tagBDSMOur New Lifestyle Ch. 02

Our New Lifestyle Ch. 02


Chapter Two "Angela's First Course"

Author's note-Please read Chapter One "Setting the Table" first if you would like to see how this adventure started for Brian and Angela. It is not required but I think you will enjoy it as well and better understand how and why Angela is about to be taken by Kevin.


I could tell that Angela was hot. Hot with the thoughts about what was going to happen later that evening with her and her lover. I decided we would relax and let her ponder things a bit more. We had an after-dinner drink and just sat and smiled at each other. I then remembered the vibrating egg and her panties were still lying next to me on the booth. I looked and them and then at Angela. I asked her if she would be needing them. Angela said, "No Brian. I will not need either of them for the rest of the night. Be a good boy and put them in your coat pocket. They will give you something to think about for the next several hours while you await my return to you!"

That woman sure knew how to keep my cock hard as a rock. Her looks, her naughty talk, her allure all kept me on edge. Angela knew it. She reveled in her ability to tease me. As we finished our drinks, it sort of hit me. I wasn't nervous or afraid of anything. What hit me was that, yes, our bedroom fantasies were about to spring forth in real life. I had arranged for a good friend to be her first real fuck outside of our marriage. I say "real" as we certainly have role played it a lot. Even down to going out on the town and me watching Angela flirt with men to the point of her laughing it off and then heading home with me. This time would be different. The next time I saw Angela, she will have been fucked in every hole and will have enjoyed it immensely. There really was no turning back, even if I wanted to. So, as they say, it was time for get off to the races!

I looked at Angela and said, "Angela, you naughty slut. It is time for us to depart so that you may meet your lover and fuck yourself out. I will call for the car and whisk you off for your evening of debauchery!" My beautiful wife looked at me with lust in her eyes. She said, "Brian, please let's go now. Every nerve in my body is on fire. I need to be taken tonight. I need to be taken soon. Please let's get the move on!"

With that I escorted Angela to our waiting car. I held the door for her as she sat down in the front seat. I couldn't help but be enthralled by Angela's long legs, encased in seamed hose with a hint of a garter belt. And, her new addition of the SLUT ankle bracelet advertised what a truly naughty wife she was. Lord!

I got in the driver's seat and took off. I looked over at Angela and told her to hike her skirt up a bit and show me her pussy. Angela slowly pulled her skirt up showing the tops of her hose and then her garter belt and then her very smooth shaved pussy. Angela licked her finger and immediately slipped it into her cunt. I always get extremely turned on to see Angela masturbate. My minx of a wife rubbed her clit and fingered herself hard and deep. As she threw her head back she moaned and came hard. Really hard. By then she had three fingers in her cunt. When she was finished she was breathing so hard. Angela said, "Brian, you liked that didn't you? You little pervert! Well, I have a reward for you. I must say I made a mess and I need some cleaning up. Would you be a dear and suck my fingers clean?"

With that Angela leaned over and put her three cunt pleasing fingers in front of my mouth. I could smell the exotic nature of her pussy. Her fingers were drenched. I opened my mouth and Angela inserted all three fingers. I wrapped my lips around the fingers and tongue bathed them until they were clean. God, they tasted so good! As for Angela, she was having a ball teasing me. She said things to me like, "You nasty boy! You really enjoy cleaning your wife up!" And, "Suck hard Brian. In a few hours you will be sucking more than my naughty fingers!" This was really great theatre.

I think it is now time to turn this story over to Angela.

Hi all, this is Angela. I have read Brian's writings to date and find them pretty darn accurate. He was even able to capture pretty much how I was/am feeling. My first night of extramarital fun was lining up to be exquisite. And, all with the blessing of my understanding husband. Well, that might be a stretch. Brian blessed this new lifestyle because he had zero options. I needed to branch out and told him so. But, I guess he blessed it as he sure didn't object!

As we approached the hotel I was pleased to see it was the Ritz. An exquisite hotel for an exquisite woman for her first night of extramarital fun. Brian drove the Mercedes up to the valet and got out of the car. He came around to help me out, so I made my exit full of legs and heels. Brian loves that. I did not pause as I proceeded to walk up the stairs to the entrance leaving Brian to deal with the valet. I wanted Brian in tow, not me. I did turn and say, "Brian, darling, be a dear and don't forget my case in the trunk." Brian looked at me oddly but did as I said. Earlier that evening I had packed a suitcase full of my favorite things. I didn't know if I would end up with a man or a woman, so I covered all of the bases.

The suitcase contained the very best Italian lingerie, opera length leather gloves, nipple clamps, my favorite black dildo, a harness, a riding crop, a cock and ball harness, a leather mask for me, candles, perfume and other assorted goodies. I sure didn't plan to use everything, but I thought a few items might come in handy. As the valet took the case out of the trunk, Brian informed him we would be registering first as he had not yet made a reservation. The valet smiled that knowing smile. He had seen this countless times. Men and women or some other combination hooking up for the night and needing a room for their pleasure.

As I walked in front of Brian I gave him my best sensual walk. Slow and elegant. I knew he had his eyes locked on my ass, seamed hose encased legs and stilettos. I was sure he was rock hard as well. I took my time arriving at the registration desk. Once there I gave the clerk my best bored and aloof look. I said, "My husband will be here in just a few. I will need one of your best rooms for the night. Please make sure it has a king bed, is quiet and has a wonderful view." The clerk went about her business just as Brian arrived. As he started to speak I said, "Brian, I have it all being taken care of. The desk clerk will get the room I need. I think it might be good for you to head to the bar for now and relax. I will have my case taken to the room and then I will come to the bar. Brian, when I get to the bar, I expect you to be sitting by yourself quite a distance away from the bar proper. When I arrive, we will not speak or make eye contact. I will sit at the bar and enjoy myself and await my new friend."

I made eye contact with the desk clerk and smiled my sultry smile. She looked at me and sort of smiled back. She, as well, I am sure had seen this and many other things in her years at the hotel. I expect that it was usually men making the arrangements. Yet, sometimes women I fully suspect. Whoever it was, they were sure to be in a very excited mode, anticipating what was about to happen. Lord, I know I was excited!

After I gave my credit card and received my key, I thanked the desk clerk and slowly headed towards the bar. I must say that I was somewhat lightheaded and breathing heavy. I told myself to move slowly and sensually. As I entered the bar I scanned it carefully to find Brian. He was in a dark corner of the room in a booth. When I saw him he quickly looked down biding my warning. Good boy I thought to myself.

I walked slowly to the bar, which was packed. I did find a vacant stool with men to both sides. I figured they were there on business and wouldn't mind having an attractive woman sitting next to them. As I sat I could feel their eyes on me. Looking at my attire, my body, my legs, my heels. I smiled slightly to each of them but did not say a word. The bartender was quickly in front of me asking if I would like a drink. As I ordered my usual champagne, one of the gentlemen offered to pay for it. Geez. So corny. I demurred and told him, "Why thank you very much. However, I am waiting for my new lover to join me, so I think I should pass on that!" The look in his eyes was priceless. I told him something he would probably take to bed with him and masturbate to! The look on the bartender's face was one of surprise but, hey, they have heard almost everything. This was going to be so much fun!

As I sat and enjoyed my drink I scanned the room trying to see if anyone was getting ready to approach me. Nothing! Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. The clock was ticking in more ways than one. I needed to be fucked soon. Christ, I needed to be fucked right now. My pussy was wet, my nipples were hard, and my brain was on overload. I said to myself, "Slow down Angela. Brian would not screw this up. Calm down. Your lover is on the way!" But, tick tock.

Finally, I heard a man's voice behind me. He said, "Angela, do you have an envelope for me?" God! I knew the voice. I turned on my seat and there stood Kevin! One of the most handsome and sexiest men I know and a good friend of Brian's. I said, "No!" to myself. But, he knew about the envelope. I about came right then. Brian really liked Kevin, so I wasn't that surprised he was going to let me fuck him. I just smiled at Kevin and gave him the envelope. Kevin glared at the envelope. I guess he knew that opening it was another step in the path of no return. Kevin slowly licked his lips and, of course, seemed quite nervous. I decided I better encourage him. I said, "Kevin, I am thrilled that you will be my first fuck outside of my marriage. I have always fanaticized about you! Brian and I even role play your fucking me during our many bedroom games!"

Brian turned beet red. And the men around us sure started listening. It really was like bees around the hive. And, they sure were buzzing. Brian slowly started to open the envelope and read Brian's note. His eyes grew huge as he read and considered what Brian had to say. He looked at me and said, "Angela, are you OK with all of this?" I responded, "Kevin, I have no idea what Brian wrote to you. But, I can tell you, whatever he wrote, I want you to do. Kevin, I need to be fucked and fucked now. I have a room upstairs for us live up to Brian's wishes. Which, by the way, are mine as well. Now, be a good boy and pay the bill and let's proceed upstairs!"

I stood up and did my classic walk to the entrance of the bar. I turned to send the message to Kevin, "Hey man. Let's get on with sex!" He was making moves to get things going which was good. I also glanced at Brian. The cheater was looking at me! I decided to give him a pass and just smiled at him and mouthed, "I love you!"

Kevin managed to catch up with me as I approached the elevator. I don't think I have ever seen a self-assured man so dithered. He was nervous, which I understand. He was flustered. I understand that. But he was ready. He got it. He wanted me. I wanted him.

Once the elevator arrived, I took him by the hand and entered the car. I then closed the doors quickly and pressed the button for the 25th floor. As the car ascended I looked and Kevin and just said, "Now, Kevin!" With that he grabbed me around the waist and kissed me hard. I responded just as you would expect and opened my mouth to accept his hot tongue. We French kissed all of the way up with Brian rubbing my ass and thighs and my grabbing at his cock through his trousers. I was melting in his embrace and he was heating up just as I expected. Man, this guy was a good kisser!

Once we arrived at the 25th floor we both practically ran to the room. I opened my purse and handed Kevin the key. The poor guy could hardly put the key in the lock. I was absolutely dripping at this point. I said, "Kevin, hurry now. I need you. I need your cock and I need it now!" With that the door finally opened and we took our kissing inside of the room. We were pawing at other like there was not tomorrow. I really thought Kevin would cum right there.

But, then Kevin said, "Angela, you beautiful woman. You are mine tonight. I am going to ravage you. I am going to fuck you hard and deep. I am taking you as you are mine tonight!"

With that Kevin approached me and grabbed each side of my silk blouse. He looked me in the eyes and with one forceful move ripped by blouse open exposing my lingerie encased tits. My God this was hot. I even heard the buttons fly off the expensive blouse and hit the floor. It was one of the most erotic moves I have ever experienced. I said, "Now Kevin, Brian is not going to like a $500 blouse being ruined. But who really cares! Kiss me some more and I will go and prepare for your taking me!"

We kissed some more as we each rubbed on the other's sensitive parts. If Kevin's cock was as long and wide as it felt through his trousers I was going to be well fucked. I just wondered about his stamina. I would drain him, of course. But I knew I would need a lot of him and many orgasms. I figured a stud like this could keep up, but we would see.

I then broke our kiss and I told Kevin to relax and make a drink while I prepared for him. With that I went to the bedroom and closed the door. I love nothing more than dressing up for sex. I went in the bathroom and looked at myself. I wasn't the worse for wear. My make-up was in good shape and my hair looked ravishing. But my blouse was history. It really didn't matter as I decided I would just remove my blouse, bra and skirt but leave on my garter belt, seamed hose and stilettos. I went to my suitcase and selected a black Italian teddy to complete the look. I also added my leather opera length gloves. If I do say so myself, I looked radiant and hot. And fuckable. To finish I lit come candles and applied my best perfume. I was also made sure my riding crop was close. I hoped Kevin would use it on me!

With that, I opened the door and called for Kevin. He was there in an instant and said, "Oh my God Angela. You are amazing. I can't believe I get to fuck you and fuck you hard. I have watched you for years and could only imagine how lucky Brian was!" With that I said, "Enough about Brian. I am yours tonight and I am more than ready!"

In an instant Brian was on me. We kissed and then I went to my knees to unzip his pants and release his manhood. His cock was all that I imagined. I wouldn't say I was a size queen, but I always craved a long, but more importantly, thick cock. Now, don't get me wrong. Brian is pretty well endowed. But this? Kevin was rock hard and had to be a solid 9 inches. But the most impressive was the thickness of his cock. Imagine one of those aluminum mag flashlights (fleshlight??? LOL!). Maybe not quite that big or hard but impressive. I could just imagine how he would stretch my cunt with his cock. My eyes rolled back as I wrapped my hand around his tool and guided it into my waiting mouth. It was hard to envelope his cock, but I got it done. I began giving Kevin the blowjob of his life and he really got into it.

Now, just a side note on sucking cock. I am truly good at it. But, I do not enjoy it. What I do love is what it does for the man and to express, in one way, what a naughty slut I am. It really is true. Only a handful of women relish sucking cock and taking the eruption that generally occurs. Not me. And, generally, I would say that all of my girlfriends fully agree. Yet, we do it. But only to pleasure our lover.

Regardless, I went about my duties fully aware of my own true desires. Frankly, I wanted a cock spewing cum into my cunt and ass and not into my mouth or on my face. A man can only do so much. I certainly did not want Kevin to waste his precious loads needlessly. But, I worked his cock like the whore he desired and the slut that I am. Like I said, I am good at it. Kevin was moaning, and I was slurping and jacking his cock. It was sensual, but I could not take him too far. I edged him a couple of times and could feel, and hear, his frustration.

I stood up and kept ahold of his cock with my gloved hand. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Kevin, I want you now. I want your cock in my cunt immediately! Get out of your clothes and fuck this whore. Now Kevin!"

That was enough to get him to forget about my sucking his cock. Men love it, but much prefer a hot pussy. As I jumped onto the bed I watched Kevin undress. It was true what Brian had said. This man had spent the necessary time at the gym. He was in great shape and had the chiseled body to prove it. And there before me was this wonderful cock at full attention. I have seen many porn movies and fantasized plenty about big cocks. After all, my black dildo was sized after what I thought the perfect cock would be. While my dildo was bigger than Kevin's cock, he had plenty. Not to bore you but long, hard and wide. Yummy!

As Kevin stood in front of me, I unsnapped my teddy and began to stroke my pussy. At one point I took both hands and used my fingers to spread me open. I said, "Kevin, this naughty slut needs you to fuck her hard. And fuck her deep. I need you to fill me with your cum. I want to leak your cum like the whore that I am!"

Kevin just looked at me and then went to my suitcase and extracted the black dildo and the riding crop. He said, "Angela, you totally nasty slut! I will fuck you and make you beg for more cock. But, I think we may need these toys to make you cum even more. Tonight, you will cum more often than ever before. Sometimes riding or taking my cock, or with my fingers or my tongue or from just a good whipping!" Cum more often than ever before! I doubt it, but I sure wanted to find out!

Kevin then joined me on the bed and we began a long session of deep French kissing. He was good. Very good. As we kissed I squeezed his cock and he stroked my pussy. I spread my legs, so he had plenty of access to me. I wasn't surprised when I felt his finger enter me. Then two. Then three. Kevin was using his three finders to stretch me and make me a wet mess. I arched my back and said, "Oh Kevin. Finger fuck me. Finger me hard and fast. I want to come all over your hand!" Could I spread my legs farther? I sure could. Kevin was thrusting deep into my cunt while also rubbing my clit. It felt so good. Kevin was quite accomplished at this.

It didn't take long for me to have an earth shattering, toe curling orgasm. As I came, I squeezed my legs together to hold his hand and fingers in place. I could tell that Kevin enjoyed himself immensely. I went into full slut mode and said, "Kevin, you finger fucker! That was so damn good. Now, get your fingers out of my slutty pussy and let me clean them good!" With that, Kevin presented his fingers to me. God, they were soaking wet and smelled delicious. I took his hand and slowly licked and sucked each finger. I have to admit that I really tasted good. And, to say the least, Kevin was really enjoying himself.

After that episode we snuggled a bit and then Kevin flipped a switch. He said, "Lisa, you cheating whore come with me to get what you deserve!"

Lisa? Lisa? You have to be kidding me. Lisa was Kevin's ex-wife who had hurt Kevin so much by cheating on him with other men and women. OK, I know. You say I am cheating? Well, I am not. Brian has endorsed this. He has made the arrangements. I was not sleeping around. Well, yes, I guess I was. But Brian was totally in sync!

So, Lisa? I decided what the heck. Go for it as long as he didn't try to strangle me. I turned to Kevin and said, "You know Kevin. I wish I felt sorry for you. But, you worked too many hours and certainly did not provide me the finer things in life. So, I went out and picked up my own partners. Men with maybe not bigger cocks but men that could fuck me a lot better than you. And women that allowed be to explore by bisexual side. And, could lick a cunt better than you could ever imagine."

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