tagGroup SexOur New In-Laws Ch. 07

Our New In-Laws Ch. 07


Milton Oscar, king of American porn, was born a Geek. While a subterranean love of porn is a trait of this shy ethnic group, the production of it is not. Milton's proud parents never dreamed their precocious little boy who studied calculus at ten would build an empire on sexual excess.

Milton graduated high school at the age of thirteen; he finished his undergrad work at Cal Tech at 16. At 19 he was standing behind the podium at MIT giving a graduation speech on the role of science in the future. His mother wrote his speech to make sure those in the audience would understand it. His work on sub- and hypersonic sound waves was understood enough by his doctoral committee to award him a PhD in physics, but not understood enough to realize the possibilities of Milton's discovery.

His discovery related to specific sound pitches and wave shapes that would cause repeatable reactions in the human brain. Milt's future was bright, and the benefits to humanity of his invention were enormous. Unfortunately, the machine required to produce these beneficial sound patterns was also massive as were the power requirements to operate it.

Milton left the podium for his lab and worked for the next six months attempting to reduce the size of the equipment and the power needed to generate the healing sound waves. He was sure the answer was just beyond his often-dirty fingernails. Then disaster occurred. Disaster in the form of a woman, specifically, she was the daughter of his new department head.

Milton was inside a coil of copper wire making current flow measurements when Delores Kelly stopped by on an errand for her father, the director of the laboratory. The twin dots of perfume under her ears sent out thin tendrils of scent inside the coil. Milton dropped his meter and stood up to see the quaking behind of Miss Kelly approach his desk.

His nose rested on the top of the coil to get a better scent. She looked around and saw no one. Milton watched every move as she stood waiting. His eyes took in the white summer halter-top dress that decorated her lush figure. His knowledge of women was more theoretical than his doctoral work. He noticed his body was touching the large coil in two places. His erection was harder than the second appendix to his high school science project report. The perfume and the soft sound her dress made while she paced around his desk led him to unzip his pants in the privacy of his audio coil and stroke his rather substantial shaft. Milton, unlike other members of the Geek ethnic group, was the owner of a very large dick, a very large, and a very underused dick. It's lack of use led to a large splash of semen painting the red copper wires and leaking down into the depths of the coil.

Quickly zipping up, Milton climbed up the access ladder and dropped down the side catching the attention of the remarkably beautiful Miss Kelly. She smiled at the man her father called a "fucking genius." The smile hit Milton like a pulsed laser beam. The stunned Milton fell back against the control panel and his elbow struck the coil activation button. The lights in the lab dimmed and a shower of sparks filled the interior of the coil.

Miss Kelly ran to Milton and knelt by him. "Are you alright?" She cried, worried that the "fucking genius" was hurt.

Milton looked up at her and a shiver ran through his body. Delores touched him. The current leapt to her. Milton saw large goose bumps break out on her chest and shoulders. Inside, Delores Kelly absorbed a surge of pleasure that flashed through every nerve. The shower of sparks inside the coil grew in height like a water fountain at the Venetian. Milton's body convulsed and his just satiated cock stiffened.

Miss Kelly could not miss the large lump in Milton's pants. As another plump of sparks shot toward the lab ceiling, the virginal daughter of his department head unzipped his slacks. Milton's hand reached up and cupped her substantial bosom. He could see her eyes blaze as he pulled down the shoulder straps and tugged the dress to her waist. A strapless bra covered her heaving tits. Her hand pulled out a cock that crackled with energy.

She threw her leg over Milton, she moaned and as she pulled her panties aside and sat on him. Her pussy ripped open as she took his cock in one swallow up her throbbing cunt. With no one else in the lab, the two young people on the floor rapidly fucked never considering a proper introduction or the niceties of conversation before sexual intercourse. The young couple frantically copulated on the lab floor not caring if anyone might make a late afternoon visit to the lab.

The erotica sparks flew from Milton and Delores until the current surge detectors shut down power to the coil. The room lights rose up in intensity as the couple ground to a halt. Milton pulled a still stiff prick from Miss Kelly's overflowing vagina. "Uh, I'm Milton Oscar." He stuck out his hand to shake hers.

She nodded and blushed. "Delores Kelly. Pleased to meet you, I think." She looked around for her dress, but didn't remember tossing it behind Milton's desk.

Milton helped her to her feet and tried not to bump his erection into her too many times. The young woman looked at Milton's rigid tool and decided her father was right. The young man was a "fucking genius."

She stuttered, "That-t-t was-s-s something." Her virginity was in tatters and small red blood stains dotting the concrete floor.

He grinned and said, "Yes, I've never done that before. I hope I was adequate."

"Yes-s-s very adequate." She kept looking around for now she was concerned someone might walk in on them while they were still naked.

Milton Oscar looked at the lovely nude woman before him. He remembered seeing in his new department chair's bio that his daughter was twenty-six. The high-speed neurons in Milton's brain crackled as he evaluated the situation. Milt decided only one course was possible after this. He pressed the overload-reset button on the control panel and activated the coil again.

The lights dimmed as the coil charged. Delores' eyes flashed and she leapt for Milton again. In the twenty minutes before the overload killed the power Milton had tasted Delores' carnal treasures four more times. The concrete floor carried the lovers like the softest down as they pumped, thrusted, writhed, and fornicated. Delores' had little sexual experience before that day, but when the lights came back up she had experienced penetration in every port and the ship of virginity had sailed from every harbor.

They stood toe-to-toe panting with their exertions. Delores Kelly was a rather smart woman too, but she easily reached over Milton's shoulder and reset the overload system and activated the coil. Again the lights dimmed and the couple coupled on the concrete pad by the flaming coil. When the over stressed copper strands finally melted, Delores was atop Milton riding him down the home stretch. The sounds waves faded and the couple slowed.

She screamed at the dead machine, "Don't fucking stop!" Milton, who was not watching where her gaze was directed turned over the screaming woman, switched holes and didn't stop. Silenced by her new boy friend's frantic thrusts, she turned her voice back to rather obscene vocalizations as to the grand quality of Milton's performance. Now carrying three coil charges in their loins the couple climaxed without the supplemental energy of the genius's device.

After exchanging fluids one last time Delores burst into tears. Milton was concerned about his new girl friend's feelings. "What's wrong, pumpkin?" He was frantic that she would leave him after such a titanic coupling.

Delores wailed, "The machine is fucking broken! Fix it, Milton!"

Milton's tornado mind spun and he said, "Honey, I need to evaluate the current parameters, the effects of the short caused by my ..... uh ... my uh ... the fluids I introduced. I have to analyze the data from the recorders to modify the coil to reproduce the necessary frequencies."

Delores found her dress and slipped it on without bothering to find her underwear. "Then fix the damned thing. I'll be back tonight at midnight. Get it done, Milton!"

"Yes, dear." Milton fretted. It was two-weeks work, but as he watched her gently cover her large, soft breasts, Milton knew he would get it done. He had to succeed. The industrial accident had changed Milton's priorities. He saw he was on the verge of a discovery that would make him legendary. It would also get him laid.

Milton poured intently over the erratic graphs of the coils audio output. He rewrote his evaluation software and fed the data through again. It was then he saw the pattern. A complex weave of high and low frequency sounds coincided with the intense sexual activity on the lab floor. He powered up the unit and seconds later his well-used prick snapped to attention. Milton added a safety timer. He didn't want rely on the thermal overloads to shutdown the system. With no Delores nearby, he shut off the power and waited for midnight. He dropped down across his desk and fell asleep.

The slam of the lab door woke him. He checked his watch and saw Delores was a little late. In the quiet of the lab he also heard four feet marching across the concrete.

He sat up to see his new lover and her father, his boss, approaching. Dr. Albert Kelly had Delores by the arm and pulled her to a stop by the still groggy genius.

"What's this about my daughter sneaking out at midnight to meet you here?" The doctor demanded.

"Uh, Sir, Delores and I are now ... involved." The woman beamed at him as she saw him standing up to her authoritarian father.

"Involved? You just met this afternoon." The man was outraged that his precious girl seemed mussed by her experience with Milton.

Milt nervously replied, "I know it's been sudden, Sir, but she and I have formed a real bond."

"Bond? You can't put on a band aide in the time you two have known each other." His anger was rising.

"Sir, you must realize that she and I have ..." Milton ran out of words.

"I don't believe it!" He looked at his once virginal daughter. "Is this true? You and he ..." Now the good doctor ran out of words.

Delores stamped her foot. "Daddy, I love him." She wailed.

To Doctor Kelly his daughter was still a sweet innocent girl stuck at age fourteen, not the twenty-five year-old ex-virgin who was wearing a summer dress without her underwear. He released her arm to move on Milton.

"I will fire you young man, and I will ensure your next job is calibrating garbage trucks." Milton was sure her father was going to strike him. Delores jumped between them to protect "her man."

Her father shoved her back to allow him to punch out the degenerate genius. She stumbled backward into the side of the coil. Her head smacked against the non-ferrous enclosure. She shook her head and saw the red coil activation button. As her father pulled back his fist to punish his darling daughter's defiler, she pushed the button.

Doctor Kelly stopped his punch when the lights dimmed. This time there was no fountain of sparks, Oscar had limited the current surge to what the coils could handle and had refined the frequency generator so that more power was pushed into the envelope of sound that created its unique effect. Delores's body shivered at the now familiar feeling. Her nipples rose to hard peaks as she watched them men frozen in their pose when the coil energized.

Milton and her father turned toward her. She smiled at them and slowly lowered the straps of her sundress until the top lay at her waist. She cupped her large breasts and pulled a nipple to her mouth. The waves earlier cleared out her moral problems with carnal knowledge of a stranger. Now the waves attacked deeper inhibitions. The inhibitions that before stopped Delores from closely inspecting the growing bulge in her father's pants. The inhibitions should have stopped her from lowering her sundress to the floor and standing naked before her father and new lover.

Doctor Kelly lowered his fist to his crotch and rubbed his long hard shaft now trapped in a pair of too tight briefs. He looked at his naked daughter leaning against the side of the giant coil. He wondered how he could not open his mouth and shout at her to get dressed immediately. What he wondered was if he could fuck her? He was sure she would let him. He was her father, but he knew, this fact didn't seem relevant anymore. What was relevant was his thick, hard cock, and the little droplets of pussy juice running down his daughter's legs.

Milton forgot about Doctor Kelly as he stripped. He was fully engorged and approached Delores with dick bobbing. She took his hand and pushed him against the side of the coil and sank to her knees. Her father finished stripping and walked up to the couple. "Dee Dee? You're sucking him!" He panted.

"Yes, Daddy, I am. Look at the size of this thing!" She swallowed it whole. Her lips sealed around the base of the genius's mammoth cock.

The lab director slid next to Milton and his daughter's hand came up and around him. "Oh, Christ, Dee Dee." He moaned as she jerked on him while she was blowing her new boy friend. "Do you have some for Daddy, baby?" He wanted her lips around his cock.

Delores released Milton, and she scooted over to Daddy. Doctor Kelly looked down and couldn't believe it when his daughter slipped her lips over the head of his cock and began to give him the blowjob of his life. His head banged back against the coil as she demonstrated her newly acquired talents.

While Delores pleased Daddy, she kept up her hand motions on Milton's long dick. He watched his new love work her magic on his boss. He rubbed her head and said, "Marry me, Dee Dee?"

She released her father's cock and stood up, "Yes, Oscar, I will marry you." She kissed him deeply.

Doctor Kelly pounded Oscar on the back, "Congratulations, boy! I know you'll make my daughter very happy. Now baby, would you get back to sucking Daddy's cock?" He laughed.

Delores laughed and sank back to the floor. She blew her Daddy, rewarding him for accepting her marriage to Oscar. She alternated between father and fiancé as she wanted each to fill her mouth with their creamy semen. Daddy was first. She was sucking Oscar when the splat of hot cum hit her cheek. Twisting rapidly she turned and got the second spurt on her tongue. Her lips closed over his twitching cock, and she easily swallowed the rest. He quivered with ecstasy as he came in his sweet daughter's mouth. She accepted every drop, swallowing rapidly, as her father had not emptied his balls in weeks.

Oscar pulled her to his cock as he supplied her with another load. This time he sprayed her face, painting long white streaks across her nose and eyes. Delores moaned as he spunked her hot face. She looked up with pride at her two men still sporting firm erections. "Who's gonna fuck me first?" She giggled.

Milton nodded at his boss, "You first, Sir."

Delores stood and leaned over Oscar's desk. She arched her back opening her ass. "Daddy, you're first." He looked confused for a moment. Not quite understanding that he was expected to fuck his daughter now. "Daddy?" Delores whined, "Come on!"

Milton gave him a gentle nudge toward his daughter's ass. "Go on, it's okay. She's gonna love it!"

Standing behind his daughter's rolling ass gave him confidence. His fingers touched her cunt. He was shocked at how wet she was. Her mother always required lubricant. Delores dripped from her natural juices. His hand guided his cock to her open pussy lips. Her lips caressed the head as he entered her. "Oh yes, Daddy. Push it in. Fuck me!"

His daughter had never used foul language with him before. Her using the "F" word made him lose control, and he shoved his prick deep into her pussy. She was liquid fire around his cock. Not since his wild college days had he been in such a tight pussy.

Milton stood by watching, "How is it, Dee Dee?"

She looked at him with a lusty smile, "It's fucking good, honey. Can we bring Daddy on the honeymoon?"

He laughed, "Of course, baby. Daddy can come. He can come on the honeymoon and up your tight little cunt."

"Oh, shit, honey, he's fucking me so hard." She pushed back on the desk top to get Daddy's prick deeper into her tight cunt. "Fuck me, Daddy."

Delores knew she would have two men loving her. To have Milton and Daddy was enough to send her into a screaming climax. Pens and papers crashed to the floor as she writhed out her orgasm.

Her father couldn't hold it either. Watching the effect of his cock on her brought him to a rapid conclusion. "Oh Dee Dee, Daddy's gonna cum in your hot cunt." He buried his cock into her and unloaded again. His sperm seemed undiminished by his first orgasm in her mouth. He watched a white ring form around his cock and semen drops falling to the floor.

Milton touched his shoulder, "Excuse me, Dad, could I get in here?"

Arthur looked up from the sight of his cock deep in his daughter, "Oh, sorry, son." He pulled free and let Milton move into his place. The larger cock of his new son-in-law forced more of the old man's load from Delores's pussy. Milton gave his fiancé all of his cock and fucked her while her cries filled the empty lab.

Doctor Kelly watched the young couple as he stroked his still erect penis. He moved to his daughter's head pressed to the desktop. "Suck it, babe."

She giggled and opened her mouth. He slid inside and she could taste her juices and his sperm. "Yummy, Daddy." The two men grinned at each other as they pumped into Delores's plush body.

Milton stretched her newly fucked pussy to new dimensions as she practiced her cocksucking skills on Daddy. He held her hips tight as he pumped her full of his dick. His thumb rubbed her anus and slipped inside her tight little butt hole. "Oh, fuck yes, honey. Finger my ass."

Doctor Kelly saw Oscar's thumb disappear into his daughter's asshole. He wished he'd thought of that. Nothing better than a good ass fuck before bed, he thought. Not that he'd had one in his thirty years of marriage.

Under the pulsing sound waves the threesome chased another climax. Delores whined and screamed as the men grunted with their efforts at pounding her body hard. The men soon flooded the young woman's body with more semen as she screeched out her climax.

As they wound down and Doctor Kelly pulled his still hard cock from his daughter's mouth, the lights brightened on the coil de-energized.

Delores frantically asked, "Is it broken again?"

Oscar wiped his cock on her ass and replied, "No, I put it on a twenty-minute timer."

"Oh, I thought it might be broken again." She sounded very relieved.

Oscar's boss asked, "What just went on here?" He didn't sound angry, just confused.

Over the next ten minutes Milton explained the cause and effect of his discovery. While the scientist discussed the effects they had just experienced, Delores used a Kleenex from the box on Milton's desk to wipe up all the semen now leaking from her glowing pussy.

"You know, Milt, the school owns the rights to this discovery." Doctor Kelly observed.

"I know, Sir." Milton wasn't interested in the money. He was watching Delores wiping up semen.

The lab director walked over to the side of the coil. "This could make them a lot of money."

"Yes, Sir." Milton wondered how much cum you can put in a pussy as Delores used her third Kleenex.

"Now, I think that we need to think about that. Don't you think we deserve to be rewarded by your discovery?" Milton could tell that Doctor Kelly was leading up to something.

"My boy, what if we reported that your experiment was a failure. That absolutely no effects of any kind were observed." Arthur was now watching Delores clean up their residues. "What if we all then resigned at set up a secret lab where we perfected this?"

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