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Our New Friend


Note: All characters in this story are over eighteen year old and their names may have been altered for privacy. The story was of an actual experience even though parts may have been compressed for space and time.


It was a beautiful Florida Sunday morning and I was sitting on the patio sipping my coffee with a touch of Irish and reading the Tampa Times newspaper. As I opened the Society section I noticed a picture of a very attractive, dark haired woman whom I immediately recognized. Below the picture was an announcement that she had been selected as the new headmistress of an exclusive girl's school in Miami.

I immediately stopped and clipped out the announcement then put it in an envelope and addressed it to my ex-wife. I decided not to include a note or a return address just in case her husband should happen to see it. I had it ready to drop in the mail on my way to work on Monday.

A little more than two years earlier I was still married and my then wife, Marlene; for several years we had sometimes included others in our sexual activities. We did not see ourselves as swingers but I'm sure others who knew us probably did. We enjoyed the company of other interesting couples and singles, both males and females, in our adventures.

Before you ask, our open relationship had nothing to do with our divorce. It was because Marlene at age thirty-two began to feel her biological clock ticking and wanted desperately to have children; I did not. We continued to see each other occasionally after she remarried and had children.

One Friday evening we decided to have dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant in downtown Tampa then hit several bars to dance and unwind from a rather stressful week. As usual we rented a hotel room close by so we would not have to drive home late after too much to drink.

Once we were dressed to go out we engaged in a little ritual we always enjoyed before hitting the town-a quickie. Of course we didn't want to mess up Marlene's hair or make-up and we didn't want to get our clothes all disheveled so we would just have Marlene bend over the bed or dresser or, maybe, the desk or chair; I would pull the crotch of her panties aside and slip into her very warm and wet cunt. It was a quick and furious fuck ending with me dumping my load of semen deep inside her. We quickly readjusted the crotch of her panties then she would place my cum covered cock back in my pants. Marlene loved feeling warm semen ooze out of her and dry in her panties.

That Friday night was no different and during dinner she described the feeling of my cream leaking into her panties as we enjoyed our desert. The first bar we stopped at the music was louder than we liked so after a one drink we tried the next one. The music was soft jazz and just right to dance to and talk. We soon settled in and spent time on the dance floor moving our bodies together to the beat of the music.

When we returned to our semi-circle booth we noticed a very attractive, dark haired woman in her fifties sitting in the booth beside us. She was dressed in all black with a high collar blouse, and a single strand of pearls; she looked stunning. We smiled and greeted her as Marlene moved into our booth.

She spoke up, "You dance beautifully together. You must be newlyweds."

Marlene thanked her but assured her we were not quiet newlyweds. Before I moved into our booth I decided to see if her comment was just a friendly greeting or if possibly it was an opening for more conversation.

"We would be honored to have your join us for a drink."

She replied, "That would be wonderful but I would need complete discretion and anonymity. Is that possible?"

"Absolutely, we love intrigue and mystery." I said as I reached out my hand to her. She took my hand and moved from her booth to stand beside me. She was dressed in all black from the high collar blouse to the knee high, patent leather boots with about five inch heels; around her shoulders she wore a black and red silk shawl.

I guided her into our booth between Marlene and me; we sat close to each other.

She immediately commented, "I hope I'm not interrupting your evening. I don't want to be the one who makes three a crowd."

Marlene quickly replied, "We have often found that three can be an adventure."

Our new friend added, "I do love an adventure."

I ordered fresh drinks and we began to get acquainted, at least in the confines of discretion and anonymity.

I suggested, "Why don't we each tell a secret about ourselves that only we will know?"

Our new friend liked the idea and suggested Marlene go first. Marlene tried to decide what secret to reveal. She paused then began, "I love to have sex before going out for the evening so I can feel the semen ooze from me and into my panties to dry."

Our new friend was delighted to know Marlene's secret then turned to me. I chuckled then added, "After she has sex she puts my slimy dick back in my pants for someone else to clean off."

Our new friend chuckled the added, "Those are hard secrets to top. My secret is that I'm very bi-sexual and my panties are already very wet from listening to your secrets."

We continued discussing our secrets in detail. Marlene described our quickie before leaving our hotel room and our new friend told about watching us dance and how she became aroused just thinking about the possibilities.

We took turns dancing to some slow grinding tunes. I danced with my wife then with our new friend before Marlene and our new friend danced together. No one seemed to pay any attention to two beautiful women dancing together in a close embrace.

We were all sexually charged and wanting to carry our adventure to the next level. Our new friend suggested that she had an idea for a fantasy adventure and asked if we were up for something new. We readily agreed.

We walked a few blocks down a back street to a seedy hotel across the street from the bus station. I checked us into an upstairs room facing the street then we crossed the lobby of the once nice turn of the century hotel; the furniture was now worn and the carpets almost thread bear. The elevator was out of order so we took the stairs to the second floor room. Every step we took on the almost thread bare rug echoed down the hall.

We passed one room with an open door and observed a young woman in a cheap gown and stockings making a deal with her john. A few doors down we heard the passionate moans of lovers having sex on a squeaking bed.

We entered our room lit by the red glare from the neon HOTEL sign out front with a burned out O. The once elegant room was a stark contrast to its earlier days of glory. The bed was a metal tube framed full sized bed with a sagging mattress. There was a dresser and two night stands with burned places where others had left their lit cigarettes. There was also a desk and chair also stained by cigarette burns and an upholstered chair near the window. In one corner there was a bath with an old fashioned leg tub and in the opposite corner a small closet.

I opened the window to give us some fresh air and immediately heard the buzzing and popping sound of the neon sign as well as the buses across the street as they pulled in or departed from the station. The girls placed their pocketbooks on the dresser and moved to the bed.

Marlene lay on the squeaky bed and ran her arms over the pillows and mattress. "I wonder how many people have fucked on this bed, how many loads of semen have been dumped here?"

Our new friend joined her as I watched them wallow on the mattress where countless others had dumped their biological fluids. As they settled back on the pillows I moved onto the bed and straddled their inside legs. They looked up at me as I ran my hands up their skirts to their crotches and pressed the heel of each hand against their cunts; I felt them grind their pelvises against my hand. Our new friend took Marlene's hand into hers' and moved it to her lips.

I felt the heat and wetness of our new friend's cunt against the ball of my hand. I shifted my weight and hands toward her and ran both hands up her skirt to the waist band of her panties. Her panties were not the usual fitted panties but rather open leg panties or bloomers from the 1930s. She lifted her ass off the bed so I could slide them over her hips and down her stocking encased legs then over her boots. Once I slipped the silky material over her boots I raised them to my nose to inhale their scent then tossed them to Marlene to enjoy. Marlene too them into both hands and lifted them to her face.

I leaned forward and kissed our new friend's very hairy cunt framed by the arch of her garter belt and the tops of her stockings before moving to Marlene's panties. I slid them down her long shapely legs but instead of removing them off both feet I only removed one foot then twisted them around and put our new friend's booted foot in the other leg. I pulled them up one of Marlene's legs and one of our new friend's legs binding them together at the hip.

Our new friend unbuttoned Marlene's blouse and rubbed her hand over her small, bare breasts as I turned my attention back to the crotch of our new friend. Like Marlene her treasures were hidden in a thick, dark patch of pubic hair but unlike Marlene her labia was exposed and formed the shape of butterfly wings; the outer edges were dark brown but quickly changed to a beautiful pastel pink as they got closer to the long pink slit that formed the butterfly's body.

I gently rubbed the tip of my nose the entire length of the glistening pink slit several times to inhale her rich scent before switching to my tongue for a taste of the sweet nectar which cause it to glisten. It was not time for serious sex, only playful exploring. I slipped two fingers into Marlene's cunt and wallowed them in the creamy goo I had left before leaving our hotel earlier in the evening.

After a few minutes of playing in the sloppy hole I removed my fingers and shoved them toward our new friend's lips. She didn't hesitate to open her mouth and take them deep inside; her tongue swirled over and between my fingers as her mouth sucked them deeper.

I moved off the bed and began to undress as our new friend rolled to her side and kissed Marlene's lips then nipples. Once undressed, I moved to the head of the bed and pulled our new friend's head toward my engorged cock. As with my fingers she did not hesitate to take my part slimy, part dried semen cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the shaft as Marlene moved closer and tickled the back of my balls with her fingers.

Our new friend bobbed her head up and down my cock as Marlene sunk her fingers deep into the intriguing stranger's cunt. I immediately wondered who would get to the lick her fingers first; Marlene always loved allowing me to be first as much as she loved the first taste. I licked each one clean before they returned to the hidden well for another soaking; this time Marlene got to savor the rich creamy juices and our new friend smiled at her pleasure.

Our new friend smiled saying, "I've never been serviced by and man and wife couple before and I'm dying to try it."

I removed Marlene's bikini panties from both of the girl's legs to give them to move then handed them to our new friend. She felt the wet crotch then holding them in both hands covered her face and took a deep breath. Marlene finished removing her blouse then unbuttoned our new friend's blouse and slipped it off her shoulders while our new friend inhaled our body fluids in the crotch of my wife's panties.

Our new friend's sweet tits were very similar in size, both nice B cup very kissable. The difference between them was their nipples; Marlene's were rose pink, half dollar sized and our new friend's were very dark brown silver dollar sized. Marlene and I kissed and suckled our new friend's tits then our new friend and I kissed and suckled Marlene's tits. Both women had very sensitive nipples and any touch provoked and immediate response.

Our new friend moved to the center of the bed and I took my place between her stocking encased legs and pushed her skirt up to her waist. Marlene placed her hands between the legs of our new friend and opened the beautiful butterfly wings. I had a perfect target to set my sight on and moved the engorged shinny head of my cock between the glistening pink wings. I slipped slowly into the warm wet hole as my beautiful wife straddled our new friend's chest then moved closer to her waiting lips.

Our new friend's hands cupped Marlene's sweet cheeks and guided her to a flickering tongue. From my vantage I could watch my hard cock slip in out of a beautiful cunt, see a beautiful pair of tits giggle as I bumped into the thick patch of pubic hair, and see my beautiful wife's ass being licked from end to end. What an unbelievable sight.

I set my pace for endurance and staying power. With any luck we would switch places and I could fuck my wife while she enjoyed the full, rich taste of our new friend. I dropped my thumb over the long sheath hiding the tiny white pearl as I slipped in and out of the juicy cunt; a squishing sound could be heard between the squeaks of the sagging bed and the buzzing sound of the neon sign.

The squishing sounds did not survive the moans and grunts from Marlene and our new friend. I knew that others in the seedy hotel were either enjoying the sounds of our fucking or annoyed by them depending on whether they were trying to sleep or fuck. I then wondered if anyone came here to sleep.

Our sounds had barely subsided when the same type sounds began from across the hall and from the floor above us. It was rather comforting to know the others were enjoying their sexual activities along with us.

After a brief rest and a shot of bourbon Marlene and our new friend switched places and we quickly resumed our animal and mechanical sounds in conjunction with those of our neighbors. I got to enjoy the sight of my glistening cock sliding in and out of my wife's cunt and watching her small but very sweet tits giggle in unison to my rhythm.

Her hands held the cheeks our new friend's ass open for me to enjoy seeing her tongue toss the exposed labia about. It was a sight I had enjoyed a number of time with other women friends and I never tired of seeing it. But there was more to come.

After another short break where the girls sat on the window sill nude to catch the evening breeze coming off the Gulf a few blocks away. Our new friend excused herself and took her large purse into the bathroom. Marlene and I sat on the window sill and watched people at the bus station board or depart their buses. Even with all the sounds of the evening we were able to hear the whizzing sound of our new friend peeing in the toilet; she had obviously left the door open.

Our new friend got our immediate attention when she walked out of the bathroom wearing a harness device around her waist and crotch. In her hand was a flesh colored, cock shaped phallus. Marlene smiled at my surprised look and comment.

"I certainly hope that isn't meant for me."

She stroked the cock with her hand like I often did my cock, "Of course not. I want to fuck your wife. Of course it would be nice if you joined us; you could even give it a kiss unless you are afraid of it."

I chuckled as Marlene moved close to her and took it in her hand. It was not much bigger than my already erect cock; I reached out and held it along with Marlene.

I commented, I don't mind touching anything that is attached to your beautiful body."

We moved onto the bed with our new friend between Marlene's legs, her cock poised close to the thick patch of dark pubic hair. I took the stiff shaft into my hand and lowered my head close to wrap my mouth over the head. I lacked the experience of the girls taking a cock deep in their mouths but when I removed it the head glistened with my salvia.

I opened Marlene's lips enough to expose her wet glistening slit and vagina. I moved the purplish head of the stiff shaft up and down her slit several times before moving to the entrance of her gushing well. Our new friend took over and guided her shaft slowly into my wife. Once she was completely impaled on the shaft Marlene began to move her hips to take full advantage of the mass filling her cunt. Our new friend leaned forward and braced herself on her arms to allow Marlene to take advantage of the pretty tits dangling above her.

I moved behind our new friend and began to give her open ass a good tongue lashing. As I licked she began to grind her cock into Marlene as Marlene matched her movements with her own. The harness holding the stiff shaft allowed the complete undercarriage of the wearer to be exposed to all other activities. I continued to tongue the puckered ass in front of me but I also moved lower at times to take advantage of the very juicy slit hidden between the exposed butterfly lips of our new friend.

Our new friend lifted one of Marlene's legs over her head then rolled Marlene on her side without withdrawing the flesh colored shaft. After a few minutes of playing in that position Marlene was moved to her knees with her sweet ass in the air. Our new friend began to smack Marlene's pretty cheeks as she slid the glistening cock in and out of the thick patch of pubic hair.

Marlene stretched her arm between her legs and began to "diddle" her clit; diddle was a word she used to describe the actions of pinching, pulling, circling, and rubbing her little white pearl. I knew it would only be a matter of a few minutes until she would be completely over taken by pleasure.

As our new friend moved her hips back and forth I moved behind her and opened her legs a little wider then guided my cock close to her so that she could ride my cock as she fucked my wife. The bed springs sang out, the neon signed outside buzzed, the bus engines whined as they pulled away from the station, steps echoed in the hall and Marlene moaned, grunted, and sighed her way to an orgasm.

After an hour of fucking every way we could think of that involved two women, one man, and two cocks we rested. Our new friend, still nude except for her garter belt, stockings, and boots moved close to the window to observe what was going on outside, Marlene sat nude on the edge of the bed, and I sat nude in the shabby upholstered chair sipping a couple fingers of bourbon. Conversation was kept to a minimum as we each tried to recover from a fucking overload.

We soon heard the sound of a bus as it pulled into the station. Voices of people greeting their loved ones were added to the mix of sounds we had been hearing all evening. Marlene moved close to our new friend to see what she was focused on so intently.

She asked Marlene, "Are you up to one more adventure?"

I moved close to them to get a better look outside. A man wearing a frumpy suit and a straw hat who had obviously just gotten off the bus crossed the street carrying a suit case; he was heading to the hotel.

Marlene smiled and raised her eye brows at our new friend who moved close to the bed to retrieve her panties. I always loved the sight of a woman stepping into her panties and pulling them up her legs; my heart raced at the sight of our new friend doing just that.

We soon heard footsteps echoing in the hallway and our new friend threw her shawl over her shoulders then opened our room door. I pulled on my slacks and sleeveless tee shirt as Marlene, still nude, moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

Our new friend leaned against the door case looking oh so sexy in her black knee high boots, black stockings, black lace garter belt, white open leg panties, and mostly black shawl.

"Hello handsome." She greeted him.

I could see that he had stopped at the room across the hall obviously the previous tenants from earlier had moved on and this lucky gentleman would move in without the benefit of clean sheets. I decided to wait to tell my ladies about that until much later.

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