tagIncest/TabooOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 06

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 06


I don't get to be alone in my house too often. This afternoon is one of those times and I'm using it to my best advantage.

The damp thong was pressed into my mouth as I stroked. She had left it on her floor, for somebody. I had seen it; I had to take it, use it, for my own pleasure. Now, for the first time I could taste her. It was damp throughout with her spend, she must cum a lot. I stroked harder, Oh god I was so horny! Her cum was almost sweet. I have tasted my share of pussy but this one was fine. I wanted it from the source, but how? There must be a way. I was close now. My mind reeled with images of her; spread wide waiting for my tongue. Her sex lips wide and lush, dripping with milky dew. In my fantasy she shares a secret in a sultry voice.

"Do you want to eat my pussy?"

My stroking is increasing, harder longer strokes as I revel in the mental images.

"Yes, YES! Please let me lick your sex and taste your cum!"

She smiles a truly wicked smile.

"You won't be the first you know."

I'm very horny and very confused. She's twenty two, I'm positive she's no virgin. In my dream I'm crawling towards her cunt, devouring her scent and insane with desire for my first taste from the source.

"What do you mean?"

I pant. As my face is almost to her sex she gently stops me.

"Jason has been here. More than once."

My day dream explodes as I stroke the huge vibrator in and out of my gaping and overheated pussy. My daughter's soaked thong clamped in my teeth. The idea of her brother sucking her pussy, putting that big cock of his, the one I let him slide into me, into his sister, her mouth, her tasty pussy, makes the cum pour out of me. Oh, I'm close. I wonder if they are fucking. I have to find out. But now, I have to cum! I put two hands on the big vibe and ram myself. I'm on my back, my legs up and back as far as my exercise regimen will permit. My husband took off early for golf and didn't give me my morning fuck so I'm cumming now. I feel the wave and then, it's there! I collapse as the tingles overwhelm me. I lay there twitching, the vibrator still impaled in my flowing gash. The visions run through my mind as the cum gushes out. Too soon the wave recedes leaving me panting in the circle of my cum soaking the sheet. That was powerful, maybe too powerful. I hadn't realized the depth of my desire for my own daughter. But I smile at the idea. Just because I seduced her brother does not mean that Jessica has any interest, in incest or women.

I roll out of the bed, heading for the shower. I know I have to find out. The next time I fuck my son I can find out if he's fucking his sister. Oh, he'll tell me. I've got him wrapped around my pussy! I know he is, he must be, I hope he is. Damn! Too many fantasies Kerry! I turn the shower on and get in.

I slide out after a very long shower. I have a lovely mane of thick hair and it takes a while to properly wash. Plus, shaving takes a bit of time, legs, arm pits and, of course, my pussy. I wrap myself up in my big bath sheet and open the door to the en-suite bath, watching the latent stem drift out and step into the bedroom. Movement catches my eye, I Iook over to the far side of the bed and he's standing there. I'm a little embarrassed. Between us is the bed, a huge damp circle in the center, with my eight inch life like vibrator in the middle. Then I notice the little grin on his face and I see what he is holding. In his right hand is my black Victoria's secret thong, not doubt still damp from the early stages of my masturbatory adventure. In his other had is my daughter Jessica's H&M thong, wet with her spend and my saliva. I smile too.

"You're early."

He is sniffing each thong alternately. It's turning me on like mad.

"ahhhhhhh, very nice. Yes, I'm early but it looks like I might be a little late too."

I'm slowly moving around the bed towards him. He backs away from the bed to give me a little room.

"No, never late. You know how it is, I was alone and needy."

He's back to sniffing the thongs. I know where this is going.


He asks, holding up Jessica's thong.

"I know you only wear Victoria's and this one's an H&M. It has a different, intoxicating scent too."

I've moved in front of him now, sitting on the bed. I can clearly see the bulge of his hard cock in the shorts he has on. My pussy is already leaking. I hang my head down a little.

"I'd rather not say right now."

He smiles.

"So, you haven't licked this pussy yet? Just fucked yourself fantasizing about it?"

His use of the word fuck is elicits a burst of fluid from my pussy.

"No, not yet and yes I did. I took my toy and fucked my soaked pussy dreaming of eating the hot cunt that soaked that thong."

He moves close to me and I won't wait any longer. I reach out and begin to gently unbuckle his belt, pulling it through the loops and tossing it aside. He yanks out his shirt and tosses it over his shoulder. As I work the button out of the button hole he reaches down and, with a flick the towel is around my waist in a pile on the bed. Now I'm holding the waistband of his shorts as I glide the zipper down over the lovely bulge. His shorts drop to the floor with a whisper and he deftly steps out of them. He is massaging my nipples now and my breath is already deep and hard. I stop and stare at the cock in front of me, held back by overworked white cotton. His fingers are giving me a small orgasm and I'm momentarily paralyzed. I recover and reach out, taking the elastic waistband in my hands and pulling out and down. His cock falls gently out as I slide them down till they fall to his feet and are tossed aside by his toe. His rigid prick is inches from my face. It's big, at least eight inches ; and nice and thick. He's circumcised and the head of his cock is a deep red from the blood forced into it by his desire. I love this cock. I love feeling it slide into my mouth and I love feeling the cum course out of it over my tongue. He steps closer and I let his cock glide into my hungry waiting mouth. This is not the first cock I ever sucked. It's not the first one to shoot hot salty cum in my mouth, but it's the cock I've sucked more than any other; my father's.

"Oh fuck! Kerry you are soo good! Oh baby suck daddy's cock."

He knows how much that talk turns me on. I'm taking as much of Dad's cock as I can fit. It's been a while and I miss him, miss his big prick in my mouth. The saliva is running down my chin as I slobber all over his tool. He's helping me now. Holding my head and gently fucking my face. I pull off his pulsing tool for a second and look up at him.

"Where's mom?"

He's rubbing my lips with the head of his wonderful dick. I open up and he slides back in, back where I want him, in my mouth.

"She's unpacking our luggage and hanging everything up, so we need to be quiet."

That will be up to him. I can't make too much noise with my 63 year old father's cock in my mouth. I'm so glad he's kept in shape all these years. They both hit the gym and there's not wasted space on his lean frame. He's pumping harder now. I know he's close. His cock is like an old friend, I know every little thing about it.

"I'm getting close, Ker, get ready."

He's panting; Oh I'm hot and wet. I'm about to get what I want. Dad's cum is going to pour out over my tongue. I'm close to cumming just from the thought. Dad takes a deep breath and shoves.

"Oh Kerr! I'm cumming! Suck my cock, daughter! Take my load!"

The door suddenly opens, framing my mother's trim body. We can't stop. I'm taking all of him in as I feel his spend hit the back of my mouth. Dad's back is arched as he tries to get all of his spurting cock into his daughter's hot wet mouth. Mom's arms are set akimbo on her hips as she watches her husband cum in her daughter's mouth.

"Just what exactly is going on here?"

Dad pulls his wilting cock out of my mouth, a little string of cum bridging the distance until gravity directs it onto my naked breast. He turns to face his wife as I wipe the extra drool and the remnant of my father's orgasm from my chin. My mother steps into the room, surveying the sexual wreckage. The bed with its damp spot and vibrator, the thongs on the floor just under the edge of her husband's clothes. Her daughter, naked on the bed, her shaved pussy on display wet and open, again. She shakes her head.

"So this is why I didn't hear any conversation? You were too busy stuffing your horny cock into your daughter's mouth!"

I notice that Dad's cock, oddly, is coming back to life. He looks at mom, a little sheepishly.

"Well, you were unpacking our things..."

Mom's pissed now.


She's in the room now. She pushes the door but it doesn't close all the way.

"Warren you are a louse! The only reason you were being so fucking quiet was that you wanted me to unpack your damn clothes!"

Now Mom is reaching down and grasping the hem of her sundress and, crossing her arms flipping it off her now naked frame. The gym hasn't done her any harm either.

"So you started without me! You came right in here and fucked our daughter's hot mouth while I was a good wife and unpacked my husband's suitcase. You are a booger Warren and as punishment you will have to watch. And don't you dare touch that prick until I tell you to!"

I know what's next so I lay back and spread my legs. No woman I've ever been with can lick pussy like my mother. It was she that got me to squirt for the first time. While she was scolding my father I slipped a pillow under my ass but left the towel there, I'm going to need it.

Dad sheepishly retreats to the chair while mom turns back to me. Fixing me with her eyes she mounts the bed. I think she's going to go right for my soaked pussy but she doesn't. Slowly starting at my feet she slides her naked body up along mine, I feel her small A cup tits rubbing my legs with her rigid nipples. I love this game. I revel in the feel of her hot body slinking up mine. My legs are still wide open. Mom moves her slim frame between them. Now her nipples are rubbing over my belly on their way up. I'm juicing like crazy now. I feel it running out of me and onto the towel. I see her thick mane of grey hair approaching my face. She looks up now, the lust giving her face a warm glow. She has shifted and now she's straddling one of my legs. I feel the wet heat as she presses her soaked slit into my leg, sliding it up, no doubt leaving a shiny trail.

Now we're face to face. She shifts a little and now I feel her pubis pressing into mine. I am in ecstasy. Her hard nipples are pressing into mine and her lips are brushing my cheek as she moves into position. My mother looks deep into my eyes, her lips brushing mine as she speaks. She's grinding her smooth pubis into mine and I feel her cum running out of her and all over my sex.

"I've been waiting to fuck my daughter again for a long time. I hope you're ready Kerry, I'm gonna eat my little girl up."

Our open mouths meet and I feel my mom's tongue delving in to find mine. My legs wrap up around her and her arms dig under me. I can't get close enough. We twist and writhe, savoring the contact of our bodies together. After a few minutes I can't take any more. I need release.

"Mom, please, suck my pussy, I need to cum!"

She begins to twist herself, pivoting on our bellies as she speaks.

"Only if you suck your mommy's cunt and make her gush too!"

I tingle at the coarse language I can't wait. Dad's may not have been the first cock I sucked but mom's pussy was the first one I ever licked and I've been hooked on it ever since.

"Please Mom, stuff your pussy on my mouth, cum for me!"

With that she presses her hips down and I'm inches away from her steaming slit. I reach up and grab her still firm ass cheeks and pull her down until she settles on my face. At the same time I feel her lips kissing my pussy. I plunge my tongue into her, her copious flow running all over my face. I love the taste of my mom's sex. I drink it up as I alternately lick her fat horny lips and then her hard clit. She grinds herself into my face. My hands are deep in the cleft of her ass and I have a finger poised at her rosebud. At her end, Mom is doing the same. I feel her finger near my asshole as her mature and experienced tongue drives me mad with desire. I haven't been with my folks in over a year so this is intense. But soon, it's not enough, I need a big cum.

"Mom, I need the big one! Do it!"

She knows what to do, hell, she taught me. She backs her face up a little to give herself room. Taking two fingers she hooks them up into my pussy and begins to furiously rub the top of my tunnel as she sucks my clit. It never took long this way and today is no different. I feel it building, growing, the pressure.


My mom yanks her hand out and opens her mouth wide just in time to catch the hot stream of milky white fluid jetting out of my cunt. Some splashes all over her face but most she drinks up lustily.

"Oh yeah baby! Cum for mommy! Oh fuck you taste good!"

After two more small spurts I collapse back, quivering. Mom hovers over me, savoring my taste. I know what's next; I just need to stop shaking. She does too. I look up and I see her pussy quaking, she's flexing the muscles, making her puss open and close a little. She's moved up off me a little to help me. I reach up and massage her mound as she moans.

"Don't tease me baby! Mommy needs this!"

I know that, I'm just lubing my fingers. Now I take two and hook them down and slide them into my mother's cunt. Rubbing her the same way she rubbed me.


She's even closer than I was. I relentlessly pound her tunnel with my hand, making sure I'm pawing the front of her tunnel. Now I feel her quaking, I know.


I yank my hand out and I feel it being pushed by the gushing wave. I look up at my mom's sex as a hard jet of her fluid shoots out. I close my eyes and open my mouth feeling it splash in and over my face. I love how my mother tastes. She gives a second smaller squirt and then falls off me, quaking like I do after the biggest of cums.

Eating my mom's pussy has ramped me up again. I know what I want now.


He was already at the side of the bed. He grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge. I'm a rag doll as he throws my legs up and against his chest, pinning them there with his arms. I feel it. I feel his fat cock sliding up my thigh. Oh, I want him, I want that thick slab inside me, filling me. I can't wait for him to get there. I reach down and feel the silky hardness. I place the smooth helmet against my hole.


I grunt hard as his body rams mine. He knows how I want it. His pelvis slams into mine and I cum. Oh yes, this is heaven! Dad's wound up from watching the family lesbo show so I know he won't last long. It doesn't matter, I'm fucking coming non-stop from my daddy's pounding. I'm doing nothing but laying there getting fucked and coming. My arms are out to my sides and if he lets go of my legs they'll flop on the bed. I feel his already frenetic pace pick up. He's close.

"Gonna cum soon baby! I'm close!"

"Cum in me Dad! Fill your daughter with your cum!"

I know what it does to him when I say that and this time is no exception. My father rams me hard for two more strokes and then buries his daddy cock in my pussy. I feel the cum coursing out of his prick.

But as my father holds himself into me and fills me with the seed that made me I hear something, something in the hall. We had not completely closed the door and I distinctly hear very muffled groaning. We've been discovered by my children and I smile broadly at the idea that they have also discovered each other. I just barely hear them rustle as they move away from the door. This is a secret I will have to use at an opportune time in the near future.

As my father pulls his spent prick from my pummeled hole I look up at mom. She looks at me and then flicks her eyes to the door and smiles. I wink and hold my finger to my lips. Our secret, for now.

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