Our New Neighbors Ch. 7


That evening, I kept looking at the monitor to see if Kim and Nicole were behaving themselves, they were under control. After they were finished admiring themselves in the mirrors, they took them off and put them neatly away. Nicole wanted to keep the panties on but Kim reminded her that they were supposed to be completely naked at all times except when Kitty or Bob told them that they could put something on, besides, they didn't have the remote.

That night, Kitty gave me the bad news, I wasn't invited to the party. Kitty said that if it leaked out that there was a male there, we could get into a lot of trouble, besides, she said, that she wanted me to make sure that I monitor every room where any of the girls were and if there was a good scene, to zoom in on it. Made sense, but I was going to have company. I called Sandy and told her to spend a day or two with me. Her husband would probably be only too happy not to be bothered for him to fuck her. She was all for it.

During the day Kitty had me make some modifications in our over-sized outside Jacuzzi. It was custom made to hold eight and I had a few special things done to it, i.e., if we had a very straight and conservative group of friends, or some of my key employees over, I would turn off certain controls, on the other hand, if we had some of Kitty's girlfriends, like Marta and Cindy, I would turn these controls on, much to their delight. Needless to say, the rules were that suits of any kind are prohibited. I also made sure that my outside cameras were all functioning. I wanted to make sure that everything would be recorded clearly. I found that we did have some shrubs that partly obscuring my view so I cleared those up.

I went over to Kim and Nicole's home and told them I was going to check out their security system to make sure everything was working properly, actually I wanted to put a coat of anti-fogging on the camera lenses in the bathrooms so that I would get a clear recording in these areas. Kim and Nicole were just doing their chores, completely naked, as if it was quite normal. I felt like little boy in a candy store, it was really hard not to look at their tender, sexy bodies as they were roaming around the house.

I returned home and I heard Kitty talking on my private phone in my office. She will answer it when I'm not around , just in the event that their is an emergency at my company. She motioned me over and she switched to the speaker phone. There was an unfamiliar male voice, telling Kitty about a situation with Don. I guess he had just called ".Kitty, you don't know me, but I have a message from Don for you and Bob. Don is not going to be coming back for a considerably long period of time and he will be unable to communicate with either of you, as well as his wife or daughter. We also have their home bugged and know exactly what has been going on, we in turn have forwarded the transcripts, in code, to Don. He is more than pleased at the way that you're treating Kim and Nicole, he said that to continue as you have been. Don was aware that this was going to be an extended trip and he didn't want his wife and daughter to just sit around and brood, and from what we have recorded, those young ladies are doing anything but brooding. He also mentioned that it keeps his libido strong. I guess I should add this, he does have a female or two, to prevent him from getting too sexually frustrated. Some day, he would really like to see the videos that you have been recording. One more thing, the lingering threat on Kim and Nicole has been resolved, but he still wants you to keep up the surveillance"

After giving us some specific things that Don would like us to take care of, he finally wrapped it up with something I did not anticipate. "In conclusion, Don would like to have Kitty quit her job and make her caring for Nicole and Kim a full time thing." Kitty sighed, but then he added, "Don is a very wealthy man, for compensation, he has opened up an account for you and Bob to use, with an unlimited amount of funds, that's how much Don trusts you two. Do with it as you wish, and get for Kim and Nicole what ever that will make them happy, Don also mentioned that he has never heard his girls as happy as they are now. Your bank pass book will be there tomorrow and if there are ever any problems or questions, call the number that Don gave you." Then the phone went dead.

Kitty looked at me and I at her, we were shocked. I told Kitty what Don requests is perfect. "Kitty, I've always wanted you to work with me, as a partner in the security business, and now you can, this way, both of us can be around all the time, plus, one of my men has the ability to do what I've had to do in emergency situations. One other thing, do you think like I think, that Don must be a top C.I.A. spy?"

"Bob, I'd be more than happy to quit and go in with you, and as far as what Don does, I don't even want to know. But I know one thing, I know that we are going to enjoy the good life, that's for sure. Another thing, I feel like I'm really Kim and Nicole's aunt."

That evening we went over to Kim and Nicole's house for dinner. I don't know if any of you readers have ever been served dinner by two naked and sexy gals, but let me tell you, it's like nothing that you have ever experienced. However, tonight we were just going to talk over the plans for tomorrow's party.

Nicole said that she could only get three girls, and one of them was the pretty, but stuck up girl, her name was Teri. The other two were real friendly and cute. One of the girls that she really liked was on vacation and away from home. The girls would all be over tomorrow morning. Kitty and I went home and went to bed to get all rested up for the following day. I observed Nicole shower and saw her hand slip down between her legs, but she quickly pulled it away and then went right to bed, as did Kim.

By late morning, the three girls all showed up. Nicole was right, Teri, a real beauty, looked like a snob. The other two, Tina and Julie were really cute and had, from what I could observe with their clothes on, (that would soon change,) pretty hot bodies.

Kitty had left the house and gone over there before the girls had arrived. She took three or four of my video collections. Over the years I had recorded a bunch of old movies, but mostly the slap-stick kind, not the kind that these girls would go for, that's for sure. But I was never one to doubt Kitty's reason for doing things because she always had a purpose.

Kim introduced the girls to 'aunt Kitty' as Kitty had instructed. Then Kitty told them that it was a warm day so Kitty had them all go out back to the pool for a swim as well as play tag ball in the pool. They kept at it for about two hours and then just laid out around the pool sunning themselves, hoping to go back to college in the fall with a nice tan.

After they started talking girl talk, mostly by Kitty, she looked at Kim and said, "Kim, would you please get me a nice cold beer?" Then she added, " and bring some lemonade for the girls." Kim started to go back to the house, when Teri announced that she would like a beer as well. Kim looked at Kitty to get her approval. Kitty said, "Teri, have you ever had a beer, and if you have, do your parents allow you to drink?"

Teri looked at Kitty with a snooty answer, and said, "my parents know I drink and at times we even drink together, they treat me as adult, which I am. Ya know, we're in college and everyone drinks." It was the sarcastic way that Teri said it, I knew now for certain, that very soon Teri would know better than to cross Kitty.

Then Kitty looked at Julie and Tina and said, "what about you girls, are you allowed to drink beer?" The girls looked at one another.

Then Tina said, "well, we do drink at frat parties, like the guys wouldn't invite you to their parties if you didn't. Also when we go anywhere during spring break, all the college kids do."

Then Kitty looked back at Kim, who at this time was waiting for Kitty's approval, said to Kim, "bring all of us a beer and some chips as well."

Just about then Sandy rang the bell and I greeted her with a nice hug. Now that I see her in the light, wow, she's a fox. I think the guy she's with must out of his mind not to want to have sex with her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not just saying this because she happens to be good looking. Who knows, maybe some other guy may not be attracted to her at all. Remember, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." That's why there are so many models of cars, you may think yours is hot model, like a 'Vet' and I would rather have new Ferrari.

I immediately took Sandy up to my office and showed her the set-up, I didn't want to miss out on anything. The large monitor really impressed her, as well as how I split he screen and catch all the action, up to four locations at the same time. She looked wide eyed and then she spotted Kitty and asked me how I managed to do all this, I don't think that she was aware that this was at our neighbors house.

"Sandy, now you have to swear that you'll never tell anyone, I mean not a soul, about my surveillance work, because if you do, I don't even want to think of what could happen to you." She swore that her lips were sealed and that she would never mention it to anyone.

Out by the pool, the girls seemed more relaxed after having a couple of beers and just laying in the sun. Kitty started on her warm up. "So girls, do you have any boyfriends, or should I ask, how many boyfriends do you have. You're all so pretty that I bet the guys are hanging around you girls all the time?"

Again, Teri answered with a sarcastic answer. "they're like a bunch of high school kids, they 're always hitting on me and I tell them to get lost." The other girls, including Kim and Nicole just stared at her, not believing that she could be that cold.

The other girls said that they occasionally dated but had no one special. Then Kitty realized that between the beer and just relaxing under the hot sun, the girls had loosened up and asked them. "I hear that a lot of sex goes on at some of those parties, is it true? I mean do you girls get forced into having sex when you go to the frat parties?"

"Yeah, like sometimes, but most of the guys are pretty cool, they know if you say no that you mean no." Then Tina spoke and said she had a couple jerks that wouldn't back off and they would feel her up until she told that if they didn't stop, she would report them.

Then Kitty brought up the subject of masturbation and said, "What do you do when you get the urge, you know what I mean, like do you have any privacy to do yourself? If your like my nieces that get the urge all day to relieve themselves." then Kitty abruptly stopped.

The girls were all blushing, except Teri, she said that she was getting too much sun and would to go inside and maybe watch TV. Kitty said, "well Teri, I hate disappoint you but the cable is down so you won't get anything on TV, however I did bring a few of my brothers collections of old movies. I'm not sure what they are but I guess they're better than nothing. The girls and I are going to stay out here for about another hour, so we'll see you when we come in."

Sandy was sitting next to me and I said, "knowing my sister as I do, this should start getting very interesting. I don't know about you, Sandy, but I love to watch while I'm naked, so let's get out of our clothes and watch what my wicked sister has planned." Then I looked at Sandy as she sat naked next to me and told her that she has a lushes looking pussy with nice swollen and full lips. She smiled at me and gave my cock a squeeze.

Teri went into the house and got another beer from the fridge and then went into the family room and turned on the TV. Zap, nothing, I had disconnected the cable from outside so she wasn't getting any reception. Teri saw the video tapes on the floor and figured maybe she would get one that was half-way worth looking at.

The first one she put in was an old Laurel and Hardy movie, the next one was a very old Abbott and Costello movie. I saw this look of annoyance on her face until she put the tape in the player. Her eyes lit up and I couldn't believe that Kitty would pull something like this, it was a lesbian porno flick.

The film was well made and the story was as follows:

A young mother, I'd say about twenty five, was nursing her baby. Soon the baby was satisfied and fell asleep. The young mother took the baby and put her back in the crib. All the mother had on was a short summer cover up, as well as a nursing bra. She sat and relaxed on the couch and picked up a magazine, it was a copy of Penthouse. As she was flipping the pages she started to play with her pussy, evidently she was horny and needed to get herself off.

Just as she was getting into it, the door bell rang. You could see the frustration on her face because of the interruption. She opened the door and was confronted by an attractive woman about her age. The woman was a sales girl and she was selling lingerie at half price. First the mother said that she wasn't interested and when the sales girl took a couple of sexy pieces out of her sample case, she managed to talk the mother into letting her come in and display some more.

The sales girl introduced herself and showed the mother some very sexy panties. Then she said, "Hon, your hubby will get so turned on that he will probably rape you when he sees you wearing these, aren't they sexy?"

Then the mother poured it out, "nothing I wear or do will turn my husband on. Ever since we had our baby four months ago, he won't even come close to me, not even a hug."

The sales lady said, "just try these on, if not to get hubby all aroused, at least you can feel sexy as you walk around the house. Another thing, I have just the perfect bra that will match these panties." She held up the bra and then asked, "now, why don't we see how you look in this combo."

The mother said sadly, "oh, I can't wear that bra, I'm nursing and even like now, just after nursing my baby, my breasts are still full and are leaking. In fact I have to get a breast pump to relieve some of the pressure."

"Don't be foolish," the sales lady said as she pulled the cover-up off the young mother and then, without any hesitation took off her bra.

The mother looked at the sales girl and said, "please, what do you think you're doing? The mother was standing on the middle of the family room floor, stark naked. She continued and said to the sales girl, "will you please leave, and please give me my bra, I'm starting to leak and my milk will get all over our carpet."

The sales girl gently pushed the mother down on the coach and said, "sweet heart, let me take care of your problem and give you some relief from your full breasts." Before the mother could push the sales lady away, the sales lady had her mouth on the mother's breast and was sucking away.

"Oh god, please don't do this to me, you shouldn't be doing this and I could get you into a lot of trouble." But the sales lady completely ignored the mother as she went from one breast to the other. The mother was making motions as if to get the sales girl to stop, but it was just a feeble attempt.

Milk was just oozing out of the sales lady's mouth and the mother was making mewing sounds at this point, and at the same time, making some protest.

Teri is on the floor watching the video and taking this all in. Kitty knew what she was doing, she figured one of the girls, and probably hoping that it would be the snooty, Teri. Teri had her hand inside her bikini bottom and was on her stomach as she started to grind her crotch into her fingers. I was ready to buzz Kitty on her beeper and tell her to dash into the house, and she would know exactly why I was paging her.

But just then, Teri quickly got up and I thought that she had probably cum, "damn it," I thought to myself. I had quickly conveyed my thinking to Sandy, sitting next to me naked with her finger deep into her cunt. Then I saw Teri dash down the hall and into the master bath, not using the closer bath for some reason.

In her haste and heated excitement, she quickly closed the door but did not lock it. Then she rushed over to the toilet, and without lifting the cover, sat down and started masturbating. Now I buzzed Kitty on her pager. "go quickly to the master bathroom and open the door very quietly. Take you mini cam."

Sandy was keeping pace with Teri, on the screen I'm watching Teri go at it like a wild animal, and Sandy, sitting beside me, doing the same thing.

"Girls, I have an important call that I have to make, just sit here and talk until I come back." Then Kitty leaped in double time into to Kim's house.

While Teri was wildly masturbating, she noticed Kim's little dildo toy on the edge of the tub and quickly reached over and picked it up. She knew what it was and put it up to her nose and smelled it. Then she licked it with her tongue like it was an ice cream cone. She quickly dropped it down to her waiting cunt and shoved it into her and turned it on.

She leaned back and with one hand, started to fuck herself with the vibrating dildo, with the other hand she pushed her top off her tits and started to rub them furiously, this snob of a girl was a horny slut. I don't think that she was aware of how loud she was moaning, when Kitty silently opened the door. With her eyes closed and with her loud moaning, Teri didn't see or hear Kitty until Kitty was just in front of her, Teri let out a scream that would have alerted the neighbors a block away.

"Who the fuck do you think that you're?" she screamed at Kitty. Don't you knock before you come into a bathroom when the door is closed. Now get out."

Kitty smiled and said to Teri, "look, you little slut, in the first place, the guest bathroom is near the front of the house, so you have no right being here." Teri was trying to protest but Kitty just continued. "Another thing, since when do use someone else's fuck toy with out asking for their permission. Just one more thing, from here on, you will do anything, and I mean anything, that I ask of you. If you don't, I'll tell the other girls what you were doing when I came in."

Teri blurted out, "they'll believe me before they believe you and I'll deny anything that you tell them, so fuck off."

Then Kitty displayed her mini camera and said, "bitch, do you see this? This, you horny cunt, is a digital video camera. I can go up to my PC and post a video of you masturbating to the whole internet world, including you parents. I can make print outs and have them passed out all over your school, so what do you think about that, my slut?"

Teri was in tears and said in a stuttering voice, "you wouldn't do that, would you? Ya know that you could get into a lot of trouble if I tell the police."

Sandy, I believe, came at least four times as she was watching this scene. From the time that Teri started to get into this movie, Sandy was just going at it and telling me how erotically wild this whole thing was and just couldn't get herself off enough and was saying nothing but, "oh fuck ya, do it bitch, oh shit Bob, I'mm cuumming again." I was getting an earful from Sandy as well as the monitor. I also had a monster stiffy.

"Teri, I'm going to ask you for the last time, are you going to do anything that I ask of you, or do you want me to make a copy of this video and send it to your parents?"

Teri didn't answer for a minute or two, and then I think that she realized that she was in a corner and couldn't b.s her way out of it. Then she said, "O.K., I agree to do anything that you ask of me, as long as it's not disgusting."

"Disgusting?" Kitty yelled back, "you mean like licking someone else's dildo? Sucking her juices off the dildo, lapping it up before you stick it in your horny cunt. Is that what you mean?"

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