tagIncest/TabooOur New Family Dynamic Ch. 09

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 09


This story involves ALL members of a family sharing their love.


I had told dad that mom's parents couldn't stay. Some shit about something breaking at their house. Actually after we had our little orgy they said we better get dad's views on this before anything else happens and to let them know how it turns out. They were right, of course. Jessica had been given the task of gauging dad's attitude towards family sex but today's events put me in charge. As I swam a lap or two I kind of regretted what dad and I had done. I couldn't pass it off now. It was my job to find out if dad would go along.

I heard a splash and as I walked up the steps of the pool, the steps that got all this started, I watched dad do a couple of laps. I dried off a bit and settled into a lounge. The sun was clear and bright. It was a beautiful day. As my father's naked body exited the pool I watched as the water ran off of him. It shimmered in the bright sun as it ran down and off the tip of his flaccid penis. His brown hair was flecked with gray now as was the moderate covering on his chest. His pubic hair remained thick and brown. His cock, like mine was now in its normal condition, well maybe not mine after this week I chuckled to myself. He dried himself as he walked and he seemed very comfortable being naked. He sat in the lounge next to me, set the back down and reclined. I waited. I knew questions would be coming. I was going to try and ease into this, hopefully. Dad was on his back, his face to the sun. He addressed the sky.

"Jason, you said they both want me to fuck your sister. What do you mean? How do you know this?"

Thus began my walk along a very narrow path. The truth needed to be doled out in very small doses, with time in between.

"Well, dad, the details aren't important, I happened to overhear a conversation between mom and Jess when she admitted that she's had a fantasy about you for a very long time."

I looked. He was still looking up. I waited.

"How long?"

"Years, dad. Long time."

"But she would have been...?"

I cut him off.

"They were only thoughts..."

Dad scratched his nose and shifted on the lounge. The pad squeaked under his weight.

"Yes, true. But now, according to what you're saying, she wants to act on them."

"Yeah dad, that's what I heard. But now she's an adult and furthermore she's talking to mom about it. That's why she's being such a tease. She's trying to see what you'll do."

I looked over and dad must have been thinking about it. I saw his cock stir, just a little. I smiled.

"And you say that your mom likes this idea?"

It was time for a bit of make believe.

"Well, what happened was, Jess told mom she thought you were hot looking. Mom laughed and told Jess she must have a thing for older guys. Jess said no, just dad. Well, mom looked at her and in typical mom fashion got right to it. She asked Jess if she wanted to have sex with you. Well, Jess was stunned for a second but she looked right at mom and just said, yes. The last thing I heard was mom saying 'well not unless I'm there.' So you figure it out. But it sure sounds like yes to me."

I watched. Dad was getting bigger. His cock was clearly larger and I saw it flinch and grow. Of course mine was starting to show some life too. I did nothing to hide that fact.

Dad ran his hand down his chest and over his firm abdomen. He stopped just before his hand touched his half- hard penis. He fiddled with his pubic hair. I gave my hard a quick rub.

"Why hasn't your mom spoken to me instead of shutting me off and teasing the shit out of me along with your sexy sister?"

He was clearly annoyed.

"Well dad, maybe she wanted to see if you gave some indication you were interested, you know. Because this kind of thing isn't something you bring up like putting gas in the car."

Dad looked down at his cock which was fully hard now, like mine. He laughed lightly.

"Yeah, true, very true. Well, I guess you know the answer, huh?"

I laughed. Good, now to spit out a shocker and see what happens.

I reached down and stroked my cock. Dad looked over and smiled.

"You too? Yeah, why not?"

"Umm Dad, I have a confession to make. I'm having sex with Jess. It started a week ago, it just kinda happened. Let's face it, she made a pass and I just went for it."

He said nothing. I watched his cock. It didn't wilt one bit. I smiled.

"Somehow, I'm not surprised. Does your mother know?"

Hmmm how do I phrase this and not paint myself in a corner? I don't know how lawyers do this shit. His tone indicated he wasn't annoyed. Also, the way he asked made me think he was pretty sure of my answer.

"Jess and I have reason to believe she knows and doesn't seem to mind."

Understatement of the year. Time to ease more string out.

"Hope you don't mind dad but I happen to think mom's hot too, you know?"

Okay, time to shut up. Dad didn't answer right away. I noticed a drop of pre-cum on the head of his penis. I smiled, probably day dreaming about Jess. He looked over at me. My hand was slowly sliding up and down my rigid dick.

"Huh? What? Your mom? You think what?"

Time to back off a little.

"Hey dad, what guy with a good looking mom hasn't jacked off at least once thinking about her, right?"

He let out a breath.

"Oh boy, ain't that the truth!"

He paused again. The dick barometer was still at full size. He was liking this conversation.

"So, would you?"

"What dad?"

He sighed.

"Have sex with your mother. You want to?"

Tough spot.

"Well, if it was her idea, yes, yes I would."

Dad whistled.

"So you're fucking your sister, who wants to fuck me and you would fuck your mom, if she let you."

I listened carefully. Yup, no actual lies there.

"Yes, that about says it. Hey we could have our own little commune."

Dad actually laughed. His dick stayed hard too.

"Funny you should say that. Your mom and I actually lived in kind of a commune in college."

"You never said that dad. You just said you shared a house."

He laughed.

"Yeah and a lot more."

He got up.

"Hey, let's go get a couple of beers. This is a pretty good story and I'd like to relax as I tell it."

We walked in and got out two Stella's and opened them. Dad's hard had faded but mine was still going. He looked at me and whistled.

"Oh, the wonder of being young. You, uhhh, gonna want to do something about that?"

We were walking back out to the pool.

"Nah, I enjoyed our fun but that's a once and a while thing, ya know?"

Dad laughed.

"Yeah, I know. You're probably saving it up for them."

He was catching on fast.

"Wadda you mean?"

We were settling in on our lounges now. Dad looked at me and laughed.

"Let me tell my story and we'll get back to that."

He took a long pull on his beer and lay back. I settled in to listen.

"When your mother and were in college we met George and Beth, you know them as the

Callahan's. We told you we shared a house but it was a lot more. I'll spare you the long story.

Basically we got really high one night and really horny. Your mom and I were making out and I had my hand down her pants. Well, we looked over and George and Beth were totally naked and fucking like crazy. I'd never seen anybody else having sex, neither had your mom. We were fascinated. As we watched them we just took our clothes off. It was a huge turn on. Well, pretty soon I was fucking your mom and Beth was riding George. He looks over at me and says, 'wanna switch?' I looked at Kerry and she was really high and really horny, she just waved her head and said, 'why not?' You've seen Mrs. Callahan and she was even better back then. We switched back and forth for an hour or so and sometimes it was both George and I on Beth or Kerry. The girls didn't do anything and George and I didn't but we did end up handling each other's cocks as we moved around. We laughed about it.

The next morning we were a little sheepish. But we talked and created a plan. The rule was that other people were off limits unless we had permission of our partner and it had to be with the four of us."

Dad polished off his beer and got up to get us two more. Both of us were hard now. He gave my cock a hard look and laughed again.

"You sure you're gonna be okay?"

I stroked my cock and looked at his dancing around as he flexed it.

"Yup, just hanging out."

Dad settled in with our new beers. The sun was on the decline now but it was still comfortably warm. We both took a drink. Somewhere down the street a lawnmower started up.

"Well, that was our commune. We lived there for two years and never broke our rule. After college they married and got jobs out on the west coast."

"I met them once. What was it ten years ago? Did you four...?"

He looked at me.

"Did we get together and get naked and fuck like crazy? Oh yeah."

I laughed.

"Have you seen them since?"

"Only on video, we swap sex vids."

I raised an eyebrow. He grinned.

"You don't need to see them son. It sure looks like you're going to see the real thing soon enough."

I just sat there and sipped my beer. Dad smiled.

"Jason, there's more isn't there? I've had the sense that since we finished having sex you've been working me towards something. Okay, son, I' calling you out. Spill it, spill all of it."

I took a long drink of beer and sighed. I couldn't do anything but answer him. I took a deep breath and told him about coming home early, mom in the pool, then Jessica basically seducing me and finally our little interlude with the grandparents. Dad just sat and listened. His cock faded, not good. I finished up with our plan to have Jessica try to seduce him. I stopped and finished my beer.

"Dad, you told me to tell you, remember that. It all would have come out but you asked me and I always do as you ask."

He just held up his hand. His voice was very even, I'm not sure if that was a good thing.

"Jason, what the fuck goes on around here when I'm away?"

"Dad, really, until last week nothing. Well, you have to ask mom about anything she's doing. But as for Jess and I and mom having sex, only one week. We got into this while you were on your business trip swapping blowjobs with your buddy. "

Dad lifted his hand off the lounge and let it drop.

"Hmmm yeah, good point. I guess I really can't be too mad. It's not like you were going to tell me while I was away. Oh, and I know about your mom and her family, that's old news."

Family? I thought. He very specifically said 'family' not parents. Hmmm, another time for that question and I'll get mom to tell me. Dad paused.

"Jason, don't lie to me. Is your mother fucking around while I'm out of town?"

I laughed, then felt badly.

"You mean outside the house? No dad. I'd know if she had a boyfriend."

"I wasn't exclusive. She likes girls too, remember?"

As if I could forget.

"No girlfriends either, that I know of dad."


He said while pursing his lips. He knows something I don't. I knew I'd find out eventually. We sat for a few minutes in silence sipping our beers. I was happy to let the matter marinate and wait for my dad to take the next step. He polished off his beer and sat up, turning to face me. The lawnmower was done and now I heard the blower going. He was smiling.

"Wow, a lot can happen in a week, eh?"

I leaned up and moved to sit and face him.

"Dad, how do you feel right now? If any of this is a problem we need to all sit and talk and stop this before we blow up a real good family. We've all given in to some pretty strong and unusual impulses."

Dad beamed and slapped my knee.

"Jason, I feel great. I'll tell you, your sister has caused me to jack off a lot over the years, I never told your mom because, well, anyway. Even though she has a thing with her family she never said anything about ours so I just let it go. Looks like it's been running inside us all for a long time, huh?"

I got up.

"Yeah, it sure looks that way. Want another beer?"

Dad got up. As he did so he fondled my soft cock.

"Think they'll want us to give them a show?"

I cupped my father's penis and balls and smiled.

"Oh yeah."

We walked towards the house.

"So son, what's it like?"

"Wadda ya mean dad?"

He laughed.

"Fucking your family, dummy, what do you think?"

"It's nasty dad, real nasty. It is considered to be so wrong and that's part of the huge turn on. I mean mom caught me by surprise but once I let go, wow. And Jess, well, we sleep together some nights and it's cool knowing we can have sex anytime. We don't want to have kids or any of that stuff but it's fun, like sex with mom, it's just a new way to show family affection."

We stood in the kitchen sipping beer. Dad smiled.

"I'll tell you, I can't wait to devour your sister and watch you with her and Kerry."

His dick was in the way up, so was mine at the vision.

"So when they get home we tell them?"

Dad laughed hard. He had a wicked smile.

"Fuck no! I need a little revenge. Jason, my boy, we have a secret. I want to have a little fun letting this cat out of the bag but I need your help."

I smiled too.

"Oh, I'm in dad."

The future ran through my mind, an endless loop of naked sweaty bodies, and a thought.

"Um dad, about us..."

I pointed between him and me as I spoke. He moved closer and took hold of my now rigid prick.

"I don't know about your sister, but your mom will go fucking nuts watching us. She doesn't know about this last trip and, of course, you and me. She's talked about it and I told her I had done it when I was much younger. We never pursued it. Now she gets the double whammy."

I reached out and felt the soft skin of another man's erection. Under the soft outside was the firmness and the feel of pulsing circulation coursing through its turgid length. I like touching other people sexually, men, women, it's all good, well women are much better. We stood and casually fondled each other for a few minutes. Dad finally let go.

"I gotta stop or I'll kneel right here and take you. This has all got me fucking horny."

I let his cock slide out of my hand.

"Dad, I see that smile, you have a plan. I'm your accomplice, and very willing."

"Son, let's go shower and scheme."

Two hours later dad and I were sitting around the pool. We had clothes on now, just loose cotton shorts and tee shirts, oh and underwear. The grill was warming up. The mowing and blowing was done in the neighborhood, replaced by a party two houses down. We could hear the music. Mom and Jess sailed out through the slider. They both had short sun dresses on and, based on the nipple bumps, no bras. As they moved I looked and I couldn't tell if they had panties. I looked at Jess and raised an eyebrow. She shook her head. Hmm, so, apparently there was no stopping in a remote place to make out and lick her mother's pussy. No getting naked in the dressing rooms. I smiled, she glared at dad and then me. My poor sister was fucking horny. She knew mom would get hers. I smiled, oh my sister, you have no idea what's ahead.

While dad grilled I helped in the kitchen. As we moved around both mom and Jess kept rubbing up against me. Well, I got boned, fast. Now to start the plan. I whispered harshly.

"You two knock it off. Maybe dad won't notice these..."

I reached up and took a pinch of mom's nip with my right and Jess's with my left. They squeaked.

"But my fucking cock is making a big tent."

Mom massaged my bulge and smiled at my sister.

"He's right dear, we're not being fair."

I whined some more, just to keep it going.

"Besides, mother, you'll get yours tonight whereas Jess and I have to behave. You'll be getting this pussy filled while your kids masturbate alone."

As I spoke I reached up under mom's dress and took a handful of panty less pussy, she was drenched and moaned quickly before she squelched it.

"Oh fuck! That felt good!"

I took my hand away, it was wet. Jess grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Dammit, this sucks! Oh fuck mom you taste good."

I looked at Jess.

"Well, this is your problem. Why haven't you found out yet?"

Jess's hand was moving up her thigh. I smiled.

"You should be doing that in front of dad not me."

"Jason, I've all but stripped in front of him. He's not reacting!"

We looked at mom. She shrugged.

"Honestly, I would have thought he'd go for you. Maybe I'm wrong. Keep teasing Jess and I'll keep him horny. Now let's go have dinner."

We all sat around the glass table and had a good meal. Our conversation was light and easy. Nobody gave any knowing looks but Jess was slowly moving the hem of her dress up. I watched dad, he was looking. Mom and I ignored it. Jess was going for it. She had the dress up around her waist. The table top was clear and I could see her pussy. Dad was so cool, he peeked but said nothing. As we were cleaning up Jess stood and her dress hung up for a second, flashing her slit to all. She let it drop and we cleared the table. Time to get started. I reached into my pocket and pushed the call button on my phone. I heard dad's go off in the kitchen. He went in and we could hear his end through the window.

"What? Now? Really? You gotta be kiddin me? Fuck! I just got fucking home! They really need to meet tonight? How long's this gonna take? What? Re-figure the whole bid? With the client? Come on! Yeah yeah, okay, give me a few minutes to change and I'll be in."

Dad looked at us.

"Well, sorry. Looks like I have to go to the office. The deadline got moved up and the client needs to re-do the bid. This could go well into the night. I gotta go get changed and get going. Don't look for me till midnight."

He kissed mom.

"I'll make it up to you babe."

Mom gave him a good kiss. We saw the tongues moving. I grinned at Jess. They broke apart. Mom smiled at him.

"Oh I know you will lover. Now go make us some money!"

Dad was out the door in ten minutes. The three of us sat around the pool looking at each other. It was dark by now. The low voltage lights around the pool cast short shadows. Jess and I finally looked at mom. She looked at Jess.

"Young lady, you gave it a good try tonight but clearly either your dad's not interested or he's got a lot of restraint. I think I'm going to have to take this over. I'm fucking horny as hell and I can't hold out much longer. I'm going to go take a shower and masturbate.'

She got up to leave. I needed to twist the knife.

"Umm mom, dad's gonna be gone for a while..."

She looked at us.

"We've gone too far in secret already. My folks were right. You two need to behave and we all need to just masturbate till I get dad's real feelings out."

Mom left me and my sister sitting on the pool deck. Jess looked at me.

"I'm soooo sorry brother. I never thought it would be this tough. Dad's not giving me any signals at all."

I got up and she followed. I moved to her and took her in my arms. We hugged. Of course I was getting hard. Jess giggled in my shoulder as my hands pressed into her lower back through the warm thin cotton of her dress.

"We shouldn't be doing this. I feel your cock."

I let my hands move down and cup my sister's firm ass.

"Yeah, can't help it. I bet you're wet too."

She pressed her cloth covered mound into my bulge.

"Soaked, my brother. I need cock, bad, real bad. But we can't, mom said."

I took hold of her dress and pulled it up. Now my hands were on the smooth skin of my sister's firm young ass. I cupped her cheeks and then let my finger slide right down the cleft of her ass. She spread her legs and moaned into my shoulder. Her hand moved and began to massage my cock through the shorts.

"Damn you Jason, you're being so fucking bad. We CAN'T do this. Mom said!"

By now my fingers were splitting her hot wet cleft. Jess had the button of my shorts undone and was pulling the zipper down. My cock was still held by my briefs. She was panting.

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