tagIncest/TabooOur New Neighbors Ch. 5

Our New Neighbors Ch. 5


Kim was well aware of the fact that her sweet little step-daughter was very aroused. She was amazed at the amount of pre-cum that was flowing out of this sixteen year old, (seventeen next week,) beautiful girl, and the thought of looking like this, (Nicole's engorged lips spread open like a butterfly and her juices flowing down the crack of her ass,) was getting to Kim, she could feel her own pussy twitching.

Kim realized that she was just staring at Nicole's sex as she abruptly looked up at Nicole and said, "well hon, I guess we better get on with it otherwise Kitty will punish us tomorrow. Now tell me the truth Nicole, is this bothering you that I'm going to touch you in your private parts, you know what I mean?"

Nicole looked at Kim with an innocent look that she was trying to project to Kim and said, "I know mom, but Kitty said if we didn't do as she asked, we would be spanked as punishment. I want to tell you how sorry I am about spanking you so hard, you know how much I love you."

Kim looked at Nicole adoringly and said, "I know you do love me and what you did after spanking me was so tender. I felt your love with every one of your kisses on my behind after you were through with the spanking. I love you very much and feel that Kitty will always be there for us, don't you think she is so beautiful?" Nicole agreed. Kim looks like she could be Nicole's older sister and I know that before too long, with the love that they have one another, Kitty will have them totally converted to lesbian sex, (except for me.)

Kitty is sitting next to me with a big smile on her face as she looks at me for a moment, "now Bob, do you see what makes me appealing to women? I take charge and I let them know that if they don't heed my warnings of punishment, I follow through." What a gal, my sister is the master of seduction of other women. But right now, as we are watching our two sexy neighbors on the monitor, as step- mom is preparing her tender young step- daughter for her intro to a bald and smooth pussy, Kitty is fingering herself to an orgasm while I'm suffering with a throbbing cock.

Kim started to lather up Nicole's pubic hair and said, "Nicole honey, when I touch you while I'm shaving you, I might touch some very tender and sensitive parts of you genitals, so please understand that I'm not doing it on purpose."

" I do understand mom, so don't be concerned about it. I love your touch and I know that you won't hurt me intentionally."

Kim started to shave Nicole's pussy area, starting from the pubic mons, all the way down to her sweet little anus. When she was shaving the area of the labia majora, (the outer lips,) Kim's fingers slid into Nicole's love hole. Nicole let out a soft moan and with her hands, she started squeezing her nipples. Kim looked up at Nicole and said, "I'm sorry sweetheart, my fingers slipped." Then as Kim was putting the finishing touch to Nicole's mon's hair, she pulled Nicole's flesh up, jut above the hood of Nicole's hood, and in doing so, forced Nicole's clit to expose it self.

It was about the size of a pencil eraser. Nicole let out a loud moan and said, "Oh god mom, please touch me there, quick, please I'm sorry but I need you to touch me there now." Kim lightly stroked her daughters clit, just as she knew how to do her own when masturbating. Then Nicole yelled out, "Oh god, oh god, mom Immmm cuummminngg, I love you mom, Oh god." Nicole's back was arched, she was pulling on her nipples so hard that I thought that she would damage them. To watch a scene like this one, knowing it wasn't just a fake show, is a mind blowing experience. All I can say is that any of you guys, or gals, that can put a hidden cam, or a video camera where you can catch a spouse masturbating, it will charge up your sex life for a very long time, every time you think about it, it's awesome.

Kim put her head down and laid the side of her face on Nicole's stomach, hugging her daughter as Nicole was going through the bodily spasms of her intense orgasm. This did it for me, my load of cum shot out of my cock, at least two feet away. Kitty was no better off, she was in a state of a rolling orgasm. Kitty's orgasm just kept coming as she fought to catch her breath. All Kitty could say repeatedly as she was cumming was, "Ohh, fuck yes, oh fuck,fuck,fuck,yes.yes yes."

In about ten to fifteen minutes, everything was back to near normal. Nicole's orgasm, or I should say, the intensity of her orgasm, impacted us all. I have to admit, I couldn't believe a girl of sixteen, almost seventeen, could cum that hard.

Kitty and I sat there in a dazed state when Kitty looked at me and said, "now that is what you call an orgasm." I got up and got a couple of more beers, knowing full well that the show would continue, I think I was the only one that had weak legs.

Kim helped her sweet Nicole off of the bed and said, "Oh Nicole, honey, I didn't mean to do that to you, I feel so guilty, I'm so sorry. Oh dear, if your Dad ever found out that I masturbated you, who knows what he would do. Are you all right?"

"I feel great, Mom." Nicole answered. Damn, I'm getting pissed. Nicole looks fantastic, Kim looks like she is ready to demo to Nicole on how to use a vibrating dildo, and Kitty is standing up and looking like she's ready to run the Boston marathon. Me? I feel like my guts came out with that load that I shot a few minutes ago.

Kitty looks at me and says, "so who is the weaker sex?" I don't even have the strength to answer her back. After she looked at me as if I was pathetic, Kitty said, "don't worry, between me and our sexy neighbors, we'll get that cock of yours throbbing again in a little while." Kitty could do it without watching Kim and Nicole. She knows how to massage my prostate better than any md., plus, when she blows my cock, all the blood leaves my brains and goes directly to my cock.

Kim and Nicole had gone to the kitchen to get something to drink. They were both rested up and I could see from their actions, that they were both ready for more, but I did notice that there was some apprehension in Kim as far as masturbating herself with her dildo as Nicole watched her.

"Nicole, before I do as Kitty asked, for me to show you how to use my dildo, I'm going to ask you once again, will you think less of me if I do it in front of you? After all, I'm supposed to be a roll model for you. Oh hon, I'm so confused, I love you so very much. Oh, I have to have a couple shots of vodka before I do anything."

"Mom, I'm going to start calling you sis, you're like a big sister to me. First of all, there isn't anything that you could do to embarrass me or make me feel ashamed of you. I want to watch you masturbate, it just makes my love for you stronger, it makes me feel so much closer to you. I don't know how Kitty knew, but she was telling you the truth, I would spy on you and Dad having sex, and yes, it did arouse me and I would masturbate watching how much you loved each other. But now, while he is gone, I want to share that sexual pleasure with you."

After Kim had her drink, Nicole just had orange juice, they went back to the bed and Kim laid down. "Nicole, would you please reach me my vibrator." I could see that the vodka had kind of taken the edge off of Kim's anxiety.

As Nicole picked up the vibrating dildo, she looked at it as a child would look at a new toy. Then she looked at Kim,(who at this point appeared almost eager to have it in her waiting sex box,) said to her mom, "gee mo, I mean sis, this looks neat, I mean like real cool. Have you had this for a long time? Do I have to put anything on it, like baby oil or anything so it will slide in easier?"

Kim took it from Nicole and said, "sweetheart, I've had this for a long time. When your Dad is away, or sometimes even after we have had sex, I still feel that I need to cum more to relax. Sometimes, if I'm dry down there, I put some KY Gel on it, but right now I'm very wet down there and I don't need anything on it."

Nicole quickly said to Kim, "mom, I mean sis, can I put it in you. Please, I really want to put the vibrator into you. I'm so excited about this, please let me do it." Kim had to think about this for a while, after all, in just one evening from being very careful that her young step-daughter never caught her masturbating and now she wants to insert it into her cunt.

Kim looked at Nicole lovingly and then said, "honey, I don't know if this is right or not, but we have gone this far, and you know how much I love you, so here, take it and put it in me." Kim said this with so much affection, you could tell how much she loved Nicole.

Nicole took it in her hand and smiled, without saying anything, she leaned over and gave Kim a big, open mouth kiss. Kim was mellow enough by now, after the two vodkas, she didn't resist and kissed Nicole back.. They broke the kiss and Nicole took the dildo and gently pushed it into her mom's hungry sex. it slid in without any resistance, Kim was ready for it.

By this time, between Kitty sucking on my cock and me having about six beers, I'm not sure if it was a beer hard-on or if it was from Kitty's expertise in giving good head. Then Kitty got on all fours and said to me, "Bob, you came two or three times tonight so I think you can last for a while and give me a slow fuck. I'll be rubbing my clit and get myself off a few times, but I'll tell you when you can cum."

The two of us, me and Kitty, facing the monitor, me on my knees with my cock in her cunt, slowly shoving it in and out, pacing myself while she held her mini vibrator against her clit. It was hard to hold myself back because what I was watching on the screen was erotica at its best, and Kitty was having mini orgasms, one after another. The thing about Kitty's pussy is not unique, but not many women can do it. A few years ago she started doing those exercises that helped keep her vaginal muscles tight, I think they call it the Kegal work-.out. When she cums, her vaginal muscles clamp down hard on my cock. Another thing that she can do, she'll just sit down on my cock and work her pussy muscles and my cock feels like it's getting a good blow-job. Have your wife or girlfriend work on it. It also has some side benefits as well. She'll tell you when she starts doing them.

"Honey," Kim said to Nicole as she was starting to insert the dildo into her, "I should explain to you how this dildo works. The reason that at the end of the dildo points up, is so that it can stimulate your g-spot. When the g-spot is stimulated properly, sometimes your orgasm is so intense that your cum squirts out like a man's. The little dildo on top of the one you insert in me is to stimulate your clitty. Now turn the knob at the end."

Kim started to reach for the dildo that was now well entrenched into her hot cunt, but Nicole said, "Oh Kim, I want to do it for you. I want to make you cum just like you did to me. Please, I'll be gentle, just let me know how it feels and how fast you want me to push it and pull it out. Oh god mom, you look so beautiful, please look at me, you're soo sexy looking."

Kim didn't refuse her sweet daughter's request. How could she refuse anything Nicole asked for or wanted, it was so obvious that Kim in fact, was in love with her beautiful and sexy step-daughter.

Kim was starting to moan, quietly at first, and then said to Nicole,"Oh Nicole, you make me feel so, so good, you know exactly how to make me feeeel." Kim stopped to get her breath as she was breathing hard and moaning, louder. Now. Kim started again, "Oh sweetheart, you're doing it just right. now a little faster, that's it , that's it. Oh honey, you're fucking me just your daddy. Oh fuck yes, baby, Oh fuckk ooohhh yes baby, fuck me harder, faster, OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhI'mmmmmmcuuuuummmmiinnnnng. Ohh fuuuuuuuck yeees. Please suck my nipples like my little baby. Ooooooooh."

Nicole leaned over and started sucking on her step-mom's nipples as Kim was still moaning from the intense orgasm. Kitty got off a powerful cum at the same time. Her cunt muscles clamped down on my cock so hard, I couldn't have cum even if I was ready too. When Kitty collapsed to the floor, with my cock buried deep inside her, I thought that she would break in half, I pulled my cock out with a groan.

I yelled at Kitty that if she does that again to my poor, now deflated cock, I'd shove my fist up her cunt. It hurt. She apologized and then sucked my cock with all her juices until I calmed down, then she said, "does baby brothers little cock feel better now?" I felt like belting her, but I did love my sister, but I think the reason she sucked my cock was because she likes the taste of her cum.

When Kim regained her composure, she looked at her beautiful step-daughter and said, "Oh Nicole, I'm so very sorry that I used the 'F' word, please forgive me. For a minute I thought that it was your Daddy making love to me, it felt so good, I mean it felt so great. Oh sweetheart, I haven't cum that hard for so long, it was fantastic, thank you so much.

Nicole looked at her step-mom and said, "Mom, you're the greatest, sexiest and coolest Mom, you would be the envy of every girl that I've ever known. I can't tell you how much I love you. When you came, your eyes looked like sparklers and the only time I've seen you look this beautiful and sexy is when Dad has been around for a while. After this, there isn't a thing that you do that you need to ask for my forgiveness."

"Nicole, you are in the true sense, my daughter, I love you that much. When your Dad leaves on these long trips, I get so lonely for him, and now that you know, so sexually frustrated. I do masturbate frequently, but often I felt guilty about doing it, knowing that you might catch me and then thinking that I was a slut. What has happened since Bob and Kitty have come into our lives? Yesterday I would never thought the two of us would become this close, intimately. Honey, now when your Dad is gone, with you I feel that the void is filled and I'm beginning to feel like a woman again. Another thing, just between us, I love Kitty and Bob ordering us around, don't you?"

"Well Mom, I guess it's time for confessions. I wouldn't have been able to say this if it wasn't for Bob and Kitty changing things around for us. Yeah, I do like Kitty taking over our lives, as well as Bob, but you want to know the truth, I've seen you masturbate, even though you didn't know I was watching you. You can't imagine how often I would masturbate while thinking that you were watching me, or touching me. I'd want to come into your room while you were doing it and just touch you, to watch you closely while you came, just like you did now."

I was mesmerized by what I was watching and hearing on our monitor. I can't believe that because of Kitty's aggressive attitude with our neighbors, she has changed their lives drastically. She has given them the opportunity to enjoy their sexual lives without having any hang ups, it was beautiful.

Kitty was still sprawled out on the floor, catching her breath from the cascading orgasm she just had. Then she asked me what was going on and I told her, but I changed it around a bit, I told her that they were saying how much I've changed their lives around and how much stronger their feelings and love for each is now, especially as to their sexual intimacy. Kitty looked up at me with a big frown on her face, what she meant with that expression was "you big liar."

Kim told Nicole that they should probably go to bed because we were coming over in the morning. Nicole looked at Kim and said, "aren't you forgetting something?" I could see the quizzical expression on Kim's face and knew that Kim was as tired as Kitty and I were. Kim asked, "what am I forgetting?" Then she paused for a couple of seconds, then looked at Nicole and then looked down at the dildo that was still in her.

"I'm sorry hon," she said as she started to take the dildo out of her,(now content,) pussy. "Ill do that Mom," as Nicole reached her hand down and slowly pulled the dildo out of Kim. "Now I want you to suck all of your juices off of it and then I want you to put into me," Nicole told Kim. Kim took the dildo and again hesitated. Nicole said, "O.K. Mom, no secrets, I know that you masturbate often and that you like to suck your cum off of your fingers or this dildo, I've watched you do it many times." Kim looked shocked.

As Kim did as Nicole asked her to do, lick up her own cum, she was blushing from what Nicole had just revealed to her, that Nicole had been secretly watching her masturbate. The thought of her sweet little girl watching her while masturbating in private, (Kim thought,) for some reason the thought of it, (Nicole spying on her,) was sexually arousing Kim. "I'm ready now." Nicole said to Kim, as she spread her legs wide, just as Kim had done.

"Sweetheart, this dildo is kind of large, do you think it will fit into you?" Nicole looked at Kim and said, "I know it will, and I'll tell you about that sometime when we sit around and tell one another about things that we have done sexually, you know, a healthy Mom and daughter talk, but right now Mom, please put it in me, I need it now."

Kim slowly inserted the dildo into her sexy daughter and Nicole immediately started to fuck it, damn, she was horny. Kim slowly pushed it in and out of Nicole's hot hole as Nicole was humping the dildo in rhythm with Kim's strokes. As Nicole started humping faster, Kim increased her pace. The squishing sounds coming from Nicole's very aroused and wet cunt, was getting Kitty and me aroused and I think a couple of minutes in Kitty's tight cunt will send me into orbit. I had Kitty sit on my cock and told her that I wanted her to suck my cock off with her vaginal muscles.

"That's it baby," Kim said to Nicole as Nicole was getting closer and closer to another orgasm. I don't know if you have ever seen dogs going at it,.(super rapid humping,) well that was Nicole humping the dildo. "That's it, squeeze your nipples hard, pull on them, it will make your cum better." Kim instructed Nicole. Kim was getting all worked up over watching her sexy girl go wild.

So was Kitty, her cunt muscles were doing a number on my cock and I knew that we would be cumming soon ourselves, I just didn't want to cum before Nicole. Geeze, the look on Nicole's face was wild, when she cums, I'm sure her lights will go out.

As Nicole's body shook out of control, (I'm sure it was the added excitement of her Mom fucking her,) and when Kim realized that Nicole was on the verge of cumming, Kim quickly pulled out the dildo. Nicole started yelling out in protest, when Kim quickly put two of her fingers into Nicole's empty hole, and from my own experience with Kitty, I could tell that she was massaging Nicole's G-Spot as well as teasing Nicole's fully extended clit with her thumb.

Nicole's body was all over the bed as if she had lost total control. For a second or two, I thought Nicole would fall off the bed. Then it happened, Nicole yelled, or I should say screamed out, "OOOOOOHHHHHH Shiiit MOM, I'mmmmmmcuuuummmiinng." As her body twisted from the intensity of her on going orgasm, Kim quickly pulled out her fingers from Nicole's hot volcano, and pushed one of her well lubed fingers into Nicole's butt hole. That did, as Nicole was screaming, with her butt lifted well off of the bed, she squirted her cum right into Kim's waiting mouth.

Nicole passed out and from the expression on Kim's face, I know that she came as well, and with one final crunch on my cock from Kitty's cunt muscles, we got off just as Nicole was squirting. Kitty from time to time will squirt when I do as Kim did to Nicole, but Kitty never shoots out a load like Nicole just did. I think Nicole could shoot her load further than me.

We were all exhausted. When Nicole started coming out of it, she sat up and gave Kim a hug and a big wet kiss. When they pulled apart, Nicole looked at Kim and said, "Mom, like you, you know I masturbate a lot, and yes, I have had a cock in me, but never, ever, have I cumm like this. I think it's because I love you soo much and what you did to me to make my cumm so powerful, I could feel it squirting out of my hole. I saw fire-works and heard wild music, it was just awesome, but I got to tell you, I'm tired."

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