tagLesbian SexOur New Neighbors Ch. 7

Our New Neighbors Ch. 7


When Nicole finally recuperated from the powerful orgasm that Cindy had given her, she softly said to her Mom, as well as Marta and Cindy, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pee, it just happened and I couldn't stop it from squirting out." Kim gave Nicole a nice hug as Marta and Cindy looked on.

"Honey, you didn't pee, what squirted out was your cum," said Cindy, "and it tasted delicious. When you cum again like that, I'll put a cup in front of your pussy, so when you squirt out, we can all have a taste of your tasty nectar. But remember, it doesn't happen all the time. Did it feel good?"

"Oh, Like it felt fantastic. I don't think I've ever had such a strong cum and it felt like it was going on and on. I sure hope that I can cum like that all the time."

Marta spoke up and said, "it's time to try some out-fits on, we don't want Kitty to get upset for us taking too long. But before we try on the skirt and blouse, we're going to try on these special thong panties that we designed especially for sexy girls like you two."

The sales girls left as well as Kitty, with the girl Sandy. The young sales girls went back into the shop and Kitty took her friend into the back room. Kitty doesn't miss an opportunity to have sex with another woman, that's for sure.

The heavy drapes that closed off the section were I was standing and watching Kim and Nicole, was about three feet wide and in essence, was like a dark corridor. When the rest of them left, I noticed a nice comfortable bench like coach to the side and quietly pulled it to where I was standing. I figured that I might as well get comfortable while watching this live show in front of me. It was even wide enough for me stretch out on.

Marta put the panty on Nicole while Cindy put one on Kim. They were black and actually they seemed to fit like a mans jock-strap. Of course these were sexy like something you would see at a Victoria's Secret store, or a Fredericks of Hollywood. However, these had a little, (match book size,) pack that was on the side of the waist band and it had a tiny wire sticking out of it. The front covered just the pussy, but it puffed out ever so slightly. I was confused and just wasn't sure what was up, however, Kim and Nicole looked sexy as hell standing there with nothing on except these special sexy panties and their five inch shoes.

"Now girls, I want you to walk around a little." Nicole and Kim did as Cindy directed and Marta watched the girls very closely. "Now," Cindy said, how do they feel? Are they comfortable when you walk? Marta, check to see if they are fitting properly."

Marta stuck a finger under Nicole's panties in the area of where the upper portion of the inner pussy lips would be and just about where the clit was located. She ran her finger up and down Nicole's slit several times and told Cindy that it just needed a slight adjustment as she kept working her fingers on Nicole's clit. "That's it," Marta said, "it fits like a glove, but look at how wet she is." as she showed Cindy her soaked finger. Then she did the same thing to Kim and after adjusting the fitting, she said to Cindy, "look, like Mother, like daughter," indicating that Kim's pussy was as wet as Nicole's.

Just about then, one of the cute sales girls came back and asked if I minded if she watched with me. she said, "it's quiet in the shop so it's O.K. to be back here with you, if you don't mind?" I told her that I didn't. She said, "we never get any men back here, but I guess since your sister is such a good friend of Marta and Cindy, that's why they didn't mind."

Then I asked her, "what kind of panty is that they just put on the girls? They said it was one of their own designs and they had to be fitted perfectly to each girl."

"You'll see in a minute." she said, "but I want to ask you for a big favor, I hope you don't get mad. I really got super horny watching your beautiful and sexy niece's having sex, as well as watching you masturbating. My pussy really needs a hot cock. Would you mind if I sat on your cock as we watched the girls? I mean, like I just want to rock myself off while sitting on your cock and you won't have to do anything. I know that when they walk around with these panties, you'll really get turned on. Will it be O.K.?"

I told her that I just shot a load about fifteen minutes ago and right now I wasn't hard enough for her to sit on my cock. She looked really sexy as she, (almost,) begged me for my cock She then told me that her boyfriend was about my age and told me that she knows how to get him hard in a few minutes. Lucky boyfriend

With that, she un-zippered my pants and pulled out my cock. She had my cock in her mouth and was certainly good at sucking cock, her mouth was like a wet vacuum pump.. I have to admit, but I wouldn't tell Kitty, this girl knows how to get a cock stiff in a hurry, which she did. She quickly pushed my pants down to my ankles, along with my shorts, and then imbedded my cock to the hilt, into hot waiting cunt.

Kim and Nicole were parading around under the watchful eyes, I should also say, the lustful eyes, of Marta and Cindy. I'm glad this girl was sitting on my cock, just looking at Nicole was making my cock throb in it's now warm shelter. Then I saw Marta pick up a small item. My mind was now starting to grasp what was about to happen when the girl on my lap said, "you're going to really like this, but please don't cum before me."

Suddenly, Kim and Nicole almost froze in their tracks and Cindy told them to keep walking. As they started walking again, I could see that they were having some difficulty standing and their legs seemed unable to support them. The girl on my lap was rocking away on my cock and was really getting into it. Then I told her to stop or I would cum, and then asked her, "what is happening to Nicole and Kim? How come they are having trouble walking?"

The girl quickly explained to me. "The panties that they are wearing are special, they, (Marta and Cindy,) experimented with me when they were designing this and it's fantastic. There is a small soft rubber suction tube that is activated by remote control. What the girls are feeling now is the suction tube pulsating as it vibrates and it feels like someone is sucking your clit as well as vibrating it, the feeling is awesome." then she continued to rock on my cock.

Kim and Nicole were now slowly walking, as they were instructed, but they seemed to be humping the air. Marta and Cindy were watching them with a big grin when Nicole grabbed Kim and hugged her close. "Mom, I can't walk any further." as they were dry fucking each others pubes, grinding their cunts into one another as they were kissing. Just then, the girl on my let out a groan and I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on my cock. I didn't cum. She slowly got up, bent over and sucked her juices off my, still throbbing, cock and said, "thank you, I have to go back to work now," as she quickly left.

It was obvious that Kim and Nicole were about to cum, but Marta clicked her little transmitter and it stopped the action that was about to get the girls off. "No ladies, we don't want you to cum know, we have to proceed with getting your out-fits together or Kitty will be upset with us."

Cindy and Marta left the panties on Kim and Nicole and then they put a bra on both of them and then adjusted the fitting from the back. What they did for Kim and Nicole's tits were nothing short of amazing. First of all, they were transparent, but what excited me was the opening for their nipples as well as the areolas surrounding the nipples. Some how the bras were putting pressure on the breasts and forcing the nipples along with the areolas, to pop out of the opening, the puffed up look of the nipples and the areolas was extremely sexy and sensual.

Kim and Nicole looked at themselves in the mirror, as if looking at me, and the expressions on their faces was of sheer delight. Nicole looked at Kim and said, "look Mom, my nipples are sexy just like yours. Look how they are poking through and how puffy they are? They feel so hot and excited." Nicole was ecstatic over the new look.

Kim agreed with Nicole and told her that she felt the same was as Nicole. Then Marta interrupted the girls and said, "we are so pleased that both of you like your panties and bras, but now we must continue dressing you because we are sure that Kitty will be back any minute now and we want you to be all dressed for her inspection."

The girls were now being fitted with blouses, these were very sheer, black see thru, and very sexy. Again they looked at themselves in the mirror and their expressions indicated how pleased they were with how they looked. Then came the skirts. Obviously, to go with the blouse in an appropriate way, they were micro mini wrap around that didn't go more than three inches below their butts, just a t the slightest leaning, their butts would be totally exposed. The ones that they had on were red but I think that they were also going to get the blouses as well as the skirts, in a combination of different colors.

Nicole and Kim were admiring themselves and flirting with one another as they looked in the mirror, or maybe it was narcissism, that would be interesting. Then Marta spoke, "ladies, I'm pleased that you're admiring your selves, but I want you to start walking around as you would in a normal way. We want to see how you look before we call Kitty in."

Kitty and her friend, Sandy, came back and joined me to see what was going on. I told here I was very pleased with the clothes that she had selected, and as she could see, the girls looked super sexy. That's when Marta told the girls to walk around the room and that she was going to bring Kitty in for her approval.

"That's my cue. Bob, my girlfriend would like a good fuck. She is BI and even though I got her off a couple of times, I think she needs to be fucked with a hard cock. I see yours is throbbing, it seems like her old man isn't doing much for her." Kitty was whispering this in my ear as Sandy was involved watching what the girls were doing in the dressing room. "Don't say I said anything to you, just say you're horny and let her see your cock." Now you know why I'm so fond of my beautiful sister, she likes to share her girl friends with me. What a gal.

With that, Kitty left the room and now it was just Sandy and myself. We saw Kitty enter the dressing room where the girls were walking around the room. I looked over at Sandy and told her that if she would like to sit, there was room for two on the coach. She accepted and when she sat down, she then noticed my throbbing cock and my pants and shorts down around my ankles where the sales girl left them. That's when she said, "oh, I see you have the same problem as I have."

Marta and Cindy asked Kitty if she approved of the way that the girls looked. Kitty nodded her approval and told Nicole to keep walking. I saw kitty take the remote from Marta and as the girls were walking around. Kitty must have turned the vibrating panties on, as Nicole and Kim both started walking a little wobbly on their legs. Damn if this wasn't an erotic sight, especially the look and their faces. Their tits very visible with their swollen nipples and areolas poking the front of their blouse and the way they were shaking from the stimulation to their clits. Oh fuck, I needed to fuck Sandy, like NOW.

I grabbed Sandy, (she was as aroused as I was and evidently knew exactly what was happening to the girls,) I told her to bend over so that I could fuck her doggie style. She willingly and quickly, leaned over as I directed my cock into her dripping cunt. Hell, Kitty had left this poor girl soaking wet. I don't know who was fucking whom, but we both started pounding away. Kitty was right, Sandy was hot as a fire cracker.

Nicole and Kim were moaning as they were trying to walk, and when they stopped and held each other to give one another support, Kitty told them to keep walking. Then Kim Spoke out, "Ohhh aunt Kitty, I think I have to cum, will you please stop it or I'mm going to cum."

Kitty told her to keep walking and instructed her not to cum without, (Kitty's,) permission. Then Kitty looked at Nicole, who at this time was breathing very hard, and asked her, "and how are you doing, little pussy, do you feel like you have to cum now as well?" Nicole was breathing so hard that she didn't answer but just nodded that she did. Kitty turned off the vibrator. The girls looked pained that Kitty wouldn't let them cum, well not just yet.

Meanwhile, Sandy and I were pounding away like a couple young kids in the back seat of a car. Sandy didn't have any problems cumming a couple of times, as I was pounding her hot box, but I was holding off so that I would cum with Nicole and Kim. Something that Kitty taught me a long time ago, when you think you're on the verge of cumming, just back off and think of something else. Kitty would cum six to ten times before she would tell me that, "this is the big one," and I knew I could cum with her.

I was looking at Kim and Nicole and they both looked as if they were in pain. "Please aunt Kitty, it hurts, can I please cum?"

"Of course you can cum, in fact, Kim can cum as well." Kitty answered. I want both of you to sit on the bench and take off those sexy panties." Nicole and Kim did as they were told and Kitty took the panties and sniffed each one separately, "oh, you naughty girls, you got your new panties all wet; then gave them to Cindy and Marta, they not only sniffed them, but licked the wet crotches as well.

Kitty looked at the girls, who were patiently waiting on the bench for Kitty give them the O.K. for them to cum. Kitty told Cindy and Marta, "they almost look like two sisters. With the same outfits on, Kim looks like she is no older than Nicole. Aren't they the sexiest and prettiest sluts that you have ever seen?" Marta and Cindy nodded in agreement.

Then Kitty told Kim and Nicole, "I want you to lift up your skirts, we don't want them to get all wet and wrinkled." Kim and Nicole got their butts off the bench and put their skirts around their waist. "Now I want you to look at yourselves in the mirror as you finger fuck yourselves to an orgasm. I want you to take two fingers from one hand and push them in as far as you can. Do you feel that spongy area with little ridges almost under your clit, on top of your cunt, where I put my fingers when I masturbate you?" Kim and Nicole indicated that they had. "Now take a couple of fingers from your other hand and put it down on your clits." Then Kitty told Cindy and Marta to open their blouses and stand behind them so that as the girls were masturbating, Marta and Cindy could be stimulating the puffy nipples that were, in this state of arousal, were really sticking out as well as very rigid.

This was for our benefit, Sandy and me. She had them looking right into the mirror when she said to the girls, "you can now start, but I want you to start slowly and not try to rush to a quick orgasm. I also want you to open you eyes wide and look at yourselves in the mirror and tell yourselves how much you love that person you see, this is called narcissism. Now you may start, but one more thing; I want you to cum together, and I want you to tell me just before you cum, tell me that you're ready to cum."

What a sight and what a view. Nicole and Kim, unwittingly, were staring right at us as they were masturbating. It was like we were right in front of them. I wasn't sure how long I could hold up without cumming, between the girls finger fucking lewdly in front of us, and Sandy letting out one moan after another, as she kept cumming, I wasn't sure if I could hold on long enough.

Kim and Nicole were in rhythm with one another, they were gradually increasing the speed, or I should say, their desperation to cum. Marta and Cindy were twisting their,(Kim and Nicole's,) nipples so hard, that the nipples and areolas were appearing to be more swollen than they had been. They were also kissing the girls on their shoulders and necks and nibbling on their ear lobes. Every couple of seconds, Marta, Cindy and Kitty would look into the mirror and smile at us, as if saying, "how do you like the show so far."

Then Nicole's eyes were starting to get that glassy look and she was having trouble controlling her body movements. She was humping her fingers as she was groaning. It was like a chain reaction, as Kim followed in the very same pattern. They both spoke, almost in unison, "aunt Kitty, I don't think I can hold it any longer, I have to cum."

Then Kitty told Marta and Cindy to quickly get on their knees in front of the girls. "Kim, Nicole, now I want you both to cum as hard as you can and let these wonderful ladies taste your cum. So as you start cumming, quickly pull your fingers out of your cunts so that Marta and Cindy can put their mouths on your pussy and taste all of your juices."

They came with moans and groans. Marta had her mouth glued to Nicole's pussy and Cindy did the same with Kim. At the same time, Sandy bucked so hard as we came together, I thought that her head was going to break the mirror. Then Sandy collapsed on me, trying desperately to catch her breath.

One of the most erotic sight was when Kim and Nicole looked at themselves as they were cumming, you don't see anything more erotic than that.

Marta and Cindy got up off their knees, as Kim and Nicole were slumped over, seemingly in a state of exhaustion. Marta must have sucked every drop of cum out of Nicole's cunt and appeared to still have a mouthful that she was savoring. She went over to Kitty and gave her an open mouth kiss, sharing Nicole's nectar with Kitty. .

While Kitty was talking to the girls and getting everything wrapped up in the dressing room, Sandy was telling me that her husband is either out bowling, playing poker with his drinking buddies and he is either too tired to fuck her, or has no interest. Now this guy has to either be gay or has a girlfriend. Sandy told me she is twenty-six and if hubby fucks her more than two or three times in a month, he feels like a stud. So she told me that if I was interested in getting together for a fuck session, or if Kitty wanted to play, just give her a call. She gave me her phone number and said, "I'll be waiting for your call. Thanks for the fuck, I really needed that."

Marta asked Kitty if she wanted her to wrap up the new clothes and Kitty told her not the ones that the girls are wearing, she wanted to have the girls get use to wearing revealing clothes and looking sexy. Kitty wanted people around her to know that Nicole and Kim were her two sexy slave sluts. I have to say this, with their new outfits and high heels, they looked as sexy as hell, I would have wet dreams, dreaming of girls that looked like this.

On the way home, Kitty told Nicole to get in touch with her cute girlfriends and tell them that she is having a party in a couple of days and that she wants them to plan on staying over the night as well as the following day.

When we dropped them off, Kitty told them, "remember what I told you. No playing with each other or playing with yourselves. I don't want either of you to do anything, and I mean anything, sexual. Tomorrow, Bob and I have some work to do so just relax and take it easy. Kim, get some snacks for all of us girls. Maybe we can have some pizza, but we don't want to waste our time on just eating. Nicole, let me know as soon as you can and tell me how many girls that can make it, but no more than four. If you get four, that will be fine, but no less than three."

Nicole told Kitty that she has one girlfriend that is really a super pretty girl, but she is kind of stiff and a little snooty. Kitty told he by all means, I want you to talk that girl into coming even if she says no. If any of their parents have a problem with a bunch of girls staying over, just tell them that your aunt is going to be with us at all times.

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