looked me up and down.

"Well, you didn't scream and run away, so that's good. I suppose I should explain."

I was ready for that. I had no experience with lesbian sex, though I must confess to a latent curiosity and I certainly had no experience with incest. Yet. But that's another story, or five!

"Why don't you sit Jess, get comfortable"

I sat on my bed, my feet actually in between Cynthia's. She made no move to conceal herself and I found myself getting a little turned on, after the initial shock. Brit had quieted down but was still hiding, her cute ass stuck up in the air. Cynthia had the floor.

"Are you offended by what we were doing?"

The question was so direct it stunned me. I thought about my initial reaction and after and found, no I wasn't offended, just real surprised, I told her that.

"I'm happy to hear. We really did not intend for you to know about our relationship. But now you do so I feel you deserve the whole story."

She got up and came over to my bed. I shifted and she took the head of the bed, leaning against the headboard with her legs up and her still wet and open pussy on display. I was sure she was enjoying displaying herself and it was having the desired effect. I was getting wet. I guess my curiosity was a bit stronger than I thought. I looked at Cynthia's pussy, comparing it to mine and Brit's, since I hadn't really ever seen any others. Her lips were all puffy and the inner folds were spread wide. I could see a milky drop at the base of her slit. I looked up and caught her watching me.

"It's ok to look Jess, I like it. But first, my story."

Brit had come around now and was sitting on her bed, still in shock. She wouldn't look directly at me.

"When I was growing up, my mother bathed us, me and my brother. Not unusual but with us it never ended. When we got to be teens she still had us in the tub together, naked, and carefully soaped us. Since nobody talked about how they bathed we never thought too much about it. Ron and I both were sprouting pubic hair and he would get boners all the time. Mom said it was no big deal just nature. We got to the point where we didn't fit in the tub any more so mom moved us to the shower and then she started joining us.

It was all good clean fun till we were both eighteen. I was used to seeing mom's nipples harden as she washed Ron and it was normal for him to get hard. It sounds odd but we were just used to it. It was no big deal. Mom didn't wash Ron's cock or my pussy, we did those. Like I said, till we were eighteen. Now, by then we knew damn well people didn't do this but we didn't care. It was fun. One day in the shower mom asked me if I masturbated. I was terribly embarrassed. She put her hand on my shoulder and said it was natural, she did it too. I nodded and she looked at Ron. He was freaking hard that day. He said yeah, me too. Mom smiled a very devious smile and asked, wanna do it now? We were stunned but Mom just slipped her fingers between her legs and started rubbing.

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