tagIncest/TabooOur New Neighbor Ch. 11

Our New Neighbor Ch. 11


We all prepared for Don's homecoming. I was now free to do anything at anytime, since I gave my manager fifty percent of my alarm company. No more emergency calls in the middle of the night from some lonely female customer that just wanted to get a male body in her house on the pretext that someone was trying to break in to rape her. I have to admit, some of them were very tempting, but I had a strict policy for my installers, you can look, but if you touch, bye bye. However, some of the things I've seen, as well as some of the things that my installers and service men have seen, it's a hell of a temptation.

Don, even before arriving home, had made arrangements for the things that he wanted to include in the scheme of things. For one thing, he had a top notch attorney start proceedings for Sheri's divorce. I think her husband was more than happy because he had been after Sheri for a divorce in the past, but for her financial dependence on him, she refused.

Sheri came from a poor family and made a vow to herself that she was going to have the better things in life, even if she had to marry the devil.. Well that's what Sheri did and in the process, gave up love and all the pleasures of sex for years that one receives from a partner that could give her so much, other than so called, wealth .

Sheri and her daughter, Teri, moved in with Kim and her step daughter, Nicole. Those four, plus my sister Kitty, were about as horny as any, and to tell you the truth, even with the injections into my cock to keep it stiff for an hour or two at a time, I was in dire need of help. All of them would be considered BI at this point, but I think, along with Kitty, Teri seemed to like women better than men, but they all were definitely Bi.

At this point in my experience, I have found that women are by far, much more sexual than men. However, women don't talk about it as casually as men do. Also I have come to believe that women masturbate much more than men do. Those that are sincere about not enjoying sex with a man, in many cases, the man was not skilled in the art of making love, however, most women know what it takes to satisfy another woman.

I knew that Don was going to arrive home any day now, but I was praying that he had the virility my male hunting dog. He was a hunting dog all right, he'd go hunt and hump every bitch that was in heat within a mile or two from where we lived.

I was taking a mid-day nap, when I woke up to a consisting bell ringing. I looked at my door video and saw some guy with duffel bag. I was going to ignore him but he was persistent and I finally spoke to him on my door intercom. I asked what he wanted and he told me that he has very important information for me from Don. I rushed down and opened the door, this guy looked familiar but I couldn't figure out where I had seen him before. Then he spoke, "hey kid, aren't you going to say welcome back to your new neighbor?" This had to be a joke. The height was the same, but this guy was better looking than Don, as I can recall, plus he looked younger.

He started talking and he knew everything that had been going on, from the video tapes that I had sent as well as all the recordings he had heard, not only from his house, but ours as well. If this wasn't Don, he certainly knew as much as Don would have known, plus every little detail about Kim, his wife.

"Bob, for security reasons, I was made up to look like someone else, but I won't get into that, but it was for security reasons as well as for my safety. This is what I really look like and I'm now finished with that work. I have more money than anyone really needs, so Bob, as a reward for treating my wife and daughter with love and respect, not only are you going to continue sharing them with me, but we're going to have a lot more fun. I was aware that Kitty is over the house with Kim, Nicole, along with our new residents, Sheri and Teri, so I thought before I went home, that I'd pick you up and we would go together. But before we do, I want to go up to your office and look at your monitor to see what you have been watching while I've been gone, as well as what the girls are doing now."

We got up to my office and I turned on the monitor, Don looked like a kid in a candy store. He looked at me and said, "how come you turned off the monitor, you're missing all of this. Damn, Kim is fucking Sheri with a strap-on dildo while Sheri is eating her daughter, in a three-some. Nicole and Kitty are in the sixty-nine position and are wiggling around like two snakes in the grass. Hell, Bob, I'm getting all worked up, my cock is ready to burst."

"First of all, Don, everything is being recorded. Secondly, the reason I was taking a nap was because these women will wear you out in a hurry, they go at it non-stop. Look at Sheri, just a short time ago, she said that men couldn't satisfy women and that she hated the idea of a guy putting his cock into her cunt, and to tell you the truth, I don't think she's had anything in it after Teri was born. Now, every time I go over there, she practically rapes me, but she's a fantastic fuck and I know that you'll enjoy fucking her."

We decided to go over and surprise them while they were enjoying one another. When we got inside Don's house, the girls didn't even bother to look to see who it was, all we heard was their sounds of sexual pleasure. The smell of their sex was prevalent through-out the house. Don looked at me with a big smile, it seems as though, this is what he was wishing for, his wife and his daughter enjoying themselves in good whole-some sex.

Then Don took charge. "Ladies, can I ask you to stop for a minute so that I can say hello to all of you?" Kim and Nicole let out a scream, they both recognized Don's voice without really looking at him. They quickly jumped up and ran to him with their arms out-stretched, and grabbed him from each side, showering him with kisses.

Kitty didn't recognize Don at first, and of course, Sheri and Teri didn't have a clue to who Don was.

"Oh Don," Kim said, we're so happy to see you back. We missed you so much while you were gone, but Kitty and Bob were so nice and took care of all our needs."

"I can see that," Don said. as he looked at Kitty and smiled, "Kitty, my girls look more beautiful than ever and I owe it all to you and Bob. You both did a fantastic job and I consider both of you as being part our family." Then he looked at Teri and her mother,, they looked a little confused as to what was going on, and said to them, "I'm Kim's husband and I know who you two beautiful and sexy women are. I want to also welcome you as part of our family. Sheri, every thing has been taken care of with your 'EX' and he will not have any further contact with you. If you should ever need it, there is a considerable amount in a bank account in your name as well as Teri's. However, as long as you are living with us, you will have no expenses."

"Bob, before we do anything else, would you please go out to my van and bring in the case of Dom Perignon champagne that I have. I want to celebrate my coming home and then I want to watch these beautiful, sexy ladies continue what they were doing when we came in."

I came into the house with the champagne and put a couple of bottles to chill it slightly. While we were waiting for the few minutes for the champagne to chill, Don said he wanted to give Kim a quick fuck before he exploded.

With that said, Don stripped off every bit of his clothing, leaving him as naked as the girls. Don had an exceptionally well toned body including rippling abs,(he told me that he had been working out with a trainer for some time.). Another thing that Don had, was one enormous cock, compared to mine; It had to be at least nine inches long, if not longer, and it was thicker than mine.I would have been jealous with my six and one-half inch cock, but Kitty had told me that a woman that exercises her vaginal muscles can be just as satisfied with a small cock as well as a big one and the pleasuring nerves go only two inches into a women's pussy, beyond that it has no sexual feeling. She always told me that it was the clit that did the trick in most women. I think that I mentioned earlier that Kitty can suck my cock off with her cunt muscles. Then in some cases, there are women that don't like large cocks because it hurts them, so I have no complaints.

Don had Kim get on the carpet on her hands and knees and then said, "if the rest of you don't mind, I'd like Nicole to sit on the edge of the couch so that Kim can eat her sweet , tasty and tender pussy so I can watch my two beauties while I'm fucking Kim from behind. Nicole, sweetheart, I know that you use to watch me and Kim fuck while you masturbated," Nicole showed embarrassment on her face, but it really didn't seem to bother her too much. Then Don went on as he slipped his cock into Kim's eager hole, "Nicole, remember the time I came home late one night, very drunk, not long after your Mom had died? You got into bed with me and pretended to be your Mom and then you got on top of me and fucked me, thinking I didn't know it was you, Hon, I'll never forget that fuck, you were incredible. The one thing that you didn't know, in my line of work, I could get drunk as hell but always know what was going on."

Don was saying all kinds of sexually explicit things to his wife and daughter as he was fucking Kim. Watching them having wild sex without any inhibitions, was taking its toll on us, listening to Don asking his daughter, "do you like Kim eating your hot cunt?" and Nicole moaned in pleasure, letting Don know the answer. Nicole was sitting on the couch, leaning back slightly as she was pulling on her nipples, stretching and twisting them painfully. Don slapped kim's butt a couple times, leaving red hand prints on her white, tender ass, that really got Kim wild as she moaned even louder. I knew Kim liked being spanked so I encouraged Don to spank Kim more.

"Oh Mom, I'mmmmcuuummminnnngg, oooohh mooom, I'mm starting to squirt my cuummmm, oooh gaaawwd it feels sooo fuuucckkinnng goood," and then Nicole kind of collapsed against the back of the couch. But Kim was still eating away at her sweet step- daughters dripping pussy, slurping and sucking every drop of her step-daughters sweet nectar. Kim was looking up at Nicole and moaning to Nicole that she loved sucking on her enormous clit, it was like sucking on a little cock. Kim, as well as Don, were not far behind, I could tell by her body motions that Kim had cum at least twice, and the groans from Don was an indication that he was on the verge of exploding his cum deep into Kim's steaming cunt. Then, as if it was done on cue, Nicole came to another shattering orgasm along with Kim and her Dad.

Of course, as Kitty, Sheri, Teri and I, were witnessing this erotic family affair, our minds and bodies were so turned on, that we were not idly standing by. Sheri and daughter Teri, were all over one another, sucking on each others nipples as they finger fucked each other, both of them moaning in harmony. They looked so hot together as they ended up on the floor in a sixty-nine and Sheri telling Teri, over and over, how much she loved Teri and was so sorry that she hadn't shown her love long ago. But they were making up for it know.

While the others were involved, Kitty started on me by first giving me a soul searching kiss and then getting down and started sucking on my cock. It felt fantastic, but I told Kitty that I didn't want to get too tired but I would go down on her. I had Kitty sit on the couch next to Nicole and she instinctively spread her legs so that I would have complete access to her beautiful wet pussy as well as her butt hole, she also took Nicole's hand and had her massage her breast. Her inner lips were so engorged and full, and looked so beautiful, I could just stare at them as they kept leaking out her juices, it was such a beautiful vision. But Kitty kept pushing her hot cunt into my face, this was her way of telling me to give her some tongue.

Kitty taught me from the very beginning on how to eat a woman to give her the ultimate pleasure. After the mouth to mouth kissing as well as kissing and licking on the ears and neck, I would work my way down to her sensitive breasts and suck and massage them until she started to push my head down, Then I would kiss her navel and then get down to her honey pot. I would first start by licking her engorged lips, up and down, then I would push my tongue into her beautiful opening. I did everything in slow motion, not to rush, but make it linger on until I knew that she was getting desperate. Then I put two of my middle fingers into her cunt until I felt the ridges of her G-spot. I didn't put too much pressure on the area but I did want to stimulate her to an even higher plateau of arousal. I put the palm of my other hand on her pubic bone and put gentle downward pressure as I rotated my hand to help the blood flow to her cunt. While I rotated the palm of my hand, I extended my thumb so that it kept pulling up the hood of her clit until her little cock peeked out. By this time, Kitty was going wild, pulling on her breasts and squeezing her nipples like a mad woman. Then I put more pressure on her G-spot, pulled up the hood of her clit, fully exposing it as I took my tongue and then my lips as licked and then sucked on her clit like a toothless person, with my lips. I then took my hand that was on her mound, sucked my index finger and put into her ass-hole. I was now finger fucking her butt-hole and I could feel the other fingers that were now concentrating on her G-spot. She screamed as she came with a gushing flow of cum. I savored every drop. She looked down at me as I was still licking her juices and said to me, "thanks, little brother, that was fantastic as always." I want to make a point for you guys; Make sure that your woman has emptied her bladder or you might end up with a mouthful of pee, which isn't that bad when you think about it, Kitty and I have given each other many 'golden showers'.

Don quickly regained his composure and said, "hey, people, I didn't mean for all of you to start fucking around, I just returned from a long absence but you people have been at it all the time I was gone. Let's have that champagne, I worked up a thirst, then we can continue."

After going thru a couple of bottles of the champagne, the girls got a little high and were really in a great mood, I think more for sex than talk.

Don told the girls that he would like them to think of our place, a place where they could bring women so that they could be liberated from their sexual hang-ups.

Kitty didn't want to take a back seat to Don, so she spoke out. "Don, what I have been doing is liberating these women, including your wife and daughter, from their inhibitions and their open denial of their sexuality. Look at us, we're standing around completely naked, we're having sex as if there is no shame, in front of one another. We started out with Kim, who was trying to conceal the fact that she masturbated, and consequently, when you would leave, she would sneak into her bathroom and quietly give herself a couple of quick cums, and then she would feel guilty about it. Nicole would spy on her and play with her pussy and then get off when Kim did. Now they can watch each other masturbate and even have sex with one another with-out feeling any shame. Look how happy they are."

Don was very much aware of the transition of Kim and Nicole. But Kitty continued, "when Teri first came to visit us, she pulled away and had a bad disposition, now look at her, she's as happy as a girl her age should be and looks more beautiful than ever, Sheri, Teri's mother, had no interest in men, but also distanced herself from her beautiful daughter. They both loved each other intensely, however, because of a miserable marriage, Sheri didn't know how to show her love to her daughter, other than masturbating in front of her mirror and pretending she was making love to her sexy daughter, the only one that meant anything to her. Now look at them as they are holding each other lovingly."

"Kitty, you have done a fantastic job and I'm fully aware of your accomplishments," Don said, "but now I want you to continue. I want you to help other women/girls, to get the same help. I personally know of women, by way of my work, that just can't get a grasp of their sexuality, so they just throw the thought of sex, in the back of their minds. Their carreers consume them to a point where their need for sex ia all but forgotten. Here is my plan. I want you to open a health spa for women only. We'll be selective in who we allow in as members. We will give them a questioneer as well a personal interview and the five of you will decide those that you'll admit."

Don had evidently been working on this for a while. He went to his brief case and pulled out a sheet of paper and then said, "ladies, these are some of the questions that I have come up with and if you can think of more, or if there are any you don't like, vote on it and then we'll get to work. Remember, we're not doing this to make money, we have plenty of that. But we will have the most modern and high tech equipment of any gym, as well as a sauna, we'll have a room for massages as well as beauty treatments. We will have expert trainers on meditation as well as yoga exercises also a trainer/nurse. A Jacuzzi, that Bob will design." With that last comment, Don looked at me with a big grin. "Oh, Bob will also have cameras so that we can privately view and record all activities."

The girls giggled as they looked at the list and added and deleted as they thought proper. The final list came out as follows: ******************************************************************** You have been approved by the membership committee, however the following questions must be answered if you are to become a selected member.

1) Are you happy with yourself? 2)Are you happy with your body? 3)What part of your body are you unhappy about? 4)Do you enjoy masturbation? 5)Are you attracted to women as well as men? 6)Are you totally happy with your sexual partner? 6a)Do you feel the need to masturbate after you have had sex with your partner? 7)Do you know how to stimulate your G-spot? 8)Are you able to ejaculate w/ or w/o a partner? 9)Are you able to have multiple orgasms? 9a)If yes, how many orgasms where you able to have? 10)Do you feel relaxed and content after sex? ******************************************************************** The girls agreed with the questions and wanted to start as soon as possible. The thing that we were not aware of, was that Don had set up the gym/spa while he was away.

"Well, lets all jump into my van so that I can show you what I had in mind." Don announced. He had a grin on his face that gave a clue as to where we were going, but the gals were not quite certain. "Also, don't bother to put any clothes on, there will be no need." Don said as he led us out to the van.

The windows were all tinted so that the nakedness of the woman wouldn't be observed by the other drivers, however, I don't think the girls would think anything about it if they were seen, by now they were very comfortable with their nudity.. After a short drive, we were in an alley in a very upscale commercial area and Don clicked his transmitter and a large door opened up and we drove into a garage.

We all got out and he guided us through a passage way that was wide, with one side having floor to ceiling mirrors and the other side had benches. Don told us that we were the only ones that had access in this hall-way, however, we would be allowed to bring a friend or a good client.

When we went through a door at the end of the hall, we entered into a large room which contained some fantastic gym equipment, Don had gone all out. But not only equipment, but he had it staffed with three women and one male. Not only were they good looking, but they all had 'hard bodies.' They all looked like that they pumped iron all day and then competed in shows. From the looks of them, I knew that Don must be paying them a small fortune, but as he said, he was not in it to make money.

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