tagLoving WivesOur New Neighbors Ch. 01

Our New Neighbors Ch. 01


Most of my stories are based in reality and on real experiences. So let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5'8", she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won't be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium length dark hair, sometimes tinted auburn or red, and very sexy, full lips. I'm not going to say she'd be a Penthouse Pet next week, but Kelly is a very good-looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends. This is a fantasy story about what might happen if the right people moved into our neighborhood...

About four months ago, we noticed quite a bit of activity at a house a few doors down from our condo. Being curious, we went over to take a look. It turned out to be an open house; apparently it had just been placed on the market. Although we weren't looking for anything, my wife loves to check out real estate and so we went over and took a look around. Home prices in my city are awfully high, and you don't get a lot of house for your dollar, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a well updated home with all the basics intact. It even had a small but functional backyard, fenced, with a built-in three season barbeque grill. Most surprising was the discovery of a fairly large enclosed jacuzzi off of the rear patio.

"Too bad we never got to know these guys before they moved," Kelly remarked to me with a grin. As I nodded, I saw that another couple touring the home had overheard and was smiling their agreement.

We left and didn't think much more about the house for a while, until we noticed a moving truck pull up about five weeks later. Like I said, we're a little curious, so we had to peek out the window and see what our new neighbors were going to look like. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to recognize the couple we had seen during our tour. The open house had been very busy, and a lot of the people looking were a little older, many even edging toward retirement age. But these folks were in their late twenties or early thirties, like us. I didn't see any kids running around either, which was kind of nice.

"Who knows," I joked to Kelly, "Maybe we'll get to know them and end up trying out that hot tub after all."

A couple of weeks later, Kelly called me at work. She had been working from home that afternoon and it was a beautiful sunny day. "Guess who I just met when I went for a walk," she said perkily.

"My spirit, roaming free of my imprisoned body?" I guessed glumly, looking out the window of my office at the shorts and tank tops below.

"Nope, but close. Our new neighbors, or at least one of them. Their names are Jen and Wade, and she's really nice. She works in the pharmaceutical industry too, but as a chemist, and he's a lawyer. She invited us over for a barbeque on Friday night, so don't make any plans, okay?"

I told her that was fine and went back to my work, trying to focus on the website I was tweaking.

The week went by pretty quickly, and before we knew it, Friday had arrived and we were heading over to Jen and Wade's place with a couple of bottles of wine in hand. Kelly knocked on the door and Jen immediately answered with a big smile on her face. Apparently they had talked a couple of times on the phone since meeting and it seemed like they were really going to hit it off. I hadn't gotten a really close look before, but Jen was definitely attractive. Shorter then Kelly at about 5'4", she had a trim body with a proportionate chest and a cute blonde haircut. It's the kind Kelly calls a swoosh, which means it's fairly short and kind of curls out at the bottom. She wore a little makeup but not much, just some lip gloss and a little eyeshadow, and was dressed in a cute tan skirt and raspberry top. Taking a quick glance at Kelly, I decided that she was every bit as attractive as my wife, but with a very different look.

Jen was introducing herself to me faster than Kelly could start, shaking my hand and inviting us in. "Wade is in the back getting the grill started," she explained as she led us inside. "We'll get some drinks in the kitchen and head on out there in a minute."

Kelly immediately started looking around at their furniture and décor. "I love your house," she gushed. "You have such a crisp, modern look going on and this rug is just great!" Where we have more Japanese influenced, medium warm look going, they had gone with a blonde wood and brushed nickel combination, along with some dark leather furniture. It was a really nice look and I complimented her as well.

Jen thanked us, taking the wine bottles and setting them on the counter. She produced a corkscrew and expertly opened the first, a nice syrah we had enjoyed several times previously. She poured four glasses and handed us each one, then led us to the sliding door in the living room.

I smelled the steaks even before we got outside; it seemed that Wade, like me, used a lot of spices in his grilling. He turned out to be built a lot like me, tall and fairly athletic. His short hair was darker than mine and a bit curly, and he looked like he was in good shape. He met us by the door with a grin and a firm handshake.

Over the next few hours, we enjoyed a delicious meal and polished off not only the two bottles of wine we had brought, but also a couple more from their own rack. We discovered that we had a lot in common with them, from our Midwestern roots, to our taste in music and movies. And like us, having moved to the East coast a couple of years ago and working in busy jobs, they hadn't had time to make a lot of friends.

By the end of the evening, it seemed like the groundwork had been well laid for a new friendship. Wade and I traded cell phone numbers and email addresses. It turned out he liked golf and biking also, so we made plans to do some "guy" stuff, while the ladies discussed their plans for shopping and gardening. We left with a round of hugs and kisses and felt like the evening had been a surprising success.

Over the next month or so, our friendship blossomed nicely. Wade and I got together a few times for some golf and some riding. The ladies went shopping on a couple of different occasions and returned with mysterious bags of shoes, makeup, and other surprises. And we all got together a few times for dinner, at our house once and out once, and movies.

Last week, Kelly had told me we were going over to Jen and Wade's for another barbeque and to bring my swim trunks, since they had finally gotten the hot tub ready to go. By this time, it was becoming a pretty regular Friday or Saturday night get together anyway, so I wasn't too surprised. But I did think it was kind of funny how much time Kelly and Jen were spending giggling on the phone. I think they were having a great time having a real "girlfriend" close by after each moving away from their friends and family.

We went over a little before sundown and I immediately joined Wade at the grill. We talked about our work for a while while the ladies did their thing inside the house. They kept bringing us mixed drinks quite frequently, and from the amount of giggling that I heard, they were keeping up with us in between deliveries. During dinner we all had a few more, and by the time we were finished eating it was almost 9:00 and we were all a little toasted. That's when Jen stood up and announced that before we went into the hot tub, she and Kelly were going to do some modeling for us. Apparently they had been saving up some of their goodies to show us together.

Wade and I looked at eachother and shrugged. There was a baseball game on, and we had plenty of vodka and tonic water left, so we weren't in any hurry. The ladies disappeared into the interior of the house and we didn't hear anything from them after that except a few giggles. About twenty minutes later, they re-emerged, and both Wade and I felt our jaws drop slowly.

I mentioned earlier that when I met Jen, her makeup was fairly natural and simple, and that turned out to be the norm for her. On the other hand, Kelly usually does a darker red lipstick and some eyeliner; still nothing heavy, but a little more pronounced. Tonight they had done a reversal of looks. Kelly was wearing a pale pink eyeshadow and just a little eyeliner. However, her lips were glistening wetly with a lip gloss that was just on the pink side of clear. It was very simple but at the same time intensely alluring. On the other hand, Jen was wearing a darker eyeshadow and a really sexy, deep red lipstick that made her mouth stand out. She had used a fair amount of mascara and eyeliner too, and while it was certainly classy, not cheap, it was very evening and very sexy. I couldn't help but stare at her face. She looked amazing. Kelly looked amazing. I was turning back and forth looking at them.

The ladies had teased their hair out enough to be playful as well, and they were wearing matching satin robes. I had just enough time to realize that this was another "purchase" I hadn't seen yet, and figured that Kelly must have left most of this stuff over here after shopping, since she wasn't carrying much on our way over that night.

The best was yet to come though. They removed the robes simultaneously to reveal matching bikinis. Both women were wearing halter style tops that cut very low across their breasts, showing a lot of cleavage both from the top and the sides. Their bottoms were high cut on the hips and just on the decent side of being thongs in the back. Oddly enough, they were white, which wouldn't have been the first color I would have picked. But they still looked great. Better than great, truth be told. Jen had more of a chest than I had first realized, and the bikini really hugged her breasts nicely, showing them to be reasonably big - maybe a 34B, which on her small frame looked great. Kelly really topped her there, though, with her large firm 36C tits easily filling the bikini top and showing plenty of curves to enjoy.

Wade was the first to speak. "Wow, you two look great!" I quickly echoed his sentiments as we gupled down the rest of our drinks. Jen sauntered off to the kitchen to pour all of us another round as Kelly tossed each of us a small bag. "We'll be in the hot tub when you guys are ready. Don't forget your drinks," she instructed.

Looking in my bag, I found a small black speedo. Now, I'm basically a swim trunks kind of guy, so I've never worn one of these, but it was obvious the ladies wanted to play a little and see if they could embarrass us. Wade and I looked at each other and shrugged. It was all among friends, so no harm could really come of it. We split up; I changed in the bathroom, he changed in the bedroom. We met back up in the living room feeling somewhat foolish. The speedos hid nothing, and it was obvious that both of us were trying to recover from the erections that our wives had given us.

"Well, nothing to lose except our pride, right?" Wade said. We grabbed our drinks and headed for the hot tub. It was a little cool that night, so some steam was coming from the water. The ladies were already in almost to their necks, talking quietly and laughing as we came in. Their conversation ended abruptly when we entered the hot tub "room" though, and they saw the contours of our cocks straining at the tight swimsuits. Needless to say, we jumped in fast.

Kelly snuggled right up to me as did Jen to Wade. We all started talking again freely and relaxing as the warm water soothed our muscles. As usual, when alcohol and slightly dressed people are mixed, the conversation turned mildly sexual. Questions like "how old were you when you lost your virginity" and "what's your favorite position" floated around the tub like the bubbles of water from the jets. It was all feeling pretty innocent and fun. Then Jen rose from the water to sit on the edge of the tub for a while, saying she was getting a bit warm. I realized belatedly what kind of effect the water was having on the sheer white bikinis. I could see right through her top almost as clearly as if it were a nylon. Her nipples hardened quickly in the cool air and I could see the puckered brown ridges of her aereolas easily. I couldn't help but glance down at the space between her legs, where the crease of her pussy was obvious in the clinging panties. No trace of dark pubic hair was revealed. "A natural blonde?" I wondered idly, then suddenly realized that Kelly had done the same thing next to me.

From the expression on his face, Wade was getting the same kind of view of Kelly as I was getting of his wife. A glance confirmed that Kelly's large, dark pink aereolas were clearly visible surrounding her extremely hard nipples. And unlike Jen, Kelly's closely trimmed pubic hair is dark and was quite noticeable through the bottoms.

"Aren't you boys going to climb out of the water with us?" asked Kelly innocently. We didn't really want to, but they pulled our arms until we sat next to them, our stiff dicks dramatically tenting the speedos. I saw Jen somewhat openly lick her red lips while glancing at my hips. She looked at me and said, "Kelly tells me you're fantastic at oral sex. What's your favorite way to do her?"

I gulped and looked at Kelly for reassurance, but she merely shrugged and said it was Jen's turn to ask a question. I hadn't quite realized we were taking turns until this point. I started to say something fairly guarded, but Kelly playfully smacked my arm and told me to tell her the truth. So, I looked Jen in the eye and told her that I liked to lay Kelly on her back in the bed, and fuck her with a big vibrating dildo while I sucked on her clit. I enjoyed the look of lust that flickered over her face as I said that. Jen took a big gulp from her drink and told Kelly it was her turn.

"Wade, what's the naughtiest thing Jen has ever done to you," asked Kelly with an intent expression.

"Well, um....." he fumbled for a moment. "Well, she sucked my cock one time in the middle of a movie theater. There were people on both sides of us, a few seats over, and some of them saw what was going on and watched. I ended up coming in her mouth in just a minute or two." I could see Kelly squeezing her arms together across her chest as he said that, emphasizing her tits a little. "Your turn," she said to me.

"OK, Kelly-" I began when she interrupted. "No fair! You already know all about me. You have to ask one of them and vice versa."

"OK then, Jen," I started over, thinking fast. "What is your hottest fantasy that you would ever consider doing for real?"

"Easy," she said. "I want to watch Wade fucking another woman while I'm being fucked by another man." And she plopped back into the water, splashing all of us. "I'm cold now!" she yelled.

We all plunged back into the water with a sigh of relief. If my cock had risen any more, it would have split the wasteband of my swimsuit. Jen turned the floor over to Wade, who logically picked Kelly. "Same question as Jen answered: What's your biggest fantasy?"

I pretty much knew what Kelly would say, although I didn't think she would ever really do it. Of course, she was all surprises tonight, so I wasn't going to place any bets.

"I'd love to be fucked by two men at the same time, one in my pussy and one in my ass," she told him with a smoldering look. "Biff uses two toys on me sometimes and it feels wonderful."

Jen decided it was her turn again, and announced that the next round would be dares. She immediately looked at Kelly and told her to take her top off and let Wade and I each take turns trying to put it back on her with only our teeth. We had 60 seconds, and if we failed we had to take a penalty dare on our turn. Now, I thought that might be jumping the ante a bit quickly, and besides, it sounded awfully difficult, but in a flash, Kelly had popped off her bikini top and it was floating on the water next to her bare breasts.

"Wade goes first," Jen declared. He looked at me and I shrugged, so he gave it his best shot. It was actually kind of funny to see him work at it. He managed to get the halter over her neck pretty easily, but was having trouble pulling it down over her tits. Every time he got close she twisted and her boob would pop free, landing on his cheek. He had only pulled it over one boob when Jen declared time. Wade sat back up, somewhat red faced, and Kelly threw the top back in the water. My turn.

I decided I was going to win this, since there was no telling what Jen would do with the bonus dares. I too got the halter on easily. Pulling the bra portion over her tits was really tough, and she kept twisting to mess me up, but with a combination of pulling with the teeth and pushing with the nose, I got both boobs just covered as Jen called time. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until Kelly inspected and found that I'd gotten in onto her inside out. She yanked it off again, tossed it aside and declared both of us "losers". Of course, we were just staring at her tits, so Jen said "No fair," and quickly stripped off her own top. Now two pairs of breasts were bobbing in the jets of the hot tub. I was starting to get fairly aroused.

It was Kelly's turn next. For her dare, she said the two men needed to sit on the edge of the hot tub and close our eyes. If we opened them, they would put on their clothes and we would go home. Then she announced that the girls would suck our cocks for thirty seconds each, and that we had to guess who was who. If we were right, it was our turn to make some dares. If not, it would be time for our penalty dares next. Wade and I grinned - like guys tend to, we had talked a little about our sex lives on the golf course, and both he and I felt that our wives had distinctive styles. This shouldn't be too hard.

I closed my eyes and felt my speedos being removed. The splashing on the oher side of the tub indicated that Wade was getting a similar treatment. Then I felt a hand grasp my cock and stroke it a couple of times. Suddenly I felt a mouth descend on my dick. The feeling was fabulous, wet lips sliding up and down my shaft, and a lot of tongue. The suction was intense and I could really feel her lips dragging along my flesh as she gobbled my dick wetly. This was not Kelly's style at all, so I was confident that Jen was giving me a tremendous blowjob. From the moans I heard Wade releasing, he was enjoying my wife's treatment similarly.

All too soon, it was time to switch. There was a great deal of splashing and movement in the pool, then I felt my cock handled again. This time, I was treated to short strokes of the mouth up and down my cock, then a lot of tonguing and licking my shaft and balls while a hand stroked me. This was classic Kelly, teasing and naughty, but not too intense. When the ladies pulled away, they splashed around some more to try to hide their identities, then told us we could open our eyes.

"Who was your first?" they asked together. I blurted out "Jen" and Wade stated "Kelly". "And second?" they asked coyly. Of course I said Kelly and Wade said Jen.

"Get ready for your penalty dare," Jen said as she slid up to me.

"I don't get it," exclaimed Wade, "How could we not have gotten it right?"

"We never switched," explained Jen to Wade, rubbing his thigh. "Kelly sucked you the entire time, and I sucked on Biff."

Kelly leaned over and kissed me. "We practiced on my dildos during the week to learn each other's style," she purred. At that point, Wade and I knew we'd been completely set up. Not that we minded by now, but I didn't know my wife was so sneaky!

Jen announced to everyone in general, "Gentlemen, tonight you are going to fulfill those fantasies Kelly and I told you about earlier. If you do a good job, next weekend we'll fulfill whatever ones you want us to." She licked her red lips looking at Kelly.

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