tagGroup SexOur New House Ch. 02

Our New House Ch. 02


Following our earlier encounter, I was anxious for our visit to Paul and Sarah's. Sure, I've seen them a few times across the street. I would wave, say good morning and such, and they would reply. Just being friendly neighbors. But I was hoping for much more when we visited their place.

I was counting down the days as the weekend approached. I couldn't wait to see them again. We arrived around 6 on a Friday evening after a long week of work. We had an invitation for dinner, but there was nothing cooking. Paul met us at the door. He was wearing his swim trunks and a t-shirt which showed off his muscular chest and arms. He invited us in and we sat in their living room. I handed him the bottle of wine that we had brought. He smiled and went to the kitchen to open it. When he returned, Sarah was at his side with 4 glasses of wine.

She looked incredible in her bikini. The thin triangles of her top barely did their job of covering her nipples and the bottom was so tight and thin I could make out the shape of her lips beneath it. She leaned way over to hand us our wine making sure my wife and I got a good long look at her breasts. Then she turned to join Paul on the other couch revealing that her bikini bottoms were a thong. I watched her ass as she took every step to the other couch.

We sat and drank the wine and talked about everything except sex, even though I couldn't stop thinking about getting her out of that bikini. Even as she talked, I just couldn't concentrate on anything but her.

Paul said that he was ready for a dip so we followed him out to the back of the house where the pool and hot tub are. He immediately dove into the water followed by the rest of us. After a quick dip we retreated to the hot tub and continued our wine.

With my wife under my right arm, Paul moved right next to my left and Sarah sat right on my lap. The only thing between my cock and Sarah's ass was the fabric of my swim shorts which my hardening cock was now pressing against. Sarah positioned herself to allow my tent to fit perfectly between her ass cheeks.

I turned to my wife and kissed her deeply. She began nibbling on my ear and neck. Paul began rubbing my chest and stomach while Sarah gyrated her hips against me. Sarah leaned back against me while rubbing her ass against my cock. She nibbled my ear and neck before standing and moving away from me to the other side of the tub. She removed her bikini top, exposing her wonderful breasts. Then, she reached down and removed her thong and tossed it to the side. Paul moved away from me and allowed Sarah to take his place on my left. Sarah reached across me and fondled my wife's breasts while she continued sucking on my neck.

I felt my wife's hands tugging at my shorts, so I reached down and ripped them off with her help. She removed her swimsuit as well and tossed it aside with mine. Sarah straddled my lap guiding my rigid cock into her hungry pussy.I put my head back and allowed my wife to straddle my face. I was lost in the fucking and licking when I heard the doorbell ring.

My wife and I sunk into the hot tub in an attempt to cover up since we had no idea where our clothes had gone. Sarah just sat in the tub like nothings going on, while Paul went to the door still in his shorts.

I could see through the house to the front door and watched as Paul opened the door. He quickly turned around with a couple pizza's in his hands. Paul brought them out to the patio and told Sarah that the pizza guy needed her signature since her name's on the card. She wrapped herself in a towel and went to the door after looking back with an evil smile.

She signed the receipt and "accidentally" dropped her towel while handing it back. She made no attempt to cover her beautiful body as she smiled out the door. I wish I could see his face.

The next thing I saw was Sarah walking back out to join us with the pizza guy following her! She introduced him as John and confessed the whole flashing was planned. Her and Paul thought it would turn me on, and they were right! It was so hot to watch that I almost came.

Paul and Sarah began making out heavily with John taking turns kissing him and caressing his crotch. They quickly got him undressed and allowed his ample cock to spring free. Paul got on his knees and went right to work on our new friend.

My wife and I were watching very intently from our spot in the hot tub. We started fondling each other while watching the live porno unfolding in front of us just like we have done at home watching porn movies. But this was happening right on front of us. I leaned over and whispered into my wife's ear "this is awesome". She nibbled on my ear and moaned how hot it is. I looked up to see the threesome we were watching was now coming to join us!

As they got in John came right at me and kissed me full on. I could feel his tongue exploring my mouth! He stopped kissing and sat on my cock moaning as it entered his ass. He pulled Paul over by the waist and guided his cock into Paul's ass. All three of us moaned at each movement. I looked over and saw my wife and Sarah in a 69 position on the side of the tub. I was able to reach around John and grab Paul's cock and began stroking it in rhythm with our pounding.

Paul and John got off of me and went to the women. Paul whispered to them but I couldn't hear what was said. He came back to told me to go in the house and get on the floor. They all watched as I did as I was told. I situated myself on the living room floor with my rock hard cock sticking straight up. I watched as the four of them came in.

They positioned themselves around me and Sarah told me that they were going to make me cum like I never cum before. I felt hand running down my chest and stomach, and up my legs and thighs. I had no idea which hands were who's, and I didn't care. I felt a mouth take the head of my cock while another sucked my balls. Someone else was sucking my toes while another mouth was sucking on my thighs. I had hands and mouths all over my body and I felt my orgasm growing. I let out that I was about to cum! The mouths left my cock and were replaced by hands. I moaned as I came shooting my hot load onto my chest and stomach. All four of them began licking it off of me and getting the remnants off of each others mouths. I felt totally spent. Sarah's face appeared in front of mine. I could see my cum shimmering on her lips. She kissed me deeply shoving her cum soaked tongue into my mouth. Then she whispered "your wife is next!". I smiled at her.

In one swift motion Sarah jumped off of me and onto my wife! It was a beautiful sight to see. I turned my head enough to see Sarah grinding he body against my wife's as they kissed each other deeply. Sarah began moving down, taking a nipple in her mouth and massaging her own tits. She worked down to my wife's dripping pussy and began licking wildly. I rolled over and began sucking on a nipple while Paul did the same on the other side. John straddled her face allowing his cock to dance on my wife's lips before letting her take it in her mouth.

Paul and Sarah moved to the couch and ordered my wild bride over. She turned and straddled Paul's cock moaning as he entered her. Sarah got on the floor in front of them and began licking Paul's balls and my wife's cunt. She had her ass right in front of my face and I could see her juices flowing like Niagara from her hole. I buried my tongue in her ass and a finger in her cunt. She turned and reminded me that it's not her turn yet. John sat next to Paul on the couch and pulled my wife to him. She sat on lap, guiding his cock in her ass. Paul stood over her and began fucking her face. I got behind him and drove my hardening dick into her pussy. Sarah played with my wife's tits using her hands and mouth until we heard my wife scream. Her body shook in a toe curling climax. I saw Paul whisper in her ear but couldn't hear what was said.

Paul allowed my wife to get up. The he took her position taking John's cock in his ass. I got situated next to John and forced my dick in his mouth. He pumped Paul's ass hard and sucked me like a pro! He released my cock, gasping for air as he came in Paul's ass. As I looked around, I noticed the women had gone back to the hot tub. Paul said it was Sarah's turn!

The 3 of us went back outside and started our attack on Sarah. She protested and said it's Paul's turn. She wanted to make sure that she was last. Paul got in the tub between the women. They both began taking turns kissing him and sucking on his ears. I watched as my wife got on top of him taking his cock in her pussy and shoving her gorgeous tits in his face. Sarah straddled his face which he began licking feverishly. My wife buried her face into Sarah's ass which was now right in front of her. I walked to Sarah and put my dick in her mouth. John just sat and watched but I could see him jerking off under the water. It didn't take long for Paul to begin moaning as his orgasm grew. He let out a loud grunt as he came in my wife's pussy. We all looked at Sarah.

Sarah looked at John on the other side of the tub and went to him. She turned her back to him and guided his cock to her ass. She leaned back and began kissing him. I entered her pussy and began sucking her tits. My wife kissed her deeply as I watched their tongues dance. Sarah began to shudder. I thought she was going to cum but, she pushed me off and Got off John. She laid on the side of the tub and ordered me to fuck her. I did as I was told and got on top of her and started fucking. She asked Paul and John to let her suck their cocks. They were happy to oblige. She would take one in her mouth and force the other into mine before switching. She moaned heavily and said that she's going to cum. I could feel her pussy twitch as she came beneath me which sent me into another climax. I pulled out and shot my load on her belly. She kept going at John until he shot on her face and chest. Then she went back to work on Paul's cock. I got behind him and kissed his back and shoulders while reaching around and pinching his nipples. He pulled out and she finished him with her hand guiding his cum onto her chest. She was covered in cum from all three of us!

We all got back in the hot tub and talked for a bit longer before we headed home.

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