tagIncest/TabooOur New In-Laws Ch. 02

Our New In-Laws Ch. 02


When his foot hit the hot pavement he heard Jenni's voice, "Dad, over here. How long does it take to shower? We're all out on the patio."

How long does it take to wash out the images of your daughter's mouth pressed against another girl's hot pussy from his brain? "I'm sorry. I made some coffee to keep me going."

"Come on." She took her father's arm. "Daddy, this is going much, much, better than I could have hoped. Mom's so impressed by the amount of money they have that's she's pushed how they make it right out of her mind."

"Mom has always had a more than passing interest in money."

Jack wondered if watching the video had any influence in how sensitive he was now when his daughter's breast rubbed over his arm. Before, he would hardly notice, but now it was like a file over his skin.

Jenni was unaware of the power of her touch. She said, "Mom was sure pissed when I first told her, but when I got into how much I got paid and how much Isaac and his family made from the business she calmed down."

"I'm glad something's diverted her interest from your new career." Jack's voice carried the tone of disapproval.

"Daddy, I don't think she's pleased, but she is setting up 401k's for me." She laughed.

She guided her father through the ornate house until she arrived at the patio door. He could see his wife seated at a glass table with their new family. Jenni slid the door open and announced, "I found him."

A short stocky man with thick black hair on his head and chest rose and approached Jack with his hand out. "I'm Milt Oscar." Both men tried to impress the other with the strength of their handshakes. After a few seconds of testing the other they relaxed. Milt stepped back and Jack found himself in the arms of a tall woman. Their point of contact was with her bounteous bosom. The breasts may have been fake, but they were impressive. The sundress she wore left the upper slopes exposed. She left a dark red pair of lips on his cheek. "I'm Dee Dee, Jack"

"Mom, let him breathe." A handsome young man pulled him free of her bounty and shook his hand, "I'm Isaac Oscar. I'm going to marry your daughter."

"Pleased to meet you, Isaac, I've heard so many good things about you." Jack sized him up with the early opinion he was a nice kid. The kid led him to a seat by his wife. She gave him a warm smile that didn't give him a hint why she was taking this so well.

Milt set a plate of fruits and small pieces of chicken down before him, "Welcome to California. Land of fruits and nuts." Everyone laughed at his joke. Milt popped a magnum of Dom Perignon letting the cork fly into the pool. He poured full glasses for all.

"To our new relatives, may we all get along famously!"

Allison raised her glass and jumped in, "Yes, Milt, to the union of our families."

Jack lifted his glass and drank looking at his wife's bright eyes. Could it be, he thought, that all the money blinded her to what Milt and Dee Dee did for a living? The couple had to be the biggest producers of pornography in the country; yet, his very conservative wife was ignoring this. Was she blinded by the stock dividends and the house?

Jack tried to follow the conversations about the wedding, but the champagne ripped the lid off his exhaustion and he nodded off. Dee Dee noticed. She stood and took his hand. "Let's get you to bed. You can't have fun when you're exhausted."

Allison rose, "I can take care of him."

Dee Dee waved her off. "He's my guest, and I know where the room is."

She tugged on his hand, "Come on, Jack. You need some sleep."

Allison sat down and picked up her glass. "See you later, honey."

Her husband smiled weakly and let the mother-of-the-groom lead him inside. She kept hold of his hand as she led him up a long winding stairway. Jack figured this was the longest he had held hands with a woman since he dated in college. Allison didn't care for it. He tried to talk to Dee Dee without staring at her tits, but he hadn't seen a pair like this since ... never. The skin on the upper slope was perfect, without the slightest blemish. She knew he was looking, but didn't mind, her breasts had been the fantasy of several million men and one more wouldn't wear them out any faster.

"Here's your bedroom for the next week."

The bedroom was the size of his living room. One section of the room was a sitting room with a sofa and two easy chairs and a big screen TV next to a colonial cabinet. The bed was larger than king-size. He and Allison might never meet on such a surface. She opened a closet. "You can find some pajamas, if you use them, in the dresser."

Dee Dee moved close to Jack, "I know you and your wife must have concerns about what Milt, Isaac, and I do for a living. You must feel we've pulled your daughter into the industry. Jack, Jenni volunteered for her first job. We would never pressure her to act in one of the films."

Jack trembled at the woman's closeness. She gave off a powerful aura of sexuality. He stumbled, "I'm ... sure you didn't. Jenni's got a mind of her own."

"Good, I want to get along with you and Allison." Dee Dee put a hand on his chest. "I'm surprised at her reaction. Jenni told me she was rather conservative, but her interest in the business seems genuine."

Jack could feel drops of sweat forming on his brow. "Allison, I think, is seduced by the money made by your business. It's always been a fantasy to be very rich and live like this, but accountants don't live like this only the people she works for do."

"Is she a good accountant?" Dee Dee let her hand slide down his stomach.

"She's the best!" Jack faltered.

"Good! I like people who are the best." She turned to go. Jack hoped she didn't see the erection angling down his pants. Pointing at the cabinet by the TV she said, "That has a complete collection of all our videos in the order we made them. Our guests sometimes enjoy the wealth of experiences recorded on the DVDs."

"Ah, thank you, Dee Dee." Jack thought about one particular experience in the cabinet.

She stood in the doorway. "Don't forget to lock the door..." The veteran porn actress closed it softly.

Jack walked to the cabinet and opened it. Five shelves of DVDs with at least seventy-five DVDs in a shelf. He pulled out one at random from the top shelf. "Ass Babes 2" On the cover was a naked Dee Dee. Her tits were small, before her enhancement he figured. He turned over the DVD and she was posing with her ass to the camera. A wide grin on her face told him she loved a big dick up her ass. He opened the case. The DVD laid there tempting him. The lewd image of his daughter's future mother-in-law beckoned him. He closed the case and shelved the DVD.

His eyes moved to the bottom row to the right. Jack removed the latest DVD. He looked closely at both sides of the cover—no one he knew. He pulled the next one out, then the next, the sixth DVD had his daughter on the cover. He fumbled with the box and pushed the shining disk into the machine. He sat down on the sofa and keyed the remote. The DVD was titled, Daddy's Big Girls.

He settled back into the couch. The plot was simple. Jenni played a young girl who was caught masturbating by her step-father. The man gave her some pointers on her technique and then showed her how to suck cock. Jack couldn't take his eyes off the screen as his daughter then laid back and let "Daddy" lick her pussy. Then the man turned his daughter over and fucked her until she had a screaming climax repeatedly shouting "Fuck me, Daddy." Jack came during the blowjob scene and never went soft. A second orgasm was growing in his balls. His hand flew up and down the length of his dick. His balls neared their explosion.

A soft finger grazed his ear lobe. He looked back over his head to see a topless Dee watching him. "She's very sexy, Jack. Cum for her." Jack's eyes left Dee Dee's famous tits and watched his daughter take a huge load of cum in her mouth. Long white spurts filled her mouth with a white pond of semen. She grinned at the man and swallowed. Jack sprayed his cum up his stomach in similar long streams.

"You see why she's becoming very famous, Jack, if she can arouse her own father." Dee Dee dropped a towel in his lap. "I think you shouldn't try to watch them all in one day." Her finger rubbed his cheek. "Get some sleep."

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