tagLoving WivesOur New Neighbors Ch. 02

Our New Neighbors Ch. 02


After we had left Jen and Wade's house a few nights ago, I had been a little on edge about the evening's activities. To be sure, I had enjoyed the hell out of myself. Jen was a very sexy woman, and I loved fucking her. Plus, I'd finally gotten to screw my wife Kelly in a hot double penetration. I had even gotten off on watching my wife fuck another man. So why was I feeling strange about the whole thing? We were pretty tired when we got home, and a bit drunk, so we went right to sleep without saying anything about it.

The next morning when we awoke, to a beautiful sunny day beaming through our bedroom window, Kelly propped herself up on one arm and looked over at me. I knew this was going to be the time when we talked about "it". Since the women had been the instigators, I knew I wasn't going to be in trouble - unlike if Wade and I had arranged something, which would probably get us or most men in deep shit. But I sensed the words that were going to come out of Kelly's mouth before she said them, and I knew it wasn't going to be easy to answer.

"So what did you think about last night?" she asked.

I stumbled to find the right answer. I really didn't know, actually, what I felt. "I'm not sure. I know we've talked about something like that 'maybe happening', 'at some point in our relationship', but it took me by surprise."

"But you enjoyed fucking Jen, didn't you?" she inquired with a sly grin on her face.

"Um...yes. I enjoyed that," I responded fairly neutrally. The instant erection I developed under the sheet gave away my true impression on that score, unfortunately, and I wasn't able to hide it successfully. Kelly noticed and began rubbing her hand across it in small circles.

"I enjoyed watching you with her," she said. "I liked watching you kiss her, and seeing your cock in her mouth. That was really sexy. And then I liked watching her sit on your lap and slide you inside of her." She had begun gently stroking my dick up and down through the sheet by this point.

"You did? You liked watching that?" I asked, surprised.

"Oh yes," Kelly purred. "I liked watching it as much as I know you liked watching Wade suck on my nipples until they were rock hard. And me do the same to his thick cock, and then push it up into my cunt and fuck him. I know that turned you on."

It had, but I was having a hard time admitting it. Yet my body was betraying me by revealing my deep arousal at the memory, and Kelly was taking full advantage of my weakness. She intentionally let the sheet fall away from her chest to let her breasts show. I could see precome soaking through the sheet as she jacked my cock with firmer strokes.

"My favorite part was when you two fucked me together," Kelly continued. She pulled the sheet from both of us and swung her leg over my hip. Pausing briefly, she rubbed my cock over her sex; it was slick and warm with her juices. Then she arched her hips and slid me inside of her. Beginning to fuck me with slow movements, she went on. "His cock was so thick! It's not as long as yours, but it stretched me and filled me so well I wanted to scream! And then when you started buttfucking me at the same time, it was amazing. Better than the dildos have ever been..."

Kelly was really getting into this morning's sex as she remembered last night's. Her soaking pussy was clamping down hard on my stiff member as she rode me for all she was worth. I could feel every inch of her wetness as I bucked my hips upward to meet her descents with hard thrusts. She leaned down to my face and put her lips by my ear.

"I bet I know what your favorite part was though...When you two came, and then Jen came over and sucked the come out of my pussy and ass, licking my cunt all over until nothing more was leaking out of me, and then she french kissed me with your sperm in her mouth..." Kelly teased me.

There was nothing I could do to hold back at that point. The image was so sexy, it had been permanently etched in my mind. Having my wife remind me of her bisexual creampie experience pushed me over the edge, and I began filling her vagina with jets of my hot come. She sat firmly down on my hips and used her cunt muscles to squeeze and milk the jism out of me and deep into her, and after several waves had passed and my erection subsided slightly, she rolled off of me and onto her side of the bed. However, she left her legs spread widely in what I had come to recognize as a silent request for me to go down on her.

Kelly would not admit it, but she had come to really enjoy me licking her cunt after sex. Since she comes only once during an encounter, she prefers to be last so that her arousal doesn't subside too early. More than that, though, I think she has come to enjoy me licking her when her cunt is full. She had certainly picked up on the turn on that a used cunt is for me, since she had pushed me into filling her up by reminding me of the creamy eating she had gotten last night. I knelt before her leaking pussy and leaned in.

Taking my time, I slowly built her up. First I licked all around her messy lips, adding my saliva to the mixture of our juices already wetting her. Gradually I focused in on her clit, applying more and faster strokes to her sensitive button. As her cries began to rise, I slipped two fingers, then a third, into her sloppy cunt. A mix of her secretions and my semen gushed out around them as she clamped down on them. I continued to lick her sweet snatch and curled my fingers inside her to press firmly on her g-spot. From there it was only a matter of moments before Kelly's orgasm swept over her, leaving her gasping and rocking her hips.

She pulled me up for an extremely rare "after-oral" kiss. I took her parted lips as an invitation and slid my tongue into her mouth. She eagerly sucked on it, then grasped my wrist and brought fingers that had been inside her to her mouth. They were slick and dripping with our combined emissions, and she pointedly sucked them clean, then pulled my head back in to share the flavors in another round of hot french kissing.


After such a nice way to wakeup, we were ready to get our day started. I felt a lot less strange about our previous night's encounter after a hot round of morning sex, although I knew it would be awkward the next time we saw Wade and Jen. Some interesting lines had been crossed, and I really didn't know where things would go from here. Still, I didn't think much more of it for a few hours.

At one point during the afternoon, I had been heading into the kitchen for a soda in between levels of a new computer game I was deeply engrossed in, when I heard Kelly talking on the telephone. From the tone of voice she was using and her giggling, I figured it had to be a girlfriend. But I paused to eavesdrop for a moment and heard some fragments.

"...Yeah I think he liked it...no, I'm sure. I know, me too! You weren't kidding about the width! I knew you would...if you think that was good, wait until you see what his tongue can do...at the same time? Full, but awesome. Yeah...yeah, you have to do it. About the end part? You mean when you? Um...I don't know, I wasn't expecting...No, I did! It was just new...yeah, I'd do more of it. Okay...okay...we'll talk soon...Bye!"

I waited until a few minutes had passed after Kelly hung up the phone, and then went to get that soda. My mind was racing, though. It had to have been Jen that Kelly was talking to. From what I could piece together of the one sided conversation, they obviously had been discussing the sex last night, and both clearly had enjoyed it. It was also clear that they were thinking about doing it again. Part of me wanted to fuck Kelly right then. Another part of me wanted to go fuck Jen right then. And another part of me wondered what the hell we had gotten started, and where it was all going.

The next few days passed fairly uneventfully, although our sex activity was up tremendously. Like most real people with real jobs and stress, we normally have sex a couple of times a week. But since Saturday night, we had fucked at least once a day, and twice on one occasion. At least a few times, Kelly had either directly brought up our experience with our friends, or indirectly alluded to it by asking me to double penetrate her "again" with one of our big dildos. I also noticed her smoking a bit more often to tease me, since she knows it turns me on to see her do that, even though she isn't a regular smoker. In fact, Kelly's entire attitude towards sex had gotten a little more intense. She would frequently give me a quick french kiss out of the blue, or find a reason to brush my crotch with her hand as she turned past me. These subtle teasings and affections left me in a near constant state of arousal.

Friday morning Kelly told me we were going to meet Jen and Wade that night for drinks at a new bar that had opened a few blocks down the street from us. I said sure, fairly neutrally, and she reached down to give my stiffening dick several good squeezes before she announced that she had to get off to work, leaving me hard in my pants.

Unsurprisingly, as the day rolled by, I found it distracting to think about what the ladies might have planned for the night. I hadn't spoken to either Wade or Jen during the week since our encounter - what do you do, tell a guy you were remembering his wife's cunt while you were getting a blowjob last night? At any rate, I found it hard to concentrate on my work and eventually knocked off early to get some exercise at the gym.

Dinner was uneventful, and around 8:00 Kelly suggested we start getting ready since we were supposed to meet around 9:00. Since I had showered at the gym, for me this was simply a matter of selecting a hip pair of pants and shirt, a pair of black leather shoes and belt, and some cologne. For Kelly, it was a little more involved of course, so I surfed the Internet for a while until she was done.

I have to admit, after 6 years of dating and marriage, Kelly can still wow me whenever she wants to. Actually, I really feel lucky to have such a good-looking wife, and tonight she looked even better than normal. She had done her hair in a kind of funky, young fashion with some clips and spray. She wore a medium length red leather skirt and a tight black top that had a large, raindrop shaped opening that showed off a fair amount of cleavage. Her shoes were black and strappy, with 3 inch heels - sexy, but danceable, and she had done her makeup sexily with her usual dark lips and made-up eyes. Apparently during the week, she had managed to purchase a new little bar purse when I wasn't looking, and she quickly transferred money, ID, cigarettes, lipstick, and keys into it, and then announced that she was ready.

The bar wasn't too full when we got there, but it was still early for the party crowd, and it had only opened a couple of weeks ago, so the word probably wasn't out yet. Jen and Wade weren't there yet, so I got a beer for myself and a drink for Kelly, while she found somewhere for us to sit. After paying the bartender, I got a chance to look around. The place wasn't huge, but it was bigger inside than I would have expected. Apparently they served appetizers, and there were some booths near the front and along the walls, as well as a double row of bar style seating at long high tables in the center of the room. Toward the back was a medium-small dance floor and a local DJ was playing a mixture of house music and dance remixes of pop songs. I spotted Kelly in a booth abut two thirds of the way to the dance floor and joined her.

She lit a cigarette as I slid in across from her and handed her the drink. We talked for a minute about the bar and the layout, and then Kelly saw Wade and Jen near the front door and waved. I peeked around to see. Jen was looking beautiful as usual. She wore a light summer outfit with a lime green stretch camisole that made her breasts look bigger than her 34B size, and showed off her flat stomach, along with a floral skirt with a high slit on the hip and low heeled white sandals. Her makeup was very standard for her, just a light eye shadow and very wetly glossed lips; it was quite different than the last time I had seen her, wearing Kelly's dark red lipstick and spreading her legs to sit on... I shook myself out of that thought and stood to greet them.

Kelly and Jen kissed and hugged, as Wade and I shook hands. Then we switched. I was planning to just give Jen a kiss on the cheek and a hug, but she made sure to kiss me right on the lips for a moment before hugging me. It wasn't really sexual, and there was no tongue involved, but it was more than friendly I would say. I didn't see Kelly greet Wade, but he was unobtrusively trying to wipe some lipstick from the corner of his mouth I noticed. I sat back down and Jen quickly slid in next to me, leaving Wade forced to sit next to Kelly across from us. I signaled the waitress to swing over.

Jen pointed to Kelly almost immediately. "I didn't know you smoked!" she exclaimed. Kelly replied, "I don't most of the time, just once in a while, when I'm out or something." She looked at me mischievously and added, "Biff thinks it's sexy."

"I smoked in college," Jen responded, "And sometimes when I'm drinking. Do you mind?" Kelly said no and handed her the pack, also offering one to Wade, who declined. Jen lit a cigarette as the waitress arrived. It was fabulous timing, because I definitely needed a distraction by that point. I quickly ordered a round of shots for the table, mainly because I needed one to relax, and Wade and Jen duplicated the drinks Kelly and I already had.

Since the bar was still quiet, the service was quick, and we barely had time to make some small talk before the drinks arrived. Kelly declared that we had to start each round with a toast in a foreign language, yelling "Prost!" and holding out her glass. We all clinked and called "Prost!" and drank our shots. Then the ladies decided it was time to go to the women's room. Kelly made a point of telling Wade he didn't have to get up and slid out over his lap; since I was on the inside, Jen simply had to stand up, but she did give me a sympathetic look.

That left Wade and I alone to chat for a few minutes. At first, it was kind of awkward small talk about work, sports, and the weather. After a couple of minutes though, I decided to mention the white elephant.

"So Wade, about last Saturday night-"

"I'm glad you brought it up," he interjected, "I wanted to, but it's just a little..."

"Weird?" I finished, and he nodded. "Are you guys okay with all of that?" I inquired.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, I felt kind of strange for a couple of days, but our sex has never been better since then. How about you?"

"Pretty much the same thing," I said. "I didn't know they were planning something like that."

"Me either. I mean, it was great, but it took me totally by surprise!" Wade stated.

"So we don't have to feel weird or tiptoe around each other after all that?" I asked.

"No, I was worried about it too, but I think it's all cool," he replied.

We paused for a minute to drink down a good portion of our beers. What the hell, I thought -- I caught the waitress's eye and motioned to our half empty glasses, holding up two fingers. She got the point and went to get us a couple more. Then I continued, "So what happens next?"

"I don't know. Have you two talked about it since then?" asked Wade.

"Kelly has brought it up several times, pretty much during or right before sex, actually," I answered. "Mostly in a 'that was sexy' kind of way, but I heard her talking with Jen on the phone..."

"Jen has been doing the same thing with me," he admitted. "Actually, she keeps asking me if I'd like to fuck Kelly again." He paused and looked for my reaction. It was a little weird, but I'd been thinking about Jen too, so I just nodded. "I guess we just roll with it then?"

"It seems like they are calling the shots," I agreed.

We noticed them heading back to the table and switched into a conversation about the Stanley Cup finals. The series was 2-1, and all three games had been excellent. Of course, the women probably saw right through us, but oh well. Wade slid in farther and let Kelly take the outer seat, and Jen sat down next to me. Jen took another cigarette and lit it, then lit Kelly's for her. Turning to me, she exhaled nearly in my face and smiled. "So what did you boys talk about while we were gone?"

We stammered out some half-truths to cover ourselves and it seemed to satisfy the girls. The waitress arrived with our fresh beers, and Kelly said with mock anger, "You didn't get us any?" Since their glasses were nearly full, we hadn't thought they needed more yet, but Kelly and Jen each picked up their glass and drank most of the liquid in one long gulp. We got the point and ordered another round of drinks and shots.

From that point, the atmosphere was much more relaxed. The girls hadn't been uncomfortable to begin with, and once Wade and I had cleared the air, we could feel the tension drift away. "Nas draviya!" I called in weak Russian as we slammed the next round of shots. I noticed Jen's thigh pressing neatly against mine and began to let myself calm down and enjoy it. The women had evidently worked out some sort of a system in the ladies room to tease me, because they were alternating smoking; one would light up just before the other finished a cigarette. I wondered what they were doing to tease Wade - every guy has at least a couple of fetishes; what were his? Later I would learn that one of his big turn-ons (stockings and nylons) was a bit impractical in warm weather, outside of the bedroom, but another was being somewhat submissive and having Jen tease and torment him.

In fact, after another round of shots (Salut!), as we headed to the dance floor, I asked Kelly what they were doing to him, since they were obviously fucking with my mind and groin. She pretended not to understand me.

"Look, we both know that watching the two of you smoking for the past two hours is driving me wild, not to mention the accidental touches you keep making on my legs under the table, and Jen's bare thigh pressed up against me. What are you doing to him?"

She looked me in the eye for a moment, assessing, and decided to be a little more straightforward with me. "Nothing. We're not doing anything to him...really." She went on and briefly explained that his biggest turn-on was being somewhat submissive to Jen, and that basically all they were doing was letting him know that their efforts and attentions were directed at arousing me. She pressed her hand to my crotch. "Believe me, he's every bit as turned on as you are right now," she insisted, squeezing my cock to make sure I understood. "Maybe sometime I'll let Jen come over and fuck you while he has to sit home waiting for her to return full of your come. It would drive him wild!"

"May I cut in?" asked Jen over my shoulder. Kelly smiled and stepped back, walking over to Wade. I took Jen in my arms and started dancing with her. We chatted a bit, but mainly enjoyed the music and the feeling of each other's bodies. Gradually we moved closer together until her breasts were pressed into my chest. I glanced over to see Wade actively checking out what was going on with us. With a smile, Kelly turned his face back to her and slid his hands down onto her ass.

Jen took that opportunity to regain my attention, pulling my head forward until our lips were nearly touching. She held me in that position for a few seconds before parting her mouth and reaching out with her tongue to gently lick my lips. Finally after a long delay, she pulled me in for a deep wet kiss. We kissed for several minutes, thrusting our tongues into each other's mouths and running our hands over each other's backs, arms, and asses. At one point we even stopped dancing as we got caught up in our passion. Finally she broke it off, whispering in my ear, "I can't wait to fuck you again," as we walked off the dance floor to where Kelly and Wade were sitting. Wade had a flushed face and was sweating slightly.

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