tagMatureOur New In-Laws Ch. 05

Our New In-Laws Ch. 05


"Mrs. B., Can I get you another mimosa?" Isaac was Allison's devoted luncheon companion. His attention was complete, and she lacked for nothing.

Allison grinned at his bright smile, "Should I? How many have I had?"

"Oh, let's give accounting a day off, Mrs. B!" He poured her another drink from the pitcher on the ceramic table. His eyes tried to pry through her white shorts and top. To him her clothes were wrapping paper, and Santa had just left. Allison watched his eyes as they glided over her body. She now understood the phrase "undressing me with his eyes." Isaac's overt ogling of her chest made her bra clasp quiver. She desperately needed to caress her nipples; they were stiff beyond endurance. They needed a touch or a pair of eager young lips.

She laughed lightly, "Yes, let's not count today." She felt warm skin beneath her fingers. Her hand rested lightly on Isaac's thigh. Now how did that get there, Allison wondered? She teased his tight, muscled flesh with her fingertips and left her hand in place. She knew touching him like this was inappropriate, and she would need another panty change soon. Her inhibitions crumbled further under the mysterious force that was crumbling her old moral code.

"Where did every one go? Is Jack still sleeping?" Her eyes circled the table and saw it was just she and Isaac still having lunch. She edged her hand up his thigh to celebrate their solitude.

"Jenni went in with Mom and Dad to get ready for an afternoon swim." Isaac's hand covered her hand on his thigh. His strong fingers settled between her long, thin ones. Allison scooted her chair closer. She was certain her pussy squished when she moved.

"Should we get ready?" Allison was ready for almost anything the handsome young man might suggest.

"Would you like to? We could run up to your room and undress. We all swim nude here."

She answered in a shocked voice, "Nude? Oh I couldn't do that."

Isaac grinned, "What? Go up to your room with me and get naked?"

Laughing loudly, Allison blushed, "Oh, I couldn't. Could I?" Could she? She wondered under her cracking layer of moral inhibitions.

"Why not, Mrs. B?" Isaac gave her body a long look. "You're very hot, and I would love to see you naked."

Allison froze at his compliment and then burst out laughing. "Oh Isaac, what would Jenni say?" Her hand unconsciously touched her shirt over her breast. The ache in her nipple only intensified. "Oh, I don't know, I just have never been nude in front of anyone. Jack's not even seen me naked in many years..." An image flashed in Allison's head of her naked before Isaac. She shifted in her chair and wondered if there was a level of wetness past squish.

Isaac took her hand. "I'll get you a suit and meet you up in your room."

"Thanks for being so understanding, Isaac." She let him pull her up and was surprised when he still held her hand. He kept his hold until they were outside her room. She entered. Jack sleeping on the bed and snoring loudly.

She needed to pee and hurried into the bathroom. As she was wiping she heard a light tap at the door. When she opened the bathroom door her young man stood there with a tiny shocking pink string bikini. He looked at Jack sleeping and whispered, "This should fit."

Allison looked at it and saw it would cover nothing. She tried to keep her voice down. "Isaac, I've never worn a bikini before. Don't you have any one-piece suits?" She was aghast at what he called a bikini.

He grinned and put the top behind his back. "You wanted to go topless, Mrs. B?"

She shivered at the thought of walking out in the pool area with her breasts bobbing in the breeze. "Uh, no. Isaac I meant a normal suit."

He held up the bottoms, laughing, "Mrs. B, this is normal here!"

Allison reluctantly took the bikini from him. "I guess I can try it on."

Isaac sat down on a chair by the dressing table. Allison looked at him. She saw he wasn't going to leave the room. She made to speak, but a tremor gushed through her and another inhibition died.

She looked at her sleeping husband and a fire glowed at the idea of stripping for this handsome young man. Facing her daughter's future husband she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. He looked on eagerly knowing he would tell Jenni her mother needed sexier bras, if she needed a bra at all. Her eyes locked with his as she laid the blouse on the dresser by him. She looked down at her cotton bra wishing she had something sexier for him to see.

"You won't tell Jenni, will you?" She said in a soft voice to Isaac. She didn't want her daughter to know of her lewd behavior.

"Mrs. B, I tell Jenni, everything."

She absorbed this news. Jenni would quickly learn of her mother's lewd behavior with her man. Allison stopped for a moment, considering this, and then reached behind and unclasped her bra. She laid it on the counter. "I guess, you're going to tell her you saw me naked?" Allison's insides were liquid. She was a walking candle flame.

He smirked, "I haven't seen you naked yet, but what I have seen is very nice." He leaned back in his chair. Allison could see his erection angling down his shorts. The head peeked out. Her fingers idly fondled her erect nipples. She saw the cock jerk out another inch.

This earned him a smile. She glanced again at Jack before she unzipped the side of her shorts and hesitated before pushing them down. Her panties were sodden with her secretions, especially those added in the past few minutes. What would he do when he saw how excited she was? What would he do when she was naked? Will he try to have sex with me, she wondered? Could we do it in the bathroom so we won't wake Jack? The thoughts surged through her imagination as she pushed down the shorts. She was right in that her panties looked like she had peed in them. She could see by his eyes that he saw the large dark patch. Too embarrassed to let him see her sign of arousal she stripped off the evidence and stood naked in front of her future son-in-law. She snapped a glance between Isaac and Jack and back to the young man who now had two inches of cock hanging out of his shorts.

"Very nice, Mrs. B, now I can tell Jenni I saw you naked." He grinned.

Allison's hands shook as she straightened out the strings on the bikini bottoms and pulled them up to cover her quivering pussy. Her hands trembled too badly to undo the strings on the top. Isaac stood and took it from her. When Allison saw her nipples were swollen and erect she tried to cover them, but Isaac held up the top and she slipped her arms into the straps. He moved behind her and tied the top behind her neck. She could see them in the mirror, she, practically naked and him concentrating on the knot.

He looked at her in the mirror. "See, you look hot."

Allison couldn't believe it was she. Barely covered in the tiny bikini her body was exposed for the young man's gaze. His hands slipped around her waist and he leaned his head to her ear. "You're very sexy, Mom. Can I call you Mom?"

Another strand of Allison's inhibitions snapped at this. "Mom? I guess? I would love you to call me Mom, Isaac." When he pulled her back in a hug she felt his manhood pressing against her bottom. It was huge. The bare expanse of his cock rubbed her thigh. He leaked on her skin cooling the heated flesh. She settled against it like an old friend and just looked at the two of them in the mirror.

Any thought of Jack was gone.She shivered at the possibilities. Would he pull it out? Would he want her to touch it? Would she touch it? Allison knew she would. She would stroke it lovingly until he sprayed his semen onto her body. It would run down her tummy and legs leaving her looking like an ill-iced cake.

"I think we better get back, before they think we're up to something." Isaac whispered and released her. She grabbed his wrist before it left her waist.

"Something..." Allison's mind still flashed from image to image. She saw his cock, her pussy, his balls, her ass, all flexing and moving toward pleasure.

"Please, wait just a moment, son." The word made his cock flex against her ass. She took his hand and pushed it down her belly forcing his fingers under her bikini and onto her furry cunt.

"We need to get back now, Mom." His eyes were clouded with lust as she softly moved his hand up and down over her swollen lips. His fingers played with her soft petals and then slipped inside the wet cavern.

"Please, Isaac. Just a moment." She leaned back against him and watched his fingers writhe in her loose bikini bottom. Her hips rolled against his long cock.

The veteran porn star moaned in her ear. "Oh, Mom. I can't hold it!"

He hooked his fingers inside her pussy and jerked up hard to smash her clit. Her orgasm slammed into her. "No, don't hold it, ... son!" Allison felt the first splash of his orgasm on her throbbing thigh. She gripped his arm and watched her orgasm in the mirror. God, I'm hot, she thought. She had never had such an climax. Her body swelled and burst. She could see juices running down her thigh and long white streams of cum spurting from Isaac's cock and splashing on her leg. It scalded her with ecstasy as it dribbled down to her ankle.

She turned to the young man. "You better get back." He nodded and fled leaving her looking in the mirror. Allison walked into the bathroom for a towel. She lifted her leg to the top of the toilet and looked at Isaac's semen. Not wanting to just wipe it off, she touched the stripes of white fertility.

Rubbing her finger in the thick goop she looked at it. She tasted it. She took another taste. The rich, funky flavor marveled her. It should taste terrible she thought. If it did she wouldn't have to have another taste.

She checked her appearance in the mirror. No stains on her legs, she could see. She licked her lips and dropped the unused towel in the hamper. The one thing she had just learned about tasting semen is that just one taste is rarely enough.

When Allison reached the table, Allison saw Jenni and Isaac drinking mimosas. She was only wearing a bikini bottom similar to the one Allison turned down. Her daughter's breasts had no tan lines.

Allison remembered what Isaac said about telling Jenni everything. She looked for a sign in her daughter's eyes that she knew of Allison's baptism. None was there, that she could see.

Jenni looked at her mother, "My God, Mom, that's hot."

Allison blushed and sat down next her daughter who passed her a full glass. Isaac sat down on her other side. He picked up the pitcher and filled Jenni's glass.

"Isaac, how did you get Mom to wear such a sexy suit?" She rested her arm on her mother's hand. "You look great, Mom."

Allison blushed and said, "He's very persuasive, Jenni." Unable to resist one-upping him she went on, "And I let him watch me change."

Jenni giggled and said, "Isaac, what a naughty boy. So what did you think of seeing my mother nude?"

Isaac put his hand on Allison's thigh, "Mom has a great body. She should have the courage to show it off."

Allison laughed, "He wanted me to go naked down here, the naughty boy."

Her daughter leaned in and whispered, "Did you give him a hard on, Mom?"

Allison's body quivered at the question. She stared back at her daughter and nodded. "A big one."

"That's the only kind he has, Mom." Jenni sighed.

Allison felt like she was sliding down a steep slide and all she could do is pull at the rails to go faster. "It was very big." Allison licked her lips, recalling the funky taste of his semen.

"You didn't suck him, Mom?" Jenni was aghast.

"No, no, ..." Allison's denial faded into a vivid mental image of her lips wrapped around the young man's solid shaft that moments before had coated her with man juice. She realized that, given the opportunity, she would swallow; there was really no choice she knew. She had to get up. Her mind flashed with clear images of Isaac's cock that she had not yet seen uncovered. "I'm going in the pool." She ran for the edge and dove into the warm water leaving her new son and daughter astounded.

"Isaac, what did you do to her?" Jenni asked quietly.

"Nothing much, I saw her change and then I gave her a hug." He shrugged his shoulders. Maybe he was lying when he told Allison he told her daughter everything. He was keeping their first intimacy private. What joy was there in telling his wife he had blown his load like a teenager down the older woman's leg?

"Mom's not used to this." Jenni saw her mother swimming laps and wondered what she would think if she knew her bare ass kept rising above the water. What would Dad think? Jenni wondered.

Milt and Dee Dee walked out on the patio naked. Jenni knew they wouldn't dress to ease Allison's comfort. She just hoped they would decide not to fuck at poolside.

Jenni realized her Dad was still sleeping. She smiled and said to Isaac, "I'm going to go wake up Dad. He's missing out on all the fun."

Isaac's eyes were glued to the pale ass checks bobbing in the water. "I think your mother should get some sun screen before she bakes that ass of hers."

Jenni patted Isaac's shoulder. "I bet you could oil her up good, eh, baby?"

Isaac didn't reply. He sat and watched Allison try to work off her burst of sexual energy. The young man hoped she wouldn't work off too much.

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